Potion Wars 2.10

Fixed a bug in the logging code that resulted in infinite recursion. See previous post for details on changes in 2.09.

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say you’re doing good work. Your game is pretty much what I’ve been wanting for years. Keep it up man.

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment has really made my day. If I may ask, what are your favorite and least favorite parts of the game so far? They can be scenes, characters, gameplay mechanics, whatever.

      I’d just like to see what people really like about the game, and what people are less than enthusiastic about.

      1. You’re welcome! My favorite part of the game I think was probably the boss fight at the end of the first dungeon, with the warslingers assistant. I’m personally a spankee, the type of person who enjoys getting spanked, and I have to say the scenes where you lose to her are probably my favorite in the game so far. I love that the spanking scene you get is different depending on what dialogue option you chose before the fight. I replayed that scene so many times just to see all the combinations.

        I also liked the character of the assistant ( I discovered her name in one of the various scenarios that was written but her name escapes me at the moment), and her dominating, taunting attitude toward you. I certainly hope she returns for a rematch.

        As for my least favorite part? So far those have been few, but I think it would have to be the scene with the two Vengadors are spanking the healer. Now, I said before that I enjoy being the spankee in these scenarios, so when I got to this moment I was quite excited to see the spanking scene for when I lose to the two women. Well, the scene certainly wasn’t what I was hoping for.

        Now, I won’t say the scene was bad. It was actually pretty good at giving out exposition about the potions and how they work, and it also did a good job of humanizing the Vengadors and showing that they genuinely care for one another, and helps the player sympathize with them more.

        But for me personally, not necessarily for everyone, since this is a game primarily centered around spanking, I was expecting a pretty darned good spanking scene with the two girls taking turns thrashing the protagonists butt. So naturally I was a bit disappointed when that did not happen.

        Although I will say I was actually pretty shocked when I discovered all the different potential outcomes to that scene. Like if you take out the spellcaster first, and then lose to the warrior you get a different scene, and vice versa. That was a very neat detail I appreciated! I tried many times to see if there was a scene where the two girls actually spanked you, but I couldn’t find any.

        Also, just remembered, really liked the special spanking scenes you get when you fight the first enemy at the Adventurers Guild, the Young Vengador. That was again a nice touch that I stumbled across on my second playthrough. Obviously I preferred the ones where the Young Vengador spanked the protaganist. I simply found it amusing to see a more experienced fighter get their butt kicked by a weak, inexperienced, untrained rookie.

        Also, one last thing, I noticed that if you try to go back up to the top floor of the Guild during the first dungeon the game just exits itself. I’m sure you know that by now, but I was thinking maybe just put a single line of text that says “I probably shouldn’t go back up there, I need to get to the armory.” or something, as I was pretty surprised when tried to go back up and the game just crashed.

        Goodness this has turned into a wall of text. I’m sorry for bombarding you with so much of it. I just got a little too excited talking about the game. I could sit here and talk about more of the things I liked about the game, but if I did I would be here all night writing an entire novel length review!

        Anyway, I appreciate the work that you do, cause spanking is a surprisingly underused niche in the “fetish game” area. Again, keep up the good work and don’t overexert yourself! I’m definitely looking forward to any new content for this rare gem of a game.

        1. Have you played my game? Walls of text are my bitch!

          I’m also so glad to hear you’re excited about it.It’s probably best that you don’t write the novel length review, though. If you did, I’d read the whole damn thing, and then get a super big head, and then have to be spanked to bring it down to size. But there’s nobody around to spank me, so my head would stay big and the project would suffer and I would be sad :(.

          First, the game crashing: That’s a bug, one that I wasn’t aware of. I’ll get it fixed for the next release. Thanks for letting me know!

          As for the episode 1 boss, don’t worry you’ll hear more from her in the future. Her and the two Vengadores bullying Paloma. Quite a bit more.

          As for losing in the Paloma battle, this is going to sound strange, but I’m glad to hear you were disappointed. For two reasons: First, I need you guys wanting more. If I threw every possible type of spanking into the first episode, things would get repetitive too quickly! Second, a little bit of uncertainty can have a huge impact (at least for me) on the thrill of a spanking scene. Will this event lead to a spanking? What kind of spanking? Who will get spanked? So I’m trying to throw in a few scenes that look like they’re setting up the player to get spanked, but then actually take an unexpected direction. Need to keep you guys, if not on your toes, then at least on the balls of your feet ;).

          That being said, if you want a scene where the player gets double-teamed (either by those two Vengadores, or someone else), let me know. I’d be happy to include one when I find an appropriate spot.

  2. If you don’t mind me asking, when should we expect the next part of episode 2 to come out?

    1. I don’t mind at all. People bothering me about it helps give me a good kick in the pants. As far as when it will come out, it’s tough to say. I was hoping to spend more time on it this week, but I ended spending a full week finishing up my graduate studies. I’ll be spending next week visiting my family, so while I’ll probably have opportunities to do some planning, but I won’t be getting any writing done. Which, frankly, is probably a good thing. I need a week away from everything resembling code like you wouldn’t believe.

      When I come back, I’ll have about a week before my job starts. Fortunately, I’m not moving, so other than a bit of administrative things that I’ll need to do, I’ll have a little bit less than a week of nothing to do. So I’m hoping to make some serious progress during those days. Then once my job starts, who knows. I expect I’ll have evenings and weekends off more consistently than I did in grad school (at least at first), but who knows how much energy I’ll have every evening.

      I’ll probably have a better idea at the end of that week, based on how much progress I make. End of June is probably the earliest, and even that is probably too optimistic. I need to finish writing the main storyline scenes, which will be the most heavily developed scenes because everyone will see them, implement and balance the enemies, and I’ll probably have to tweak stat growth rates (10 * stat is way too slow, and apparently mana grows way too fast), and the rate at which you unlock spell tiers. I also need to implement a proper mechanic for learning spells. What is currently there is a hack that makes it work for Tier 0, but doesn’t actually work for tiers above that.

      And one of my random encounter writers is moving, so he can’t help this summer :(.

      1. Thank you for the update! I admire your dedication to this series. Though as much as I love this game, I would hate for it to cause problems for either you or your personal life. But as long as you feel happy, keep up the good work!

        1. Don’t worry about that. Graduate school already murdered my personal life in cold blood. One of my goals for this summer is to reincarnate it. Been thinking about checking out the local BDSM munch.

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