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This page contains a list of spanking scenes that people would like to see in the game (Scandalous Scarlet Moon). These initial ones were obtained from the thread on AnimeOTK about the game. There is a name, and two numbers after each scene. The name is the handle of the person who first requested the scene.  The first number is the number of people who would like to see that scene, and the second is the number of scenes currently in the game that fit that description. The second number is by no means 100% accurate. It’s just meant to give you a feel for how often that situation shows up. Furthermore, there are plenty of other scenes in the game that don’t show up in this list, so this list is by no means exhaustive.

If you’d like to see a particular scene (on the list or not) either let me know in the comments, or send me an e-mail. If it’s a scene that I’m willing to do, I’ll add it to the list. Keep in mind that the more people who are interested in a scene type, the more likely I am to try to incorporate one (or more) instances of that scene into the game. Plus, this list can give me some valuable inspiration for coming up with new and interesting spanking scenes.

I’m generally willing to do a variety of scenes, however I won’t do any of the following:

1. torture (though spankings as part of an interrogation are fine).

2. breast, foot, pussy or penis spanking.

3. whipping (the most severe I’m willing to go is the cane and birch).

In terms of other fetishes, I’m willing to include other fetishes, so long as people who aren’t into that can either react neutrally, or maybe even enjoy the scene for reasons other than sexual arousal (or those scenes are easy to avoid). For example, I have no problem with including tickling scenes, because those can be playful relationship-building scenes with other characters. Similarly with light age play (i.e. forcing a character to wear a childish outfit). However, I will not include any:

rape, vore, scat, insertions (this includes figging), or similarly intense fetishes.

I have a higher ceiling of things I’m willing to include so long as it’s consensual. For example, if someone wants a  consensual whipping scene, or a scene where two lovers negotiate and act out a rape fantasy,  I’d be willing to consider including such scenes, so long as the characters take proper precautions before those scenes (i.e. negotiation, setting up a safeword, etc). Whether or not I’d be willing to write it is a different thing entirely, and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

A few things that I will not include even if consensual: vore, bestiality (no, I will not allow your character to negotiate a sex scene with a dragon), or scat.

There may be other things that I’m not willing to do that I haven’t thought of. I’ll add additional restrictions to the above list as people propose them.

Type Proposer Interest Scenes
Public Spankings with reactions from witnesses Ellen 4 4
PC has to cut a switch and go to the woodshed Mr.Firkraag 4 0
Turn the tables on the spanker johny741 2 1
Spanked in the middle of the town square by a female police officer Mr.Firkraag 3 0
Thrashed in dungeon by villainous woman Mr.Firkraag 2 0
Catfight/Wrestling Bonemouth 2 0
Tentacle Monster(maybe?) Bonemouth 1 0
Spanking by a giant/ogre Bonemouth 1 0
Faerie spanking Bonemouth 2 0
Role reversal Ken 4 0
Wedgies during spanking Ken 2 1
Enjoy being spanked by tall raven-haired dominatrix SSM 2 0
Admit to enjoying a spanking get fingered Monkeytoster 1 0
Watch a spanking 1234Sidewinder5678 1 0
Spanking with mouth soaping Emrys 1 0
Ageplay with costume Emrys 1 1



16 thoughts on “Spanking Situations

  1. I would like to cast my vote for most of these! In order of decreasing interest to me, that’s:
    Role reversal
    Spanked by a mimic
    Turn the tables on the spanker (What’s the difference between this one and “Role reversal”?)
    Public Spankings with reactions from witnesses
    Spanked in the middle of the town square by a female guard
    Thrashed in dungeon by villainous woman
    PC has to cut a switch and go to the woodshed

    1. To me, role reversal is when a character who is usually a spankee spanks a character who is usually a spanker. For example, the bratty schoolgirl spanks the stern teacher (or in the case of my game, Carrie spanks Sister Samantha).

      Meanwhile, turning the tables is when Alice tries to spank Bob, but Bob overpowers Alice and spanks her instead. For example, in the first episode, if a female PC pushes Carrie in the tub, Carrie tries to drag her into the tub as well and spank her. However, the PC overpowers Carrie and spanks her instead. That is a “turn the tables” but not necessarily a role reversal, because at that point Carrie and the PC haven’t fallen into the spankee and spanker roles yet.

