----- Love Version Commands ----

You can scroll text one line at a time with the arrow keys, and full pages with the Page Up/Page Down keys. Home jumps to the start of the current scene, End jumps to the end. Ctrl-Enter toggles fullscreen.

---- Loveless Version ---

For the console version, use your console's keybindings. Typically, you can scroll with your mouse, or Ctrl+arrow-keys, Ctrl+PgUp/Down, etc. You can also chain commands by separating them with semi-colons (i.e. a;1 will attack target 1 in combat).

This game is for adults only. Please quit the game if you are not 18 years of age or older (21 in some places).

This version of the game features the following in rough order of prevalence:

  1. Selectable gender (we're gonna call it X).

  2. Disciplinary F/X,X/F,F/F spankings.

  3. Thongs/G-strings/Other varieties of sexy panties that expose one's bum.

  4. Disciplinary M/X,M/F spankings.

  5. Romance with a dominant bisexual dude.

  6. Romance with a dominnt bisexual lady.

  7. Romance with a submissive bisexual lady.

  8. Disciplinary X/M spankings.

If these are your cup of tea, continue playing. If not, the source code is released under the GPLv3, and the content under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike. So feel free to modify it to suit your tastes.



"Well, I suppose I should spank you," said David reluctantly. "Seems like a silly thing, but Sam would have my guts for garters if I didn't."

Juliana giggled. "Can you imagine Sam in garters?"

"I'm sure it'd be horrifying," said David dryly. "And a sight best left in our imagination."

David's hand pressed against Adrian's peach buttocks. "This is going to be short and quick, Adrian. A warning, more than anything. Not getting together a list of textbooks isn't a big deal. Not doing your homework is. You can expect much worse if you're as good about the latter as you are the former. Get it?"




David stepped forward with a soft smile. He slipped a hand around Adrian's waist. Adrian gasped as his large, strong hand pressed against the small of his back, his large, stron hand warm and firm even through the thin material of his shirt. David pulled Adrian against him, his chest pressed against David's, their swelling nethers pressed close. Adrian leaned into the tall man's warmth.

"You are the sexiest man I've ever seen." David's warm breath tickled his ear. His hand rubbed slow circles on Adrian's back, weakening his knees.

"You haven't seen Juliana yet," murmured Adrian.

David gave Adrian's tightly-clad bum a playful smack, making him jump against his chest and eep. "I don't need to."



Later that afternoon, Adrian lay on Juliana's bed humming a cheerful tune.

Juliana hunched over Adrian's costume, fiddling with something in the eyepieces. "So how was class?"



Scarlet Moon's eyes scanned the crowd. The police were already trying to guide the crowd further away from the building. People pressed against the barriers police were throwing up to guide the crowd to safety, even as they ran down the impromptu corridor. People on the edge of the crowd streamed out across the parking lot and onto campus. Barriers had been set up at critical junctions in the roads to keep cars off.

"No, get us away, we have to get away!" shrieked a woman pushing at the person in front of her. Buzzsaw threw Tempestas through a police barrier, scattering cops like bowling pins. The woman's eyes opened wider, and she pushed harder at the man in front of her.

"I can't go anywhere, stop shoving," snapped the man.

"Everyone please remain calm," said an officer.

"Like hell." barked the woman. She held a child, looked to be preteen, tight against her. "We're caught-"

Scarlet Moon landed on the concrete between her and the fighting heroes. He turned to face the battle. He threw up a tall barrier between the crowd and the battle. His head grew light, and the ground lurched.

The shield wobbled. He sucked in a breath, and locked his knees.



"Oh for fuck's sake," said the redhead. "It's that lunatic in pajamas again."

"Hey, I'm not a lunatic," said Scarlet Moon, putting his fists on his hips. "You look familiar."

"You stole my disguise last month," said the brunette dryly.

"Oh yes, that's right," said Scarlet Moon. "You know, they said they didn't have anyone watching for cops. You aren't Whistlers at all."

"Oh bravo." The redhead clapped her hands as well as she could while holding her particle stunner. "Only took the idiot like a month to figure it out."

Scarlet Moon's eyes flared.



Meanwhile, somewhere in the city...

Buzzsaw pushed open an ornate door and led the way into a office lit only by a fire crackling in the fireplace.

"You know, I'm not saying I don't appreciate the help," said Princess, flouncing in after her. "But I got shit to do. Vengeance to be exact. You know how it is. And what's with the ominous office and chair facing the fire?"

The chair swung around to reveal a shadowy figure. "You will have your vengeance, my dear. But you must be patient."

"Not exactly my strong suit." Princess crossed her arms and huffed.

"Life's all about becoming better," said the figure. "For now, I have need of someone who knows her way around a soldering iron."

Princess' eyes lit up and she clapped her hands. "A lab?"

"Oh yes. I have a few projects I'd like you to work on, that I think you'll find interesting. And of course, you can steal a few afternoons here or there to explore your own ideas. Innovation is the key to success."



"What did you do?" asked Sam, punctuating the question with three hard blows to Adrian's right cheek that made Adrian howl.

"Gave you lip," muttered Adrian.

"That's right." Sam bent over a little and unleashed a rapid one-two-three-four-five-six to Adrian's rapidly reddening cheeks. "What are you supposed to do when you're in trouble?"

"Bend over and take my spanking like a good boy," said Adrian, his voice shaking with tears.

"Damn straight." Sam gently ran a hand over Adrian's molten ass. "Deep breaths. Deep breaths. We're almost done."

Adrian sucked in slow, deep, sobbing breaths, and tried not to think about the meaning of "almost."

"Alright, six more. Three to each cheek," said Sam. He rested the back of the brush against Adrian's right cheek, then cracked it hard against the tender flesh.

Adrian squealed, and his hips jerked. Then the brush cracked against Adrian's left cheek. Right, left, right, left. Each stroke fell one after the other, barely giving Adrian a chance to suck a breath in between.








Oh noes, you've been defeated!


"Wait!" said Tempestas. "Let me spank her instead."



Juliana glanced at Adrian, and approached the cat person. "Hey, can you speak?"

"Juliana!" Sam tried to grab Juliana, but the girl smoothly slid out of reach. "Get your ass back here before I paddle it from now to graduation day."

Juliana eased towards the cat, one hand extended. The cat person drew back, her ears flat against her head and her lips drawn back in a cautious snarl.

"It's ok. Come on, take my hand," said Juliana. "We'll find you help."

The cat's ears eased back up, and her lips lowered back over her needle-like teeth. A fur-covered but human hand slowly reached for Juliana's.




Sam turned off the flashlight and set it on the top of the car. He grabbed Adrian and bent him over the hood. "Cars are made to crumple in an accident. A stiff breeze should be able to dent them, let alone a damned lightpost."

Sam vigorously slapped Adrian's ass, hard enough for Adrian to feel it through his jeans. "I have neither the time, the patience, nor the energy for your absurd bullshit. Now tell me what really happened or I'll beat your naked ass right here in front of God and everybody."




"Of course it does." Juliana rolled her eyes. "Really, you'd think you'd know to trust big sis by now."

Adrian gnawed on a fingernail as he studied his ass in the mirror. "Not sure I can afford these though."

"Bah, I'll get it. I'm like rolling in disposable income."

"Lucky snot."

"Says the boy who can literally swing off of buildings."

"Like I don't swing you around whenever you want."

"Whatever, you gonna get them or what?"





Juliana rubbed her hands together. "Perfect. I now have sudo access on Melissa's machine."

The two got in the car (Juliana much more gingerly than Adrian).



Natalie's eyes widened in horror. She shook her head. "Oh no no no no. Dad'll toast my bottom."

"Oh come now, he's busy doing politics," said Adrian with a mischievous grin.

"He'll still find out," hissed Natalie. She swayed from one foot to the other, clutching her dress. "He always finds out."

Adrian cocked an eyebrow. "Always?"

"Yes, always--oh." Natalie groaned. "God, I hope not. He'd be so ashamed of me."

"You haven't done anything to be ashamed of," said Adrian.

"Except run around in a skimpy leotard playing superhero," muttered Natalie.

"And you're ashamed of that? You helped save a lot of people last month," said Adrian.

"I don't know. I need a drink," said Natalie. Her eyes flicked in the direction her father had walked. "A non-alcoholic drink."



The claws shattered. Scarlet Moon flipped over the bar and plummetted, the paddles swishing through empty air above his. He snapped a chord to the ceiling, and swung against the far wall. Little strands of forcefield wormed their way into the creases in the steel paneling covering the wall, and Scarlet Moon clung to the wall Spider-Man style.



Nothing but sniffling from the other side of the door. Adrian knocked a second time.

Just more sniffling.

Adrian sighed, and turned to leave when the door eased open. Adrian stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

Natalie lay facedown on the bed. Her jeans lay crumpled on the floor, leaving her only source of modesty a pair of lacy red panties that struggled to cover even half of her large, soft cheeks. Her comforter was rolled up underneath her hips, thrusting her callipygean ass into the air, the buttocks quivering as she clenched and unclenched her cheeks. Her face was buried in her pillow. A nasty looking wood bathbrush lay on the bed next to her.



Adrian waited about ten minutes and zipped to the door. He unlocked it with a thin scarlet wafer and slipped out. He closed the door behind him, listening for the click of the lock. He hurried down the hall. If he could just find a window--

Someone grabbed his collar and yanked his into a room. The door slammed shut.



"No, we very much do not," said Tempestas. "She's right. We're both running on empty."

Scarlet Moon growled.

"Do you like getting your tail warmed? Because that's gonna happen."



Princess swayed, but held her footing. "That was pathetic Dolly! Feeling a little tired?"



"Check it out!" said Princess. The camera zoomed away from her face and swung sideways. Tempestas dangled facedown over Mr. Cuddles' knee. She still wore her goggles and cap, but the rest of her costume had been replaced by a poofy pink dress that went from her neck to her knees. White mittens covered her hands. White socks covered her calves, and a pair of bright pink patent shoes adorned her feet. Her cheeks had bright red makeup, her lips were covered in hot pink lipstick and a yellow wig tied up in pigtails covered her head.

"Poor Tempestas," said Generalissima.

"Do you like my new dolly?" asked Princess. "She was oh-so-much fun to dress up."

"Let me out of this you little lunatic," said Tempestas, kicking and squirming.

Mr. Cuddles' paw struck the seat of Tempestas' dress, eliciting a squeal from the captured superheroine.

"Hush little dolly, mommy's talking," said Princess.


"Don't make me wash your mouth out with soap again," said Princess. She turned her sparkling gaze back on Scarlet Moon and Anklyana. "Now, you were trying to trick me weren't you?"



Adrian punched Buzzsaw in the face with all his might. Buzzsaw stumbled backwards. A spring manifested around Adrian's fist, and he rammed it against Buzzsaw's chest. The spring coiled with a great SPROING. Buzzsaw flew sideways, her head plowing through more of the air conditioning unit. Adrian charged and swung again. He struck Buzzsaw in the gut, and sent her skidding backwards across the roof. He jumped up on top of what remained of the unit and fired his eye beams, striking Buzzsaw in the chest.

Buzzsaw slammed into the edge of the roof, and held on until the beam faded.

"Alright. You've shown me yours. Now let me show you mine!" Buzzsaw charged forward, her head down and massive mohawk leading. She leapt into the air and whipped her mohawk at Adrian's face. Adrian twisted and fell off the air conditioning unit, the mohawk missing him by inches. The hair sliced through the steel outer-casing of the air conditioning unit like a hot knife through warm butter.

"Didja see that?" roared Buzzsaw. She tore her head free of the unit, sending bits of metal and wire flying.



"What is it?" asked Juliana.

"David," said Adrian, scrambling to his feet. "He's taking me to an off-campus place to get my class' books. I was supposed to go through my syllabi and make a list of the books I need."

"Oh," said Juliana. "Oops. Sorry."

There was a knock at the door.



"How do you do that?"


"Your mask eyes just narrowed."

"Umm, Generalissima probably made some modifications."

"Generalissima? She named herself after Latin American dictators?"

Scarlet Moon shrugged. "So she's bad at names."

"Costumes too."

Scarlet Moon shrugged again.

There were a few beats of silence.

"So, we gonna go?" asked Scarlet Moon.

"Nah." Clemency grabbed a fork and started eating Generalissima's abandoned eggs.

"Um, ok."

"Me, I hate getting spanked. But waiting for one usually doesn't bother me as much. I figure every minute my butt isn't on fire is a happy minute. But Alexandra, man she hates the anticipation. You really want to get to her? Like, really make it sink in? Schedule her spankings. Then, once it's time, really draw it out. Make her marinate in her own dread."



Scarlet Moon jumped off the desk. His hands snapped back to cover his bottom and he danced around the room.

"Heh. Pansy."

"Shut it red. Or we'll see how you like it."

"I already know. Well, one a lot like it anyway. Your antics cost me twenty with a paddle a whole lot like that one. Except I didn't so much as wiggle."



"So, what you want me to let all my new subjects go?" asked Princess.



"Are you mocking me?" hissed the hoodlum. She loomed over Adrian. "Nobody mocks Buzzsaw."

"Personal space," said Adrian. He put his hand on the woman's chest and pushed back.

The woman grabbed Adrian's wrist and swung her fist at Adrian's face. The fist slammed into Adrian's nose, and bounced off. Adrian's head snapped backward beneath the impact, but he felt nothing more than a soft thump, like being hit by a pillow.

The woman reeled backwards, her arm snapping over her head.

"The fuck..." hissed the woman. Her teeth pulled back in a snarl, and she lurched forward. "I'm going to-"

Adrian backpedaled. He tripped over something and fell on his ass. A high-heeled shoe struck his hand. He grabbed it and flung it at Buzzsaw's face, getting her right in the eye.

Buzzsaw howled in pain, and clutched at her eyes. "Shit! Fuck! Bitch! Shit-fucking bitch! Beat his ass!"

Adrian stumbled to his feet and found himself facing off against three hoodlums cracking their knuckles. Adrian raised clenched fists. A small voice in the back of his head screamed in terror, but the rest buzzed. The air seemed to pulse, and Adrian could barely see through the red mist that filled the air.






A few hours later, Scarlet Moon hunkered on the rooftop of a building across from the police station. A helicopter whirled on the landing pad. Half a dozen figures milled about.

"She there?" asked Juliana.

"Not sure, they're kinda far away." Scarlet Moon narrowed his eyes. "Wait, I see someone with a cape, yeah I think she's there, just like the superspies said."

Scarlet Moon coiled his legs, and leapt. He snapped a chord against the police station and zipped forward.

He slapped his feet against the side of the building and flipped up onto the roof.



"Shut up," snapped Napier. His glare burned into Anklyana. "Well?"



"So only because I'm beating you," said Sam.


"I see." Sam rubbed the back of the brush against Adrian's blazing bottom. "Makes sense really, since I just spent several minutes beating the snot..." Sam leaned over and looked at Adrian's red, sniffling nose. "Yup. Beating the snot out of you. Guess that's the best I can hope for for now. Maybe someday, you'll care about what I think because you respect my experience and wisdom, and not because I've got a mean bathbrush!"

Adrian mumbled something incoherent and not particularly flattering.

"Alright, you get up." Sam put the bath brush away. "Now I need to see to your sister."

Juliana eeped.

Sam returned to the bathbrush to the drawer, and pulled out the hairbrush.

Adrian danced from foot to foot rubbing his flaming, naked bottom.




She swayed and fell. Scarlet Moon started to move, but Chief Napier was already there, catching her and easing her to the ground. Must have been helping with the digging.



Midnight laughed gently into Scarlet Moon's ear. "Is that why you were late? Seeing what I'd let you get away with?"

Midnight's hand struck Scarlet Moon's outthrust bottom. The sharp strike rang through the cold midnight air. A sting bloomed on Scarlet Moon's right cheek. Scarlet Moon squeaked.

"I hope this answers your question." Though Midnight's voice was silky smooth, Scarlet Moon could hear steel beneath. Midnight's hand stung Scarlet Moon's naked buttocks, each smack sending the curved cheeks into a shaking fit.

Scarlet Moon squirmed and yelped. He alternated between sucking his bottom in as if to avoid the smacks, and thrusting his bottom out to take them. His hips rocked back and forth beneath Midnight's flicking hand.

"I have zero interest in these kinds of games kitten," said Midnight. She yanked firmly on Scarlet Moon's hair. "I tell you to be someplace, you will be there on time, or you will have a very good reason."

Midnight pressed her chest against Scarlet Moon's shoulder. His lips tickled Scarlet Moon's ear. Her fingers dug into Scarlet Moon's soft bottom. "And stopping a bank robbery is not a very good reason. Understand?"



Scarlet Moon fired a burst of energy behind him, and jetted towards the female cop. "Grab onto me!"

The female cop reached, but Scarlet Moon was still out of reach. He fired another burst of energy. He must have misjudged it though, because rather than smoothly falling into the other woman's open arms, the two slammed into each other.

"Everyone hold on tight!" Scarlet Moon pushed almost all of his forcefield up into a large, thin balloon above him. The field caught the rushing wind like a parachute, and they jolted from a fatal plummet to an easy coast. The three cops squeezed Scarlet Moon so tightly he saw stars.


The three cops loosened their grips enough for Scarlet Moon to breath, if barely.

Eventually, the four settled on the sidewalk a few blocks east of the Silver Tower.

"Wow!" said the female cop. Her green eyes sparkled. "That was a thrill and a half!"



"Hush you," said Scarlet Moon. He cracked his knuckles and wove his shield into a small paddle. "Time for your paddling."

Scarlet Moon whapped Poseidon's right cheek with his paddle, the small oval making Poseidon's muscular bottom bounce. The crisp smack of magical forcefield striking naked flesh echoed through the empty arena. He snapped it back, and whipped it down on Prometheus' right cheek next, making the villain's tight little ass bobble. "Let's talk about your many transgressions, shall we?"

Scarlet Moon whapped Prometheus' left cheek with a full-armed swing. Prometheus yelped and bucked. He smacked Poseidon's left cheek next. The young man squirmed, and grunted. His back arched and his bottom clenched. They both lifted their feet to cover their bottoms, but a few crimson chords lashed them to the poles, leaving their legs wide open and their bottoms gaping.

Poseidon sucked in a breath, and his toes tensed.

"Oh come on, let me at least close my legs," said Prometheus, her voice shifting into a whine.



"I'd appreciate if we hold off on the sarcastic comments until after you've been punched through a wall once or twice." Juliana slid into her computer chair and clicked it on.



"Everyone say hello to Scarlet Moon. The King of Stealth," muttered Juliana.

The two women spun, their particle guns whipping up. One was rather short, while the other was tall. The short one had chinlength red hair and a cute, freckled face. She was maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. The other had luxurious brown hair. She was also much more voluptuos than her partner, with ample breasts and curvy hips.

Both wore skintight leather outfits that showed off every inch of their fit figures.



"I was kidnapped!" Juliana put the back of her hand against her forehead. "A damsel in distress, a victim who did nothing wrong!"

"Except approach a dangerous superhuman cat creature thing, after he threatened to paddle you if you did," said Scarlet Moon.

"Heheheh, yes well." Juliana squirmed. "I'm sure he was just you know, saying that."

"When was the last time Sam was 'just saying that?'"

Juliana swatted Scarlet Moon's bottom. "Hush you!"



There was a massive squealing of metal, and an elevator door a few levels down started to scrape open.

Scarlet Moon stopped descending. Vanessa stopped screaming.

The barrel of a particle rifle entered the shaft. It pointed down, and unleashed a spray of particle beams. The rifle pointed up.




Scarlet Moon paced about the roof, his eyes roving over the buildings.

"Not exactly--"

"Hang on. I just spied someone in one of the office buildings. Probably keeping an eye on the cops. Maybe they'll know something." Scarlet Moon hunkered down behind the lip of the roof before the figure saw him.

"OK, what's the best way to get over there?" asked Juliana. "Maybe a propelled jump?"


"Yup. Jump, and fire a brief burst of energy into the ground. Oughta to give you quite the boost."

"But I can only fire bursts out of my eyes," said Scarlet Moon. "You want me to jump backwards?"

"Naw. I'll bet it has nothing to do with your eyes, and everything to do with gathering and firing some of your forcefield as raw...whatever it is your forcefield is made out of. Firing from your eyes is convenient because it means aiming is as simple as looking someone in the eye."



"And done," said Clemency with a quick one-two smack to each cheek. "Now go stand in the corner old are you?"

"Just turned nineteen," said Generalissima.

"Nineteen minutes then." Clemency gave Generalissima's red bum a swat to get her moving.

"Oww! Um, which corner?" Generalissima hopped a little, clutching at her bottom.

"Next to the ominous grandfather clock."

Generalissima walked away, sniffing and rubbing her eyes.

"Hope you weren't rubbing your nose with that knuckle! You'll get pink eye!"



Adrian pulled Natalie into a hug. "You won't. Everything will be fine. I promise."

Natalie pressed her face against Adrian's chest, sending a bolt of lightning through Adrian's body. He became almost painfully aware of Natalie's chest pressed against his, and the girl's broad hips flush against him. "But...but..."

"It's over. That lunatic can't hurt you. She won't find you. You're fine," said Adrian.

"I was so scared." Natalie's body shook with sobs. "I could have hurt you."



Generalissima picked at some eggs.

"Don't you like your eggs?" asked the cook.

Generalissima forced a smile. "Oh they're fine, I'm just uh--"

"Ah yes, nervous. Don't worry it's not so bad."


"Yeah. Just an eternity of a building burn as she smacks your well-padded bottom crimson, then a week or so of whimpering every time you sit down. Or put on tight pants. Or feel a breeze. Or take a shower. Or--"

"You're not helping!"

The cook smirked and walked off.

"Hate this place. Can't we just do it already?" Generalissima threw her fork on her plate.

"You're right. Why don't you go back into the entrance hall, remove your skirt, bend over and put your hands on the chair. We'll be along shortly," said Clemency.

"How shortly?"

Clemency smiled.

"Fine." Generalissima stomped out (as well as one can in stiletto heels).

"Your friend hates waiting, doesn't she?" asked Clemency.

Scarlet Moon narrowed his eyes.



"My goodness, you've got quite the set of lungs on you." Princess rubbed her ear. "Your throat must be really raw by now. Maybe as raw as your bum?"

The door to the bowling alley blew open, and Tempestas burst into the main room, someone Scarlet Moon didn't recognize right behind her.

"Release my partner, foul villain!" said Tempestas.

"Keiko! Run!" said Scarlet Moon.

Keiko ran for the stairs.

Princess clapped her hands together gleefully. "Two more dollies? Ooh, this is the best Christmas ever!"

A green shield descended over Scarlet Moon, and Mr. Cuddles' paw bounced off of it. A great bird of dust and trash slammed into Mr. Cuddles' face. His paw lifted off the small of Scarlet Moon's back, allowing him to roll free and zip into the air.

The new girl turned and ran back into the bowling alley. When he did, Scarlet Moon spied quite a bit of cheek peeking out from underneath the back of the girl's leotard.

"Follow her!" said Tempestas. She unleashed a gout of air, smashing drones into the walls, knocking Princess on her back, and propelling Scarlet Moon towards the bowling alley.



