Mischievous Misfortune Aspects Figured Out

Alright, so I think I managed to take everyone’s *wonderful* ideas and condense them into 7 aspects that I think capture everything people were wanting to see, based on the aspects they posted.

Here’s the list:

Steal Everything Nailed Down: You steal stuff. Even when it’s nailed down, and especially when you’re anxious. A normal person might pull out a fidget cube and futz with it when she’s nervous. When you’re nervous, you steal her cube. This also means you’re very very good at theft. So good in fact, you can steal her cube without her noticing. Right away. Unfortunately, people tend to eventually notice when you’re constantly stealing their stuff.

The Good Is The Enemy of the Perfect: You are a master planner with acute attention to detail, and a strong work ethic. You will plan a caper down to the smallest detail, and think of (almost) every possible way things could go wrong, and devise a plan for that too. Unfortunately, even you can’t think of everything and you really can’t handle it when things go sideways. You also detest settling for “good enough” and will strive for “perfect” even when you don’t have time or are otherwise under pressure to get something done.

Born Dom(me): You are smooth, sexy and able to convince damn near anyone to drop their pants, and/or go over your knee(for fun or otherwise). Very useful when you’re looking for information, need to distract a guard, or just want to blow off steam. On the other hand, you’re sometimes a little *too* confident in your dominant sexiness. As a result, it’s not that hard for crafty individuals to turn the tables on you either because they saw through your act, aren’t interested (and may, in fact, be a little insulted), or are a Born Sub whose just plain better at seduction than you. Also, your natural dominance may rub some people the wrong way, intimidate them too much to be helpful, or cause you to ignore them even when you shouldn’t. This is the dominant version of Born Sub.

Born Sub: You are playful, sexy and able to convince damn near anyone to jump your bones, or put you over their knee for a little bit of fun. All it takes is a little wiggle of your round, full, excessively spankable ass, and a taunting wink. Very useful when you’re looking for information, need to distract a guard, or just want to blow off steam. On the other hand, you’re sometimes a little *too* confident in your cheeky sexiness. As a result, it’s not that hard for crafty individuals to turn the tables on you either because they saw through your act, aren’t interested (and may, in fact, be a little insulted), or are a Born Dom that’s just plain better at seduction than you. Also, you have a hard time telling people “no” and may find yourself doing what they tell you, even if you don’t want to. Usually you can turn this to your advantage. But not always. This is the submissive version of Born Dom(me).

Vixen Smile: You’ve got one of those smiles. You know the ones, full of mischief and naughty glee. People look at you and immediately assume you’re up to no good. Someone put a pin on the teacher’s chair? You’re the one who ended up over her knee and howling whether you did it or not. This has gotten you into all sorts of trouble. But it also means you have lots of experience being in trouble, and are thus very well equipped to handle it. You have also learned to use your mischievous grin to distract people away from your *real* mischief to something small and inconsequential. This is the naughty counterpart to Puppy Dog Eyes.

Puppy Dog Eyes: You have big, soulful eyes, and the best damn pout this side of the Atlantic, and you know it. People take one look at you and your innocent, cherubic face and they refuse to believe you could possibly be up to any mischief. Unfortunately, your cute, youthful face makes it really hard for people to take you seriously. Adorableness dialed up to 11 is great when you’re getting out of trouble, not so great when you want people to take you seriously. This is the innocent counterpart to Vixen Smile.

Luck Favors the Clumsy: You are simultaneously the clumsiest, most unlucky person on the planet, *and* the luckiest person on the planet. If there’s something fragile nearby, you will fall and break it. If there’s a patch of ice, you will slip and fall on it. Probably into something fragile, even if makes no damn sense for a fragile vase worth thousands of dollars to be sitting on a marble stand next to a patch of ice. Of course, because you slipped on the ice, the superheroine flying towards you at superhuman speed zoomed over you instead of into you, and got herself stuck in a wall. Meanwhile, Steel Jaws of Doom snapped from the ceiling and would have captured you if they weren’t being wedged open by that marble stand you knocked over. And sure, you dropped the precious jewel you stole, but it bounced off the floor, conked its owner on the nose and landed back in your lap.

