Scarlet Moon 7.1.11

New version uploaded that fixes a crash when fighting Buzzsaw (any Buzzsaw) with the average AI.

2 thoughts on “Scarlet Moon 7.1.11

  1. Error

    log.lua:81: C:/Users/Användare1/AppData/Roaming/ScarletMoon\ScarletMoon.log: No such file or directory


    [C]: in function ‘assert’
    log.lua:81: in function ‘info’
    main.lua:203: in function ‘update’
    [C]: in function ‘xpcall’

    does anyone know how to fix this error? comes up as soon as i start the game.

    1. That’s a weird one, the game should be creating a log file automatically if one doesn’t exist.

      Try creating an empty file at the specified location (“C:/UsersAnvandare1/AppData/Roaming/ScarletMoon/ScarletMoon.log).

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