The staff smashed the leading three planes. The back swing took care of the other three. He lashed another chord to the ceiling and swung backwards. He rolled into a ball and flared his shield. He slammed into the lego wall, shattering it.

Natalie fell to her knees, coughing.

Juliana shrieked. The bear flung her over its shoulder and galloped back towards the center of the mall, scattering fleeing shoppers like bowling pins.

"Get out of here." Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the railing rimming the open walkway of the second floor and zipped up. He perched on the railing and spared a glance back to confirm Natalie was running for the door, at the forefront of a tide flowing out.

Scarlet Moon's gaze flicked over the crowd. Juliana was obvious. Keiko was nowhere to be seen. People pounded desperately on lego walls at every exit, only to be consumed by the villainous bits of plastic. Action figures swarmed through the mall, flinging video games at people and charging through their legs. A few brave or desperate people tried to fight back, only to find their fists sinking uselessly into plushy dolls, legos swarming around their kicking feet, kicked action figures replaced by three more.

Princess stood on top of the giant clay teddy bear laughing maniacally.



"You're a asshole, you know that?" shrieked Prometheus.

"A lucky asshole," muttered Poseidon.

Scarlet Moon cocked an eyebrow, but changed neither the tempo nor force of his swats.

It didn't take much longer for the pair to start to sob, their bodies bobbing with every heave and hiccup.

Scarlet Moon took a deep breath, and stepped back to admire his handiwork. Both their bottoms were as red as Prometheus' hair. They might even have been redder than her shorts, but those had been kicked off at some point, and Scarlet Moon had no idea where they'd gotten to.





Scarlet Moon slipped through the empty building, and eased out onto the parking lot. "Where is everyone?"

"Most of them are probably wherever they took Alexandra," said Juliana.

"Yeah, but shouldn't there be patrols, or sentries or something, in case the police decide to raid the place?"

"The police have probably already come and gone. And I'll bet dollars to donuts they didn't find anyone. Whoever was here probably went into hiding."

Scarlet Moon found himself at the base of the building closest to the cops, where he had spied somebody watching out the window. He eased himself in, and slipped up the stairs. A few times he had to stop and hide as Whistlers wandered by. Primary topic of conversation seemed to be their recent adventure to the beach, and fantasies about all the riches and sexy bitches they'd get now that their boss had super powers.

He slipped into a room, and found himself face to face with a single Whistler turning from the window.



Mr. Cuddles crumbled. Legostpheles shattered and didn't reform. Sir Stuffins and Giraffalot lay on the ground in a pile of their own stuffing.

Princess lay on her side, groaning. "Not fair. Not fair."



Natalie nodded, but she didn't seem to be paying attention. She was focused on the tv.

"Any speculations-" said the reporter.


"Any thoughts on how-"

"I've got a job to do, miss. Excuse me." The chief walked away.

Danielle turned back to the camera. "And there you have it, people of Generica. Is there a superhero somewhere who can stand against this new, multi-colored menace?"

"Adrian, come here," said Juliana from the other side of her bedroom door.

Adrian switched the television off and slipped into Juliana's room.

"Alright." Juliana held up the outfit. "Check it out. Woke up early yesterday after only like two hours of sleep. I was bored, so I thought it'd be cool to cobble together a costume from old Halloween costumes and a few things I borrowed from your room. Go on and try it out."

Adrian slipped into the costume, and looked at himself in the mirror.

What does he see?



Scarlet Moon flung himself into the air and twisted around to face the play pen. He lashed several chords to to the top and middle of the structure.

And pulled.




"What do you want?" asked the Whistler. "Why are you just staring at me? Say something you fucking cocksucker!"

Scarlet Moon glared at her.

"Let me guess. You want to know where Buzzsaw is." The Whistler squirmed, swinging like a pendulum. "Well, I ain't telling you shit."

Scarlet Moon glared at her.






Scarlet Moon ran to the edge of the roof and leapt onto the next one. He slid, ran, and leapt his way through the harbor. He finally came to a stop on a building a few blocks over from a warehouse plastered with giant-ass letters that read "Corbeau." "Well, least Buzzsaw isn't hard to find."

"Yeah. Subtlety--exactly--superpower, is it? Now--"

"You there? I can barely hear you."

The call ended.

Scarlet Moon fished the phone out, and cursed. No signal. He set it down on the roof, grimacing. He was on his own.

He studied the building for another moment, but couldn't see any sign of anyone. If that Whistler was lying to him...

He hopped from building to building, staying behind as many buildings, boxes, and cranes as possible. Eventually, he found himself hanging onto the edge of the roof. He peeked through the dusty glass of a nearby window, but couldn't really see anything. He grabbed the bottom of the window and eased it open a crack.

"Okay okay I'm sorry!" cried Alexandra. The distinctive crack of hand to bare bottom echoed through the room. "I won't call you names anymore!"



Scarlet Moon zipped up onto a billboard hanging above the farmer's market. The knot of dazed people seemed focused on a small booth at the base of a streetlight. Scarlet Moon gathered power into his feet, and leapt towards it. He overshot a little, snapped a cord against the streetlight, swung around it and landed on top of the post.

There was a yelp from the base of the light. A scream rent the air, and the knot of people exploded in all directions in a panicked, frenzied mob.

A child screamed as the crowd ripped him away from his mother's grasp. The mother howled as she was pushed away by the sheer force of the stampede.



The door slowly (and loudly) cranked open to reveal ten thugs glaring at Scarlet Moon, some cracking their knuckles, others tapping stun batons against their shoulders, and others pointing stun guns at him.

This was gonna be interesting.

And by interesting he meant terrifying. If he had to fight these thugs, he'd have to finish them as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Buzzsaw was still in there, and losing wasn't an option.

A rather weaselly looking man in the middle pointed a finger at the superhero-in-disguise. "Who the hell are you?"








Marie groaned. "Just what we need. Red Butt shoving his nose in where it's not wanted."

"Thanks for the help Moon," said Bernice with a wave. "These Feds were getting on my nerves."


"Yeah, a couple of FBI agents or something-"

The redhead scoffed. "FBI? Please. Buncha amateurs. We're the best of the best of the best."

"The Men in Black?" asked Bernice.

"Except for being women, and superspies rather than incompetent government agents dealing with squid aliens, yes," said Marie.

"I see. They took Succubus off our hands after we arrested her. Now they think I know something about Generica's newest supervillains. I swear, fight alongside a superhero once, and you never live it down."

"This has nothing to do with Succubus," said Dana. She looked up at Scarlet Moon. "The fact that you're here means you've figured it out too, yes? Probably using the same shoddily secured database."

"Don't give them anything," said Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon massaged his forehead.








Oh noes, you've been defeated!


Adrian tried to pull away, but David had a firm grip on the front of his jeans, and he came up short, his jeans wedging between his cheeks with his boxer briefs.

He gave him a look that almost made his knees give out. "If you move, I will pull out the leather paddle."

David tugged his jeans down to the tops of his slim thighs. His tight bottom bounced into the open air, his boxer briefs barely containing his cheeks. The tops of his jeans pushed against his bottom, pushing his bubbly buttocks up and even further out.

David bent Adrian over his lap. Adrian squirmed around on David's large thighs.



Adrian took the bottle with a smile. He closed his eyes, tipped his head back and started to drink.

The water tasted like tap water.

Something pressed against his head, something cold and slimy. A pool of warmth formed deep inside his head and pressed against the icy tendrils trying to burrow their way into his skull. It felt reminiscient of what he'd felt at the farmer's market, but way more focused.

How long before Carmine realized Adrian was putting up way too strong a resistance? Did she know already?



Scarlet Moon half leapt, half stumbled off the lamppost. He lashed a flickering scarlet cord to another post and swung across the parking lot. He looked behind him. The drones chased with the patient resilience of machines. He looked ahead. A great blockade of police lights lined the edge of the parking lot. Cops watched him swing across the lot, some with open mouths, others looking annoyed, a few maybe even looking kinda hopeful?

His cord gave out, and he plummetted to the ground. A drone whipped by overhead, just barely missing his.

"Ok, I'm finally on." Generalissima's voice chirped in Scarlet Moon's ear. "Sorry, turns out it's really hard to find someplace private near the mall at Christmas time."

"Any ideas?" asked Scarlet Moon through a raw throat. He pushed whatever power he could muster into his legs and ran.

"See that building skeleton on your ten?" asked Juliana

Scarlet Moon looked ahead and to his right.

"Ten, not two!"

"I don't know what that means!"

"Your left you idiot, your left. Because the ten is left of the twelve on an analog clock?"

"I haven't seen an analog clock since the third grade."

Generalissima sighed in disgust.



Later, Adrian lay on his bed, trying to study math. A knock came at the door. "Door's open."

Juliana came in, her tablet tucked under one arm. She closed the door and sat down on the bed next to Adrian. "Been doing some research on that Megawater lady, and the robbery last night."

"Oh god, here comes the infodump." Adrian groaned, and shifted around to better pay attention.

"I think we've got a new supervillain in town." Juliana tapped her tablet screen, and a website straight out of the teens came up. "And she has a terrible website. 90MB and 64 HTTP requests just to load the damn homepage."

"Is that her power? Awful web design?" asked Adrian.

"If only," said Juliana. "I think she has some sort of mental powers. I think she's using them to peddle snake oil and get back at old enemies from high school."




"So you think," said Generalissima. "Let's let the smugglers expose their ace in the hole first, ok?"

Scarlet Moon grumbled under his breath, but crouched at the edge of the roof, waiting.



A great THWACK scorched Adrian's ears. The bed swayed. Juliana's bare skin brushed across Adrian's as she jerked forward. The latina yelped and very nearly squeezed Adrian's hand off. Adrian shifted a little. His fingers drummed on the bed. His cheeks clenched and unclenched, his glutes rippling with every squeeze.

Something heavy struck the outthrust curve of Adrian's right buttock. A deep sting bloomed across his sensitive skin. He jerked forward. A heavy THWACK burned his ears. His globe rippled and bounced with the blow, the bouncy flesh rubbing against Adrian's other cheek.



Scarlet Moon took a deep breath. He picked up the cops' particle guns, and tossed them down the elevator shaft.

"Man, none of them are my size," said Bernice, studying the prone cops. "Guess I'm doomed to fighting crime in panties. Though, I guess you make it work."

"This is a costume," said Scarlet Moon.

"Sure it is," said Bernice. She walked over to Vanessa. "You doing ok?"

"I'm fine." Vanessa stood and shook off Bernice's hand. "I just want out of this horrible tower."

"You're not the only one," said Bernice. "Let's get moving."

"So, you wanna talk about that whole breaking your binding and backhanding you into a wall thing?" asked Juliana.

"That grenade probably took more out of me than I thought," murmured Scarlet Moon. "And I haven't fully recovered from my fight with Succubus either."

"I hope so."



Adrian removed the belt and tossed it aside. Then, he unbuttoned the jeans and started to inch them down.

"Christ, your pants are tight," muttered Adrian. "How the hell do you get them on? Lubricant?"

Buzzsaw grabbed Adrian's ankle and gave it a savage yank. Suddenly, Adrian was doing a split, whether he wanted to or not.

"Oww," wheezed Adrian. "Crotch. Split. Horrible."

Buzzsaw rolled off of Adrian's lap, and scrambled to her feet. For a second, she started pull her pants up, but then decided to just run off, her little black thong and big, bulky ass hanging out.

Adrian growled, and fell/pushed himself to his feet. Then he took off after the hoodlum. "You are not getting away from me! Not after that little stunt!"

Buzzsaw threw the bird over her shoulder. She saw how close Adrian was and squeaked. She pivoted and ran around the remnants of the air conditioning unit.

Adrian jumped over the unit, and landed right next to Buzzsaw.

Buzzsaw yelped. Adrian grabbed Buzzsaw's wrist, spun her around, landed three sharp smacks to her exposed cheeks, and shoved her facefirst against the wall. Adrian tugged Buzzsaw's jeans down to her ankles.



"Then, after your spanking, maybe we'll have a little fun." Midnight's left hand slid up Scarlet Moon's side and cupped his chin. She turned Scarlet Moon's head to face her. Their lips hovered centimeters apart, so close their breath mixed, their tongues could have touched. "If you're a good girl."

Midnight spun Scarlet Moon around and pushed his. "Until next time, kitten."

Scarlet Moon stumbled, and nearly fell, so wobbly were his knees. He spun back to face Midnight, but the woman was already gone.

Scarlet Moon put his hands on his knees and took several deep breaths. His head was stuffed with cotton. Sweat coated his body.

Something itched in the waistband of his costume. He fished out a rolled up piece of paper. Unrolling it, read:

<<<Text me when you're ready. 555-7382. Tania.>>>



Later that afternoon, Adrian lay facedown on Juliana's bed, his jeans and boxer briefs on the floor. Juliana gently rubbed lotion on Adrian's cherry red bottom.

"It's not fair," said Adrian into the pillow. "I saved the city from a lunatic mind-controlling supervillain!"

"Yeah, but it made you late to class," said Juliana.

Adrian grumbled. "Shoulda just let Succubus take over Silver Tower."

"Oh come now. A spanking's a small price to pay for saving a skyscraper full of innocent people."

"Easy for you to say."

"Besides, from what I've heard, David's a hunk."



Ms. Rossi struck Adrian's bare right cheek. The crisp smack rang throughout the room, cutting through the murmur of conversation and turning heads. Adrian's curved bottom wobbled with the heavy stroke, sending ripples up and down his body. Adrian yelped as the harsh sting raced across his exposed bottom. Ms. Rossi's flat, heavy palm struck Adrian's left cheek hard enough to rock Adrian forward in Ms. Rossi's grasp.

Ms. Rossi paddled Adrian's wiggling bottom with fast, heavy blows. Adrian's body rocked with each stroke. Adrian's legs scrambled against the tile floor. His weight rocked from foot to foot, his hips swaying almsot as if he were dancing. His opposite foot lifted with each stroke, as if trying to shield Adrian's bottom from the next smack.

"Ma'am," said Vanessa.

"Ah, thank you dear," said Ms. Rossi. "Sorry to interrupt you like that, go on and get back to it. There are guests who need drinks and hors d'ourves."

"Yes ma'am."

A resounding crack echoed through the ballroom. Adrian lurched forward in Ms. Rossi's grip. His round bottom flattened beneath the broad spatula. The wood burned into his exposed flesh. His head whipped up in agony.



An hour later, Scarlet Moon balanced on a branch near the top of a tree, deep in the depths of Phillipa Silver's land. The CEO of Silver Ant Inc. had been kind enough to let him use the woman's massive property as a training ground.

The leaves had long since fallen, and the tree swayed alarmingly as a cold November wind blasted the tops. Scarlet Moon shifted his forcefield to block the gust.

Scarlet Moon closed his eyes and stilled his breathing. Scarlet flares traced themselves across the backs of his eyelids, spinning and flowing like pixies at play. He reached out with mental hands and guided the pixies across his lids.

His fingers and toes tingled. His head pulsed.

Scarlet Moon's eyes snapped open. Power flowed into his feet and he backflipped off the tree. Power flowed into his arms and a chord snapped against the tree. He came up sharp, and swung down. He skimmed along the ground, and swung back into the air.



Juliana's eyebrows went up. "You do realize that you will be breaking, entering and infecting another person's computer with a virus right? While I am going to just be one of those customers?"



"Au contraire," said Succubus with a seductive smile. "The fun's just begun."



Natalie's eyes flicked across Adrian's rather risque uniform. Her face colored, and her eyes lingered on Adrian's chest.



"You think this is funny?" The woman's voice rose to a panicked shriek. "We could get killed any minute now. All because of you lunatics in spandex who think superpowers-"



"Don't be too impressed," said Silver. "Those windows are a huge pain. Can't see a thing on my monitor most days. So I have to close them, but then what's the point of having windows? And don't even talk to me about how hot they make it."

"So what now?" asked Scarlet Moon.

Silver pressed a button underneath her desk, and a floor panel slid away. "You're going to climb in there and wait. The hopeful founders should be here in about four hours."

"That's a lot of waiting."

Silver shrugged. "Can't have you in here. I'm going to have my aids and secretary coming in and out like crazy. In fact, Janette-"

A knock came at the door. "Ms. Silver?"

Silver smiled. "That's her now. An hour earlier than she should be. Get in."

Scarlet Moon groaned, and climbed in. It was actually much roomier than he expected. Big enough space that he could (mostly) stretch out.

"Relax," said Juliana. "I'll put on a podcast drama."



Natalie threw the belt over her shoulder and pulled out a couple more. "I think Adrian's got a great idea. You wanna help Bernice?"


"I mean, he once told me to let him know if I saw any of his officers were acting inappropriate while out of uniform. 'Gotta hold ourselves to a higher standard.' He always told me. 'Gotta be an example for the community.'"

Bernice sagged against a nearby clothing rack. "Promise you won't tell your father?"

"Of course. Dad always said 'Don't go holding grudges. Someone does you wrong, and they accept responsibility, just thrash 'em and be done with it. Like it never happened.'"

"Alright, fine. You can test those stupid belts on me. Me and my big mouth."



Scarlet Moon leapt over the edge, and slammed both feet into one of the Whistler's back.



"What, no witty one liner? You really suck at superheroing, you know that?" asked Prometheus.



"Fry him!" barked Succubus, bursting back into the room. "I want him bent over the desk and squealing five minutes ago!"



By the time Adrian emerged from the locker room, David and Sam were already at the treadmills, Natalie standing next to David's and talking to him.

Juliana came out a moment later. She had gotten a new gym outfit. A very...minimal gym outfit. She wore a yellow sports bra that compressed but pushed up her generous breasts and a very short pair of skintight green lycra shorts. The shorts showed off every curve of her generous bottom, and even let a few inches of soft cheek peek out from underneath. A couple of slightly pink cheeks.

"What happened?" Adrian pointed at Juliana's bottom.

Juliana looked over her shoulder and pouted. "Sam's a jerk."

"Oh? What'd you do this time?"

"I didn't do anything."

"Sure you didn't."

"Well, so I may have slipped a little program on his computer that made his icons all obey the laws of gravity. So you know, they all fell to the bottom of his desktop. But it wasn't like dangerous or anything! It's was just kinda funny."

"Uh-huh. I swear you like it when he spanks you."



"Hmph." Juliana turned on her heel and bounced towards the treadmills. Based on the way her bottom, Adrian suspected she, as always, wore a thong underneath those tight little shorts.

Adrian could only shake his head.



Natalie whimpered and put the pillow back over her face.



"Good." Juliana tightened her grip on Adrian and really laid into the exposed bum upturned across her lap.

Adrian didn't know how long it went on. All he knew was that the hard wood struck his plump bottom over, and over, and over again, spreading a horrific inferno across his sensitive buttocks.

"Please," said Adrian. "No more, no more. I'll be good."

"When I tell you to wait, what do you do?" asked Juliana.


"Good." Juliana put the hairbrush back. She patted Adrian's blazing bottom. "Come on now, let's get up and go home."

Adrian pushed himself to his feet and gave his burning bottom a vigorous rubbing. He pulled his jeans back up.

"I don't like doing that," said Juliana.



"Hopefully that won't be necessary," said David. "Adrian! Hurry up, or we're gonna miss the bus."

"Coming," said Adrian. Stupid machine. Faster you dumb thing. Faster! Why is the internet so slow? Why???

"So, taking any interesting classes?" asked Juliana.

"Really don't have time to talk about--hey get out of the way," said David.

"Hey, I've been messing around with C a little, you know anything about it? I've got a couple of questions," said Juliana.

David sighed. "So, I say 'We need to hurry or we'll miss the bus,' and you think 'Meh, he's got time to answer some programming questions.'"


"Shall I spank you now, or are you going to get out of my way so I can spank your brother?" said David.


"You're obviously stalling, probably because Adrian didn't actually compile the list of books he was supposed to. And rather than owning up to his mistake, he's hoping you can delay me long enough for his to throw the list together in a desperate bid to save his ass."

"That might not be..."

"I mean, I'm sure by the time I finish smacking your naked bottom, Adrian will have the list compiled," said David.

"Yeah, no," said Juliana. "I'm not about to take his licks for his."



Adrian handed Juliana the spoon, and stepped back a little to give him room.

"Do you have to watch?" asked Keiko, twisting around to look at Adrian over her outhrust ass. "Couldn't you like step outside, or something?"

Juliana took the waistband of Keiko's lacy panties and tugged them down to her knees, fully exposing her rich chocolate, heart-shaped bottom. "It's his room you barged into. He has a right to watch your thrashing."

Keiko whimpered. "But it's embarassing!"

"That's part of the punishment," said Juliana. She lined the spoon up against Keiko's right cheek. "Besides, it's not like he's never been spanked. He gets spanked all the time. Misbehaving brat is what he is."



"And yet you keep following me." Juliana cracked the spoon against Keiko's right cheek with a sharp snap!

Keiko kicked her legs. "Oww!"

"Oh stop fussing." Juliana landed a quick stroke to each cheek. "The spoon isn't that bad."

"It stings like hell!" wailed Keiko.

"Watch the language." Juliana landed three hard and fast strokes to Keiko's left cheek, making the girl buck and squirm. "And you haven't known sting until you've felt a purpleheart paddle."

Juliana gave Keiko's right cheek four swift, stinging strokes.

Keiko squirmed and yelped, her little bottom thrashing back and forth.

Juliana set the spoon down and ran a hand over Keiko's right cheek. "Keiko, you need to relax your bottom."

"But it hurts," wailed the girl.

"I know, but you'll bruise more if you clench. Trust me, the best way to take a spanking is to relax and just roll with it. Let it happen, and wash over you," said Juliana.



"You suck Janet," sobbed Keiko.

Princess puffed up like a pufferfish. "I said my name is Princess. Mr. Cuddles!"

Mr. Cuddles picked up the pace, and Keiko's howling rose another octave.

The door to the bowling alley burst open, and Tempestas charged out.

"Release the girl, foul villain!" said Tempestas.

But Scarlet Moon was already moving. He swung down out of the shadows and kicked Mr. Cuddles with every. Ounce. Of. Strength. In. His. Body.

A great crack ran up Mr. Cuddles chest, and the bear shuddered.

"Mr. Cuddles!" wailed Princess.

The bear's grip on Keiko loosened. A scarlet chord yanked her out, and Scarlet Moon swung for the stairs. He set Keiko down.

"Run! Now!" Scarlet Moon gave Keiko a push up the stairs. Keiko ran. "And thanks!"

Scarlet Moon turned to face Princess.




The woman's fingers slid across Scarlet Moon's plump buttock.



Juliana pouted.

"Don't make me give you a reason to pout."

Juliana's pout vanished. She flicked her hair. "Fine. Shoo. If you aren't gonna do the work, you don't get to enjoy the show."

"Fine by me. Your antics tend to have quite the blast radius," said Adrian. He headed for the door. "I'll be waiting at the exit."

Adrian plopped down on a bench outside the bookstore. A few minutes later, Natalie walked up and sat down next to his. She carried a bag from Belts McBeltington.

