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Spankers and Spankees,

Latest update fixes (hopefully…) all of the bugs pointed out by SSM in the previous post except for the problem with sold items not increasing your money. Life is pretty insane right now, and so I only have time to look at game breaking bugs.  Since your money pile doesn’t matter right now, I’m holding off on fixing that problem.

So, don’t sell anything yet. Sorry about all of these problems, and thank you for your patience. A combination of being overwhelmed in school, having really really bad legacy code, and a non-existent testing framework means that the early releases are going to be unstable. I’m trying to improve on that testing framework, but some things are harder than others, and again I don’t have much time right now.

So thank you to those of you who are playing the game and reporting all the bugs (SSM, KingKruul, and cmfunk, to say nothing of Bonemouth and Ken). I really, really appreciate it. And I’m sure those who download the later versions will appreciate it as well.

12 thoughts on “More Bug Fixes

  1. I haven’t checked the latest version, but in 2.05, when you trigger the scene where Ildri spanks you a second time and takes you to the tailor because you’re not wearing pants, Ildri no longer talks to you afterwards. Which means you’re not asked to help rebuild, and the chapter does not move to the end scene. is that fixed?

    Also, couple other things – where are the interactions with the other NPCs (healer Pomona, the various trainers, etc)? Because meeting them was supposed to happen sometime during the month-long timeskip. Are you skipping that entirely?

    Finally – just a thought – but have you considered an option where the PC enjoys getting spanked by Ildri (tall blond amazon dominatrix, yum), and decides to keep showing up to the kitchen without pants until Ildri gets the hint? Because, y’know, no one says the PC has to hate all spankings 😉

    1. Those “promised” spankings from/to the people in the guild are being written by me. It’s just taking a while since my life is a bit chaotic right now too. However, I promise they’ll be worth the wait!

    2. No that wasn’t fixed. I’ll be uploading a new version with that fixed in a few seconds.

      I was going to skip those scenes entirely, but then bonemouth was all “I want to write scenes, and I’m looking forward to the trainers scenes” so I threw him a bone. 😛

      I do plan on incorporating some erotic spankings that the player enjoys, but those will be light foreplay spankings obviously intended for sexual stimulation and not discipline. I don’t generally like it in my spanking fantasies when a character gets turned on by being disciplined. Ruins the whole point of discipline for me. Now, that doesn’t mean that I have a problem with writing characters who “crave” discipline, but those characters don’t generally enjoy the spankings or the pain. They just like having firm rules, and someone to call them out on their mistakes, but doesn’t hold their mistakes against them.

      I have no problem with people who do like those fantasies, or who do get turned on by being disciplined. It’s just not my thing. So I won’t write any “turned on by discipline” scenes any more than I’ll write any F/M scenes. However, if one of my writers wants to write such scenes, I’d be happy to include them.

      Ildri isn’t going to be one of the player’s possible lovers (she’s already spoken for, FYI, and she’s not poly). However, in episode 3 or 4 I’ll be introducing a tall, dominant amazon (not sure if she’ll be blonde, if blonde is important to you, I can make her blonde) who is intended to be another possible lover for the player. I can give her some dominatrix elements too if you like that.

      1. Also, if there are any scenes you’re interested in, like scenes where the player character enjoys being spanked by tall blonde dominatrices, throw a comment under “Spanking Situations.” That way, I have all suggestions in one place

      2. And I caught it. In my mouth! Harharhar.

        These will be worth it and flesh out the game, I guarantee.

        I feel the same as AKA about discipline/craving spankings.

        A dominant Amazonian woman would be an awesome love interest, and I want to throw my hat in the ring in a vote for that! I’m not one for blondes, but that’s not the important part.

      3. Well, the dominatrix doesn’t have to be blonde, I’m actually more partial to black hair myself 😉

        If you want a clear separation between foreplay and discipline spankings, then that’s up to you, you’re the writer.

        1. Black hair it is then. I’d originally planned on giving her two paths as far as the relationship dynamic is concerned:

          1. Switch

          2. Classic domestic discipline situation: amazon is dominant, while the player is a submissive troublemaker who doesn’t really enjoy the spankings, but appreciates them.

          However, as I think about it more, I don’t really see any reason why we couldn’t instead do:

          1. Amazon is dominant, the player is submissive, but the player gets turned on by the spankings, even the ones meant for discipline.

          2. Classic domestic discipline.

          She’s hardly the player’s only love interest, and players who aren’t into 1 can still pick 2. Furthermore, there will be other characters the player can enter into a switch relationship with, so incorporating 1 won’t really affect the game for people who aren’t into sexy disciplininary spankings.

    1. If you could also post this request under “Spanking Situations,” (one of the tabs above) I would be grateful. There might be a few places were I could incorporate a spanking mimic. Though I don’t want to have too many monsters. A world teeming with bloodthirsty monsters just isn’t the world that I’m envisioning.

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