June 2018 Update – Scarlet Moon 3.0.6

Spankers, Spankees and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

Spiderx over on animeotk kindly pointed out a crash that happens when you agree to be spanked by the spies in Megawater on the third day of episode 2. A new version has been uploaded with that fix. Thanks Spiderx!

As far as my progress this month…it’s been largely nonexistent. I’m not particularly surprised, I was working pretty furiously to get out the new engine, so I apparently decided that I needed a break.

I’ve also been struggling a bit with the third episode. Been having a bit of difficulty finding the right story and villain (my original plan fell apart as soon as fingers touch keyboard, as per usual), so I’ve had a few false starts. I think things are finally starting to take shape though, so hopefully I’ll be much more productive this week.

As a little teaser, Tempestas will be making her first appearance in the game this episode, and for the first time, you’ll get to control two superheroes in combat. Tempestas’ power set isn’t 100% locked down yet, but I’m mostly thinking she’ll be fast, and focus on inhibiting enemy attacks (i.e. she’ll love the Away status). She’ll also have a healthy mix of offensive powers as well.

Here are a few powers she might have:

Wind Tunnel – Select 2 targets. Redirect the next power/10 attacks against the first target to the second target. Each redirection costs Tempestas (2*target2.power – power) energy.

Wind Gust – Select a target. Do that target power – target.speed damage, and inflict Away for 2 turns.

Wind Throw – Select 2 targets. Do (strength + power) – target.speed damage to both targets. If target 1 is Away, cure Away and do an additional target1damage to both targets.

Hurricane’s Soul – Increase Tempestas’ Power count by 1, but decrease her speed by 25%.

Hurricane’s Eye – Increase Tempestas’ power statistic by 25%, but reduce her Attack count by 1.

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