"Where're the others?" asked Natalie


"Oh. Don't you usually..."

"I learn my lessons. Eventually."


Juliana and Keiko came out a moment later snickering.

"It was a great success!" Keiko planted her feet. She started to point towards the ceiling, but rubbed her bottom instead. "And thus Jezebel pays the price for messing with the friends of Keiko Abe the Apple Crusher!"

"Better believe it," said Juliana, clapping Keiko on the back.



Juliana's eyes narrowed, and her lips thinned. She pivoted around Natalie, pulled the girl's arm up behind her back, bent her over and swatted her large bottom.

"Oww! What the heck?" Natalie wiggled her hips and stomped her feet.

"You did not come along so you could watch," said Juliana. "Now you have a choice. You can either get your bottom on a treadmill, or you can get your sore bottom on a treadmill."

"Yes, I get it fine," said Natalie. Juliana released her, and she scurried to the treadmill next to Adrian's and started it up. "You're a jerk."

"Only doing it because I want you to feel beautiful," said Juliana.

"Don't know why you bother," said a smarmy voice behind Juliana. "Can't fix ugly."



Eventually, Sam stopped and slid his belt back through the loops. Juliana's shoulders shook and her welted bottom quivered as she sobbed into her arm.

Sam sat down next to Juliana and rubbed her back. "I'm sorry Juli, but you literally threw yourself into a Supreme throwdown. You could have been hurt. Very seriously hurt."

"Scarlet Moon wouldn't have let that happen," said Juliana.

Sam grimaced. "I don't know about that. He doesn't always show much respect for collateral. Besides, mistakes happen. Potentially deadly mistakes."

Juliana slid forward off the sofa arm and curled up in his lap. Sam held her for a moment longer, before sighing and getting up. "You should head for bed. It's late, and I still need to take David home."

"You should probably go to bed too," said David, giving Adrian a gentle push. "Sorry the night went to hell."



Adrian's phone buzzed. He groaned and fished around in his pocket. A message from David.

Sorry, I'm late. Got waylaid by my advisor. Sam just let me in and I'm coming up now.



A tentacle lashed at Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon snagged the tip of the giant appendage with one hand, and lashed a chord to Legostopheles' chest with the other. He zipped at the monster and rammed its own tentacle into its chest. Legos flew everywhere. He lashed a chord to one of the creature's arms and swung around to its back. The tentacle dissolved and an arm ripped out of the beast's side. Its large fingers closed over Scarlet Moon and squeezed his rib cage.

Scarlet Moon grunted and smashed his fists into the creature's giant fingers. The arm zipped into the creature's body, pulling Scarlet Moon in with it. For an instant, Scarlet Moon's entire world was legos. He erupted out the other side. He lashed a chord to the wall and zipped sideways, narrowly avoiding a rather important looking pillar.

The lego demon swung a giant fist at the hero. Tempestas leapt up between the two and unleashed a great burst of wind. The arm dissolved into thousands of legos. The legos flew backwards and smashed into the monster.

"Ooooh. Legostopheles, I'm getting IMPATIENT!" Princess stomped her foot. "Teach those little brats a lesson, and do it NOW!"

Legostopheles charged the two heros.



Juliana and Adrian entered their suite's common room. Vanessa sat in the armchair with a book open in her lap, while Natalie lay on her belly on the sofa watching some anime or other.

Natalie wore a black hoodie and a pair of rather fitted grey sweatpants that clung to her large bottom.





"Officer Chastain, what the hell happened to your pants?" asked one of the officers.

Scarlet Moon realized with a start that it was the chief of police.

"Fallen in the line of duty sir," said Officer Chastain. She saluted solemnly. "Their sacrifice will never be forgotten."

"Cut the cheek." The police chief massaged his forehead. "My head hurts way too much for it."

"Yo momma's-hey!"

The chief went down into a lunge position, flung Chastain across his outthrust knee and swatted the bits of her bottom left bare by her panties. "What part of 'My head hurts too much for your cheek don't you understand?'"

"Oww!" Officer Chastain kicked and squirmed, her round bottom bouncing beneath the chief's large hand. "See if I save you again! Oww!"

"I think that's my cue to leave," said Scarlet Moon.

"I think not," said the chief over Officer Chastain's yelps and the crisp smack of palm striking bare skin. "Officer Morales, arrest that man for vigilantism, and reckless endangerment."

"You're kidding right?" said Scarlet Moon.

"I will not have vigilantes in my town," said the chief.



"Oh, thank God Scarlet Moon, I was getting worried," said Generalissima. "You OK? Is the thief still there? Anklyana's charging up the stairs as we speak."



"Her name is Midnight," said Scarlet Moon. "She's gone, she got away."

"What?" panted Anklyana. "You mean I've been running up these stairs for nothing?"

"It's good exercise, why don't you finish?" asked Generalissima.

"But Generalissima--"



"She gave me something." Scarlet Moon turned the collar back and forth in his hand, watching it catch the harsh office lighting. "A collar, said it could cut off a Supreme's power."

"Interesting," said Generalissima. "Very interesting."

"Why give it to you?" asked Anklyana.

"You're talking a lot for running," said Generalissima.

Anklyana groaned.



Buzzsaw fell onto her face.

Scarlet Moon tensed, waiting for the vicious villain to stand back up.

She didn't.

Scarlet Moon's fists slowly unclenched, and he wiped a slightly shaky hand across his cheek. An evil grin slowly spread across his face and he approached the villain. He rolled the supervillain onto her back with a toe, and put his foot against Buzzsaw's chest.

Buzzsaw glared.



Adrian patted himself. "Feel a bit winded, but otherwise I'm fine. You?"

"Me too." Juliana winced and massaged her forehead. "My head is killing me."

"My skin burns." Adrian rubbed his arms. He pulled out his phone and tapped the screen. Nothing. He tapped it again, more frantically. Still. Nothing.

"Yours not working either?" asked Juliana.

"Of course not," said Adrian. "Stupid things never work when you need them."

"Prolly damaged in the crash."

"Don't look damaged."

"Speaking of damage." Juliana opened her door and stepped outside. "Let's see how boned we are."

Adrian stepped out of the car. He shivered as a cool breeze touched him, his clothing doing little to block the chill of fear. He glanced up at the abandoned office buildings towering over them.

"Holy cow," muttered Juliana. She crouched next to the front of the car, studying the car and lamppost. How she managed it in stiletto heels without falling on her barely-clad ass was a mystery for the ages. "There's no damage."

"Don't be stupid." Adrian crouched across from Juliana to look at the car. Not even the paint was scratched. The light was totally mangled.



Scarlet Moon wove a scarlet paddle, a long, broad paddle big enough to cover both of Leopard's tight cheeks in a single stroke. He walked around the scarlet table, her fingers running along Leopard's shoulder and down her back.

Leopard moaned and squirmed. "But it hurts so much, I can't, I can't take anymore!"

Anklyana smirked. "If you think 'can't'--"

"Shut up!" shrieked Leopard. "Just shut up! Shut your stupid inspiring quote bullshit! That wasn't epic, or cool or anything! It was stupid, it was corny and it was lame! So just shut u-owwwww!"

Scarlet Moon's paddle flattened Leopard's outthrust bottom. Leopard thrashed. Her hips swung frantically back and forth. Her feet kicked, and she wailed. Scarlet Moon swung the paddle back, and brought it down again, squashing Leopard's bottom, driving her hips against the table, making the woman's entire body lurch forward.

Leopard sobbed. She kicked and pounded her fists against the scarlet table. "You suck! You all suck! I'll get--owww!"

"Only thing you're getting is a hard spanking, and jailtime," said Tempestas.

The splat of scarlet paddle on naked bottom rang throughout the icy, January night. Leopard screamed herself hoarse. When her voice finally gave out, she moaned miserably, her body jerking forward with stroke after stroke after stroke.

Her bottom was a deep, blazing red from the top of her cheeks to the bottom of her sitspots. Her pants had inched down until they were tangled around her ankles. Tears and snot ran down her face and spooled across the table.

Finally, Scarlet Moon stopped. He rotated his shoulder and dissipated his paddle.




The stuffed giraffe plopped down on Tempestas' and Scarlet Moon's torsos, pinning them to the ground.

"And thus Sir Stuffins and his noble steed Giraffalot are victorious!" crowed Princess. "The Vacuous Virgins have been soundly defeated. Now, they will be soundly spanked!"

"I'm not-let go of my pants!" Tempestas flopped around on top Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon craned his neck, and spotted a few action figures running by. The really fancy ones with fingers.

"Ooh, that's a tiny little string you got on there Tempy," said Princess. "Too bad your friend's outfit is such a pain. Ah well. Can't make omelets without breaking some eggs, am I right?"

sexycostume;Scarlet Moon scowled. "Least I'm not dressed like a twelve year old.";Plastic fingers dug into Scarlet Moon's hips. There was a great tearing. Scarlet Moon's eyes widened, and {she} gasped. Mall air brushed {her} bare hips and bottom.

{sexycostume;"I heard that. Sir Stuffins," said the Princess. The bear's paw struck Scarlet Moon's exposed cheek. {She} squirmed and ground {her} teeth together.;"Ooh, no {underwear}. Just gotta one-up Tempy don't ya?" said Princess.} "OK Sir Stuffins. Give 'em six of the best."



Scarlet Moon glanced over the edge of the building. "Think I'll find a safer route."

"Oh, you're no fun," said Juliana, a pout in her voice.

"Easy for you to say." Scarlet Moon slipped down the building's fire escape, and circled around to the south side. Sure enough, an overgrown copse of trees grew right up against the building at the edge of the office park.

"You didn't have a problem jumping between buildings a minute ago."

"Well, yeah, but a minute ago I didn't have to worry about someone trying to shoot me."

"Bah. You'd have been fine."

Scarlet Moon slipped into the undergrowth. He kept his forcefield at a low burn, just enough to protect himself from the hordes of very scratchy thorns, brambles, and twigs, but not enough to be visible from the park. Proved to be quite a good bit of practice in control.

Eventually, hot, sweaty, and feeling icky, Scarlet Moon reached the building. He ripped open a door (shattering a lock in the process), and slipped inside.

"You know, this would have been so much faster if you'd jumped," muttered Juliana. "We could be halfway to saving Alexandra by now."




Mr. Cuddles dropped his to the ground and approached the clothing store.

Tempestas stumbled out of the shop and flung a stiff breeze at the bear. The bear bopped Tempestas on the head.

Tempestas fell to her hands and knees.

Mr. Cuddles picked her up and dropped her next to Scarlet Moon. The bear's glow faded, and about a third of the toys that had previously collapsed stirred back to life.

"And here I thought we'd won," panted Tempestas.




"Trust me," said David in a quiet voice.





A chunk of concrete slammed into the ground nearby. Shrieks erupted.

The mall was collapsing, at least this part of it.

"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God," said Anklyana. "What do I do?"

"Hold the ceiling up," said Generalissima. "People's lives depend on it. Adrian, for God's sake please snap out of it."

Anklyana threw up her hands. A glowing green sphere formed under the ceiling just as it collapsed. It slammed into the bubble. The bubble flexed and wobbled.

"Oh God, it's so heavy," said Anklyana. "I can't, I can't do it!"

"If you don't, everyone in there will die," said Generalissima. "You're the only one who can save them. Nobody else can do it, only you!"

"Only me..." The green bubble firmed.

"Tempestas! Get these people out of here!" said Generalissima.

"I'm still--the chords vanished!" Tempestas zipped into the air. She sprinted around the mall, blowing doors open with great gusts of wind. "Move people! Move!"

"Too slow, too slow," said Anklyana. "God, it's so heavy."

Scarlet Moon hovered above the chaos, doing nothing.

"What's he doing?" asked Generalissima. "Scarlet Moon, we need your help. These people need your help."






"No, I guess not," said Adrian reluctantly. "But what makes you think I can?"

"Come on. You beat her once. You can do it again," said Juliana.

Adrian scowled at her. "That was as much luck as anything else."

"Did you see the way she looked at us?" asked Juliana quietly.



"Seriously," said Juliana. "Your ass is lucky I managed to keep it all in."




Scarlet Moon gathered some of the woman's hair into his fist and giving a slight tug.

The woman grunted savagely.

Scarlet Moon sighed and resumed the rapid peppering, this time focusing on the woman's sitspots.

After another five minutes of stingy justice, the woman's ass and upper thighs were redder than her panties. She squirmed and snarled with every stroke, but showed no signs of relenting.

Scarlet Moon paused for a second to catch his breath. "Buddy you've got one seriously tough bottom. Color me impressed."

The woman snarled.

"If you think-" Scarlet Moon stopped. He could just make out sirens in the distance. "I'm running out of time."

Scarlet Moon yanked the tight slacks back up and over the woman's bottom.The woman squeaked and squirmed as the polyester rubbed against her swollen cheeks. Scarlet Moon dumped the woman next to her companion.




Prometheus smirked. The ground underneath her boots started to smoke. She grabbed Tempestas by the hair and hoisted her off the ground. "Oh really? Whose the one on her knees, begging for mercy?"

"Yo mama."

Poseidon laughed. "Walked right into that one."

Poseidon's lips drew back into a snarl. "You are in desperate need of some manners."

"You are in desperate need of a life," said Tempestas. "Running around, setting shit on fire just because you can? You some pothead thinks she's fighting the system? Or maybe you're hoping that if you light a big enough fire, mommy and daddy'll actually look at you for more than--"

"Enough!" Prometheus' hair turned into flames. She flung Tempestas' face into the dirt, grabbed the woman's ankles and hoisted her upside down into the air. She grabbed Tempestas' spandex pants and ripped them off, exposing a pair of milky white cheeks left fully exposed by a white g-string. "I'm gonna blister your fat ass until you're crying so hard you're in danger of dying of dehydration!"

"Too bad yo mama couldn't be bothered to do the same to you." Tempestas hoisted herself up a little and looked past her own torso at Prometheus. "Maybe you wouldn't be such a lifeless lose-"

Prometheus' hand whipped through the air and slammed into Tempestas' firm, protruding bottom. The heroine's pale cheeks flattened beneath the brutal blow. The force of the smack made Tempestas swing like a pendulum. Prometheus drew her hand back and struck Tempestas' bottom again at the peak of her back swing, sending the pale moons into a quivering fit. Two bright overlapping handprints adorned Tempestas' bottom, one across the peaks of her cheeks, the other just a bit further down (or up?) across her sitspots. Tempestas grunted.



Scarlet Moon flattened Princess' bottom a third time. A fourth time. Fifth. Sixth.

Princess flopped about Scarlet Moon's thighs like a fish on the docks. Her mouth worked. After the sixth stroke, she stopped wailing, likely because her voice gave out.

By the ninth stroke, Princess lay limp across Scarlet Moon's legs, too tired to do much more than sob and moan.

"You'll pay for this," she sobbed quietly. "I will have my revenge."



"No, no she doesn't." Bernice jumped to her feet, and spun around.

"Did I say you could get up?" asked the Dr. Park.

"Umm, no ma'am. But I need to go help stop the bad guys."

"Well, I guess that's reasonable." The woman opened her closet. "But first you need to cover your bottom."

Bernice rubbed her red cheeks. "Not sure that sound as good as it once did."



"Alright, fine." Tempestas swirled the winds around her.

Giraffalot pawed at the ground. It looked like it wanted to snort. Except it was a stuffed giraffe.

Scarlet Moon's power flowed into his feet. His legs tensed, and his knees bent ever so slightly.

The giraffe and Scarlet Moon charged. Winds slammed into his back. He leapt into the air. Power flowed into his fists and extended into a staff. His staff struck Sir Stuffins' torso while Sir Stuffins' pool noodle struck his in the belly.




The claws flexed, but held. Scarlet Moon squirmed and wiggled, growing more and more frantic as those stupid claws just. Wouldn't. Break.

"Bwahahahahha!" Leopard's harsh laugh bounced off the steel walls. "Got this whole gauntlet of traps lined up, and the 'Sensational' Scarlet Moon couldn't even get past the first one! I was hoping you'd be worthy prey, but you're just a kid in a bad Halloween costume! And you know what I do to kids who break into my house?"



Scarlet Moon swung at Giraffalot at full speed.




They descended several floors.

"Please, no more, no more," said Vanessa, flailing in Scarlet Moon's grip.

"Careful, I'm going to drop you," said Scarlet Moon.

"I need to get out of here."

"Maybe you should take the stairs," said Juliana. "I didn't know Vanessa could freak out like that."

"Ok, ok," said Scarlet Moon. He stopped in front of a pair of elevator doors. He pushed a few thin wafers of scarlet energy between the doors and forced them apart. He swung into the empty hallway.

As soon as he set Vanessa down, the girl scrambled away from the doors, shivering and sobbing.

"You know, not everyone is invincible." Bernice walked over to comfort Vanessa.

Scarlet Moon crossed his arms and scowled.




Scarlet Moon swung up onto a building rooftop, and looked around, but the cat and her hunter were already out of sight. Gridlines drew themselves on Scarlet Moon's eyepatches, and a faint red trail wound away between the buildings.

Scarlet Moon grinned. Looked like Juliana put a little tracer on herself, just in case something like this happened. Scarlet Moon leapt off the building, lashed a chord to nearby building and zipped after it.

"Generalissima just sent me an emergency alert." Tempestas' voice crackled in Scarlet Moon's ear. "Anybody know the situation?"

"Anthropomorphic cat person kidnapped a college coed and is currently being chased through the city by a lady in leopard-print."

"A new hero?" asked Tempestas.

Scarlet Moon grimaced.



"This is the police! Get your hands up!" barked a voice from the shadows.

Scarlet Moon jumped half out of his skin, his head snapping up just as a SWAT team a good dozen strong stepped out of the shadows with weapons pointed at him.



"Stop begging," said Tempestas. "It's embarassing."

"No, getting spanked until I kick and shriek is embarrassing," said Scarlet Moon. "I'm just temporarily surrendering."

"You're blubbering like a schoolgirl," said Tempestas.

Scarlet Moon growled.

The bear struck the two heros' bottoms in rapid succession. Scarlet Moon howled and kicked as white hot pain seared across his throbbing bottom. Tempestas yelped and wiggled.

"Now now little ones, no fighting," said Princess. "Violence is wrong!"

"Yo momma's wrong," said Tempestas.




Scarlet Moon squealed. His hips thrashed about, and his heels drummed against the linoleum.


"Oww!" Tempestas' all-but-bare hips drove into the small of Scarlet Moon's back.

"Look at that," said Princess. "One little love tap and they're already wailing like Canadians."

"That thing feels like it's full of lead," gasped Tempestas.

The noodle slammed into Scarlet Moon's bottom a second time. A groaning hiss rippled through the crowd. The thick foam flattened Scarlet Moon's curved bottom. His bare, bobbling cheeks wobbled as the noodle lifted back up. His legs kicked wildly, and his fingers scrambled against the tiled floor.

Scarlet Moon felt a brief pressure on his back as the noodle drove Tempestas' hips into him a second time. Tempestas flopped like a fish. She howled, and her boots scrabbled against the floor.

The pool noodle cracked against Scarlet Moon's bottom a third time. Each stroke left a fiery burn on every inch of Scarlet Moon's bubble butt. Meaning it struck the same spot. Over and over and over again. Scarlet Moon flailed and bucked. He howled and squirmed. Tears gathered at the edges of his eyes and trickled down his mask.

The noodle struck Tempestas' pert bottom a third time. Tempestas howled. The giraffe shifted a little.

"And that's the half way mark," said Princess. "Let's give them a little break shall we? Need a minute to really let it sink in, you know?"

Scarlet Moon groaned and shifted a little. His hand slid back and slapped against the leg of the stuffed giraffe.





"A little gift from Midnight. Study it carefully, before someone far less gentle closes it over your pretty neck." The woman's warm breath whispered across Scarlet Moon's ear and settled his breathing. Warm breasts mashed against Scarlet Moon's naked back. Leather-clad hips pressed against Scarlet Moon's blazing bare buttocks. "Watch the shadows kitten. You never know where I'll be lurking."

The warm body pulled away. Scarlet Moon gasped and spun.

The office was empty.

Scarlet Moon leaned against the wall, sucking in slow, deep breaths. His limbs shook. His pulse thudded in his ears. His lower regions buzzed.

He hastily grabbed his costume and pulled it back on, jumping and mewling as the the tight spandex closed over his hot bottom. It seemed to keep the heat trapped, and it took all his willpower not to rip it off again.

His earpiece crackled. He took a couple of long, deep breaths and put his hand to his ear.



Scarlet Moon hoisted Princess into the air by her collar.



"Good." Sam pulled Adrian back up, and snatched the flashlight. He marched Adrian back into the office. Juliana gave Adrian a tentative, supportive smile as they entered.

Sam put the light back on the desk and turned to Adrian. "Now, tell me. And I swear you'll get the bathbrush if you try to feed me any more absurdities."



"You doing ok?" asked Juliana over Scarlet Moon's bluetooth.

"Six weeks." Scarlet Moon slapped his hand against his thigh. "And not so much as a hair. What on earth is she doing, and where is she doing it?"

"I don't know." Frustration edged Juliana's voice. "Maybe trying to pull her gang back together, or learning her powers better."

"Neither is comforting."

"I know--holy crap it's 10:30. You need to get back now."



Scarlet Moon slipped down the alley behind the trio. A sweep of a staff, and a couple of chords binding ankles, wrists, and mouths, and he had three struggling smugglers. He hoisted them back up onto the roof.

"Wrap them in bubbles for me will you?"

Anklyana nodded. Scarlet Moon's chords faded as Anklyana wrapped the trio in thick green bubbles.

"Be careful," said Anklyana.

"Relax. These guys aren't a threat." Scarlet Moon slid back into the shadows. He flitted from alleyway to alleyway. The smugglers all moved in trios, small enough groups to stay quiet, big enough to watch each other's backs.

Not that it helped.

"This is the police!" barked a deep voice over a loudspeaker. "We have you surrounded. Put down the contraband, and get on the ground!"

Scarlet Moon swung back to the roof with Anklyana. "Up on the back Anklyana. They're gonna--"

Hoots and hollers erupted from all around the line of police officers. Particle beams bombarded the police from every direction.

"Wow, they pulled out all the stops, didn't they?" muttered Generalissima. "I think you barely made a dent in them."


"We've been had!"

"Backup! We need backup!"



Adrian grabbed his backpack and changed back into his civilians. He slipped back into the arena, and returned to the bathroom.




The paddles tapped lightly against Scarlet Moon's spandex-clad bottom. Scarlet Moon shuddered at the feel of the hard wood on his VERY barely clad skin. He strained against the claws holding his fast. His hips squirmed back and forth across the bar, making the bar sway gently. The paddles swayed in time with the bar, always keeping centered on the plump swell of Scarlet Moon's airborn buttocks.

"Brace yourself my dear, your loser's penalty begins now!"

The paddles swung back with a squeaky cranking. Scarlet Moon sucked in a breath. His bottom clenched anxiously.

"Ohoho, somebody's looking a little scared. Don't worry, it'll only hurt like hell!"




"Come on Adrian. You really think not stopping Princess was gonna make anything better?" asked Juliana.

