Potion Wars 2.11: VERY Important Update

Spankers and Spankees,

I’m back from vacation. Unfortunately, my computer decided to have problems right when I got back, and I’ve only just gotten it repaired, so I wasn’t able to get anything Potion Wars related done on Tuesday and Wednesday, like I’d hoped. On the bright side, the shop where I took my computer to get repaired had an old Macbook Pro for salve for dirt cheap, so I picked that up, and we now have native OS X executables (technically it’s a shell script. OS X “apps” are horrible and should die in a fire. Slowly and with great agony.)

I’ve uploaded the latest version (2.11) to the Download tab. This is a VERY VERY VERY important update. It doesn’t add any new content, but what it does is fix a very subtle mistake in how the game saves. ¬†Originally, when I saved whichever “conversation” a character currently has, I saved the conversation based on the conversation’s number, rather than it’s name. Furthermore, my translation script assigns numbers to nodes in order from the beginning of the transcript to the end. What this means is that if I add any new conversation nodes to the middle of the transcript (such as say text for enchanting equipment with enchantment gems at the smithy), then the node numbers will get screwed up, and old saves will give characters the wrong¬†conversations.

This version fixes that. This version will correctly load your save files, and then save them using node names rather than node numbers.

Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you:

1. Download version 2.11

2. Load your saved games in version 2.11.

3. Save the game.

If you don’t, then your save file WILL NOT WORK for future versions of the game. I repeat, save files from before version 2.11 will be incompatible with versions 2.12+. Unless you want to lose your progress you MUST download this version and save you game using it.

I’m really sorry about the inconvenience.

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