May Update

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Sorry about the delay in this post. This past weekend was crazy, being mother’s day weekend and all. Anyway, the first day of the first episode is in beta testing right now. I have managed to play it from beginning to end (though I’m not sure if any of my beta testers have yet, they’ve all been kind of quiet. Probably because it’s a busy time of year). That being said, we’ve gone through about five releases of bug fixes and enhancements.

My current plan is to release it at the beginning of June unless there are game breaking bugs that we have discovered and I haven’t fixed yet. We may release it earlier if I get approval from at least four of my beta testers.


AKA Russell

3 thoughts on “May Update

    1. I was wondering why you’ve been so silent lately. Looking forward to your feedback! I’ve also been looking through and expanding on the stuff you wrote for episode 2. Expect feedback sometime next week.

  1. I’m super excited! As someone who gets nostalgic for potion wars I can’t wait. June can’t come soon enough.

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