Of these, Born Dom(me) and Born Sub are dominant/submissive variants on the same scene, and will tend to apply in the same situations. They’re really just dom/sub variants of a generic “Seducer with Spankings.” Heavily inspired by When In Doubt, Sub It Out, and tries to incorporate some of the seduction themes of a few suggested aspects.

Meanwhile, Vixen Smile and Puppy Dog Eyes are my take on the Guilty Aura and Innocent Aura respectively. Steal Everything Nailed Down captures the kleptomania that Wildfire suggested and The Good Is The Enemy of the Perfect tries to capture most of the ideas suggested for elaborate plots, being an egghead, and not handling things well when they fall apart.

Note that *none* of these are the aspects I started with. So, thank a lot everyone! Your ideas really helped me come up with some good, fun aspects I think, and I’m excited to start writing.

Here is also a link to the easiest part of the game to create, its intro screen! This screen provides a (mostly) brief explanation of the game’s mechanics, and allows you to create and customize your character. I would be grateful if people could take the time to look it over and provide feedback.

Blubb2 was kind enough to look over it a while back, before we’d come up with aspects, and helped me squash a bunch of bugs, so many thanks Blubb2!


13 thoughts on “Mischievous Misfortune Aspects Figured Out

  1. I saw this a few days ago on my phone, but wanted to see it on a computer screen before commenting.

    First things first: the level of customisation is amazing and beyond what I had imagined you would implement. I hope the variables are easy to write into the story so they won’t feel like a hinderance.

    The approaches are easy to understand and make replayability better. What would have happened if…? On that note, you could throw “Config.history.maxStates = 1;” into “Edit Story Javascript” to stop people from backtracking and sticking with their choices and the outcome of random events.

    The aspects are really good and it’s great how you’ve taken the time and input necessary to get them right. And I think it might be easier (depending on how you structure the choices the player can make) to have some mutually exclusive aspects. Not sure Born Dom(me) and Born Sub is attainable in the same person. Mutually exclusive aspects could also increase replayability.

    But the intro screen is awesome, on the whole. Explanations and selections are top notch. I don’t understand why NPC gender and Skill Check Randomness has it’s own passage, and they have a different selection method from the personal traits. It might be the pedant in me, but I would have liked to have all selections in one passage and using the same method. Dropdown or button or whatever.

    Also not sure you need to have the option of changing traits in the UI-bar. Have all those options at the end of the “Customise!” link and keep just the name and stats: spankens, bum status, wealth, approaches, spankings taken and given. This will also make sure the “Save” and “Load” buttons are always available. I don’t like having to scroll in the UI-bar.

    It would be possible to have a second UI-bar on the right. There all the personal traits could be listed and hidden from view, or just make that UI-bar the customisation passage.

    That might be a lot of more or less incoherent rambling, so treat these sugestions however you like. Looking forward to playing the story!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely incorporate some of the tweaks you’ve suggested. I agree that the UI bar is a bit cluttered, and putting some of the less frequently changed customizations into the Customize! link makes sense.

      I’m probably not going to bother making the “opposite” aspects like Born Domme/Sub mutually exclusive, for a couple of reasons. First, the fact that you can only take 3 aspects of 7 is intended to give replayability, and I seriously doubt most people are going to use two slots for aspects that apply in (almost) all the same situations, at least not for their first few playthroughs. Second, I don’t really like putting restrictions on what my players can do based on what “makes sense.” If it doesn’t make sense for a particular player for their character to be both Born Domme and Born Sub, then they won’t pick both aspects. However, someone else might actually find that an intriguing idea, and might want to take both even though (or because) they seem to contradict each other. Finally, it just feels like unnecessary work.

