Scarlet Moon 5.1.14

A new version has been uploaded that fixes a crash caused when Tempestas’ Twister status is removed from a character (this can happen, e.g. when a character
is defeated, not just when the status expires).

Many thanks to Anonymous over on the Downloads page for reporting the bug, and helping me track it down!

2 thoughts on “Scarlet Moon 5.1.14

  1. Love your game, especially the spanking dialogues.
    Two questions:
    1. Seen mention of Paperwork but, in all my play-throughs, never seem them. Do i just choose wrong options to see him/her?
    2. Any chance you could give an option for Sam/David to be female? I’m definitely not a fan of M/M.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying it!

      Two answers:
      1. Paperwork is a villain in the Tempestas-centered CYOA adventure I did for one of the animeOTK game jams:

      That takes place just after episode 2. However, she hasn’t shown up on screen just yet in the main game (though Scarlet Moon has encountered her a few times in between episodes). I’ve been planning on having Paperwork show up in a cold open for one of the episodes, I just haven’t done that yet.

      2. Probably not. I, alas, am a busy person and am only getting busier so I need to keep things manageable where I can. That being said, all the spankings from them are avoidable (or should be), and episode 4 introduces a dominant female love interest if you’re looking for that.

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