Bug Fix

Fixed a bug where the game crashes if you try to load a save from the end of the game’s content. Note that now you cannot save after the first act of episode 2. Once I add the next act, you’ll have to load a save file from before you agree to help Ildri repair the guild.

4 thoughts on “Bug Fix

  1. Several issues:
    1) Selling items in the shops does not seem to increase your money
    2) Maria treats you as if you’ve been staying with her when you drop by her house to talk to her (starts dialogue about going to the clinic) even if you’re not staying with her.
    3) When Idri spanks you for not wearing pants, it doesn’t seem to change the appearance of your butt…
    4) After talking with Idri and Peter and the clinic scene nothing else seems to happen, is that the end of the chapter?

    1. 4) When you’re ready to move on to the next scene, you’re supposed to go to Ildri and talk to her, and then agree to help repair the guild.

  2. One more thing – the scene with Carrie when you go to talk to her in Part 2 seems incomplete. Whether you agree to help her spy on the tailor, or decide to spank her, or ignore her, the scene seems to skip to when the part is over, and you no description of what happened in between.

    1. Effing A. That was working before. I hate it when this happens. Modify could that shouldn’t have an impact on something, and that something breaks horribly…

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