"Maybe the police could've done something?" asked Natalie.

Juliana gave Natalie a skeptical look.

Natalie shrugged. "I mean, it is their job."

"To police people, not comic books," said Juliana. She smiled. If Adrian hadn't known Juliana better, he'd have thought it was genuine.








Oh noes, you've been defeated!


The thug yelped in surprise, looked up at Scarlet Moon, and grabbed the chord. Her muscles flexed, and she gave a great tug.

Scarlet Moon nearly toppled over the lip of the roof. He braced himself against the lip and heaved. With another yelp, the thug sailed towards Scarlet Moon. As soon as her face cleared the lip, Scarlet Moon punched it.

The thug slumped. Scarlet Moon heaved the body up onto the roof and laid it down on the coarse gravel. He attached a chord to the edge of the roof and lowered himself until he could peer into the restaurant. Succubus sat in Phillipa's seat, eating something that looked expensive and gross. Phillipa lay tied up on the floor, staring blankly at the front of the restaurant, Succubus' feet on her back. Phillipa's date stood just behind Succubus, giving her a massage. One of Succubus' thugs stood in front and a little to the side of Succubus. Another stood next to a fuming Mrs. Rossi with the stun gun pointed at her head. The third relieved patrons of jewelry and watches.

Phillipa's eyes met Scarlet Moon's. For an instant the blank expression vanished, replaced by a smug smirk and a wink.

"So what's the situation?" asked Juliana.



"You were a sadistic little twat," said Tempestas. She peppered Princess' bottom, making the villain squeal. A pink, handprint-shaped blush spread across the girl's bobbing buttocks. "You utterly trashed the mall, basically tortured me, and held hundreds of people hostage. And for what?"

"None of your beeswax," said Princess, squirming and stomping.

"Probably just a giant. Superpowered. Tantrum." Tempestas punctuated each word with a hip-twisting, bottom-wobbling, bone-jarring smack. "Someone pissed you off, so you decided to use your new powers to ruin everyone else's life."

Tempestas' palm whipped up and down, her hips rotating with every stroke. Princes squirmed and yelped. She rolled her wobbling, reddening, naked cheeks. Her hands flailed about Tempestas' hip and arm, as if trying to shield her pert bottom. The seconds stretched into minutes, the swat count into the hundreds. Princess kicked and flailed, wailing and sobbing. Her bottom was as steaming red the coils in a toaster.



"Good." Tempestas nodded towards the newcomer. "And this is Anklyana. Apparently, your friend, erm, Generalissima vouches for her."

"Oh?" Scarlet Moon looked the newcomer up and down. She was a short woman, even shorter than Scarlet Moon. The woman wore a dark green leotard that fully covered her torso, but left her arms and legs bare. In the center of her chest was a white oval containing a stylized violet dinosaur with a club tail. She wore a pair of black leather high-heel boots that reached up just past her knees. A pair of dark green elbow-length gloves covered her hands. A dark green mask fully covered her forehead, extended about halfway down to her cheeks, and left her nose and mouth exposed. White eye inserts much like Scarlet Moon's obscured her eyes. She had a fit, pear-shaped build: small chest and narrow shoulders spreading out into broad hips, a very large, curvy bottom and thick, muscular legs.

The girl smiled shyly and offered a bluetooth receiver. Scarlet Moon took it and slipped it into his ear.



"But at least she's not a wannabe dominatrix airhead. You look like the villain from an anime people only watch because the women all have chests made out of jelly!"

"You little bint," said Succubus. "I'm going to come down there and give you such a spanking, you won't be able to sit until the sun expands to consume the planet!"

"Assuming yo momma doesn't consume it first!"

Succubus growled and the PA shut off.

Bernice returned to the sound room, dusting off her hands. "See? Easy."

Scarlet Moon blinked. "Well, get behind me or something."

Mere minutes later, Succubus burst into the room, trailed by six security guards.

"Alright you little-"

Bernice fired six quick bursts from her particle gun. She struck two of the security guards right in the chest, though the other shots went wide. The remaining guards unleashed a flurry of particle beams that sent Bernice scrambling behind Scarlet Moon.



"I swear to God Scarlet Moon if you break so much of a twig off that tree, you'll be the one getting a switch across his naked ass," snarled Juliana.

Scarlet Moon took a few steps back, away from the Whistler and her ears. "But--"

"She's a hardened thug! There's no way you'll be able to beat it out of her, not unless you want to start actually beating her," said Juliana. "Is she scared of you? Maybe we can scare her."

Scarlet Moon eyed the Whistler, who lay curled up on the forest floor, gingerly clutching her welted ass, and watching Scarlet Moon with wide, tear-filled eyes.



"Really? That's your plan?" said Tempestas.

Scarlet Moon's shield flared. Power flowed into his fists and he smashed them together. When they struck they emitted an almost blinding scarlet light.



The thug whimpered.

Adrian clapped his hand against the hoodlum's ass, eliciting a small yelp. "So, you gonna attack anyone else?"


"Good." Adrian let the hoodlum stand. The thug danced in place, rubbing her bottom and mewling.



Scarlet Moon leapt after Tempestas.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Tempestas. "You're supposed to be running crowd control."



Anklyana broke into a grin. "Hey, um we won!"

The original three drones floated up.

"Of course you did," said Princess. "I wasn't trying to stop you, just giving you something to do while I got ready."



Adrian stopped outside his discussion section classroom. A crowd of students milled about.

His TA David stood in front of the door. David stood couple of inches above six feet. He had dark skin, well-defined muscles that suggested a bit of gym rat in him, broad shoulders and long legs. He had a trimmed beard. He kept his hair cut to a buzz. He'd be downright intimidating if his face weren't (almost) always lit up with barely repressed humor. He wore, well, the same thing all male programmers seemed to wear: jeans and a hoody. He also wore a baseball hat showcasing the Green Lantern Jon Stewart.



Prometheus held her hands out. The temperature in the arena dropped several degrees. The icy walls collapsed into miniature tsunamis. The water swirled up into the air and formed a dome around the trio. A cocoon of flame closed over Prometheus. The watery dome froze into a giant block of ice.

"Now," said Prometheus. Her eyes sparked. "Show us what you got."

Scarlet Moon sucked in a breath, and flung his forcefield out, dispersing the flaming serpent weaving around him. He leapt to his feet, and charged Prometheus.



She brought her hand down on Generalissima's right buttock. The sharp crack reverberated up and down the walls of the entranceway. Generalissima's body lurched forward, and her firm yet plushy bottom wobbled beneath Clemency's large hand. The superheroine squealed, and her legs slammed against Clemency's.

"And that is why it's always a good idea to loop your leg over your spankee's when they're wearing heels," said Clemency. "I'd probably be on the ground bleeding right now."

"Serve you right," said Generalissima.

"Ah, yes I see what you're doing." Clemency raised her hand above her head and brought it crashing down on Generalissima's left buttock. Once again, Generalissima lurched beneath the stroke. Once again her bottom wobbled and once again her legs slammed against Clemency's. "You're trying to provoke me. Make me spank you harder, or faster. Sure it'll hurt more, but at least you'll know you have some control. You'll know that you're not a completely and utterly powerless little girl. You'll know that you have some minimal influence over your bare. Bottom. Spanking."

"Technically, it's not bare bottom," said Generalissima."I'm wearing a thong."

"So you are." Clemency clapped Generalissima's left cheek. "So you are."

"So your mom is."

"My mother is dead." Clemency smacked Generalissima's right cheek.

"Oww! Oh, uh, sorry."



Juliana squeed and pulled Adrian into Adrian's room. She pulled open the closet and rooted through it.



Scarlet Moon's eyes flared and he unleashed a scarlet beam into the beast's tentacle. The tentacle shattered into thousands of lego pieces. Scarlet Moon zipped to the ground, tentacles and fists sailing above his. One tentacle snapped out beneath his. His forcefield flowed into his legs and he smashed through it.



Poseidon grabbed Scarlet Moon by the hair, whirled him around and flung him into Tempestas. The two superheros slammed into the clock tower, bringing the whole thing down on top of them.

Scarlet Moon and Tempestas crawled out of the wreckage. Scarlet Moon tried to lash a chord to a nearby building, but his forcefield flickered and faded. A slight breeze stirred his hair.

"Shit," muttered Tempestas.

Prometheus clapped her hands together and squeed. "Muaahahha! Vengeance is ours. Time for some payback bastard."




"Clearly you and Buzzsaw back there have superpowers," said Juliana. Her eyes scanned the darkness.

"Absurd," muttered Adrian, rubbing a hand over his face. "Absurd."

"You got a better explanation for how she punched you into a streetlamp without shattering every bone in your body? Or how about how you sent her flying a good twenty feet with a frickin' laser beam? Or for that matter how you've turned into a Christmas display?"

Adrian shook his head, and scratched his arm. "What the hell is going on, Juliana? You're the physics major."

Juliana rolled her eyes. "For about a week. And I'm pretty sure neither classical nor relativistic physics have anything to say about glowing people."

Adrian scratched his leg. "God, I wish my skin would stop burning."

"Sounds kind of like my head," said Juliana. "I've had some pretty killer headaches, but this one is, I don't know if it's the worst I've ever had, but it certainly feels weird."

"So, what now?" asked Adrian, peering anxiously into the shadows.

"I don't know," said Juliana. "Ideally we want to find a way back to the car, and then hightail it out of here."



Succubus staggered backwards, snapping her legs together and clutching where the sun don't shine.

"You are an idiot," said Juliana.

Succubus' face twisted with rage. She grabbed Scarlet Moon by the hair and dragged him to an upended bar stool. She snapped her finger and pointed at the stool.

A nearby patron hastily righted the stool and backed away. Succubus clambered onto the stool, lifted the defeated hero by his armpits and tossed him across her lap.

Scarlet Moon grabbed the stool legs for balance, while his legs dangled in empty air. Succubus clamped her left hand over the small of Scarlet Moon's back, and walloped Scarlet Moon's elevated spandex-clad buttocks with the other.

Scarlet Moon's eyes widened, and his grip tightened on the stool legs. He could feel his soft bottom cave and bounce back with every stinging stroke.

"How dare you," said Succubus in a low, rough voice.



"So, what now?" asked Anklyana. She swayed uneasily from foot to foot.



"Silly girl, a school sanctioned concert isn't gonna have a mosh pit. Now come on. Your butt is your best asset, and we're gonna work it for all it's worth."



"I looked through some of the local papers to see if anyone mentioned the robbery last night. Apparently, the suspects have been very confused and even terrified."






Scarlet Moon turned it over in his head a few minutes. "I guess you're right. We'll sneak in."

Scarlet Moon slipped into the trees. As the street faded from view Scarlet Moon flared his shield. A faint red glow filled the forest, giving the skulking superhero just enough light to navigate by. He stopped a few hundred feet in, and hopped over the wall.

He moved in the general direction of the house, Juliana whispering directions in his ears.

Soon he stood behind the ancient mansion. He looked up at the towering silhouette, half-expecting lightning to flash. He spied a few lights on in the kitchen, likely as servants got ready for the day.

"OK, so based on what I could find, Silver's bedroom is on the third floor, in the northern corner. Should be dark. She sleeps until about six."

Scarlet Moon skittered around to the far side of the mansion, giving the kitchen lights a wide berth. He snagged a chord against Silver's window, and zipped his way up.

He opened the window, and slipped in. The bed was empty.

The light snapped on.

"Ouch!" said Juliana. "That's a light."

"Welcome," said a silky voice.



Adrian fished out the note with shaking hands and unrolled it.

"Top of the theater at midnight."

Adrian rerolled the note and tucked it away. He hurried out.



An unmarked car sped down the abandoned street and came to a screeching halt next to the defeated supervillains.

The two spandex-clad agents, the redhead Marie and brunette Dana, hopped out. They each pulled out pairs of handcuffs made of a strange, red-tinted metal and latched them to Prometheus' and Poseidon's wrists.

"What are those?" asked Generalissima.

"What are those?" asked Scarlet Moon.

"Special handcuffs we developed real fast," said Marie. She hoisted Poseidon onto his feet. "Keep you folks from regenerating whatever super mojo fuels your powers. We can't cut off your powers yet, so you all still need to get your butts kicked, but that'll come."

Scarlet Moon backed up a step.



Juliana scowled playfully. "You are the worst superhero ever."

"And don't you forget it," said Scarlet Moon.

A quartet of police officers stood in the parking lot, standing next to Sam and David. Scarlet Moon dampened his shield and landed in a dark corner of the parking lot. He put Juliana down, sent a bright red sphere flying off into the distance, and slipped into a different corner of the parking lot, where he flashed back into his civilians.

Shouts rose up from the parking lot, followed by running feet.

Juliana emerged from behind a couple of cars, escorted by a couple of police officers. Sam pulled her into a deep hug. David paced anxiously back and forth, cracking his knuckles, while a police officer spoke into his walkie-talkie.

Adrian took a deep breath and made his way towards David. "David! Hey, David!"

David ran to meet Adrian, the police officer hurrying behind. "What happened? Where did you go?"

"This is Adrian?" asked the police officer.

David nodded. "Were you kidnapped too? What happened?"




"W-well, I can't do it." Anklyana pulled away and stumbled further down the corridor. "I just can't.



"No." Succubus pushed herself to her feet, and threw back her cape to reveal a large bullwhip. "I'm finally getting everything I deserve, and I'll be damned if I'm going to stop because of some jackass in a halloween costume!"








"Good." David's hand clapped Adrian's right cheek. Adrian jerked and winced. The smack wasn't that hard as smacks go, but it was still enough to sting.

David smacked Adrian's plump bottom twenty times in quick succession, ten smacks to each cheek. Adrian squirmed a little and gnawed on his lower lip, whimpering and dreading the spankings to come.

"Now get up, let's go get that list compiled," said David.

Adrian clambered off the couch. He gave his stinging buttocks a quick rub before reaching for his jeans.

"Nope." David gently swatted Adrian's hand away. "You're not covering up until you've got that list."

Adrian's eyes widened.

"Best get used to it," said David. "Any time I spank you because you didn't do something, your ass is staying bare until you've done it. Get me?"



"Your self-control is quite impressive," said Silver once Scarlet Moon had calmed down.

Scarlet Moon scowled at her.

"No I'm serious. Not once did you flare your shield, even when you were wailing like a baby who'd just watched the family dog eat his dropped candy. Happened to Alexandra once. It was adorable."

"Practice. I'd rather not expose my identity."

"Indeed?" Silver walked to one the doors. Doors all over the hallway slammed shut as servants scurried back to work. "I think we'll have a very productive day today, don't you think Clemency?"

"Of course," said Clemency, rubbing her palm as she followed after Silver.



Once in the locker room, the two stripped out of their sweatpants and shirts.

"That sounds like a bad thing," said Adrian.

"Well, fine. Only sway when he's not using heavy equipment."

Juliana had gotten a new gym outfit. A very...minimal gym outfit: a yellow sports bra that compressed but pushed up her generous breasts and a very short pair of skintight green lycra shorts. The shorts showed off every curve of her generous bottom, and even exposed almost a third of soft cheek. Slightly reddened cheek.



A lego tentacle whipped through the air and caught Scarlet Moon in the gut. Scarlet Moon smashed through a bowling alley. Shattered pins obscured his vision. A tentacle wrapped itself around his ankle and pulled him into the air.

Scarlet Moon dangled upside down in front of Legostopheles. Scarlet Moon's eyes flared and a beam petered out halfway to Legostopheles' ugly lego face.



Adrian leaned back into David, letting his firm grip guide his hips to the beat of the music. He could clearly feel David swell against the back of his skintight pants.

David's beard tickled Adrian's cheek, and the scent of vanilla touched Adrian's nose. A strong arm slipped around Adrian's waist and held him tight against him. The other hand pressed firmly on Adrian's hip, guiding his into a 90-degree swivel.

Adrian's hips swung with the music, no longer needing David's guiding hand. He shimmied his bottom up and down during a particularly rapid beat, eliciting a groan from David, barely audible even with his lips so close to his ear.

A muscular leg pushed between Adrian's thighs. Adrian leaned against David's thick thigh and slid sensually up and down, wiggling his hips as he went.

David pulled his thigh back and stepped around Adrian, spinning him to face him. He pulled Adrian tight against him, chest to chest. He pushed Adrian away, stepping around and spinning him to face away from him once more, pulling Adrian tight against him, back to stolid chest. His hips swayed, and his pushed and pulled Adrian's hips along, Adrian's plump bottom rubbing and sliding against him.

The music slid to a close, and Adrian swayed woozily, painfully conscious of David's hard body pressed possessively against him.








Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the crystal and wrenched it from the wall. He zipped back into the long-abandoned underground play space, the pulsing gizmo tucked under one arm.

Mr. Cuddles charged after him, Sir Stuffins and Giraffalot at his heels.

Scarlet Moon burst into the sewer passage and flung the crystal as far down the passage as he could.

The crystal vanished down the low passage and vanished.

Mr. Cuddles slammed through the wall in a cascade of bricks and mortar. Scarlet Moon lashed a pair of chords to the creature's shoulder and zipped feet first into its head. The giant teddy bear staggered backwards.

Scarlet Moon zipped past the creature, and lashed a pair of chords to its shoulders as he went. He pulled with all his might, toppling the bear backwards.

Giraffalot reared up and kicked Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon flew back into the sewer, passing underneath Mr. Cuddles' toppling body. Mr. Cuddles flattened Sir Stuffins and Giraffalot. An explosion shook the mall to its very foundations.

Mr. Cuddles lumbered to its feet and stared down at Scarlet Moon. The creature still pulsed, but the pulsing had started to slow.

"Ok, so that had to hurt. Maybe you can bleed its energy by punching it. Really hard," said Generalissima. "Just try not to bring the mall crashing down."

Scarlet Moon's fist clenched.




David made a disgusted noise. He shifted Adrian a little bit more to the left, centering his sitspots over his knee.

"Wait, I was only kidd-owwww!"

David smacked Adrian's sitspots and upper thighs with hard, swift strokes.

Adrian threw his head back. He arched his back and clawed at the carpet. His toes curled, and his feet dug into the carpet.

Juliana hissed as she watched Adrian's soft flesh bounce and cave beneath the hard spatula.



Napier soundly belted his daughter's big bottom for the next five minutes. Five very long, tearful minutes. When he finally released her, Natalie jumped up and danced in place, clutching her bottom and wailing. Tears smeared her makeup, and her face was beet red.

Napier pulled Natalie into a hug, holding her tight until she settled down, and her wails turned into sobs. "I'm sorry baby. I didn't want to do that, but I've never been so scared in my life. If something happened to you, I don't know what I'd do. It was bad enough losing your mother. If I lost you too..."

"I'm sorry Daddy," said Natalie. She nuzzled into his shoulder. "I-I just didn't want to lose you either."

"I know, I know. But this is a part of my job. This is the kind of thing I've spent years doing. You haven't," said Napier.



Prometheus rolled her eyes. "If that were true, video games wouldn't be so much fun. Or superhero movies. Or basketball. Or football. Or soccer. Or boxing. Or..."

"Let them go." Scarlet Moon gestured to the arena. "And I'll fight you."



"Are you crazy?" said Juliana. "What were you gonna do if Natalie opened the door and in waltzed David and Sam, and they just see you lounging around. We gotta make an entrance. Speaking of which, Natalie!"

Juliana jerked the door open and stuck his head out.


"You're gonna announce us when they get here, ok?"


"You know. First announce Adrian, then me. So we can make an entrance in our all our sexy sexiness."


"Don't you sigh at me girl, or I'll tan your hide."

"Can't promise it'll be any good."

"That's fine." Juliana yanked her head back in and pushed the door closed.



The door burst open, knocking Adrian on his face. Two hoodlums holding stun batons stepped inside. Stun batons carried a slight charge. The charge wasn't enough to do serious damage to most people, but was enough to convince them that resisting was a very bad idea.

"Well, well, looks like we found them," said one of the hoodlums. "Come quietly, and we won't hurt you."

"Can't promise nothing about the boss though," said the other with a grin. "She was looking pretty pissed. And when Buzzsaw gets pissed, asses get thrashed."

"Hey," said the other hoodlum. "I kinda like that. It rhymes."

"No it doesn't," said the first hoodlum.

"Aww, come on. Ass and thrash? You don't hear it? Aww, don't look at me like that. They totally do. Right?" The hoodlum looked at Adrian.



Scarlet Moon unleashed a scarlet beam into Buzzsaw's face. The two combatants flew apart. Buzzsaw's chain (still wrapped around Scarlet Moon's torso) snapped taut. Scarlet Moon gasped as his body wrenched in midair, and slammed into the hard concrete at Buzzsaw's feet.

"This is the police," called a loudspeaker from outside the warehouse. "Come out with your hands up."

Buzzsaw's head whipped towards the sound. Her face turned bright red, and her eyes bugged out of her head. She seemed surrounded by a nimbus of scarlet light. "You hideous little pig-fucking shit! You've ruined everything!"



A flicker of doubt danced through Prometheus' eyes. Scarlet Moon began to pulse his shield, almost like he was struggling to contain his power.

"Come on now, this is getting serious," muttered Poseidon. "Didn't intend this."

The doubt vanished, and Prometheus sniffed. The twin flames vanished. "Like I was actually going to do it."

"Now come quietly, and you might get off with just a spanking," said Scarlet Moon. "Plus some community service."

Prometheus snarled. "I don't even let my parents spank me. I'm certainly not gonna to let a brat in pajamas tan my ass."




"Then let me in."


The door unlocked. Adrian slipped in, closing it behind him.

"So, what do you think?" Juliana did a little twirl. She wore a closed, low-cut, grey-black jacket that extended to a few inches above her belly button, showing off the woman's pillowy breasts on one end, and firm, caramel midriff on the other. The jacket was decorated with an assortment of "military" honors. Looking closely, Adrian saw random scout badges, a few high school varsity athletics pins, some participation ribbons, and a fake medallion that looked like it came out of a cereal box. She wore a tight pencil skirt that extended about two-thirds down her thighs. She completed the ensemble with a pair of fishnets and black stiletto boots that went halfway up her calves. "Say hello to Generalissima!"


"Female General."

"You're naming yourself after Latin American dictators?"

"No! I just figured, you know I'm Hispanic, so--"

"So you decided to invoke Latin America's long, bloody history of being controlled by brutal dictators?"

"So I didn't think it through." Juliana crossed her arms and pouted. "Not all of us have an obvious name. Besides, I asked you about my costume, not my name."



Adrian squirmed and scissor kicked, but a broad, powerful hand pressed against the small of his back, pinning him securely against his strong thighs. He wailed when David's fingers grasped the waistband of his boxer briefs and tugged them down to his knees.

Adrian yelped as David's flat palm struck the peak of his right globe, sending fireworks dancing across his sensitive skin. His round bottom caved beneath his massive hand and bounced back as it lifted off his vulnerable flesh.

Another CRACK echoed throughout the building. His left cheek bobbed and bounced while sparks arced across his upthrust orb.

His left cheek was still jiggling when his hand came down again on his right, sending it into another bouncing fit.

Adrian yelped. His hips bucked and wiggled, and his legs kicked.

