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I’m doing the groundwork for Mischievous Misfortune right now. I have most of the character creation screen done, as well as the sidebar that allows character customization. Right now, the only thing left in character creation is coming up with Aspects for the player to pick.

Aspects are brief phrases that establish a fact about your character. Could be about their background, personality, how they approach problems, etc. These can then be invoked to let the player pass skill checks without rolling, or compelled to complicate your character (mostly to get their fanny whacked). Aspects can range from things that interest them (“Distracted by the Shinies”) to how they approach problems (“Act First, Think Second”) to even outside facts about the character (“Watched Over By A Mysterious Figure”).

Perhaps one of the best examples of aspects I’ve seen is the song I Am Moana from Moana. This song is basically Moana listing a bunch of her aspects: “Daughter of the Village Chief,” “Descended from Voyagers,” “It [the Sea] Calls Me,” “The Call [of the Sea] is Inside Me.”

So what I need from *you* dear readers are suggestions for aspects! Aspects should be double-edged swords: you should be able to think of a few ways the Aspect can benefit your PC, and a few ways it could make their life complicated. For example, “Act First, Think Second” may allow the PC to escape a sudden ambush, or snatch the jewel as soon as things go south, but it might also cause them to leap blindly into a trap, or even say something stupid to their Aunt, who just so happens to be tapping a rather thick looking paddle against her palm.

I want 5 Aspects, of which the player chooses 3. Currently, I have the following possibilities:

“Distracted by the Shinies”

“Act First, Think Second”

“Cocky Casanova/Cheeky Femme Fatale” – Technically this is two aspects, but they represent dominant/submissive versions of the same thing. These will mostly apply when you have an opportunity to manipulate someone (or be manipulated, or run into angry ex-lovers or whatever). The aspect invoked or compelled simply determines if you take a dominant or submissive role in your seductions.

This is your opportunity to push me into writing a bunch of situations that you like, so don’t be shy! I’m going to be looking for every opportunity to compel or invoke Aspects. So if there’s a situation you want to see a lot of, try to create an Aspect that captures it and tell me about it. Remember that the basic premise of the game is that your character is a cat burglar trying to make a buck while being hounded by a Superman-esque superhero(ine) called Moonlight, and either a Batman-esque supermanhero(ine) named Eclipse, or a Catwoman-esque burglar whose name is TBD. That’s still up in the air. Meanwhile, you and your old, but strict Aunt will be working hard to make ends meet.

Naturally, if I like someone else’s idea better, I will replace one of the aspects above, so don’t stay silent if other people have already suggested a bunch of Aspects! I’m looking for all the ideas I can get. Also, your suggestion doesn’t have to be boiled down to brief phrase. Feel free to give me some vague, wordy paragraph describing what you want the Aspect to capture. I can then take that paragraph and try to come up with an Aspect that captures it.


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  1. Two I can think of, “Damnit, I really need that money…” Let’s you act through uncomfortable/dangerous situations you might not otherwise, and “Coward”, which would be the opposite, run away at first sign of trouble or choose first available out.

    Also, keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see this start to take shape 😀

    1. The first one especially is a really good idea! However, your character will also have an Aspect that tracks their wealth. You get broker at the start of each episode, and more wealthy if you successfully pull off a caper. The poorer wealth aspects will capture a lot of the same kinds of things that “Dammit, I really need that money…” will capture. ‘

      “Coward” has potential, though I’d probably rephrase it to be a bit more detailed, perhaps “He who steals and runs away, lives to steal another day!” Only thing I’m struggling with here are the best ways to do compels that lead to things more interesting, instead of just skipping content. Perhaps, it could come up in situations both in and out of costume, where you leave a friend/ally high and dry, and they come back for a bit of payback?

      Could also phrase it as “Talks the talk, flees the walk.” Sort of, your character talks a big game, and sometimes that’s helpful, but could lead to problems if someone calls your bluff, or pisses off a (temporary) ally who you assure you’ll help, but then abandon at the first opportunity.

