Scarlet Moon 4.2.16

Uploaded a new version that fixes some bugs kindly pointed out by Aymer over on animeotk.

This version also *massively* nerfs s-chords, s-fists, and s-eyes. Before, the stat transfers and buffs scaled based on Scarlet Moon’s power stat. However, I realized while debugging that I’m balancing characters to be fairly close in stats. As a result, s-chords and s-fists will only get more powerful relative to your opponent, and will in fact get more powerful very quickly. This plus the new buff in defense means that s-chords is all you need to make Scarlet Moon nigh untouchable.

Now, all three powers modify your stats by a flat 2 points (well, s-fists reduces your power by 4, but increases your strength and speed by 2 each). If as the game goes on, combat becomes a drag (because energy ends up going up faster than damage, which is very possible), then I’ll “manually” upgrade s-chords at a later point in the story. For example, I could imagine Scarlet Moon having a training montage, after which s-chords gives you a 4 point buff or something. S-armor will still scale based on power, and every power’s duration will still be going up as you increase in power. I’ll probably go through and similarly nerf headwind and tailwind when I release episode 5.

I also reduced the power of some enemy powers, since Scarlet Moon now has a much lower defense. Let me know if the combat becomes too difficult (especially Prometheus and Poseidon).

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