Scarlet Moon 3.0.10

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Yup. A new version, not even 24 hours after the last one. This one fixes a crash
in the new event I added yesterday to highlight your job as a waiter/waitress
(yeah, so I didn’t actually *test* that event before I released it). Thanks
42idiot for being patient enough to report the crash, complete with logs!

Also, while I was in the neighborhood, I saw all that lovely space on the right
side of the screen, and decided to *also* display your character’s bum status.
I’ve been tracking it, I just haven’t displayed it anywhere, because the
character creation screen (where it was displayed in the previous version) was
crowded enough already.

So now you’ll see your bum status update in real time as you get your naughty
heinie swatted good!

Or it’ll just be boring, static text if you’re one of those *lame* people who
insist on being a goody two shoes superhero who never ever gets swatted.

Get it in the Downloads section!

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