  2. Here are some suggestions for Aspects. I wouldn’t pick all of these, but maybe they will help you create better Aspects overall.

    “Liar Liar” – you’re quick to think of a plausible lie, getting you out of trouble. However, keeping up with all the lies are a chore sure to get you in trouble

    “Perfectionist” – your work is of a stellar standard, when you manage to turn it in on time

    “Martial Arts” – you know how to fight, but this also makes you seek out fights

    “Sneaky” – you can evade and blend in, but the temptation to see if you could do something is bound to lead you into trouble

    “Egg Head” – you know your way around machinery and tech, but often miss social cues, meaning you’re prone to step on some toes

    “Innocent Aura” – a cute face and innocent expression can get you out of trouble when there’s doubt who’s guilty, but pleading innocence when you’re caught red handed will lead to worse punishments

    “People pleaser” – a willingness to make others feel comfortable and share credit with them will make people like you, but inability to stand up for yourself could cost you

    “Beautiful Bottom” – an attractive derriere makes it possible to seduce, but could be irresistible to spank

    “Ambitious” – a strong inner drive will give you the will to succeed, but might not make you popular when swimming towards the top

    So those are just ramblings off the top of my head. Hope they’re useful.

    1. These are all good ideas. I’m going to comment on the ones that I find particularly interesting, or that I think work particularly well with the style of game I’m creating.

      I really like “Liar, Liar.” Though perhaps I’d rephrase it as “When In Doubt, Lie Like A Rug” (a play on the pithy saying that may or may not be from Mark Twain, “When in doubt tell the truth”). The applications both good and bad are clear, and tie in well to a spanky story.

      “Perfectionist” is also really good. I could see it showing as invocations early in a caper (when things are going according to plan), but then turn into compels later, and/or when things go sideways. Ideally, we’d come up with a phrasing with a bit more personality. Something like “If it’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Right” (this could also suggest compels where your character doesn’t bother doing things they don’t care about, but other people do). Or maybe “Practice, practice, practice makes perfect.” If we want to capture the time cost.

      I *love* “Innocent Aura.” Really lets the player go for more of an innocent, wholesome-acting “Who me?” sort of cat thief vs. the more sensual, sexy style of cat thief. I’d probably rephrase it somehow to capture the idea of an innocent face that people have a hard time believing is up to mischief. Maybe something like “Would this face lie to you?” (especially useful if we wanted to sort of merge this with “Liar, Liar”). Maybe, “Gosh, I would *never* do such a thing”

      I think “Beautiful Bottom” would be a great one to fuse with “Cheeky Femme Fatale” since both deal with seduction. Perhaps “Shake What Your Momma Gave You” or “Ass so Good, it’s a Crime” or “Perfect Ass, Perfect Crime”.

  3. My suggestion was already mentioned in a comment above, but I think it’s worth mentioning. I was going to suggest a “spankable bottom” Aspect, it would cause your backside to be much more desirable for spankers and just get in more trouble in general, it could either have an explanation (aka it becomes bigger/jigglier) or just be something with no apparent reason, maybe fate, as if trouble seeked our protagonist’s bottom. They could maybe have a spankable aura of sorts, people look at her and just think “damn, I need an excuse to spank that bouncy butt”, which could be mixed with the other submissive traits to result in seduction options (as their backside would be quite the eye catcher) or situations where our character gets spanked for a dumb reason but submits all the same

    In fact, this gave me an idea for a “naughty aura” one, perhaps your actions can be easily be seen as naughty even if that’s not your intention, you are seen as a naughty person who deserves spanks more often, but maybe that could give you more opportunities with other troublemakers, kinda like in the Spanquest game.

