Comedy of Errors

Spankers and Spankees,

So as expected people were having issues downloading the torrents. That seems to have been fixed though. Mostly, I stink at choosing trackers.

Unfortunately, there was some confusion with the first scene. Basically, the trigger for the first event was poorly done (you’re not supposed to talk to the guard. You’re supposed to try to go Avaricum Square immediately. However, things get a little bit buggy if you try talking to the guard first). I’ve modified a few things to fix that bug. You can find the updated Ubuntu binaries under downloads.

Unfortunately, my Windows 7 OS decided that today was a good day to die, and I no longer have a Windows box, and I won’t have one until I can get my hands on some install disks (which may take a few days at best). As a result I will be unable to create new binaries for Windows 7 for the immediate future.

Finally, firefox has recently started complaining about (the subpage from which people can download other people’s files) being an attack page!. So, I’ve had to move the torrents to a mediafire link.

So very sorry about all the craziness. Please try to hang in there as I work out the kinks to this whole “sharing stuff with other people over the Internet” thing.

EDIT: Fixed a bug that causes the game to crash immediately if the player names their character anything but the default.

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