Bug Fixes, Rebalancing, and a New Item!

Spankers and Spankees,

I’ve fixed a whole slew of new crashes and bugs that people keep uncovering (jerks I mean, thanks!). Many of which were subtle, and very annoying to fix. I’ve also done a lot of rebalancing, so that hopefully now grinding won’t be as necessary to beat the boss. Though, this does of course depend on how your character develops (I was able to defeat the boss on the first try with 3’s across the board, health in the low 30’s and mana in the low 20’s, but it was close).

Finally, I’ve added a fancy new item: the staff. A staff is very similar to a spear, except that the damage is nowhere near as good, and it provides much better protection against grappling. Basically, it’s a defensive weapon for spellslingers.

I was planning on working on the manual this weekend, but I’m tired and grouchy from some of these bug fixes (maintaining consistent state is hard and I’m really bad at it), so I’ll hold off on that for now.

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