    1. Ah, an inverse of “Innocent Aura!” I like that idea. Need something a bit more specific than just “Naughty Aura.” A couple of ideas:

      “Guilty Face” – you just can’t help but look guilty, even when you haven’t done anything. On the one hand, this can lead to you getting into all sorts of trouble, even without having done anything! On the other, it makes it very easy to distract people from other, *bigger* naughtiness you’ve gotten up to.

      “Looks of a Mischievous Minx” – For whatever reason, people take one look at you and think you’re up to no good, even if you aren’t! On the one hand, this means you tend to get in lots of undeserved trouble. On the other, you’re really good at drawing people’s attention away from other, bigger trouble. You’re also pretty good at getting *out* of trouble (thanks to lots of practice).

      This also lead to me a different, tangentially related possibility:

      “The Trouble with Trouble is It Starts Out Fun” – You’re a carefree, fun loving spirit… who doesn’t always think through the consequences of her fun. Pranks, snarky comments, daredevil acts, if looks like an exhilarating adrenaline rush you’re there. Even if you’re not supposed to be. Even if you *really* shouldn’t be. Of course, no risk, no reward, right?

      1. Ohhhh, all of those are great! I’m sure people who want to get as many spankings as possible (like me lol) would love any of them! No matter if they are playing a subby cutie or a bad brat! I’ll let you know if I ever think of more ideas!

  4. I think I would like something where you are good at being in control, but an absolute mess when things does not go according to plan.

    I also like being sneaky, not sure what to do with it, but I like it 😛

    And as a thief I think being a kleptomaniac would make you really good at slight of hand, but also get you into a lot of trouble.

  5. The most notable one I could think of that wasn’t mentioned yet was “Know-it-all”
    You are incredibly smart which allows you to think things through, but constantly correcting people is bound to get on their nerves.

    Or ‘luck favors the Clumsy’
    Your natural Clumsiness lets you stumble into and out of danger with equal frequency. From knocking over valuable sculptures to tripping a rival by accident. The world just has a habit of causing you to tumble through life.

  6. “Innocent Aura” sounds really good, but you could maybe even make it more versatile by calling it something like “Puppy Eyes” and add more possible applications to it than just getting you out of trouble (or in more trouble if you use it poorly). For example convincing someone to help you or give you something you need like information or items.

  7. “When in Doubt, Sub It Out” – Player is naturally inclined to take the submissive/passive option, even if it might not be the best way to handle the strong-willed. Kind of a mod on the Cocky Casanova/Cheeky Femme Fatale to indicate a more sub personality.

    “Hangs-Well, Forward and Aft” – Player has large breasts/penis that attracts sexual attention from NPCs. May make it to an easy way to escape a bad situation with sex appeal or higher tips, but also can make unwanted attention that leads to a spanking and more.

    “Great with planning, however executing…” – Opposite of being clumsy, player tends to come up with solutions that tend to be overcomplicated and require a lot of things to go right to be done the right way. Amazing when it’s pulled off correctly, but leads to disaster when it doesn’t.

    “Lovable Sucker, Lousy Mark” – Player is easily swayed by the fast-talking good-for-nothing swindlers of the world into making bad decisions. However the player may not always catch the drift and things can go over their head easily.

    1. “Great with planning, however executing…”
      PLEASE TURN THIS INTO “The risk I took was calculated, but man…” xD

    1. Haven’t really touched it since I made this post. I wanted to give people plenty of time to post ideas, and after several years of working on and thinking about Scarlet Moon, I needed a nice long break from spanking game development.

      But now, I’m starting to get that need to develop spanking games again, so I’ll probably start working on it this summer. No idea when I’ll have real content available, though I’ll probably post the character creation screen once it’s ready so I can get feedback on that.

      I will want to make sure the rules are clear, everything makes sense, and people find the chosen aspects compelling before I commit to anything.

  8. Oh man, these are all *great* suggestions. You all have made my job so much harder now. Instead of coming up with5 fun and compelling aspects, I have to somehow only pick 5 from a list chockful of fun, compelling aspects! What is a poor spanking game developer to do???

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