Etrian Odyssey Episode 4 released

Spankers and Spankees,

Well, I managed to finish the first draft of my thesis, which makes me happy. To celebrate, I took a few days off, and spent some time working on Potion Wars and Etrian Odyssey. I’ve finished the latest Etrian Odyssey episode (you can find it under the Etrian Odyssey tab, as always). We are also really close to releasing the first third of episode 2. All the content has been written, and most of it has been beta tested. The beta testers are hard at work trying to break my game right now. If we’re lucky, and I’m half as smart as I think I am (I’m not) we might be able to haveĀ  a release by the end of the weekend. But who knows, software is software, and I’m a terrible programmer. Last time, I was hoping forĀ  release by the end of February, and that obviously didn’t pan out.

But until then, enjoy the latest Etrian Odyssey episode.

8 thoughts on “Etrian Odyssey Episode 4 released

  1. Played your game and really, really appreciate all the hard work that went into Potion Wars. Good luck with that thesis and my thanks to all the contributors that made this great one of a kind game for spankos like me.

    1. Aww, thanks. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Your comment has made my day. Hopefully we’ll get more content out for you soon. If I may ask is there anything in particular the game that you really like (or don’t like), and why? A particular scene, a particular character?

      1. Glad you thought so and sorry for the late reply. Had a full plate today. By far my favorite scene was being caught by the cook for not wearing any pants. Genius! I really enjoyed the scenes after the events at the Guild with Elise and Carrie on both the female and male play throughs. I had a third run with an especially naughty female character who was promised “later discipline” from the annoyed guild instructors. I am looking forward to seeing possible comeuppance for her actions during the skirmish at the guild. (Especially interested to see if she will be hauled off to the tailors and spanked for not wearing any pants again!)

        I may not know anything about programming, but if there are ways I can contribute to your project I’d be thrilled to lend a hand!

        1. Check out the helping tab. If there’s anything there that lines up with your strengths, let me know. I’m particularly interested in someone with artistic talent for the episode titlecards and/or character portraits, and/or with writing talent to help with some of the less story-pivotal spanking scenes.

          1. That was fast! Believe it or not I was just looking over that tab and thinking I would be happy to write some of those generic spanking scenes for you. I don’t have artistic skills to contribute unfortunately, but am confident someone from AnimeOTK might be willing to help you out with the art for Potion Wars. I am not socially involved there, perhaps Rak who has helped you before might know some kind folks?

            Expect an email from me soon for my first writing assignment.

        2. Kendobs or AKA, could you tell me if there’s a point where the player is spanked for not wearing pants? I don’t recall encountering that.

          1. Try wearing baring underwear (a thong or lacy panties) and no pants/skirt/dress when you enter the kitchen for the first time.

          2. Ah, that one! I went through and got it again, and now I remember. That was quite awesome!

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