Moar Bug Fixes

Spankers and Spankees,

The latest update includes fixes for bugs pointed out by an anonymous fan in e-mail:

1. Saving immediately after the episode 1 dungeon dropped you back in the dungeon.

2. Carrie’s conversation at the end of episode 1 crashed on the male path.

3. If you’re fighting N opponents, pressing the N+1 number key crashed the game.

4. If you went down to the bottom floor of the guild, fought the pair of Vengadores at the beginning, then went back upstairs to fight the pair bullying Paloma, then lost, then tried to start the battle over, the game crashed.

Also, I’ve added a new option when you start the game: Now, you have the option of turning off enemy spankings. Basically, you can choose to make it so that enemies never try to spank you, nor will they ever reverse your spanking. I’d been planning to add this option after episode 2, when I overhaul the GUI, however the person who pointed out the above bugs really really doesn’t want to be spanked in combat (they are an exclusive top). So as a thank you, I implemented a simple choice at the beginning. Unfortunately, you cannot change this option during the game. After I overhaul the GUI, you will have the ability to change that (and other options, like difficulty) during the game instead of only at the beginning. The reason you can’t do it now is because I would need to design a whole new screen, and I don’t really want to do that much GUI work when I’ll be ripping it out and rewriting it in a few months anyway.

Something I want to emphasize: If you send me bug reports, or constructive criticism I will be happy. If you make me happy, then I am even more receptive to your suggestions. What this means is that:

1. If you’d like to see something that I was planning on implementing anyway, I may implement it sooner (like I did for Anonymous).

2. If it’s something that I can tolerate, but I’m not a big fan of, and it doesn’t clash too badly with the rest of the game, I may implement it. For example, I’m not a big fan of tentacle monsters. However, Bonemouth would like to see a spanking scene involving tentacle monsters, so I am carefully considering including a tentacle monster scene in episode 3 (which will take place in the forest surrounding Avaricum). Similarly, I’m not into age regression. However, Emily likes age regression so I included a few light AR scenes (it’s just shoving the PC into childish clothing, but it’s something) as a thank you for her help in editing.

So if you want to see something in my game, be it a gameplay feature, or a spanking scene, or what, send me bug reports. It will significantly increase the chances that I will include it.

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