April 2020

Haven’t been super productive this month. Probably because, you know, coronavirus. But I started working on the next episode a few days ago. This episode is probably going to feel more railroaded than it is. The player may not get as many real choices as I usually give, but there will be three big paths, one for each love interest (including the introduction of a dominant female love interest). Which one you see will depend on who you’re attracted to. You’ll also get an opportunity to express interest in Natalie, in case you didn’t last episode (not 100% sure you’re guaranteed the opportunity to be attracted to her in the previous episode, so I put it someplace obvious in this one). Of course, this also means that if you don’t have any love interests at all, this will probably be a fairly boring episode for you. Sorry.

This is also going to focus less on superheroing and more on your player’s mundane life, since the previous episode was pretty heroics heavy. What superheroing there is will be against mostly normal baddies, a glimpse into the kinds of things Scarlet Moon gets up to when tier S supervillains aren’t showing up.


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