This is the page where I’ll put any requests for help that come up. If you’re interested in helping me develop Scarlet Moon┬áplease read below. Note that the extent of the your involvement, and how badly you’re willing to be spoiled, will be completely up to you. None of the things currently posted require more than the tiniest of spoilers.

If you’re interested in helping me, send me an e-mail at

If you help me in anyway, I’ll add your handle of choice (plus a random animal for alliterative appeal) along with a brief description of how you helped me to the acknowledgements page of my game. I’ll also list you under a Contributors tab on my blog.

Beta Testing:

There are a lot of paths in my game. As a result, testing can be challenging. So I’m always on the lookout for beta testers. The benefits of being a beta tester is that you get access to new content weeks and months ahead of everyone else. The downsides are that you’ll get very buggy and crashy versions, and you will be expected to actually tell me every time you get a crash. Furthermore, you’ll be expected to play the same content over and over and over again (basically every time I submit a new version, you need to replay as much as possible to catch bugs).

Number Crunching:

If you’ve spent any time looking up information about one or other RPG on the internet, you know there are people out there who will run experiments, or look at the source code and compute all sorts of crazy numbers (probability of success, probability of reversal, expected damage etc) for the various abilities/spells/weapons/stats in the game. It seems to me that having someone with that kind of dedication would be awesome when it comes to balancing my game. I should probably be doing this, truth be told, but statistics aren’t my strong suit, and there are only so many hours in the day. So, I’d love to have someone with that kind of dedication willing to look at my battle system, and crunch some of those numbers. Then, I can use those numbers (and your recommendations) to better balance the game.


I’m always on the lookout for programmers willing to help me. The game is written in Lua, so some knowledge of Lua would be ideal. However, if you have some coding background, Lua will be very easy to pickup.

In particular, I’m looking for anyone who enjoys designing and coding GUI’s. While I don’t mind designing GUI’s, I hate writing graphics code, and that includes GUI’s. So, if you enjoy writing GUI’s, and you want to help, please let me know. I will gladly worship at your feet.

5 thoughts on “Helping

  1. I may be able to help with the writing ^^ I can think of some pretty sweet ‘language’ for this game’s spanking scenes

      1. Oh that’s right, you helped design the costume for the episode 2 villain, but I don’t think you’ve contributed any scenes yet. I will happily send you some information on some spanking scenes that could stand to be written.

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