Spankers and Spankees,

Welcome to the spanking rpgs blog. My name (as far as you’re concerned) is Aka Russell, and this here is the first post on my brand new development blog of CRPGs with a strong old-school dungeon-crawling flare, a butt-ton of spankings, crude wire-frame graphics, and WAY too much text.

If you look above this here first post, you will see a bunch of tabs. “About” tells you a little bit about my game, “Download” tells you how to download my games (it is alas a bit more complicated than downloading from mediafire, because I don’t trust filehosting services like that). “Bugs” contains a list of known bugs and how likely it is that I’ll fix them. “Other Spanking Games” is where I keep a list and brief description of other games with a significant amount of spanking content that I’ve stumbled upon during my many hours on the web.

Currently, the first episode of Pandemonium Cycle: The Potion Wars (PCPW) is up for download. It is written in Pygame, is a text-based game with wire-frame graphics for the dungeons, and has music purchased from The game itself will be broken up into episodes. Each episode consists of a beginning, in which the player can interact with various members of the supporting cast, a middle, in which the player explores a dungeon and explores the main plot of that episode, and an end, which is similar to the beginning except we tie up (or at least develop a bit more) various loose threads from the beginning and middle.

Included in the download is a README that contains the seed of a proper manual. I will be writing a proper manual at some point in the near future, hopefully this weekend, which I’ll post along with the game’s source code (horribly written though it may be).

If you have any comments or criticisms please either comment on this blog, or send me an e-mail at: – for any comments or criticisms of the writing and story – for any comments or criticisms of the gameplay – for any bug reports or crashes – for anything that doesn’t fall under one of the above categories.

Criticism is welcome, however if you insult me, your e-mail will go unread into the trash (you are however free to insult the game. Just not me.). Furthermore, I ask that you provide useful information. Saying “This game sucks” tells me nothing except you didn’t like it. Saying “The spell Spectral Breakage renders every other combat choice redundant” actually tells me what the problem is. Even better if you have possible solutions to any problems you see.

One last thing: The game starts with an opening crawl that will automatically scroll through. You can skip it with the Enter key if you like, but it does provide valuable background information.

I hope you guys enjoy your time here, and enjoy Pandemonium Cycle: The Potion Wars.

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