Bug Fixes (Continued)

Fixed some of the easier crashes pointed out on AnimeOTK. I failed to replicate the sporadic problem of stats going down instead of up when improving, and hitpoints randomly dropping down to zero when also improving. I did however find a few issues with stats that linger past combat, so hopefully fixing those problems also fixed the negative improvement bug.

The biggest problem right now (which I don’t believe I’ve fixed yet, though I have started poking at it) is that when you go back to the title screen, and then load a save game and/or start a new game, the game enters into inconsistent state (for example, the player might start at the end of the episode rather than the beginning). I think I know what the issue is, but restoring state is complicated, so I’m not sure if what I’ve done has successfully fixed that or not. So if you note any weirdness after returning to the title screen, a) let me know and b) quit and reload the game. That should reset the state, and allow you to play normally.

There are also some balancing issues with spells, and stat growths that I plan on addressing this weekend, when I have a day to sit down and just get in fights over and over and over again.

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