Scarlet Moon 3.0.5

Uploaded a new version with an additional bug fix. Basically, if you lost to Succubus the first time you fought her, and you put on underwear that isn’t baring (i.e. not a thong) when you change out of your costume, the game crashes when you have the option to tell Juliana that Succubus scares you. People playing a woman probably didn’t see this crash, because when the player changes out of her costume, she defaults to putting on a thong (because I like thongs. They be sexy). However, people playing men did, because I default the man to putting on boxers. Because I don’t want to think about a man in a thong. So much hair…

I really should add some logic at some point to remember what clothing you were wearing before changing you into your costume, so that I can change you back into it. After all, some of you might be playing a woman who refuses to wear thongs, and some of you might be playing men who like wearing thongs.


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