"OK, OK, I get it, I get it, I'll ask Natalie for help," said Adrian.

"I don't believe you." David unleashed a stream of rapid-fire smacks to Adrian's right cheek, making his yelp and buck even more vigorously than before. "I think you're just trying to get out of getting your tail tanned."



"Oh God, even I don't hate the world that much," said Prometheus.



Melissa grinned a sharklike grin. "I'm so glad you think so. A week's supply can be yours for a mere $50."

Adrian nearly choked. "I'm sorry, I'd really love to, I mean, my head's never been this good. I just, I don't have that kind of money. Broke college student you know?"

Melissa patted Adrian on the hand. "Don't worry. I know what it's like to be just barely scraping by. Fortunately, I have a student discount: $25 for a week's supply."

Adrian frowned, and shifted from foot to foot. One hand went into his pocket and fiddled with his phone.

"Is something wrong?" asked Melissa, her smile fading into a look of concern.

Adrian shrugged uneasily, and glanced out the window behind his.



"Fuckin' bitcheggzz.." Buzzsaw staggered against the tipped over prisoner van, and collapsed.

Scarlet Moon dusted off his hands. "See? You totally needed me."

Tempestas glared at him. "We'll talk--"

A gout of flame howled towards Tempestas. She threw her hands up. A great gust of wind caught the flames and arced them up into the sky.

Poseidon charged Scarlet Moon and punched him with an ice-encrusted fist. Scarlet Moon flew through a barricade and smashed into a car. A terrible weakness swept across Scarlet Moon, and he lay on the ground, staring up at the sky, barely strong enough to breath.

Poseidon grabbed Buzzsaw's groaning form and held up a hand. Currents of water flowed around him, appearing as if by magic out of the air. The currents braided together into a torrent and swept the trio up into the air and away.

Tempestas crouched next to Scarlet Moon. She glanced about. Barricades lay shattered, a few cars were reduced to glorified cages, and paramedics were on the scene.

"Chief, was anybody seriously injured?" asked Tempestas.

"No. No thanks to you," said the chief, appearing out from behind one of the few remaining barricades. "You overpowered brats are useless. You put hundreds of people at risk, and you couldn't even stop the bad guy."



The figure slipped over the edge of the roof. Scarlet Moon sprinted and peered over. Nothing.

Something flicked by his peripheral vision.

Something struck Anklyana, sending the two heroes sprawling. A black dome fell over Anklyana, right as the heroine flipped over the edge of the roof.





Sam raised his eyebrows and gave David a look.

David grimaced.

Sam rolled his eyes and gave him the look again.

David sighed, and grabbed Adrian around the shoulders.



"Honey, David's gonna need new pants," said Juliana.

Adrian smiled hesitantly. "Maybe he'll get pants like these."

"Maybe! Only one way to find out."



"What did I just say about being naughty? Legostopheles!"

Lego tentacles picked Scarlet Moon, turned him around to so that his naked, round bottom faced Princess, and bent him over, forcing his buttocks to round into a full moon.

"That's half a dozen strokes of the Scepter, for insulting your owner," said Princess. She tapped the brush lightly against Scarlet Moon's right cheek. She reared back and flattened Scarlet Moon's nude cheek with a two-handed swing.

Scarlet Moon howled and kicked. His bottom roiled with the force of the blow.

"Now count and thank me! After all, I could just throw you in the trash."

"One! Thank you!"

"Good dolly. There's hope for you yet." Princess whapped Scarlet Moon's left cheek.

Scarlet Moon wailed and bucked. His round cheeks bobbed and curved. "Two! Thank you!"

The brush bit into his right cheek again.

"Three! Thank you!"

And then the left.

"Four! Thank you!"

Two rapid strokes to the right.

Scarlet Moon thrashed and squirmed. His hair flowed out around his like a halo as his head thrashed back and forth.

"Five! Thank you! Six! Thank you!"



Juliana smirked. "There, you see? So, you want the dress."



Juliana flashed a smile. "Hi! Decided to see the sights, you know? But we've seen them now, so we'll be on our way!"

The thug threw her head back and laughed uproariously. Her thugs laughed along with her. "Did you hear that? Fucking bitch actually thinks we're gonna let her leave with a car that can fuck up a goddamn street lamp, and live to tell the tale! You know what I can do with a car like that?"

Juliana's lips thinned. "You really need to watch your language. What would your mother say?"

"Who cares," said the thug. "Now hand over the car. I'd pay ya, but I'm between paychecks right now, you know how it is."

Blood pounded against Adrian's ears. His skin buzzed, and a crimson mist fell over his eyes.



The boys settled into a rhythm, Sam, then David, then Sam, then David. Adrian alternated between whimpering and wincing while listening to Juliana getting her hide tanned, to howling and kicking while getting his own.

Juliana clung to Adrian's hands, and Adrian clung to hers, trying to comfort each other as the boys leathered their naked, sensitive skin.

David's leather cut into Adrian's bottom over and over again, leaving behind a molten hot mess. Adrian howled and shrieked, kicking and bucking against the arm of the sofa. Occasionally, he would stop and gently rub Adrian's bottom, giving him a moment to collect himself before resuming the thrashing.

Adrian's senses narrowed to three sensations: the rough arm of the couch digging into his hips, Juliana's clammy hands clutching his and the leather licking his blazing bottom.

A warm hand rubbed his welts, making his tense and hiss, before relaxing beneath the gentle massage. Gentle hands pulled his off the couch and into an embrace. Adrian clung to David's chest and wailed. David held him tight, while one hand rubbed slow circles on his bottom, his hand soothing and almost cool against his molten skin. Adrian squirmed, but whether because of the fire in his bottom, or the fire in his loins, he didn't know.

Eventually, Adrian's sobs faded to sniffles. David pulled away and kissed his lightly on the forehead.

"I didn't like doing that," said David quietly. "I didn't like it one bit. But you scared me, Adrian. Scared me more deeply than I've ever been scared in my life. When Juliana showed up, and you weren't with her..."




Tempestas unleashed a hurricane-force blast that drove the charging toys back a step, sent Scarlet Moon into the air, and flung the drones into the hurricane winds swirling above them to be smashed to kindling against play pens and walls.

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to a teetering play pen. Sir Stuffins and Giraffalot charged Anklyana's shield at full tilt. Tempestas hopped around Legostopheles, flinging gusts of wind at it here, punching tentacles apart there. Yomama swirled around Mr. Cuddles, buffetting it this way and that.




"I-I was just running a bit late," said Scarlet Moon. His eyes danced through the darkness, looking for some hint of the leather-clad vixen.

"I watched you land across the street, and scout around." Midnight's voice sounded just over Scarlet Moon's right shoulder.

Scarlet Moon spun. Nobody. Nothing.

"It's almost like you were planning a fight. Are you going to attack me?"

"I-I..." Scarlet Moon backed up until he stood in the center of the roof. He turned in place, trying to keep as much of the roof in sight as possible at once.



"Already on it," said Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon was halfway there when a gust of wind nearly slammed him into a building and Tempestas roared past.

"What's taking you? Move your scarlet ass," said Tempestas.

"How do you know--"

"Because I did my research," said Tempestas. She landed on a rooftop, sprinted across and leapt into the air. "Now move!"

Moments later, Scarlet Moon and Tempestas soared over the walls of a gated neighborhood.

"Ugh," said Generalissima. "Gated neighborhood. Can you say paranoid rich people?"



Adrian and Juliana entered their suite's common room. Adrian flopped down onto the couch. Juliana plopped down next to him.

Adrian's phone buzzed.

David had sent his a message. Did you ask Natalie about tutoring you yet?




"Relax." Juliana put a hand on Adrian's back and guided him back to the car. "Everything went smooth as ice on my side. When we get back, I'll rub some cream into your bottom, and a few weeks from now, when little Miss Con Artist back there is behind bars, we'll laugh about this."

"No you'll laugh about this," said Adrian, wincing with every step. He tried to rub the sting out of his seat. "I'm going to plot revenge."

"Against her or me?" asked Juliana as she got in the car.

"Yes." Adrian yanked open his door and plopped down in his seat. He yipped, and pushed his ass up. He shot a hot glare at Juliana, whose lips twitched. "I swear to God if you so much as grin, I will bend you over the hood of your car and smack your naked ass in broad daylight."

Juliana turned on the car, and started to back up.

"That's what I thought."




Keiko whimpered and let go of the skirt.

"Good girl," said Juliana, her voice warming a little. Juliana lifting Keiko's skirt over her narrow hips to reveal a small, firm, heart-shaped bottom clad in a pair of white, lacy boy-short panties that exposed a little bit of Keiko's lower cheek. Juliana cooed. "These are nice. Where'd you get them?"

Keiko mumbled something.

"Aww, come on I'm serious," said Juliana. "They look sooo cute on you. I wonder if we could find a pair in my size?"

"Vicky's mysteries," mumbled the young woman into her forearm.

"We'll have to go shopping together sometime. You've got great taste in underwear." Juliana patted the girl's bum. Juliana turned her attention to Adrian. "Would you like to punish her or shall I?"



Scarlet Moon brought the scarlet paddle down on the center of Princess' ass. The supple flesh flattened beneath the firm paddle. Princess sucked in a breath. Her legs stuck out straight behind her, she lifted her chest, her hands pressed against Anklyana's forcefield, and she howled from the depths of her belly.

Scarlet Moon raised the paddle over his head, and brought it down on Princess' bottom before the villain's first cry had finished echoing through the underground play area.

Princess howled and shook her head, her bunches of hair flying about her face. Her fingers dug into Scarlet Moon's thigh. Her legs kicked so fast they blurred. Her hips rolled about Scarlet Moon's lap, and she very nearly fell off.



Dr. Parks raised her eyebrows. "Cute. Were you always this rude, is it the anonymity from the mask, or delusions of superiority?"

"You're just jealous because you can't touch this." Scarlet Moon turned around and smacked his own ass.

"What are you doing?" asked Juliana. "What part of 'We should get on her good side' didn't you understand?"

Dr. Parks snapped the belt across Bernice's bottom. "What are you doing in my office? Shouldn't you be off fighting the floozy upstairs?"

"Well, mostly I came to make sure those two were ok. Oh, and apparently you're like some super smart scientist lady who designed an entire sonic laboratory downstairs? Well, I need to use it to stop Succubus, so you really should help me with it," said Scarlet Moon. "So that I don't blow out any eardrums or something."

Smacking emanated from Scarlet Moon's blue tooth.

Dr. Parks laughed.

And laughed.

And then laughed some more.

"Get out of my office. And take your friends with you."

"Mind if I stay here?" asked Vanessa. "I don't like getting shot at."

"You said I could have pants if I let you spank me," said Bernice.

"Very well. Of course." Dr. Parks glared at Scarlet Moon. "Out."



Succubus extricated herself from her thug, and slid to her feet. "Figures this place'd use some dude in tights as their bouncer."

Scarlet Moon scratched his head. "Do you, do you see what you're wearing? This isn't one of those emperor's new clothes things is it? Because that'd be hella awkward."

"No. This is one of those beat-you-enslave-you-and-get-back-to-dinner things." Succubus threw back her cape to reveal a very thick bullwhip coiled at her hip.



Juliana stood and gave Adrian a hug. "But you really could have hurt somebody."

"I know," said Adrian. "I'm sorry."

"All is forgiven. Let's go home."







As class wrapped up, Adrian picked up his test and shoved it into his backpack with shaking hands. He slung his backpack over his shoulder, and stepped outside to give David and that one guy some privacy.

A few (rather loud) minutes later, the student came out rubbing his bottom.

Adrian ducked back in and approached David.



"Honey, I know so. Now put on some makeup while I get changed."



"Yeah I'm fine. I just..." Vanessa took a deep breath, and wiped her eyes. "Starting to get tired of all the crazy ass super dicks coming out of the woodwork, you know? Feels like I'm in a comic book."

"Oh good, you've found him," said Mrs. Rossi, approaching. "Where did you go?"

Adrian smiled nervously. "I guess, I just got scared and slipped out. Am I in trouble?"

Mrs. Rossi shook her head. "Can't really blame you for sneaking out like that. Might have drawn Succubus', or whatever stupid name she used, attention but at least you didn't have a front row seat for a super-powered throw down. Enough chatter though. We've got some serious cleanup to do, and I'm sure the police will want some statements."

Adrian and Vanessa didn't leave the restaurant until after midnight, both too tired to say anything as Juliana drove them home. Fortunately, working was a perfectly acceptable reason for not being in by curfew, so the RA on duty didn't delay them more than a moment.

As soon as they were in their dorm room, Vanessa made a beeline for her room, and vanished with a soft click.



David stood and checked his watch. "Now, I need to go or I'll be late for a meeting with my advisor."

"Good," muttered Adrian.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, nothing."

David gave him a suspicious look and hurried off.

Adrian waddled into the bathroom, rubbing his bottom, trying to ignore the various other students who glanced at his exposed, swollen bottom. He slipped into a stall and took a deep breath. He grabbed the tops of his jeans and slowly wiggled them up and over his swollen bottom. She hopped around and whimpered as they scraped against his throbbing cheeks.

He spent another half-minute or so dancing in place and rubbing his buzzing bottom. Stupid jeans. Stupid boxer briefs. Stupid David caring about his grades. Stupid Juliana making him a superhero. Stupid criminals cutting into his study time.



Something grabbed the back of Adrian's t-shirt, and suddenly Adrian was flying through the air. His vision almost vanished beneath a red haze. There was a deafening crunch of metal, and he felt a faint impact against his back. When the red haze faded, he found himself lying in the middle of a smashed air conditioning unit. He pushed himself to his feet, and looked back towards Juliana.

Juliana was nowhere in sight. Instead, all he could see was Buzzsaw, standing where Juliana had been a moment before. She held a very thick and heavy looking chain in one hand. A lunatic grin split her face.

"Not too shabby eh?" said Buzzsaw. She leapt at Adrian, fist leading, sailing far farther and faster than was humanly possible.

Adrian back-pedaled. Buzzsaw landed and backhanded him through more of the air conditioning unit. Buzzsaw grabbed Adrian by the shoulder and hair, and gave him a vicious shake. "You ain't got shit on-"



"I let you down," mumbled Natalie into her pillow. "I was too scared. You should spank me. Hard."

"And what exactly will this solve? If we went backc in time, would you do anything different?"

"No," said Natalie quietly.

"So what's the point?" asked Adrian. Adrian sat down next to Natalie and put a hand on her back. "I'm not going to spank you just to cause you pain."

"I hate it so much." Natalie started to sob. "I hate being pushed around, I hate it when people roll their eyes at me. I hate being helpless. I hate being nervous, and scared. I hate being afraid of failing. I thought, I thought these powers would let me take control. I could fight back, even if it was just by protecting people. Thought I wouldn't be afraid of screwing up. But I can't! I still don't control anything. Just another place I suck."

Adrian rubbed Natalie's back.

"I don't know how you do it," said Natalie.



Mama reached into her giant-ass purse and pulled out a ragged pink slipper with a sole worn smooth as glass. On Juliana's eighteenth birthday, that slipper had been in pristine condition.

Juliana peeked over her shoulder and whimpered, her hips rolling from side to side.

"Two strokes per infraction." Mama put a hand on the small of Juliana's back, and brought the slipper down hard on Juliana's right cheek. A sharp crack bounced off the bare walls of Juliana's dorm room. Juliana yelped. Her fingers dug into her thighs, and her feet curled. Her plushy cheek roiled with the stroke, despite the supportive spandex. Nobody could make buttocks roil quite like Mama.

The slipper struck Juliana's left cheek with a sharp snap. Juliana squeezed her eyes shut and squealed.

"Either I'm the best spanker this town's ever seen, or you're milking it," said Mama.

Juliana's eyes shot open wide. "I'm not milking, I promise."

"Then show some spine girl." Mama brought the slipper down on Juliana's right cheek. "Six swats ain't nothing for you. I've laid thirty times as many into your bottom."

"Yes Mama," said Juliana.

Anklyana stared at Mama. "Thirty times?"



"I said turn it off." Juliana pulled Adrian's laptop down.


"Your father has no idea what he's talking about," snapped Juliana.

Natalie shrank away.

Juliana sighed and massaged her forehead. "I'm sorry Nat. Really. We'll do something about this, I promise. But later. We have bigger problems right now."



Scarlet Moon dumped the Whistler on the ground, and put his hands on his hips. "So."

"That's the best you can come up with?" said Juliana.

The Whistler slid backwards, her wide eyes never leaving Scarlet Moon.

She had shoulder-length brown hair with red highlights, and big brown eyes. She was a little bit tanned and had a fit, tight build. She was of average height and build: not super curvy, but not a coat rack either. She wore a black sleeveless cut-off shirt that exposed her flat midriff, and had a logo of a motorcycle brand. Her hips were clad in a pair of high-waisted daisy dukes that showed off a hint of lower cheek.



Scarlet Moon paused. Something caught his eye. He bent over to look more carefully.

"Is that a doorknob?" asked Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon reached out and turned the knob. The wall swung open into a dim, web-infested room. Scarlet Moon glanced at the side of the door facing into the amusement park. It looked like the wall.

"So there's a secret door from the creepy underground shopping center/arcade into the sewers?" asked Anklyana.

"This is gonna need more research," said Generalissima. Scarlet Moon could practically hear the grin.

Scarlet Moon gestured for Anklyana to go in.

"Why do I have to go first?" asked Anklyana.



David responded with a gif from some ancient animated show. It involved a burly nanny bending over a blonde in a pink dress and giving her a few swats while a bunch of men looked on and laughed

Adrian grimaced.

"What's up?" asked Juliana.

Adrian showed Juliana the gif.

Juliana laughed.

"It's not funny." Adrian hunched over his phone. Alright, I'm asking. Jerk.

David sent the gif again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Alright I get it! Now stop killing my battery.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Adrian closed the app. He hoisted himself off the couch and slogged to Natalie's door. He knocked.



David smiled. "Ah, yes Adrian."

"Umm, well, uh. Shouldn't we have one of those finally do-hickies or something?" asked Adrian. "I mean, to close the file or something, like if we umm, get a NumberFormatError-"

"Exception. NumberFormatException. But yes, exactly! We need to make sure to close the file in a finally block, or we'll leave a dangling file descriptor. Very good. You want to come up and add the finally block?"



"You can dissipate the paddle now, kitten."

Scarlet Moon took a deep, shuddering breath and did so. His fingers curled against the service door as he struggled not to reach back and rub his stinging bottom.

Fingers holding a quarter slid in front of Scarlet Moon's face.

Scarlet Moon groaned.

Midnight pressed the quarter against the door with one hand, while gently pressing Scarlet Moon's face against the door, pinning the quarter to the door with his nose. "If the quarter falls, cornertime starts over."

Scarlet Moon whimpered, but didn't dare nod.

"Good. Hands on your head." Midnight released her grip on Scarlet Moon's head.

Scarlet Moon did as ordered.

Scarlet Moon stood there for fifteen minutes that extended into eternity. His bottom burned. His legs shook, and the blurred door just in front of his eyes was just. So. Incredibly. Boring.

Time crawled by, and a part of Scarlet Moon felt a bit nostalgic for the spanking. At least it gave his something to think about.

Finally, finally Midnight pulled the coin out from under Scarlet Moon's nose.

"You going to be late again?"



The cat-person's eyes flicked between the four, lingering on Adrian, Juliana, and Sam.

The creature looked familiar somehow. Adrian couldn't quite tell, but the structure of its face, its bodyshape. The creature leaned a little bit more into the light. Adrian stopped breathing for a second. Fear and uncertainty distorted the catwoman's face.



Adrian put on the speedo. Holy crap, it was tight, and Adrian couldn't help but wonder if his package was small, medium or large. It was useful to know these things if you were going to parade it around in public like he was about to.




"Boy I have not yet begun to spank you." Buzzsaw roughly rolled Adrian onto his belly, and pinned the young man against the roof. There was the faint hiss of leather slipping free of belt loops, and Adrian's bottom clenched. "Yeah, you heard that? Scared?"



Scarlet Moon lifted each villain under an arm (superstrength is so cool) and hopped down into the open standing space in front of the stage. He carried them to the railing that separated the space from the seats.

"Where are you taking us?" Prometheus squirmed, her long legs kicking helplessly and her fists bouncing off Scarlet Moon's shield. "Let us go!"



"I take it things are about to get serious," said Juliana. "Good luck."



Buzzsaw's thick belt snapped over and over and over again, alternating between Scarlet Moon's and Tempestas' upthrust, exposed buttocks. The would-be superheroes kicked and squealed with every stroke. Their hips wiggled. Their rapidly reddening rumps bobbled. Their limbs flailed madly. Scarlet Moon swung his head back and forth with every stroke, his hair flying out around him. Tempestas pounded her fists against the barricade, wailing and cursing in a manner most unbecoming of a superheroine.

Buzzsaw laughed maniacally. "This is incredible. I was hoping I'd get another chance to tan Glogirl's rump. Never thought I'd get to belt two straight arrows."

"Justice will prevail Buzzsaw," said Tempestas through her sniffles. She hiccuped. "Just you wait."

"Whatever you say snowflake." Buzzsaw pressed a thick paw against the small of Tempestas' back and lashed the heroine's elevated bottom. The belt landed two dozen times, though it was hard to keep track when Tempestas' shrieks obscured the snap of the belt.

"What about you?" Buzzsaw stepped behind Scarlet Moon and pressed a hand against the exposed small of his back. "Got anything heroic to say before I trash your ass?"



Scarlet Moon grabbed Succubus' ankle, and lifted the villain into the air upside down. The woman's cape fell down and brushed against the floor, fully exposing a pair of big, firm, rounded orbs bursting out of a tiny thong.

"Kiss my ass!" snarled Succubus.

"I have a better idea." Scarlet Moon spanked the villain like a doctor spanking a newborn. Succubus squawked, swinging back and forth like a pendulum.



Adrian tapped just a hair of power, and swayed in a slow circle, his hips rocking in a fluid motion, offering up his backside to David's greedy gaze. A tingle spread through the pit of his stomach as he imagined his back, covered yet exposed by the tight shirt easing into view. He flexed a little, sending ripples across his muscular back. He bounced his bottom, and swayed the rest of the way around.

David stared.

"You know, it's January right?" asked Sam.

David snapped out of his ass-induced stupor and punched Sam in the arm. "Shut up you, you're ruining the moment!"



"No, that's not-oww!"

"Don't lie to me." The man picked up the tempo, making Juliana's naked cheeks ripple like a pond in a rainstorm. "My ankle hurts like a bitch because your friend can't control his temper. We weren't even keeping score for chrissake."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," wailed Juliana. "Please stop, it hurts."

"Yeah, you'd better be sorry," said the man. He landed some hard blows to her sitspots, and even a few smacks to her sensitive thighs. "I don't like being manipulated, you get me?"

"Yes, yes! Oww! I won't-oww-do it again! Yeowww!"

"Good." The man released Juliana, and let her stumble away, clutching at her stinging bottom. Then he turned towards Adrian, who took an anxious step back. "And now for you."



The bubble fell, and Scarlet Moon came face to face with Princess.

