August Update: Spanking Adventure Gamebooks

Spankers, Spankees and Switches,

Plugging away at the first part of Episode 7. Been working on the new content, and I’ve implemented a few features that I think will make the game much more enjoyable. The new features you can look forward to when the new episode is released.

1. Several players like to play cross-dressing males. However, currently if you select male, the game will occasionally force you to wear (American) culturally male clothing (in particular, your costume and your work uniform). Naturally, this is unsatisfying for these players. Therefore, I’ve added a new option that allows players to specify what gender of clothing they want to wear independently of their actual gender. So you’ll be able to be a male character, whom the game puts in female clothing, or a female whom the game puts in male clothing. Yes, this does mean that if you’re a girl, and you select male clothing that your costume will be a thong and some boots and nothing else. No, nobody will comment on your tits hanging out. Sorry.

2. I’ve added a new template that allows me to write different text depending on which choice (first, second or third) you selected in the previous event. This will allow me to make the game much more reactive to the many roleplaying (aka pointless) choices I throw at you. Most exciting, it will allow you to have much more control over how your character reacts to a spanking. Do you take your spankings stoically? Turn into a giant crybaby as soon as you’re upended? Something in between? Do you start stoic, but quickly start blubbering? It’ll be up to you!

I’ve also added a new panel above: Spanking Adventure Gamebooks

This includes links to both the Master of the Manor and Dianne’s Promotion books written several years ago by Robin Pierce. They’ve disappeared off the internet. This filled me with incredible sadness, because they were incredible spanking games that inspired me to start creating my own games. So I decided to make them available on my website. Both books are very well written, and quite challenging. I don’t like the cane, and Pierce loves the cane, most of the spankers are much nastier than I prefer, and I don’t like how you have to choose between winning and being a total brat. However, they’re still incredibly sexy, and engaging and I’d highly recommend everyone who enjoys my game to go and try them out.

5 thoughts on “August Update: Spanking Adventure Gamebooks

  1. Hi there. I’ve been playing and having an absolute blast with the Robin Pierce adventure books that you posted on here. I just beat Diane’s Promotion, and am wanting to get into the Master of the Manor. However, there’s a weird problem with the browser version where it’s replacing apostrophes and quotation marks with weird symbols. Is there anyway you can fix this, because I really like how easy you made these books for the browser.

    Thanks for all the hard work that you do.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying them! That being said, *I* didn’t actually do anything to make the browser versions. Someone else took the text version I made, and created an HTML version, and then gave me the HTML version to put on my site.

      I’ve done what I can to replace the garbled symbols with proper quotes. There might still be a few formatting artifacts floating around, but hopefully it’s tolerable now.

  2. I did a Twine version of Dianne’s Promotion that will automatically track most things for you… would you be interested in putting that one up here?

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