Scarlet Moon 3.2.7

Uploaded a few version that fixes a crash thanks to some malformed text. That’s what I get for not running the previous version before uploading it.

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  1. My old computer, which had Windows 7 on it, died on me, so I had to buy a new one, which uses Windows 10. I downloaded the newest version of your game onto my new system, but when I load it up, none of the text appears. I’ve got the picture on the title screen, and grey boxes at the top of the screen, but there’s no text. Clicking the far left button at the top of the title screen (I’m pretty sure that was the new game button) appears to let me type & backspace in the name entry area, and there’s small grey boxes for all the customization options, but again, no text is actually appearing.

    I was able to pull the older version of the game that I’d been playing off my old hard drive (3.2.4), but the text isn’t appearing for me in that version either, even though it played perfectly fine on my old computer. So I think it’s an issue with my computer (or maybe Windows 10?), but I have no idea what would cause that to happen. Any idea what might be causing that?

    1. I have had one or two other reports with a similar issue. Unfortunately, the game works fine on my version of Windows 10.

      What version of Windows 10 are you running? Follow these directions to get the version:

      You can also try downloading the Love executable separately: and the source code, and try running the source directly with your downloaded executable, instead of the one I built. To do so, do the following:

      1. Download the love 11.2 zipped executable for Windows Vista+:

      2. Download my game’s source code (you can get it in the Downloads section).

      3. Unzip both the love executable and my source code.

      4. Drag the folder `scarlet-moon-lua` onto `love.exe`.

      That should allow the game to run using your executable.

      1. Also, starting with the most recent version , 3.2.8, you can toggle fullscreen by pressing Ctrl+Enter. You could try switching over to windowed mode and see if that changes anything (it probably doesn’t, but hey, worth a shot).

        1. Another thing that occurs to me: Are you from a non-English speaking country? If so, it’s possible that we’re running into some encoding issues. I know that this kind of problem isn’t uncommon if someone from the US tries to play a Japanese game. If you are, then you could try changing your system locale to English (United States), and see if that helps.

          You can follow the directions here to change your system locale:

          1. Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, none of that seems to be working. When you say “the folder `scarlet-moon-lua`”, do you mean the source code folder from your Downloads section? Because I’m seeing that folder as “scarlet-moon-3.2.8-source”, so I just wanna make sure we’re talking about the same folder. Unfortunately, dragging that folder onto the executable from Love’s official site gives me the same result, with no text.

            I’m in America, so my system locale is already set to English (United States). Switching to Windowed mode didn’t fix anything, but yeah, it was worth a shot at least. My version of Windows is Windows 10 Home, Version 1709. I hope there’s a solution to be found, I’ve enjoyed the game so far!

          2. If the game is starting up at all, even with no text, you dragged the right folder onto it.

            The differences in Windows versions may explain it? I’m running Windows 10 Pro 1809. According to this:, 1809 is the latest version of Windows 10. So perhaps you should try upgrading?

            If upgrading doesn’t work, or for some reason you can’t, can you look at the log file and see if there are any errors? You can find the log file in C:/Users//AppData/Roaming/ScarletMoon.

          3. Updating to 1809 didn’t fix it, unfortunately. I looked at the log, there was nothing in there that looked like an error message to me. I tried deleting that folder that was in AppData/Roaming and re-downloading the game to start over, but that didn’t fix it, either. :/ You mentioned one or two other people had the issue, so I’m guessing it’s just something unusual about our setups that most version of Windows 10 don’t have, but I dunno. This is a random guess, but I’m using onboard graphics right now, I plan on getting a graphics card installed in the future, maybe that’ll somehow fix the issue.

          4. Ok, so that tells me it’s a bug with Love, not with SUIT (which is what I expected, SUIT doesn’t really do anything fancy). This is tricky, because it means that I’d have to either track down the bug in Love (hard to do when I can’t reproduce it) or completely rewrite it in a different engine and hope it works.

            Both would be pretty large undertakings.

            Still, it makes me sad that someone can’t play my game. So here’s my thought. Once this game jam is over, I’ll create an HTML version (basically a gamebook version). It shouldn’t be too difficult. I use a pretty well known format (org-mode) for the text, and there are tools that can convert it into HTML. The only thing I’ll need to write is a script to replace the dynamic text (like gender and what-not) with an actual name so that it reads like a story.

            There will be a few limitations:

            1. Combat obviously won’t be a thing unless someone develops some rules that people can do manually.

            2. You’ll have to keep track of your own keywords and statistics. Statistics you probably don’t need to bother (statistic checks really only impact combat, and you can’t do that anyway), but you should keep track of keywords. So you follow the right story paths.

            3. You won’t have any control over what the character is wearing, gender or bodytype. Indeed, your character will always wear the same outfit, cartoon style. So if you have a preferred gender, clothing, panty, bodytype etc, please let me know. As a reminder, your customization options are:

            1. Shirt, pants, underwear.

            2. Bodytype: thin, average, voluptuous, heavyset

            3. Hair style

            4. height: short, average, tall

            5. Gender: Male, Female

            If I didn’t list an option in the above, then it can be whatever. It doesn’t have to be something that actually exists in game.

            It’s not ideal, but it can at least allow you to experience the game’s story and spankings. You know, the stuff that people actually show up for.

          5. That’s really cool of you, man, thanks. My version of Scarlet Moon was female, average bodytype & height, red hair which I think was styled as just her wearing it down to her shoulders. No preference on clothing. It’s been a fun game so far, I appreciate how varied the spankings are from the different villains. I hope this work-around you’re building for me isn’t too much work. I’ve had pretty bad luck with computers, I’ve gone through a few of them over the past few years, and this is the first time I’ve run into issues with playing your game, so I imagine I’ll eventually have a system that’ll be able to play the full version of the game again without problems.

          6. Naw, it won’t be a lot of work. Maybe a day or so. And I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while anyway. This just gives me some incentive.

          7. I’ve uploaded an HTML version. You can play it over at the Downloads section. It’s got a few rough edges that the game proper smooths over, and it’s kinda awkward to navigate, but hopefully it’ll let you enjoy the content.

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