"Muahaha, I have defeated your pathetic friend Anklyana!"

Scarlet Moon leapt backwards and lashed a chord to the ceiling. He zipped up against the ceiling. Only then did he actually process what he saw.

First, Princess looked rather limp.

Second, the voice had sounded less like Princess, and more like a poor imitation.

Third, Anklyana clearly stood behind Princess, holding the woozy supervillain in front of her like a doll.

Fourth, Anklyana's giggles filled the play area.

"Fooled ya!" said Anklyana. "Apparently, the shock of going from All. Power. to No. Power knocked Princess senseless. I've mostly been sitting in my bubble, waiting for some kinda signal from you guys. Also, didn't know if she was gonna suddenly wake up and go crazy, so I was holding on to her in case."

"And since you were holding her anyway, you figured hey, might as well scare the crap out of the two of us," said Generalissima.

Anklyana grinned. "The look on SM's face was priceless."



Juliana sighed. "I don't really want to go out tonight."

"Yeah, I heard Jezebel bragging at the tanning booths. Look, I got someone here wants to talk to you."

"Tell Sam to go away," said Juliana. She wiped her face. "I don't wanna-"

"It's not Sam you dummy. I told my mom what happened. I was thinking maybe she could help. She wanted to talk to you," said Alexandra.

"Um, OK." Juliana threw a hopeful, scared glance at Adrian, and pulled the door open.



Juliana perked up. She pulled Adrian back through the crowd, and eventually found the pair sitting at a table in the corner nursing drinks.

"That was fast," said Sam.

"Change of plan. Pull your chair away." Juliana leaned over Sam and bounced her jiggly breasts in his face.

Sam gave a bemused smiled. He reached around and swatted Juliana's bottom. "Pull your chair away please."

Juliana huffed. She stood sharply straight and crossed her arms under her breasts (pushing them up a little in the process).

Sam put his drink down and made a big show of rolling up his sleeve. He tried to look stern, but a twitching smirk rather ruined the effect.

"Pull your chair away please," said Juliana hastily.

Sam made circling motions with his finger.

Juliana huffed. She turned around and stuck her butt out. Sam swatted her four times, twice to each cheek. The smacks were not particularly hard, though Juliana made a big show of jumping and eeping each time, wiggling her bottom between swats.

Sam pulled his chair away from the table. He put a hand around Juliana's bent waist and pulled her into his lap.

She eeped. "Hey, this is my seduction!"

"Not anymore," said Sam. He nibbled on her ear. One hand rubbed Juliana's washboard stomach, while the other slipped between the slit in her dress and up her thigh. Juliana moaned and wiggled against his lap.

A hand closed over Adrian's and Adrian found himself wrapped in David's arms, his chest pressed against David's.

"No sense in letting them have all the fun," said David. His large, strong hands cupped Adrian's bottom, eliciting a gasp. He hoisted him up and put his on the table. His lips moved close to his and paused.



"Eww, gross. He's my brother you moron."

"Like that would stop you."



"Oh come now kitten, how could I not recognize you?" Mirth laced Midnight's voice. The breasts swayed slowly back and forth against Adrian's shoulder. "The way you stand, the incredible grace with which you move. That heart-shaped bottom bottom of yours straining against those wonderfully tight pants. Hmm. Never imagined your eyes would be so beautiful."

"W-what do you want?" asked Adrian.





"Oh hey, look isn't it that cop from Silver Tower?" whispered Juliana, pointing towards a treadmill. "The one who wasn't wearing any pants?"

Sure enough, Officer Bernice Chastain ran on it. She wore a tanktop and a pair of blue short shorts that showed off her muscular legs and tight bottom.

"Think she's an alumni?" asked Adrian.

"Maybe. Isn't there a professor of law here with the last name Chastain?"

Adrian shrugged.

"Well, whatever. Let's go warmup."

Adrian claimed a treadmill and ran a bit at a fairly easy pace to get warmed up. He took a swig of his water bottle and eyed the room. What to focus on today?



"Oh come on, after all the time I spent on it?" said Juliana. "Show some pride, man!"

"Very good. Now, why don't you join your friend over my desk?"

"But won't that draw more attention to my bottom?"

"Frankly my dear, I don't think that's possible. Now less yakking and more bending."



Jezebel found herself staring at the ground, tucked under the smelly armpit of some random peon. Bernard's long arm snapped up and down, his long-fingered hand clapping the swell of Jezebel's pert buttocks. The girl's hips wiggled, while her bottom bounced underneath her painted-on jeans.

"Oww! Oww! Unhand me-oww! I'll have your-oww!"

Bernard shook his head. He pressed the button on a small radio at his hip. "I'm gonna need a cleanup outside the fiction section. Also, if I could get someone to cover the mystery and romance sections for a bit, I need to take a few girls in the back."

"Wait, no unhand me! Nooooo!" Jezebel's voice rose in a mournful howl as Bernard dragged her deeper into the store. Her two friends looked at each other and bolted.

Bernard looked over his shoulder and shook his head. "Guess you're getting your friends' paddlings too."

"Never you cret-owww!"

Bernard and Jezebel disappeared deeper into the store, though Jezebel's protests and wails still caressed their ears. Plus the more than occasional splat of hand on jeans.

Juliana walked up next to Adrian. "I got taken to the back here once--"

"Yeah I know. I remember," said Adrian.

Juliana snickered. "I'd love to--"



Juliana shook her head. "That's not going to help any. City's too big, and you'll just tire yourself out. No, we might as well just go to the gym. It'll help me think. But first, you need to eat."



Juliana shrugged. "Then just tease him until he goes crazy, takes you to his apartment and spends the night chastely talking programming with you, or whatever boring thing you want to do. Whatever."

"I mean, I'm not saying I'd necessarily have a problem with some heavy petting..."

"You do you. Just have fun with it. As for me, if I'm not bottom up and moaning by two am, it's gonna be the greatest failure of my life."





Juliana sighed and facepalmed.

"Get up, and bend over the back of the couch," said Sam.

Juliana stood.

"Not you," said Sam. "Just him."

Juliana sat back down, looking relieved (and more than a little amused).

"Go to hell," said Adrian, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at the door. "I'm going to stay out as long as I want, and you can't stop me."

Sam pulled open a drawer at the bottom of the desk and pulled out two implements: a thick, long-handled bathbrush, and a wide, heavy hairbrush. "You have a choice. You can bare your ass and bend it over the couch, in which case you get the hairbrush, or I can bare your ass, and bend it over the couch, in which case you get the bathbrush."

"What a choice," muttered Adrian.

"Do I need to treat you like a toddler?" asked Sam. "Because I can start counting if you want me to."



Buzzsaw unleashed a torrent of lightning fast strokes, making Adrian yelp and buck against the villain's hard knee. "But not so tired I can't still beat you into submission, you miserable shit!"

"You-oww!" wailed Adrian, wiggling and squirming beneath the leather. "I swear you'll pay-oww!"

"What are you gonna do?" snarled Buzzsaw as she landed a hideous stroke across Adrian's thighs. "Cry all over me?"



Scarlet Moon lined up his hand with the exposed lower-half of the woman's right cheek.

Scarlet Moon landed three quick, stingy slaps to the woman's right cheek. The woman's not-quite-covered cheek bounced beneath the impact, while the crisp snap of hand striking bare skin echoed throughout the alley.

The woman growled, and tugged at her bonds.



Scarlet Moon tensed. Who could be trespassing on Silver's property like that? Some sort of new supervillain?

Scarlet Moon leapt over the figure and wrapped her in several scarlet chords. The woman went down with a yelp. Scarlet Moon landed at her head and grabbed her by the hair.



"Hey David, mind spotting me in between Sam's reps?" asked Adrian.

"No problem, I can spot you while Sam takes a break," said David, though his eyes didn't leave Sam. Once Sam finished, David walked over to Adrian's bench. "Natalie treating you well?

"Yeah." Adrian got into position. "She's a pretty good tutor."

Adrian powered through his first set, then went to the lockers to get a drink while David spotted Sam for his second.



Adrian returned to his room, fell onto his bed and passed out again.

His phone buzzed and he jerked awake. A message from Juliana. Ready.

Adrian returned to Juliana's room.

There were two school pictures up on the screen. One looked a lot like Prometheus without her mask, while the other looked like Poseidon.

Juliana crouched on the seat of her computer chair, her welted bottom still clad only in a g-string. She grinned and gestured to the screen. "Say hello to the twins Pauline and Leonard Chastain."

"Chastain? As in--"

"Officer Bernice Chastain." Juliana's grin turned wicked. "Looks like our cop friend has a few skeletons in her closet. Their father works at Nezerwallup, while their mother is head of Silver Ant's legal division. They're filthy rich--"

"And think the rules don't apply to them," said Adrian in a dark voice.

"Worse. These are the kinds of people who twist, distort, and rewrite the rules so that they don't apply to them," said Juliana. "Now, conveniently enough, Bernice isn't on duty today, and she likes to run parkour on her off days along Freedom Lane. Why don't you go pay her a visit?"








Scarlet Moon ran out into the street.

Sirens blared, and a spotlight shone in his face.

"This is the police! Surrender now!"

Scarlet Moon leapt into the air and snagged a faint chord around a nearby lamppost. He zipped straight up into the air. A stun beam struck his leg, numbing it through his weak, flickering shield.

He swung up onto a window ledge, leapt onto another, and hauled himself up onto the roof. He dimmed his forcefield, and with a grunt of effort, fired off a small scarlet orb to the northeast.

"There he goes!" shouted an officer below. "Squads two and four, follow him!"

Scarlet Moon half-limped, half-crawled to the far side of the roof, and slowly lowered himself down into the alley.

By the time he landed, feeling had mostly returned to his leg. It was a bit sore, but he could walk on it without a limp.



The remaining strokes were slower, more deliberate, and no less painful. Each stroke made Scarlet Moon yelp. Each stroke doubled the heat in Scarlet Moon's bottom. Each stroke sent Scarlet Moon into a squirming fit.

"Alright, we're done," said Dana.

"Already?" said Marie. "I'm only like halfway through my raisinets."

"I'd be happy to produce a sequel," said Scarlet Moon. He glared over his shoulder at Marie as he stood and rubbed his blazing bottom. "We could call it Scarlet Moon 2: Redhead's Reckoning."

Marie smirked. "Whose doing the reckoning I wonder?"

"You took that admirably, for a random kid off the street with no training whatsoever." Dana returned the paddle to her backpack.

"Gee thanks. I'm just full of the warm fuzzies. Now, where's Succubus?"

"Sit down and we'll tell you."




Scarlet Moon spied a copse of trees a few blocks down. Looked like they started in an abandoned lot and grew up right against one of the office buildings.

"Naw, not if the burst is brief and weak. We're not talking powerful enough to put Buzzsaw through a wall, just powerful enough to give your jump a bit of a boost. Come on, what do you say? I'll bet it'll be awesome!"

GAMEPLAY NOTE: Some choices will be prepended with the name of a stat. In these cases, selecting that choice will increase the chosen stat by 1, and increase your energy by 5 points.

The first choice below will improve your speed by 1.

The second choice will improve your power by 1.



Scarlet Moon approached Succubus. He grabbed the supervillain by the hair, and switched places with her.

Succubus yelped, bending over to ease the pressure on her scalp. "You little--"

Scarlet Moon grabbed Succubus' hip and tossed the villain over his lap. The superhero flipped the woman's cape over her head to fully expose a tiny thong poking out of the top and bottom of a pair of curvy, protruding cheeks.

"Unhand me this instant, worm," said Succubus, squirming and kicking. "Minions, aid me!"

Scarlet Moon glared at the minions, who stayed put. He picked up the riding crop, and tapped it against Succubus' right cheek.



"Hey, Sam. How's real life?" asked David.

"It's good. Have you met Juliana?" Sam gestured to Juliana. "She's one of my wards, her and Adrian."

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you." David reached between the front seats. "Sam complains about you all the time."

Juliana took the hand. "Oh really?"

"Yeah. Apparently he caught you setting up a tripwire across his door?"

Juliana wiggled in her seat. "Well how was I supposed to know he got out of class early? Besides, I'm the victim here. He'll spank you for looking at him funny."

Sam sighed. "You were photobombing a picture with the dean."

"Like I knew that was the dean."

David gently elbowed Adrian. "So how many of these shenanigans does she draw you into?"



"Why didn't you answer your phone?" asked David. "I tried calling several times."

"Oh, um I guess I didn't hear it, and I didn't think to check it until I called you," said Adrian. "Kinda frazzled."

"Yeah, me too."



The girl crawled towards Jezebel, rubbing her boob. "Jez..."

"You incompetent boob! Assume the position!"

The girl groaned. She turned around and tucked her knees under her belly. She pushed her ass up into the air, and pressed her face into the matt.

Jezebel kneeled down and swatted the girl's naked bottom, making her groan and whine into the matt.

Juliana charged the girl with her hair tied to her wrist. The girl backpedaled and swiped her hand in front of her. Juliana caught the wrist, spun against the girl's chest like a dancer and shoved the first girl's panties into her mouth.

The girl's eyes widened, and she reached for the panties. Juliana reached around the girl and undid the clasp of her sports bra, letting it drop to the ground, rendering her completely naked. The third girl came up behind her. Juliana spun away, but the third girl's hands snapped out quick as thought and grabbed Juliana's long hair.

Juliana yelped and snapped her head back. The third girl twisted her shoulder to take the headbutt, and slipped her arms underneath Juliana's, pulling her into a full nelson.

"You're really fast," said Juliana with a grunt.

"You're nuts," said the girl.

"Yes, that's it. Hold her Janette. Strip her Jubilee, strip her!"

Jubilee, the girl who'd had her wrists tied behind her back, cautiously approached. She grabbed Juliana's shorts and pulled them off and over her feet, exposing her purple g-string for all the world to see. Juliana struggled against Janette's grip, but the taller woman held her firm.



Scarlet Moon fell facefirst onto the stage.

"Aww poo, our audience left," said Prometheus.

Poseidon swirled some of the water into a whip and snapped it across Scarlet Moon's bottom. Scarlet Moon yelped and rolled onto his back, clutching at his damp, stinging cheeks.

"You got that right," said Prometheus. She put her hands on her hips. "Jerk stole our audience. Shoulda just stayed home and played video games."

Poseidon approached Scarlet Moon and grabbed his french braid. He dragged him to the edge of the stage, sat down, and pulled the superhero facedown over his lap.



A slender, catlike humanoid appeared in front of Anklyana. It let out an ear-splitting shriek. A foot lashed up and out, striking Anklyana in the chest and flinging her into the air. Scarlet Moon lashed a pair of chords to the cat-creature's shoulders and zipped feet first into the beast's feminine chest.

The catpeson grabbed Scarlet Moon's ankles and slammed him facefirst into the ground. Once. Twice. Three times. Concrete shattered wherever Scarlet Moon hit. It whipped him above its head and flung him through the door. Scarlet Moon sailed across the throughfare and smashed through the wall of the bowling alley. He hit the floor and skidded several feet.

"That's a catgirl," said Generalissima. "There is a catgirl hiding in an abandoned amusement park underneath the mall."

Scarlet Moon clutched the side of his head.



"Yes, whimper in fear," said Princess. "For today, you face the wrath of Princess the Pretty Powerful!"



Adrian held a dark sports bra in one hand, and a pair of purple lycra shorty short-shorts in the other. He turned the shorts over in his hands. No way were these things going to cover his bottom. He slipped out of his pajamas and into a thong and the new outfit. He eyed himself in the mirror on the back of the door.

He poked his bare, somehow still soft belly. The sports bra mostly covered his breasts, so there was that, though it did squash them like sports bras did. Kinda uncomfortable. The shorts were as small as he'd feared. He turned around and eyed his behind in the mirror. His face colored. At least a third of his jiggly cheeks were exposed by the tight little shorts. And that was before he started running, or squatting or doing anything else that would make them rideup. Just the thought of flouncing around in this in front of David (or anyone really) made him want to crawl under the blankets.

On the bright side, superheroing had done wonders for his figure. Especially his bottom. The shorts really emphasized the fit curve of his cheeks.

He gnawed on his lower lip. David would surely enjoy the view. Like, maybe really enjoy the view.




"Your wish is my command."



Juliana grinned mischievously. "She looks so good on that high horse. Wanna help me knock her off?"

"What did you have in mind?"

Juliana leaned forward and whispered her plan in Adrian's ear.

"There is no way that will work."

"Come on, it'll be fine. Everyone follows patterns. You just gotta find 'em, and exploit 'em."



"Well, well take a look at this pert bottom." Curvy squeezed Adrian's upthrust cheeks. "Let's light it up!"

A double smack reverberated through the market, and Adrian yelped as two small, but stingy palms cracked against the seat of his jeans.

"Woo, you squeal deliciously. And look at that bottom jiggle! It's like you've got jello in your jeans!"

Curvy pounded Adrian's curved bottom like a bongo drum. Adrian squealed and bobbed his burning ass. He clutched Curvy's large calves.

"Hee hee hee! This'll teach you to insult Ms. Carmine!" Curvy walloped on Adrian's rocking bottom.

"Oww! Let go of me you-"

"What is going on here?" barked a voice.

Curvy yelped and backed off. Adrian turned, massaging his neck. A police officer was approaching. The police officer wore a standard police uniform and hat that seemed specially tailored to make her as intimidating as possible. The freckles speckling her nose and cheeks only slightly detracted from the aura of intimidation. A hint of blonde hair peeked out from underneath her cap. Adrian smiled weakly.




Scarlet Moon wove his shield into a small pingpong paddle.

"What are you doing?" Generalissima looked over her shoulder. Her eyes widened. "No, no no. Come on please not that."

Scarlet Moon struck the peak of Generalissima's right cheek with the paddle.

Generalissima threw her head back and shrieked. Her thick buttock caved beneath the circular implement and bounced back into position as Scarlet Moon raised the paddle. "Oww oww oh oh that stings."

Scarlet Moon brought the paddle down on the peak of Generalissima's left cheek for the same effect.

"Owwowowowowow. Why does that stupid thing hurt so much?" wailed Generalissima.



Adrian's fingers tightened against the small of Natalie's back. His fingers left Natalie's hot cheeks and he picked up the hairbrush. Natalie tensed and she whimpered.

Adrian brought the brush down on Natalie's right cheek. He battered the girl's right buttock with hard and fast strokes. Natalie's panties rode up some with all her flailing, exposing pale, virgin skin. Adrian shifted his attention up, and quickly turned that pale skin bright red.

Natalie wailed. Her hips bucked, and her legs slid up and down the couch.

Adrian shifted his attention to the left cheek, and peppered the bobbing buttock hard and fast.

Natalie sobbed miserably. Her legs kicked madly.

Adrian put the hairbrush down and slid his hand up the curve of Natalie's molten bottom. Her bottom was a dark red. Adrian could practically see it throb.



Scarlet Moon gently lifted the woman off his knee, and set her down. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you."

The woman twisted around and stared at Scarlet Moon like a cornered rabbit watching a wolf.

Scarlet Moon backed away, and turned away from the trio. "Are you following this?"

"Yeah. Normally I'd say she's faking it, but--"

"But they're not wearing masks, they're dressed for a ball, and they don't have superpowers." Scarlet Moon glanced back at the trio. "The other two look like they may have changed too."

Scarlet Moon barely made out the faint sound of drumming, as if Juliana were drumming her fingers against her desk. "Could we be dealing with possession, or mind control or something? Don't know if that's even possible, but we really don't know anything about whatever it is that lets you give the laws of physics a spanking."

Sirens split the night air.

"That's my cue. We can talk more about this later." Scarlet Moon ran out of the store and leapt into the cold night air.

For a few minutes, Scarlet Moon swung in silence.

"So, that was weird," said Juliana at last.



There was a squealing crunch, like metal getting twisted into a pretzel.

"Start the party bitches! Buzzsaw has arrived!"

Adrian and Juliana shared a horrified look. Juliana grabbed Adrian's shoulder and dragged him behind a large dune at the edge of the copse. The two crawled up the top, and peered over the edge.

At least a dozen Whistlers swarmed over the beach, rooting through purses, punching men who were a bit too macho for their own good, and making scary faces at terrified children.

Buzzsaw strode down the center of the beach, her mohawk glittering like rainbow-colored steel in the mid afternoon sun. Gone were the jeans and jacket. Instead, she wore a pair of jean shorts, and a tank top. Underneath the tank top was a mesh shirt liberally sprinkled with holes. For whatever weird ass reason, she was also wearing a pair of ragged rainbow socks. A spiked collar adorned her neck, and a matching spiked glove on one hand. On the other she wore a mesh glove. Both wrists sported spiked wristlets.

"Is that a supervillain outfit?" whispered Juliana. "Mary Mother of God, it's horrifying. It looks like she detonated a Hot Topic, and threw on whatever scraps were so hideous not even flame could eradicate them."



Adrian slipped on the swim trunks.




"Nope. They're calling you the Scarlet Jumper. Which is terrible. I'd call you the Scarlet Monkey or something. In fact, this looks like it takes anonymous comments."

"You better not," said Scarlet Moon.

"Relax, I wasn't actually going to suggest that," said Juliana. "I'm going to suggest Scarlet Moon."


"Because of your scarlet costume, and moon-shaped ass!" said Juliana.

Scarlet Moon growled.

Juliana laughed. "Relax, I'm just suggesting Scarlet Moon. I'll let someone else come up with the rest."



"Fine, if he wants to," said Sam.

Juliana grinned at Adrian. Adrian rolled his eyes.



Adrian stepped out of the bathroom, and hurried for the door. He peeked out and saw a whole mess of cops swarming just outside. He slipped back in, and looked around. The arena was empty. He lashed a chord against the wall and slid up to the large windows that circled the top of the concessions circle. He slipped out into the dark night, and very carefully slid down the far side, away from the cops and lights. He circled around in the dark, and came into the slowly dispersing crowd.

He pulled out his phone. It was infested with calls from David. Adrian called him back.

"Oh thank God," said David. "Are you alright? Where are you?"

"I'm uh, I'm on the north side of the crowd, I think, near arena street."

"We're at a streetlight on the corner of arena and cherry."

"OK, I'll uh, I'll head that way," said Adrian. Adrian patted his hair down, took a deep breath, and headed for the others.

He found the trio leaning against a street light. Juliana wore Sam's jacket, but still stood with her arms crossed. Sam tried (and failed) to look like he wasn't freezing. David paced in front of them.

David noticed him coming, and rushed over.



Leopard's lips turned up in a smirk. "You've got quite the mouth on you, don't you? Someone oughta wash it out."



Scarlet Moon struck Princess in the chest with a beam.




"Alright you." Scarlet Moon reached down and lifted the brunette into the air. "I think it's time someone taught you some manners."

The woman narrowed one eye, and grunted something almost coherent.



A gentle snowfall of stuffing wafted around Scarlet Moon.

"You killed Sir Stuffins and his loyal steed Giraffalot!" wailed Princess over the PA. "I thought heroes weren't supposed to kill! Seems like you need to be PUNISHED!"

"Yo momma needs to be punished!" said Tempestas, shaking her fist at the villain.



