Etrian Odyssey Episode 3

Spankers and Spankees,

Etrian Odyssey Episode 3: Rage is posted.

Having successfully mapped the first floor, the party make their first foray into the second floor, and come face to face with murderous herbivores. Will they survive? Or will a certain Siren’s recklessness get everyone killed?

Also, getting some fun bugs from my beta testers (apparently there’s something wonky going on with the new level up mechanics. Joy.). So progress is happening on the Potion Wars front.

2 thoughts on “Etrian Odyssey Episode 3

  1. (I’m not sure where is the best place to comment on the latest chapter, so I’m posting it here and on the Etrian odyssey page)
    Another brilliant chapter! These stories are one of the highlights of my month, you are a brilliant writer.

    Will we actually get any in-guild romance, or are you going to tease us while keeping the whole thing platonic? I thought for sure we’d get at least a confession of interest in the last chapter, since both Sam and Aly seem to be mutually attracted.

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