May 2020

Spankers, Switche and Spankees of All Ages (18 and above),

Working on the first part of episode 5. I’ve got the opening written, the introduction of the dominant female love interest (which I’m very happy with, hopefully you all will be too), and a dancing club scene with David. After that, I had a few false paths as I tried to figure out what felt right. Originally there was going to be some sex with David, but that didn’t feel right, decided I’d rather have David take you on a few dates first. So instead I’ve decided to introduce a supervillain in this episode after all, but the first two I tried didn’t feel right either. I have a pretty good feeling about this third one, though. Decided to push forward a plot whose groundwork was laid in an earlier episode.

No idea when it will be ready, I’m still pretty early in the writing process. But I’m cranking away at it! I’ve written about 3776 lines of content so far, so while I haven’t exactly been a writing whirlwind, I haven’t been idle either.


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