Eventually, they circled back around to the central open space with the giant christmas tree. A christmas tree that had miracously survived all the superhero shenanigans.

Mr. Cuddles put the two on the ground. Tempestas fell to her hands and knees, one hand back and rubbing her bottom. Scarlet Moon danced in circles around her, rubbing his bottom and mewling.

"Now, my dearly beloved toys, bind them, and bring them before my throne, so that they may kiss my feet and swear fealty to Princess!"

Tempestas pushed herself to her feet and snagged Scarlet Moon. "Pull yourself together boy, we've got trouble!"

Scarlet Moon took a deep breath and wiped his tear-filled eyes. An army of toys advanced on the two. Scarlet Moon backed up until his back pressed against Tempestas'.




"Sure you were." Tempestas picked up the pace, her hand blurring as it peppered Scarlet Moon's plump and rippling spandex-wrapped buttocks.

Scarlet Moon wailed and drummed his toes against the dirt. "You suck! You hear me? Worst superheroine ever! Oww! Oww! Oww!"

Tempestas whaled away on Scarlet Moon's blazing bottom.




Prometheus looked out over the crowd. "Don't be ridiculous. What's the point of kicking your ass without an audience?"



"Hey." The blonde man stumbled backwards and tripped over a large canister full of fancy beach umbrellas. The canister crushed a sandcastle that had just been completed by several cherubic children. Their faces contorted and they began to bawl. A mother hurried around the canister to tend to them. The father did the same thing around the other side and the two collided.

The father stumbled backwards and smacked into a gaggle of teenage girls, who all scattered like bowling pins. One of them tripped over a man reading a book and knocked over a cooler full of beer. A particularly high strung miniature pinscher, startled by the sudden crash bolted around behind its owner's legs, wrapping the leash around him. The owner cursed, stumbled, and grabbed his wife's shoulder. The wife, caught off guard by the sudden weight, toppled over.

A buxom yet thin waitress clad in a small teal thong bikini rushed past. She had time to form a small "o" with her mouth before she tripped over the woman and spilled a whole tray full of drinks all over Alexandra.








Oh noes, you've been defeated!


"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," said Juliana with a playful swat to the super behind. "Let's talk a little before you rush to save the day."


"Stop fussing. It was hardly a smack." Juliana wheeled her chair to her computer. "I've got a few ideas on where Buzzsaw might be hiding."

"Decrepit warehouse at the docks?"

Juliana laughed. "Don't be silly. I'll bet they're in an abandoned office building in a nondescript office park."

Adrian's stomach sank. "Oh."

Juliana grinned and rubbed her hands together maniacally. "Yes. It was there that you had your first fateful confrontation with Buzzsaw, and it is there that you shall have your final. Confrontation with Buzzsaw I mean."



Juliana stood in the middle of the common room with her arms crossed and her foot tapping. Her washboard midriff peeked out from underneath a tight v-necked green half-shirt that exposed the tops of her soft breasts. She also wore a white ruffly skirt that only went halfway to her knees.

"Finally," she said. "What were you doing, reading War and Peace?"



Adrian shimmied his pants down to his ankles with shaking hands. His slender hips rocked back and forth as he inched them down. His curvy bottom burst free of the jeans, his slender buttocks straining against his boxer briefs.

"Bend over slightly and put your hands on the whiteboard."

Adrian supressed a whimper. He stuck his exposed butt out and pressed his hands against the whiteboard. His legs shook. His bottom clenched and unclenched, making his round mounds wobble.

David stepped up next to him and pressed his hand against the small of his back. He squeezed his eyes shut. He tapped the paddle against his right cheek.

David struck. A sharp sting bloomed in his right cheek. Adrian bit his lower lip. The paddle snapped back and struck his left cheek, leaving behind a matching sting. Adrian sucked in a breath. His curved bottom caved and bounced beneath the stiff leather.

David popped Adrian's rippling butt with strong, sharp strokes. The pace was steady. Methodical. Endless. Adrian's hips rocked back and forth, making his round buttocks bounce even more. He squeaked and yipped, louder and louder with each pop.

A particularly nasty stroke caught the undercurve of his right cheek. Adrian yelped and twisted away from the whiteboard. His hand snapped back to shield his bottom.



Tempestas stopped on the peak of one towering white McMansion, and stared across the street at another towering white McMansion.

"1734 Rich Dr," said Generalissima. "Right across the street."

The home was quiet. An American flag snapped in the brisk November breeze.

Tempestas breathed a sigh of relief.

A column of water slammed into her from behind, and rammed her through the Chastain's front door.

Scarlet Moon spun and got the same treatment. He smashed through the front window and rolled across the living room.

"What the hell?" An older man with hair very similar to Bernice Chastain's leapt to his feet. A woman rushed into the living room. She took a step back and gasped.



"Yup. Mind walking with me back to my office? Another class is coming in after this, I think." David shoved the tests belonging to students who hadn't bothered to show up back into his backpack. He slung it over his shoulder and led the way out.

The two walked up the spiral stairs in the middle of the building.

"Are you doing alright?" asked David. "You started out as one of my best students, but you've been flailing hard the past few weeks."

Hard to focus when you spend most evenings trying to find a lunatic with steel-sharp hair, and the rest having nightmares about glowing red eyes.



A wave of gasps washed through the onlookers as Buzzsaw arced towards the fleeing figure. The villain landed in front of Alexandra and spun to face her. "Boo."

Alexandra yelped and skidded to a stop, landing hard on her bruised ass.

Buzzsaw guffawed. She grabbed Alexandra and flung her over her shoulder. She landed two heavy blows to Alexandra's ass, making the girl howl. "For trying to run away."

Buzzsaw put her fingers to lips and let out a single, piercing whistle. "Time to go folks!"

Alexandra looked at Adrian and Juliana, her face pale, and her tear-filled eyes wide as saucers. She reached out to Juliana and Adrian, but Buzzsaw leapt again, and the two rocketed away. The Whistlers left, as raucous and destructive as when they came.

"Well, that was a thing," said Juliana. She grabbed Adrian's hand and pulled him to his feet. "You have to go after her."





"You assume you know what I want," said David. He lightly clapped Adrian's heart-shaped bottom, sending a jolt through his system.



The next few hours passed in a blur. At first, Adrian scurried after Vanessa. That earned him a few swats: he was expected to walk with poise and grace. After that, he did his best to glide after Vanessa, paying careful attention to how Vanessa greeted each table, how Vanessa phrased each question, and the order Vanessa asked each question.

Vanessa had him wait a few tables. Despite his best efforts, it seemed like he got swats every time. One time for interrupting a customer with a helpful suggestion. Another time for forgetting to pick up some almost empty glasses that needed refilling. A third time for writing too much in his notepad. A fourth for forgetting to ask a customer for their second side.

By eight o'clock Adrian's bottom was quite sore, and he groaned as he stuck his butt out for two sharp swats for setting a customer's plate in front of his wife by accident.

"How about next time, you write the orders in your pad clockwise. So the top entry is the left customer in the aisle, the next entry is next to them and so on around the table. You can just set the plates down in the order you wrote them down," said Vanessa after giving him two swats. "No thinking, no confusion, no nothing."



Scarlet Moon's shield died. He tried to lash a chord to a pillar to escape, but the chord flickered and died before it'd gone halfway. His vision darkened and he fell to one knee.

The winds swirling through the mall died down. Tempestas lay on the other side of Legostopheles, clutching her head and groaning.

"Yes!" crowed Princess. "See, no mere mortal can stand against the terrible might of the Great Legostopheles! Not even the great Scarlet Moon!"




Adrian wove through the crowd, offering drinks, moving with grace, blah blah blah. He glanced up at the stage. And froze.

Leopard landed on the stage behind the band's drummer. She hurtled over him and rammed the band's singer into the crowd. The speakers whistled, making everyone in the ballroom cringe. The musicians froze. Leopard grabbed the microphone. Her eyes swept the crowd. "Here kitty kitty kitty."

Adrian's heart hammered against his chest. Gasps and shrieks rippled through the crowd, and people started to move for the doors. All of which slammed shut.

"Uh uh uh." Leopard waggled her finger. "Nobody's going anywhere until I've found my kitty. Poor girl's a stray, you know how it is."

Leopard's eyes swept the room. Her lips turned up in a vicious grin. "Ahhh, there we go."

Adrian followed the gaze. There was a knot of people, including Vanessa. Vanessa backed up, wide-eyed, chest heaving, limbs shaking.

Adrian cast about for someplace, anyplace to change. A door Leopard missed, a shadowed alcove, hell an empty corner. Nothing. The room was well lit, wide open, and none of the pillars were close enough to any corners to create anything remotely resembling an alcove. Wait, no over there. Behind the stage. But how could he get there without Leopard noticing him?

Leopard leapt off the stage and landed in the crowd. She stalked across the room, the crowd stumbling over itself to give her space. "Come on kitty, get a little furry. Let's make this interesting."

A big, meaty hand clapped on Leopard's shoulder. Leopard pivoted.

Chief Napier punched Leopard right in the nose. Leopard's head snapped back and she backed up step. "You're under arrest for kidnapping, reckless endangerment, wanton property damage, and bad fashion."



Buzzsaw leapt at Scarlet Moon. She rammed her fist through the crate Scarlet Moon was laying on and hurled it at a pillar.

"Woah!" Scarlet Moon snapped a chord around a nearby rafter and leapt off the box.

Buzzsaw sailed out of the dimness, and punched Scarlet Moon in the chest, sending him smashing through the pillar, through another crate wall, and into a third.

Scarlet Moon stumbled out of the smashed crates, transistors spilling out all around him. Buzzsaw's chain wrapped around his torso and yanked him into Buzzsaw's grip.

Buzzsaw grinned. "Think I'm stupid do you?"

"How much of that was an act?" asked Scarlet Moon, straining against Buzzsaw's grip.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Buzzsaw's head snapped down, his razor-sharp Mohawk arcing towards Scarlet Moon's head.

Scarlet Moon's shield flared and the razor-sharp hair halted. At first. The mohawk inched closer and closer to Scarlet Moon's head.

Buzzsaw's face twisted into a rictus grin. "You're mine Globoy."



Heels clacked. "Only boss who spanks her employees for being early."

"Because I'm the only one who cares about her people's mental health."

The crack of hand to bare flesh echoed throughout the large office in a slow, steady, rhythmic fashion.

"That's it?" said Juliana.

Fifteen minutes passed. Fifteen minutes of the same, slow, rhythmic spanking. It was almost enough to put a sleepy superheroine to sleep.

"Umm, ma'am, how long-"

"You have a choice girl. You can enjoy your personal time to the fullest, and get to work when you are supposed to, or you can come early and spend that extra time getting your seat warmed." The smacking picked up.

"Oww! Ma'am that's not fair!"

"It's far more fair than letting you work yourself to death."

The spanking continued. Steady, methodical, unrelenting. Every ten minutes the rate increased a little. By the end the smacks almost seemed to blur together and Janette wailed continuously.

"And done. Six thirty on the dot. Now go clean yourself up we've got work to do."

"Yes ma'am." Heels clacked rapidly out of the office.

"Ok, so I take it back," said Juliana. "That woman's a machine."








Oh noes, you've been defeated!


"Think the particle guns were Silver Ant's first commercial use of these crystals," said Generalissima. "Pretty sure they're tied to our powers. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we've found our battery."

"So, um what do we do with it?" asked Anklyana.

"Not a clue," said Generalissima. "Try approaching that terminal. Looks like it's got a keyboard."

Anklyana creeped up next to the keyboard and reached out with a shaking hand. A deafening klaxon erupted. Anklyana shrieked. Her shield flared. She stumbled and fell on her ass. Scarlet Moon pivoted back and forth, looking for--

The ceiling blew apart, and Mr. Cuddles jumped down, Princess on his shoulder. Legostopheles and an undamanged Sir Stuffins and Giraffalot flanked him.

"That's mine no touchy!" Princess' eyes glowed with a menacing red light. Her minions' eyes glowed with the same light.

Scarlet Moon's fist clenched.

"Anklyana, get to the terminal," said Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to Mr. Cuddles' face and whipped into the air.



Scarlet Moon's eyes flared, and his fingers tightened. The two swayed back and forth.

"Let go of me you bastard, or I'll burn this whole damn place down," said Prometheus, flames swirling around her fingertips.

Scarlet Moon rammed his knee into the back of Prometheus' thigh, braced his hands against the villain's shoulders, and front flipped over her. Prometheus faceplanted. Scarlet Moon pivoted, grabbed Prometheus' hair and yanked Prometheus in the air. He punched the woman in the chest, sending her flying through the door and into the alleyway. He lashed a couple of chords to the doorway and zipped into the alley after her. He grabbed Prometheus and flung him into the air. Scarlet energy wove into a spring and he rammed it into the midair villain's chest.



"Not you," barked the chief. His smoldering gaze never wavered from Anklyana.



"I have a few thoughts, but they're only inklings. I'll think about it some tonight. In the meantime though, I've been looking through his financials."



Dr. Park tapped her lips. She snapped the belt across Bernice's bare cheeks. Once. Twice. Three times.

"Well, I suppose that makes somse sense. Not a lot of sense. But then your powers don't make any sense at all, so the bar's pretty low."



Natalie doubled the belt over and snapped the two sides together. She hummed thoughtfully and snapped the belt a few more times. She drew the belt back and whipped it across Bernice's outthrust cheeks. The belt lashed both buttocks with a resounding snap. Bernice's tight globes wobbled beneath the stroke, and the officer howled. She wiggled her hips and pounded her feet.

"Shit! How the hell do you hit so hard?" wailed the officer.

"My friend Juliana's been making me go to the gym," said Natalie. "I guess I've gotten a bit stronger."

"Well, she sucks."

"I see."

"Wait, I didn't mean--Aaoooww!"

Natalie lashed Bernice's bobbing bottom three more times. She hefted the belt a bit. "This one seems to have a good snap to it at least."



"I can't handle her either! She kicked my ass last night," said Adrian, taking a step back. "It's thanks to you I didn't get anything worse than a spanking."

"But it was close. And you'd just laid out like half a dozen of her thugs," said Juliana. "If we can get you to her without losing any of your scarlet mojo, you should have no problem taking her down."



Juliana shot Adrian a dirty look before returning her attention to the document. "Ah, here we are. Twenty swats with an implement of type 3 or lower for barging into somebody's room unannounced. Forty with type 4 or lower if the occupant was underdressed at the time."

Keiko backed up from Juliana until she bumped into Adrian, who took her by the shoulders. Keiko looked up at Adrian and smiled a teeth-grinding grin of terror. "Aww, come on I didn't really think that thing was serious. So, it's like I didn't know, you know? How about a warning huh? I'll be better next time, cut me a little slack and call it culture shock. I'm not from around here-"

Juliana's eyebrow arched. "Have you ever been spanked before?"

"No." Keiko stared down at Juliana's shoes, her voice barely audible.

"Would you prefer your first time be in relative privacy and from your friends, or in the middle of a lecture hall by a professor whose pissed that you broke one of his rules, and has to take precious time out of his lecture to paddle you?"

Keiko went pale as a sheet. "Professors do that?"








Oh noes, you've been defeated!


He puffed up his chest, and swung around the pole. Adrian turned his back on the crowd in sync with Juliana, pushed his ass back, and slowly bent over, rocking his bottom from side to side. His plump bottom strained against his skintight pants, the leather doing absolutely nothing to hide any nooks or crannies.

Cheers and catcalls erupted from the crowd. Adrian's face flushed as he imagined the view, his covered yet exposed bottom swaying back and forth. He could imagine David watching. Watching his tease the entire room. What would he do? Keep watching? Drag him off the stage? Walk up onto the stage, tip him over his knee and give him a bare bottom spanking right there in front of everybody?

Adrian's breath picked up. His chest heaved. His head swam with lights and hormones and excitement and anxiety. He stomped a foot, sending a ripple flowing up his leg and through his leather-clad bottom.

The music picked up.

Adrian glanced over at Juliana. Juliana swirled around the pole, her skirts briefly kicking up, flashing the briefest of glimpses of two big, bouncy orbs swallowing a g-string. She landed smooth as silk, though her breasts managed to bounce so fiercely it was a miracle they didn't burst free. Juliana threw Adrian a wink.



"Oh yes, I remember," said Bernice with a smile. "We were discussing Scarlet Moon. Right before she showed up and vindicated one of us. Not sure which, to be honest. So, where do you work out these days?"



Lego tentacles snapped at Scarlet Moon. He ducked and whirled around them. Legos fired out of the creature like bullets. Scarlet Moon zigged and zagged. A fist blotted out the ceiling. Scarlet Moon dove forward. The fist smashed into the ground, missing his ankles by inches. He lashed a chord to the creature's wrist and sling-shotted around it, completing his lap before anyone could blink.

Tempestas flashed through the air and smashed feet first into the creature's chest. Legostopheles stepped backwards and toppled. Scarlet Moon's chord zipped back into his and he flung a scarlet sheet between the creature and the ground, shielding the petrified shoppers. Legostopheles struck the sheet and shattered.



"That stupid strip fight," said Adrian with an exasperated sigh.

"Strip what?" said Vanessa, straightening in her chair.

" was to help me," said Natalie quietly.

Adrian massaged his forehead. "I know, and it's not your fault. Just, give me a second with her."

Natalie shrunk back behind her door. "Do you think she hates me?"



Natalie sighed. "I was afraid you were gonna say that."

"I'm not going to try to fake negotiations. Can't imagine how that would not end badly. And well, the last time I took on Princess in a straight up fight, it didn't end well."

"I know," said Natalie. "Just not looking forward to the smell."



When he reached the library, he lifted the top of a secret cubby he'd made with Juliana's guidance a few weeks ago. He lifted out a backpack with some clothing, and the same secret compartment as the one he'd left in the portapotty.



Adrian grabbed Curvy's thigh, and sent the tiniest jolt of power into Curvy's leg.




"Stay away from me," said Vanessa. She lashed out with a lightning fast kick and struck Scarlet Moon in the chest, driving him back several feet. "I don't want anything to do with any of you! Haven't you ruined my life enough?"

"Miss, I haven't done anything--"

"Like hell you haven't!" Tears fell from Vanessa's eyes. "Everywhere I turn there you are, destroying my jobs, tormenting me or my friends, tearing this city apart. You call yourself a hero, but you don't save lives, you destroy them!"

"Don't listen to her," said Generalissima. "She's just scared and upset."

Scarlet Moon took a slow step forward. "I can save you now, if you'll let me--"

"No, stay away!" Vanessa flipped backwards over the lip of the roof.

"Vanessa!" shrieked Scarlet Moon, bolting for the lip.

Vanessa fell alongside the building. Her claws snapped out and she dug them into the side of the building.

The wall beneath her burst out, and Tempestas flew out into the air. Vanessa shrieked and rammed her claws fully into the wall, jerking herself to a stop.

Leopard swung out and punched Vanessa in the jaw. Vanessa snapped backwards, and her head cracked against the side of the building. Her body went limp. Leopard grabbed Vanessa, grabbed a window sill and threw herself up onto the roof.

As soon as she landed, Scarlet Moon punched her across the jaw. He grabbed Vanessa, leapt into the air and kicked Leopard in the chest, driving the villain back, and forcing her to release Vanessa.

Scarlet Moon set Vanessa down in the middle of the roof. He clenched his fists and rounded on Leopard.



"Excellent. Come on." Juliana pulled Adrian back onto the volleyball court.

They played a few more volleys before the volleyball landed close to the out of bounds line on Adrian's side. Juliana winked at Adrian.

"What're you all celebrating for?" asked Adrian. "That wasn't your point."

The man who had invited them to play frowned. "Of course it was."

"No it wasn't." Adrian walked over and pointed at the impact. From his perspective, it was clear the impact was inside the line. "The indentation is clearly outside the line."

Vanessa rolled her eyes, and approached the spot.

"Crap, Vanessa look out," said Juliana just after tossing a water bottle at her.

Vanessa spun and lurched, her hand snapping out to catch the bottle in mid-air. "The hell?"

"Sorry. You were looking at me, so I started to toss you the bottle, but then you turned away, and I couldn't exactly stop."

The man crossed the court to take a look at the impact. "One nice thing about beach volleyball. Easy enough to resolve line disputes."



The woman closed her mouth.



He landed in the alleyway between the jewelry store, and some mom-and-pop place. The sidewalk was empty. Likely any pedestrians had beat it when the alarm went off and/or they saw a bunch of thugs smash the glass.

Scarlet Moon slipped around to the front of the building and peeked in. Three dark figures moved about the display room, smashing display cases and yanking out sparkly necklaces, rings, and gems.

They moved quickly, but didn't seem hurried. They also didn't say anything to each other. All three wore fancy ballroom dresses: red, white and blue. None of them seemed to be wearing masks, though they were wearing gloves. Elegant silk gloves, but gloves none the less.

The one in the blue dress glanced over her shoulder and looked Scarlet Moon in the eye.

Scarlet Moon jumped up on top of one of the display cases.



Scarlet Moon stepped out into the hallway.




"After what she did to me?" said Scarlet Moon in a low, rough voice.

"Yes," said Tempestas. "You'll go overboard."

"She deserves whatever I do to her," said Scarlet Moon, giving the mewling villain a shake.

"Maybe, but restraint is what separates heroes from villains," said Tempestas.

"Listen to her," said Generalissima. "Or you might do something you'll regret."



The trio returned home, and went off to their various rooms.

"Don't forget your first day of work is tonight," said Vanessa. "See you this evening about 5?"



And thus, David lightly smacked Adrian right out of the store, Adrian yelping and skipping to stay ahead of him.

"Jerk!" said Adrian, rubbing his bottom and dancing around to keep David at armslength.

David shrugged. "Warned you. Now let's get you home before things escalate."



"Your waitress is a klutz." Alexandra removed one of her sandals. She lifted her head imperiously and looked the woman in the eye. "So I'm going to take my sandal to her clumsy ass."

The woman's eyes narrowed, and she put her hands on her hips. "I saw the whole sorry chain of events. A gold metal gymnast would have spilled those drinks. Now, let her up."

"Who are you to tell me what do to? My name-"

"My name is Delryn Rossi and I am the general manager on duty. If you have a problem with one of my waitresses, you come to me, and I will decide what, if any, discipline is required. Now let. Her. Up."

"How dare you take that tone with me," said Alexandra, defiantly raising the sandal.

"Girl, you'll have a lot more to worry about than my tone if you keep this up," said Delryn. "I will count to three-"

Alexandra whipped the sandal into the waitress' left cheek, making it wobble and the girl yelp. She gave the manager a look that dared her to do something about it.



Vanessa stood and put a calming hand on Juliana's shoulder. "Alexandra was a snotty bitch to Natalie, yes."

"Only way some girls listen," said Alexandra, turning back to her phone.

"But she wouldn't have come anyway. She never does," said Vanessa.

"I'll be out in a minute." Juliana spun on her heel and walked into her room, slamming the door behind her.

"She'll get over it." Alexandra put her legs up on the back of the couch. "I'm already changed, and packed. Let me know when you're all ready."

