Scarlet Moon 3.2.8

Spankers, Spankees and Switches 18 and above,

Uploaded a new version of Scarlet Moon 3.2.8. This fixes addresses a few criticisms kindly provided on animeotk:

1. Due to a bug, the game was forcing *everyone* to be attracted to David regardless of what choice they made at the start of the episode. You shouldn’t be
attracted to David unless you pick one of the fantasizing choices. However, “Look around” was routing you to the same event as one of the “I’m attracted to David” choices. That has been fixed. So if you don’t want to be attracted to David, I’d just suggest downloading the latest version and replaying episode 3 from the very beginning of the episode. Sorry about that.

2. The game now supports swapping between windowed and fullscreen. Just press Ctrl+Enter. You can do this on any screen, even though only the title screen lists it as an option (I didn’t want to clutter up the rest of the UI). The button doesn’t work, because I just slapped this together real fast, and I’ll probably remove mouse support completely at some point anyway, because I’m lazy and don’t like the mouse.

3. Adds the ability to spank Prometheus or Poseidon at the very end of episode 3. It’s kinda short and half-assed, but it’s there.

Get it over at the downloads section.

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