      So if Carrie tried to spank Sister Samantha (and maybe landed a few swats), but Sister Samantha overpowered Carrie and gave her a spanking instead, that would be a table turn but it wouldn’t be a role reversal. Alternatively, if Sister Samantha admitted to messing up, and went quietly over Carrie’s lap, that would be a role reversal but not a table turn.

    1. (This is the same person) I just played the most recent patch, and I’m glad you included a scene for the first enemy spanking the PC. I like when the “weak” i.e. child, student, or those of a lower rank, spank the “strong” i.e. parent, teacher, a higher ranking officer. That’s what I consider a “role reversal.” I think it would also be cool to have the tables turned on the spanker a la your definition. If you could work these into your game, I would be ecstatic, but if it’s not entirely what you had in mind then I’m fine.

      1. I was going to ask you what kinds of role reversals you prefer. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for opportunities to include a couple of role reversal scenes. Perhaps at some point, a chance of the player to administer a bit of comeuppance on Ildri’s behind?

  2. I know you said that you wouldn’t do rape during a spanking, but what if your spanker was teasing you about weather or not you liked what you were getting and you could admit you do and you get fingered or something? That’s always been a big fantasy for me.
    And another idea, if you keep ducking in and out of the tailor shop, you could get accused of shoplifting due to your… colour, and either submit to stripping or get spanked?
    Also, throwing in interest in for:
    Female guard in the middle of town,
    Public with reactions
    Wedgies(Are awesome.)

    1. Thanks for the requests! I’ll have to think very careful about your first proposal. I’m not generally a huge fan of characters in my fantasies getting turned on by a punishment spankings. Partially because it pushes my suspension of disbelief to the breaking point to think that someone who knows you like being punished a particular way would keep punishing you that way. That being said, this is a game so people do have some control over the content they see. Plus, you’re not the first person to ask for a chance to get turned on by a spanking.

      I think there are a few characters for which this could work, too. Like Carrie and Alondra if you’re in a relationship with them. I could see them teasing you about how you probably like it if the number of spankings you’ve gotten is high enough, and then the character could admit that he/she at least gets getting spanked by her. I also have a few scenes in mind where aftercare (i.e. post-spanking massages and/or cuddles) have the option of leading to sex. It wouldn’t be so hard to have a slight variation along the lines of what you propose.

      For now, I’ll toss it up on the board. No promises though.

      As for your second suggestion, while I probably won’t tie something like that to the number of times you enter and leave a shop, I think it would make a great scene later in the game, when tensions are even higher than they are now. So don’t expect a scene at the tailors anytime soon, but I’ll definitely file it away for future episodes.

      Also, as far as wedgies are concerned…A big part of my thing in spanking is the ritual of gradual clothing removal. So most of my spanking scenes follow the following pattern:

      1. Spanking over outer clothing.
      2. Removal of outer clothing.
      3. Spanking over underwear
      4. Removal of underwear
      5. Spanking on bare.

      However, this made a little bit trickier because the player doesn’t have to wear outer clothing, and I want steps 3-4 to always happen regardless of whether or not the player is wearing outer clothing.

      But what to do if the player isn’t wearing any outer clothing? I could just print nothing, but that’s no fun.

      So I’ve recently taken to having your character get wedgied if they aren’t wearing any outer clothing, instead of having their (nonexistent) outer clothing removed.

      tl;dr : You want to see lots of wedgies (from episode 2 on)? Don’t wear any pants.

  3. Thowinging in for catfight and cutting their own switch. And a suggestion for future beatings is figging an okay concept? Not sure of the rules…

    1. Thanks for your input! And don’t worry about breaking any “rules” because there aren’t any beyond “things I’m willing to write and include in my game.” And I’m certainly not going to hold it against you if you suggest something and I decide I don’t want to include it. The stuff I described up above were just things that I will definitely say “no,” to save us all some time.

      Unfortunately, figging isn’t really my thing, but I’d be willing to include a figging scene if it were a) written by someone else, and b) consensual.

      Anything that involves any sort of insertion must be consensual.

  4. I do not now if you consider it as insertion but spankng while having a mouth sopaing can be good, and I also lke age play with costume !

  5. I’d kind of like to see a scene where either one character is shrunk or the other grown to massive proportions, and the big one hold the small one in their hand and spanks them

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I have in my head an idea for a character that would be perfect for this kind of scene. Haven’t introduced them yet, because I haven’t decided if I want them to be a villain or not.

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