A few fixes to crashes, and some editing of the Cosima encounter

Spankers and Spankees,

Fixed a few crashes pointed out by Uninventive at AnimeOTK (thank you!), and a bug in Cosima’s encounter (some of her path’s weren’t properly triggering unlocking the ability to ask Paloma about getting a white ribbon).

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14 thoughts on “A few fixes to crashes, and some editing of the Cosima encounter

    1. That’s not happening when I play it. Usually the damage is pretty consistent, with occasional lows or highs if you get (un)lucky. Keep in mind that each enemy has different strengths, weaknesses and equipment. Some are susceptible to physical damage, some not so much.

      Furthermore, whether your character is grappling or not will have a HUGE impact on how much damage you do. If you’re using a dagger, and you try to attack an enemy when you’re not grappling them, you’ll do paltry damage. If you attack while you are grappling them, you’ll do significantly more.

      Spells like Weaken will also have a significant impact on your damage.

  1. Absolutely amazing game. Well written, with just enough tongue-in-cheek attitude to it. Love the way the characters develop and how important the consequences of your actions are, and how it all fits together. Not going easy with the punishment scenes is great, too. One thing, though; would it be possible to include a way to check your current damage (not the kind that’s linked to hit points!)?

    1. I’ve considered tracking your character’s bum status. I decided not to, because it has no impact on gameplay.

      However, now that you mention it, it may be worthwhile to track it. It would allow me to write more nuanced messages whenever your character tries to sit, or in other ways interacts with her sore bum.

      I’m hesitant to give the player the ability to look at it though, because I don’t want to bog down the interface with useless information. I’ll have to think about it.

  2. Just thought it’d be useful since being too sore cut off options with Peter the shop keeper and the caning from Adrian. Combat controls are also a little cumbersome, which is especially fiddly during long battles. y/n could be changed to enter/return to make it a little slicker. Glad to see you’re so attentively working on this. A great game like this deserves to be done right.

    1. Oh yes, that’s right, I forgot about Adrian and Peter. In that case, a soreness option is almost certainly warranted.

      I’ll also look into making the combat interface more streamlined. In addition to replacing “y/n” with “return, backspace” I could probably also cut down on the number of confirmations. It’s probably only necessary to ask for confirmation at the very end.

      I can probably also merge the interface for selecting a spell’s target, and looking at the spell’s description, instead of showing the spell description, asking for confirmation, and then going to battle. That way, if you need to know what a spell does, you can easily do so, but you don’t have to once you become familiar with each spell.

      Also, thanks for the compliment! I’ll do my level best to make it the best I can. Any other feedback (good, bad, or “could be better”) is welcome.

  3. All of that sounds fantastic. There could also be more NPCs around areas like the slums or town to interact with, (and possibly aggravate leading to a sticky situation) but I don’t know if that’d interfere or slow down the release of the next chapter. I very much like all the hidden little things to do and multiple choices to make. Feels like the Undertale of spanking games. Only just found out what happens when you use distort magic on the spectral hands. Pleasantly surprised.

    1. The distort magic scene was one of my favorites to write, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      As for adding additional characters to interact with for random scenes, while I do like the idea, I think that type of thing is better off in a game with a more open, less developed plot.

      I have a lot planned for each episode, and I want just about everything to contribute in some way. Anything that I do with random characters that contribute to the plot (world building usually), I can do just as well or better with the main cast. That doesn’t mean I might not throw in the occasional scene, but they’ll probably happen in the dungeons rather than in town.

      Plus, if I have to choose between giving the player more choices, and more people to interact with, I’d prefer to provide more choices.

  4. Yeah. I can see that. More choices lead to greater re playability (and choices coming back to haunt you). Plus personally, I like that there’s usually a harsher option available. Little bit of the inner sadist showing. The soreness option could be something that recounts (or reminisces) about where you got the days marks, since it could be easy to forget if there’s been a lot going on or you haven’t played in a while.

    1. I’ll have to consider that. That would require tracking every spanking scene, but I’m tracking most of them anyway, in case I ever want to refer back to them. They would probably then drop off the list as days go by (i.e. you rest at home) and your bottom heals. I’ll have to think about it.

    1. Glad to see you’re so eager! It’s only been about ten days since my last update though, so be patient. Coding takes time. Anyway, I’m currently making some fairly extensive modifications/extensions to the game engine, as well as adding some options for players to customize their character’s appearance. I’ll release an updated version once those modifications are finished. It won’t add any new content, but it will hopefully improve the playing experience. After that, I plan to start working on the second episode.

  5. Thanks for the fast response. All of that sounds great and it’s good to know you’re committed. How will the differing appearance effect the interactions with other characters? Will they comment on certain features (alluring or otherwise)? Can’t wait for more (clearly).

    1. The appearance options won’t affect anything in the first episode, with one exception (it’s possible to get Mai to comment on your character’s jiggly bottom if your character is female. Once the appearance customizations go official, Mai will only comment on your jiggly bottom if you have the “soft” body type).

      In subsequent episodes, that really depends. I’m not going to force anything, but if something comes up naturally, I’ll include it. I can tell you that your character’s appearance will affect the adjectives used to describe his/her bottom when getting spanked (jiggly vs. firm, small vs. large, etc). It’ll be similar in a lot of ways to how characters currently react to clothing. Sometimes they don’t care, sometimes they do.

      But again, none of that will happen until Episode 2.

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