  2. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far 😀
    Adding the spanker and spankee gender options was a very nice touch
    Personally, I don’t care for male spankees, but I’m not gonna avoid a game because of it.
    Keep up the good work, can’t wait for the first playable version 😀
    If you need testers, I’d be more than happy to volunteer (:

  3. Hello, distance release character customization interface you already have a period of time, have to say I have been attracted to broad prospect and fun of the game, I’m looking forward to the next formal version coming, and hope to you can add some interesting parts, for example when stealing found some ongoing criminal activity, This role can choose whether to join or find someone else to report, etc., though, after all is unsportsmanlike behavior, but compared to steal the more excessive crime is relatively better, and then when the character selection on the right side, perhaps only this one event, character to be able to get some optional reward, Like a physical spanking or a relaxing spanking.

    1. Thanks for the ideas! I definitely plan on having situations where the PC stumbles onto bigger crimes, and has to decide if they want to get into an Enemy Mine situation with the local superheroes.

      Unfortunately, due to a combination of IRL busyness, and writer’s block I haven’t made much progress. I’ve tried to start a couple of times, but I haven’t quite found my voice yet for this game. I’m trying to work through it though.

      Right now, I’m watching a volume of the old Tick cartoon that I bought from a used DVD shop a while back. I’m hoping that the ridiculous zaniness of that show will help me find the right voice for this game!

      1. Thank you for your reply, it makes me feel honored.
        On the sound side, I have a few ideas for that, and lo and behold, the technology for artificial sound synthesis has matured enough that I think you can definitely find an open source sound library that allows you to make some spoken dialogue and scene sounds.
        I was thinking a little bit differently about stealing. You see, stealing doesn’t have to be something physical, it can be virtual assets like ideas, designs, things like that.
        For example, you could design a scientist or maker from whom the protagonist could steal blueprints for, say, a spanking machine, and the protagonist would have to decide whether or not to keep and build it, which I think would greatly expand the gameplay.
        Along the same lines, you could design an NPC who looks exactly like the main character, meets him by chance, and he is complaining about his strict parenting, sees the main character and decides to hire the main character to take the punishment for him, and so on. Or if the main character really likes being spanked, they can do it for free in exchange for being friends or something. I think it’s totally doable, and it’s totally doable as a big side story.
        Again, I don’t know if you know a place called Lush Story website, his web site is https://www.lushstories.com/, in this website, you can post a general train of thought, and then called for the fans to fill for him, after collect enough plot screening to join in the game, I think this is also a good way.
        In the end, good luck with your game and your real life. I still want to play this game, but it’s unwise to sacrifice your real life for this, and it might affect the quality of the game. So if you’re feeling things are not going your way, something is not going your way, consider taking some time off and putting aside less urgent tasks until you feel more comfortable tackling them. I’m sure other people who enjoy your game will understand that, we’re all willing to wait, and your game is worth the wait.
        Finally, thank you for making these games and not giving up.

      2. I think I have a good suggestion to offer, for example, why not add a trace tag to all unique events that can’t be repeated and turn it on when you’re done with that event.
        What about adding a “spanking shop” and “role-playing” by tracking tracking tags that have already been opened, so that players can replay unique stories that can only be replayed again unless they restart the game or reload?
        I thought it might be a good idea.

        1. That…is actually a really good idea, and should be something I can do relatively easily in Twine. At first, it will be a very naive implementation. Basically, it will just be links the start of scenes you’ve unlocked, and the game will continue on from there. So use at your own risk. 🙂

  4. Also, I want to know when the next official version will come out, I can’t wait, this game is absolutely epic.

    1. Unfortunately, I haven’t made a lot of progress. I’ve had several false starts, real life has been keeping me *very* busy and I’ve found my creativity at a bit of a low ebb recently, so I haven’t made the time that I would have otherwise.

      Still, I keep chipping away at it, and hopefully I’ll be able to break through this logjam sooner rather than later.

      1. Your work has always been really good. So take all the time you need 😀
        (hopefully not years tho D: )

        I cant really help all that much with Lore, or writing in general, but im known to find bugs and end up breaking games xD if you ever need a tester when that time comes (:

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