Scarlet Moon 4.2.11

Yet Another Version uploaded. This one fixes a bug that was causing a crash early on in episode 2, and some bugs in the script that kept it from running smoothly when people downloaded the Scarlet Moon loveless version.

I’ve also updated the Downloads section for those of you on Linux. If you want to try the loveless version, make sure to install Lua (5.3.x or 5.2.x) first. I don’t bundle a Lua executable with the Linux loveless version for the same reason I don’t bundle a Love executable with the Linux Love version. I haven’t tried it on the bleeding-edge Lua 5.4 yet, so I can’t guarantee it will work. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does though. My understanding of Lua 5.4 is that it’s mostly touching stuff related to coroutines, and I don’t use anything that advanced in my game.

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