Bugs, Crashes, and Loops Oh My!

Fixed a few more crashes, and a few bugs pointed out by Uninventive over on AnimeOTK. Haven’t fixed the bug pointed by Skull612 yet about the city guard. That one requires looking at code I wrote months ago, and I don’t want to do that yet. Just don’t ever go back to the Edge of Avaricum, and you’ll be fine. At least until something else that I don’t know about happens.

Also, Python’s tendency to do minimal static checks is rather annoying. Many of the crashes I’ve been fixing are the types of things that most other languages would catch at compile time (meaning I wouldn’t even be able to create the executable until I fixed them). But since Python only does minimal checks until it attempts to actually execute the code, it’s very easy for blatantly incorrect code to slip through undetected. Such is the price Python pays for its wonderful flexibility. Such is the price of the language’s wonderful flexibility.

Finally, I’ve stopped posting torrents of the game. Nobody is using them anyway. I’ll start posting those again if/when the game gets big enough for direct mediafire downloads to no longer be practical (which probably won’t be for a few years).

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