Potion Wars Episode 2 content

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

As requested, here’s a link to a PDF of the content of the second episode of Potion Wars:


It hasn’t been edited much at all, so it’s in very rough shape. But enjoy, nonetheless.

Also, if you haven’t, don’t forget to check out the previous post, November Update. That one contains some more information about the planned structure for Crimson Glow.


2 thoughts on “Potion Wars Episode 2 content

  1. very good stuff. though kind of hard to progress the story in the correct order at times, but that’s really just a minor inconvenience

    1. Yeah, side-effect of the fact that it’s a transcript, and not a story. The game was supposed to be responsible for guiding the player through the story.

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