Scarlet Moon 2.3.0 is out!

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Haven’t heard anything over the past few weeks from my beta testers, so eh, I’m going to go ahead and release the new content:

1. Have your ultimate(ish?) showdown with Succubus to decide whose the top thong-clad superhuman in *this* town (you did pick the sexy costume right? :D).

2. A fewer number of choices in this part of the episode, *but* many of the choices you do make have a much bigger impact on how the rest of the episode progresses.

3. You can defeat Succubus without ever defeating her in battle. Can you find the right path?

4. Be disappointed as the cops interrupt the spanking of a supervillain *again*. Someone seriously needs to do something about those eager beavers…

Get it over at the Downloads section.

Also a couple of hints: Your speed dictates how much damage you take from enemies who shoot you. Succubus’ minions are the bulk of her damage output. She mostly just makes you more vulnerable to them.



4 thoughts on “Scarlet Moon 2.3.0 is out!

    1. Okay, gotta say I was really impressed with this one. I was shocked at how varied the encounters were in this update! I kept loading saves and trying a different path over and over and was surprised at just how many spanking scenes there were! I’m still not sure I’ve seen every possible path. I still don’t think I figured out how to beat Succubus without fighting her, but I’m willing to play through again to see if there was something I missed.

      However, I had a few issues while playing. When I try to submit to the government agents who want to spank me, the game crashes. So that’s an entire scene that I missed out on. Also, in the path where you encounter the doctor woman spanking the cop for dressing skimpy, right before that encounter when Generalissma asks you to “get on her good side”, only selecting option 3 advances the scene. The other options seem to crash the game. I believe those are the only issues I encountered so far. I’ll play it again and see if it still happens.

      Also, one detail I really liked was that Succubus and Silver remember whether you got your butt kicked or not back at the restaurant encounter. It was something that I wanted Buzzsaw to remember in our second fight to taunt and tease Scarlet a bit, or vice versa, but unfortunately it wasn’t there.

      And oooh, cliffhanger ending! I wonder who that mysterious woman is and what she wants with Buzzsaw. I have a feeling episode 3, if it happens, might be the best part of this series yet. And if not, hey, as long as it has good spankings in it.

      1. Oh! And another issue, in the elevator shaft, the “Shoot the Rifle” option advances forward, but then it just stops abruptly. It doesn’t crash, there is just no more dialogue and there is no button prompt to make choices either. So that path is blocked too.

        Sorry to be reporting all these errors, but I figured you’d rather hear about them then not hearing them.

        1. Are you kidding? Bug reports feed my soul! I get excited when people post bug reports because it means that not only are they playing my game, but they’re invested enough in it to tell me when they run into problems, instead of scoffing at my ineptitude and moving on to something else.

          I will get to work on them this week. Hopefully, I’ll have a fix out by Wednesday.

          Also, I’m really glad you’re enjoying the new content so much. I kinda went a little crazy with this one, but I was a bit disappointed with the superheroing in the first episode, so I worked hard to improve on it in this one.

          Also, it’s not “without fighting her.” You fight her in Silver’s office regardless. It’s without defeating her in combat.

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