Adrian returned to his room, and pulled open his closet. A little bit of hunting turned up his three bathing suits.



"It's not a thong," said Natalie. Her face colored some more. "It's just, kinda revealing."

"Yeah. Kinda. And you let Juliana talk you into wearing it because..."



When the explosion faded, a...being stood where Scarlet Moon should have been. The creature was vaguely humanoid and seemed made of red light.

"Ooh," said Princess. "You broke my--"

The humanoid vanished.

"Where'd he go?" came Generalissima's frantic voice from the video.

"I don't know!" The view swung wildly back and forth. The figure stood on Mr. Cuddles's shoulder, next to Princess. It held Princess by the throat. Princess' feet kicked wildly.



David made a disgusted sound. He bent Adrian under his arm and peppered the boy's backside with his palm, making him yelp and squirm while his bottom bounced and rolled beneath his jeans.




Scarlet Moon and Anklyana slipped into the building. A few faint flashes later, and Adrian and Natalie returned to the ballroom, Natalie anxiously futzing with her dress.

"Natalie!" Chief Napier hurried out of the crowd.

"Daddy!" Natalie rushed to meet him. "Are you ok? Sorry we got separated--"

"That's fine. I'm fine." Napier pulled Natalie into a fierce hug and held her tight. Natalie sank into his arms and buried her face in his shoulder. They held each other for a moment. "I'll tell you what's not fine though."

Natalie eeped. Napier bent her under his arm, and rolled up her dress, revealing a pair of black bikini-cut panties that struggled to cover Natalie's big, bouncy buttocks.

"No Daddy, not here!" wailed Natalie, her big bottom wobbling as she squirmed.




"What are you doing?" hissed Juliana.



"Every woman I've ever met as attractive as her's a bitch. Some just take longer to show it than others."

"Trust me, Juliana's a lot of things. Obnoxious. Know-it-all. Mischievous. Strangely capable of talking you into joining her mischief. But she isn't two-faced."

Natalie stared down at her laptop. "She's just waiting for an excuse to laugh at me."

"If she does, just spank her bare bottom until she's bawling like a babe."

"I'm not really any good at that..."

"Then I'll spank her bare bottom until she's bawling like a babe. Unless you think I'm gonna laugh at you too?"

Natalie shrugged. "Probably not. I mean, you semed ok in class today, but I guess you wouldn't be asking if you didn't really need help."





Scarlet Moon put his hands on his head and paced abou the utterly ruined bowling alley.

"Good job," said Generalissima.

"Where are the others?"

"Oh, several blocks away. Tempestas insisted they go with Princess to make sure she isn't seriously injured, and given to the cops once they're far enough away from the crystal. Everything's fine though. Princess isn't glowing anymore, and she seems to be out like a light. Think she might've gotten--"

The last remnants of the wall between the bowling alley and the rest of the underground mall burst apart, and Mr. Cuddles lumbered in. Crimson light poured from cracks that had formed all along the bear's body. Each step left a little bit of clay behind. Its movements were jerky, and erratic. Its head swiveled about, as if looking for something.

"Huh. Right, forgot about him. You ready for round two?" asked Generalissima. "Anklyana, you and Tempestas might want to get back. Right now."



A flash of scarlet light replaced Adrian with Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon touched his earpiece. "Tempestas, Anklyana you there?"

"We're on our way," said Tempestas. "What's the situation?"

"Cat lady kidnapped a college boy outside of a club, while being chased by a scantily clad huntress with a thing for leopards. The cat lady seems to becoming more catlike over time, and is currently fighting the huntress. I've saved the boy, who wants us to help the cat, not the huntress."

"You're kidding," said Tempestas. "Never heard of Stockholm setting in quite that fast."



"I don't know, there was that episode at the temple," said Juliana.



The girl tried to scamper away, but Scarlet Moon grabbed her foot with one hand and dragged her closer. He lifted up the thief's dress with the other.

"Let's see what we got under here. I'll bet my ass that it's a white th-"

Scarlet Moon's eyes went wide when she saw what was under that dress. Or, more accurately, what wasn't.



He slipped up through the ductwork, onto the roof, and circled around to one of the gym's emergency exits. He dropped down and pulled it open.



Juliana scowled at Natalie. Natalie wilted. "Yeah, she got away. Turns out Adrian needed all the help he could get. Too bad he couldn't get any."

Natalie's eyes teared up. She turned and ran back into her room.



Adrian was woken up by his necklace buzzing. He was up, out of bed, and knocking on Natalie's door before he'd even really opened his eyes.

Natalie yanked her door open. "My watch is buzzing."

"Yeah. Come on." Adrian grabbed Natalie by the wrist and pulled her into Adrian's room.

Two flashes of light and a window open and closing later, and Scarlet Moon and Anklyana were swinging through campus.

Juliana's voice came on. "Can't talk long. Anthropomorphic cat kidnapped me. She's being hounded by some lady in leopard-print. Whatever you do, don't attack the cat. Keep the hunter away."

"What." said Scarlet Moon.

"What." said Anklyana.

"Just trust me. This cat, she seems to know me, and she wants my help. Maybe someone with out of control powers. She's a victim. She needs to be protected, not attacked."

"I don't know..." said Scarlet Moon

"She hasn't tried to hurt me. Please. I don't trust that hunter lady. There was a gleam in her eye. Something sadistic."




Adrian slipped into the shadows between two cars, and touched his necklace. One dim flash of light later, and Scarlet Moon crouched where Adrian had a moment before. He slid through the dark parking lot, and lashed a chord to a nearby lamppost, zipping up and swinging away, David's voice chasing afte him.

"Adrian? Adrian where'd you go? Adrian!"

Scarlet Moon grimaced.




"In prison?" Midnight's voice had an amused edge to it. "You gonna spank me and put me in jail?"

"Y-yes," said Scarlet Moon. Gravel rustled behind him. He spun. A leather-clad palm struck Scarlet Moon's spandex-clad left buttock. Scarlet Moon yelped at the sudden sting, and whipped back around. He caught a glimpse of a figure sliding into the shadows at the far end of the roof. He hesitated a moment, before firing a scarlet beam after it.

The figure was gone.


"I don't believe you." Steel-strong fingers closed over Scarlet Moon's shoulders and slid down to his arms, pinning them to his side. A rich, smooth voice tickled his ear. "You're slow. Unsure. Nothing like the ferocious, nigh-unstoppable man who fought Leopard mere hours ago."



Prometheus snarled. She swirled a flaming battering ram and flung it at Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon dropped, but not fast enough. The ram caught him in the chin and flung him through the wall.

Scarlet Moon burst back outside, slammed into the road and rolled onto the quad. He lashed a chord to a nearby tree and zipped up into the branches.

Prometheus walked out of the building, flames swirling around her. "Whatcha doing up there Scarlet Moon? Come on down, and let's play a little game I made up called Toasting Toes."

Prometheus flung a fireball at Scarlet Moon.

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the belltower and zipped onto it. "Why are you doing this? Why attack these students?"

Prometheus grinned and her eyes sparked. "Why? Because we stand at the dawn of a new world order. A world owned by people like us. Supremes. The sooner the teeming--"

Scarlet Moon blasted Prometheus right in the kisser.



Adrian faded in and out of sleep. He woke up boiling, but barely kicked his covers off before he passed out again. He woke up freezing, clutching frantically at whatever blanket he could get his hands on. At one point, it seemed like sun was filtering in through his window, but the next thing he knew it was dark. He thought he could hear Juliana talking to a gentle voice he didn't recognize.

Adrian woke with a start. Early morning sunlight filtered in through the window, intermingled with cheerful birdsong. He groaned and rubbed his eyes. Weird ass dream.

Weird ass freaking dream.

He rolled off his belly onto his back, and burrowed into the bed.

The door banged.

Adrian yelped, teetered on the edge of the bed, and fell ass-first onto the floor.

A floor that happened to be covered in textbooks, shoes, pens, pencils, and maybe a thumbtack or two.



"Well, you'd better learn," said Juliana. "And stop swearing."

"Fine, why don't you take it then?" said Adrian, shoving his hand into Juliana's face. "I didn't sign up to be a fucking walking fucking night fucking light."

Juliana took Adrian's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Sorry. It's just, my head is killing me and I'm scared, and weirded out, and I just want to go home and get paddled by Sam for missing curfew."

The red mist faded some, and Adrian ran a hand through his hair. He smiled weakly. "Bet you never thought you'd say that."

Juliana returned the smile. "Don't tell Sam? I'd never live it down."

Adrian made the motion of locking his lips with a key.

Juliana laughed quietly, then winced. "I thought I was supposed to get the hangover after I woke up."



"I seriously doubt-"

The door banged open.

"Jesus' fuzzy beard," said Juliana, whirling towards the door.

For the briefest of instants, almost too fast to be seen, there was a crimson flare. But Adrian repressed it in a surge of panic, thoughts of horrified roommates and dark government labs flashing through his head.




"We'll see if you're singing the same tune when he's wrapped you up in his manly arms and--"

"Ok, ok, enough with the fanfiction." Adrian shouldered the bag and went to his room.

Juliana snickered.

"Snicker like that again, and I'll tell Sam you're trying to get David and me together."

"I am doing no such thing. I just want you to look your best, even when you're hot, sweaty, and just want to die."



Vanessa looked haggard. Deep circles lined her eyes, and her hair was disheveled. She looked like she'd just gotten up from sleeping, and that her sleep had been tormented by nightmares.

"Vanessa, you ok?" asked Juliana from the common room armchair.

"I'm fine," said Vanessa. She massaged her forehead. "Had a rough day yesterday, and a bad headache today. But nothing I haven't powered through before."

"Don't suppose you could call in sick?" asked Juliana.

Vanessa scoffed. "Not everyone gets a fullride after picking an impossible fight with a rich bitch, and making a different rich bitch feel sorry for you. Now come on, Adrian."

"Touche," said Juliana with a grin.

"Fortunately, the party's being hosted at the Ander theater, so we don't even have to leave campus," said Vanessa. "Ever been?"

Adrian shook his head.

"You should check out some of the plays some time," said Vanessa. "Really fun, and students get in free."



He grabbed the pair by their ears and dragged them off the stage.

"Oww, let go of me you bastard," said Prometheus.



"That's the spirit!" Juliana clapped her hands together with glee. She pushed her door open. "When you've gotten Carmine into the main foyer, send me a quick text ok? Doesn't matter what you send. When I've finished I'll call you and let it ring three times. You do have your phone set up for an actual ring right?"

Adrian made a quick adjustment to his ringer. "Now I do."

"Alright, let's do this."





Juliana grabbed Adrian's shoulder and gave him two sharp swats. "Don't you roll your eyes at me."

Adrian eeped and grabbed his bottom. "Quit it!"

"I go through all this effort to find you the second sexiest dress in the city, and you roll your eyes at me?" asked Juliana in mock indignation. "You're lucky I'm not spanking your bare butt right here and right now."

Adrian stuck his tongue out at Juliana. "Maybe if you got me the sexiest dress in the city, I'd be more grateful."

"Pfsh, that one's for me." Juliana's eyes sparkled. "You're not the only one hoping to get laid when we back."

"I'm not--"

Juliana rolled her eyes.



"By some miracle, we have not received reports of any casualties at all. It's incredible. So we're going to talk to Dr. Gregs about the economic ramifications. Dr. Gregs, do you think this will effect the recovery?"

"The economy is doing the best it's done since the Crash, but it's still on very shaky grounds. But you know, it's still the economy of a very large, wealthy country. One trashed mall isn't going trigger a death spiral. But a trashed mall, a trashed college campus, and maybe in the future a trashed office park? Trashed neighborhoods? Absolutely," said Dr. Gregs.

"But can't we just rebuild? During the Great Depression public works projects were key to the recovery," said the anchor.

"There's some debate about that," said the economist. "But even so, where's the money coming from? The Great Lakes don't control the money supply, and federal funds never seem to get here."



"Release the prisoner, and get on the ground," barked the leader.

Scarlet Moon glanced sideways at Alexandra. "Ms. Silver is not my prisoner. In fact, I just saved her!"

"I said release the prisoner and get on the ground!" barked the SWAT leader. He fired his particle beam, striking Adrian full in the chest. Scarlet Moon stumbled backwards a step, his shield flaring.

The SWAT team stared open mouthed at his.






Unfortunately, whatever gas Leopard had used to knock them out hadn't completely worn off. Scarlet Moon had to stop and catch his breath a couple of times, and he wasn't able to remain quite as out of sight as he would have liked.

One time, while clinging to a window sill and taking a break, the window suddenly opened and he found his ass yanked into the apartment. Something flat and wooden battered his ravaged bottom while someone ranted about "decency" and "putting some damned clothing on."

Eventually, Scarlet Moon managed to squirm free and swing away, clutching his burning bottom, the woman's lecture following his for at least a block.

"That sounded unpleasant," said Generalissima.




"To be fair, getting flung into the air is both scarier, and more visually impressive than getting conked on the head with a glowing stick," said Generalissima.

"Rassle frassle," muttered Scarlet Moon.



Anklyana nodded. She took a deep breath. "OK--yeee!"

Tempestas grabbed Anklyana and whipped into the air.

Scarlet Moon zipped up to the second floor, and watched. People surged for the exits, a flood seeking any way out. He spied one part of the floor starting to crumble, but before people even realized what was happening, he had them wrapped in a net and set safely on the far side. He flung down a barrier across the hole to let others continue.

With a crush of people behind them, and a groaning ceiling above them, the folks who hit the scarlet bridge first didn't hesitate.

This happened three more times. By the time Scarlet Moon had thrown down a third bridge, sweat poured down his face and his limbs shook.



He landed a pair of extra hard blows to Adrian's sitspots, making the college student squeal. "Not only do you get home two hours past curfew, not only do you disrespect me, not only do you refuse to cooperate, but you try to escape? I mean, it's one thing to mess up if you fess up, trying to get out of it? Frankly, I'm ashamed of you, and I think your parents would be too."

Sam battered Adrian's tender, bare bottom with the heavy wood, its stingy thud making Adrian squeal and kick.

"Like I care what you-oww!" squealed Adrian.

"Oh really?" Sam punctuated the question with a brutal smack to Adrian's thigh. "Clearly I'm not spanking you hard enough."

Sam leaned over Adrian's bent over body. The heavy brush thudded against Adrian's jittering cheeks. The thuds echoed throughout the office, and Adrian bucked his hips against the couch as hot agony cascaded across his ass. Adrian cursed. The curing turned into yelps. The yelps turned into wails. The wails turned into whimpers.

"So do you care yet?" asked Sam, punctuating the question with a heavy blow to Adrian's right sitspot.



"Ooh, you're starting to make me mad," said Princess.

"Twist right," said Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon twisted. Cords zipped out of the drones and smashed into the temporary floor next to him. A thick green hemisphere formed around Scarlet Moon and one of the cords.

"What the?" said Princess. "I thought you were out of juice!"

Scarlet Moon grabbed the cord next to him and yanked. His vision blurred, and nausea rose in his throat. The drone smashed into the shield and shattered.








"First, let's fix your makeup," said Midnight. She picked up one of the washcloths and wet it in the sink.

She turned Adrian's face to hers, and wiped away Adrian's makeup with smooth, gentle strokes. Adrian closed his eyes and took a deep breath, sinking into the warmth of the woman's fingers on his chin, the smooth sweeping of the warm, damp cloth across his face.

The washcloth pulled away, replaced by another, this one dry. Adrian's face scrunched a little as the scratchy cloth patted his face dry.

A brush tickled Adrian's cheeks as Midnight applied a new layer of foundation. Followed by some mascara. A touch of blush.

"Purse your lips kitten," said Midnight.

Adrian pursed his lips. He shuddered. Like he was asking for a kiss.

Lipstick swept across his lips.

"Now, open your eyes," said Midnight.

Adrian did, and found himself drifting in Midnight's sparkling green gaze. The hand holding his chin turned him to face the mirror.

The makeup was exquisitely applied. All evidence of Adrian's tears was gone. Adrian's lips were a plump, rich red. Red enough to draw the eyes, but not enough to be garish. A hint of expertly applied mascara drew a sharp contrast between Adrian's dark, full lashes and bright eyes. The blush added color to Adrian's cheeks, but if he didn't know better, he'd almost think it was natural.

"There, isn't that better?"



Adrian pushed into Juliana's door, too damn tired to remember to knock. Natalie came in behind him, closing the door as she went.

Juliana hastily minimized something that looked like a news program. She spun and smiled. "Hey guys. Good job out there. Princess was nasty. Natalie, you were incredible."

Natalie puffed up.

Adrian flopped down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.

"Adrian, what's up?"

"Ran into Vanessa in the common room," said Natalie.

Juliana frowned. "Let me guess, she got a holiday job somewhere in the mall."

Natalie nodded.

"Poor girl."



Scarlet Moon went into a lunge position and flipped Succubus over his outthrust thigh. Succubus grunted as her bare belly pressed into Scarlet Moon's bare leg. Her torso sagged until her hooded face pressed against the floor. Her cape settled over her back, covering her from shoulders to ankles. Her knees pressed against the hard floor.

Scarlet Moon flipped the cape over Succubus' head to reveal a pair of milky globes bursting out of the bottom of the villain's leotard, all but swallowing the thin strip of spandex running between them. Her naked buttocks hung over the side of Scarlet Moon's thigh, pointed towards the door.

Succubus kicked and wiggled her hips, a muffled grunt emanating from the hood.



Scarlet Moon leapt off the roof and wrapped a scarlet cord around a nearby streetlight.

"I coulda sworn I set an alarm. Why didn't it-oh. Looks like I set it for 10 am, not pm. Oops."

"From this day forward, you will use military time." Scarlet Moon arced around the corner of a building, startling a couple of pigeons into the air. He released his cord, and landed on a ledge outside some windows. He eased himself down a few more stories, and leapt onto the back of a semi sitting at a light. He rode that a couple of blocks, and swung off when the semi turned right instead of left.

"Good idea. And look, if Sam catches you I'll let you give me the same, 'cause it's kind of my fault."



Juliana let a long, aggravated sigh. "Really?"

"It's umm, attached to the inside of the pit. There's a faint cord running along the wall."

"Of course it is. Alright, I'll go get it. See you at the library." Juliana hung up.

Scarlet Moon winced again.



When they reached the source of Tempestas' burst, all they found were a couple of police officers laying stunned on the ground, and Bernice Chastain, the officer who helped Scarlet Moon take down Succubus, helping them up.

Chastain smiled weakly. "Thanks for the help you two. Was worried you'd hung your cowls up after the whole Princess thing."

Anklyana shifted uneasily from foot to foot.

"We just needed a little vacation," said Scarlet Moon. "Wasn't Tempestas here?"

"Um, yeah. She got us out of a tight jam, but jumped off," said Bernice. "You, umm, might want to do the same. Boss man's still kind of pissed. We'll take care of the arrests and--what's that?"

Scarlet Moon followed Bernice's gaze. Something moved across the rooftops above them.

"Zooming in," said Generalissima. "Someone carrying a briefcase."

"Someone carrying a briefcase?" said Scarlet Moon.

Chastain grimaced. "Someone's absconding with the money from the drop off tonight. Goddammit."



Scarlet Moon walked up the (many!) steps and into the cavernous entrance hall. The hall was mostly empty. The hardwood floor gleamed in soft yellow light emanating from lamps hanging off the walls. A great spiral staircase wound its way up towards the ceiling. There was at least one door in every direction.

"Nice digs. Think I'm gonna add 'get filthy rich' to the top of my todo list," said Juliana.

"Please come this way," said the woman. She opened a door to the right, stepping aside to let Scarlet Moon through.

The two stepped into an office dominated by a giant mahogany desk and plush leather chair. A pair of equally plush chairs sat behind the desk. A pair of monitors sat on one end of the desk, while the other had a couple of neat stack of paper, bound together by rubber bands. The center of the desk was empty save for a paperweight in the shape of an ant head.

The office was lit by a quartet of soft golden lamps, one in each corner. A plush leather couch lined one wall, and in the corner was a fireplace with a tasteful rug set before it. A colorful chest sat against the wall, flush against the rug.

Phillipa Silver sat behind the desk, her fingers steepled in front of her. With her black and white suit, professional makeup, and graying hair pulled back into a bun, she looked like the quintessential CEO. "Welcome Ms. Moon. Please have a seat."



"What's...going..." Princess swayed.

A great wave of red light swept through the basement. Scarlet Moon felt a surge of power flow through his, almost uncontainable. Scarlet Moon burst free of Mr. Cuddles' grip and zipped into the air.

"Oh dear, wasn't expecting that," said Generalissima. "So, we may have just created a whole new crop of Supremes."

Anklyana stood next to the crystal, now dark. Her eyes sparkled with green light. "Princess, I don't think we've been properly introduced. Name's Anklyana. I create forcefields. Forcefields that can block Glow waves. Like, say, the ones emanating from this crystal on your wavelength. You know, the ones you used to supercharge yourself. Oh, and I reprogrammed your little crystal to emit a burst at Scarlet Moon and Tempestas' wavelengths and go dead. That scanner you included on here was incredibly useful."

"That was actually all me," said Generalissima. "But reprogramming it to your wavelength was her idea."

Princess snarled. "Well, jokes on you little girl. All that power you contained, it rushed out like a river bursting free of the dam. You now face Princess at her full might!"

"Hey now, why not keep it going?" asked Tempestas. "I'd like a bit of unlimited power."

"And Lord only knows what that would do to you," said Anklyana.

GAMEPLAY NOTE: Without her battery, Princess can't infuse her minions with as much energy. Legostopheles, Giraffalot and Sir Stuffins are all at half strength!



Natalie looked skeptical.

"I know it looks unpleasant, but once you get in the zone it's not so bad. And you'll feel great a few minutes after," said Juliana.

"I don't believe you," said Natalie.



Something glinted in Juliana's eye. "We live in a surveillance state, Adrian. One that sucks at computer security. You wouldn't believe what you can find with an internet connection, halfway decent hacking skills, and a couple hours free time every day."

A few minutes later, Scarlet Moon swung towards Freedom Lane. He spied a few folk running and rolling across the roof.

"That must be them. See Bernice anywhere?"

"No." Scarlet Moon landed on a billboard above the group. "Think she knows Prometheus and Poseidon are her siblings?"

"Almost certainly. Their masks kinda sucked. Could be she's helping them hide."

"Or trying to find them and bring them in," said Scarlet Moon. "Come on, you're not usually the one to assume the worst about people."

"Yeah, well. Guess I'm in a dark mood."



"How enlightening," said the chief. "The last time you 'negotiated,' it was a complete and utter disaster. Why in hell should I let you try again?"




Scarlet Moon burst out of the shadows and swung towards Mr. Cuddles.



"So, not interested in talking I take it," said Juliana. "Just follow my trail, keep the hunter away from the cat."

"You sure?"

"Look, this cat, I don't think she wants to hurt me. If anything she wants my help, and she's terrified of this hunter lady. Please, I know she kidnapped me, but I don't think she's the villain here."



"What? What about? What happened?" asked Adrian, getting off the couch.

Natalie backed up a step. "Well, while you were off doing whatever, Jezebel and her drones started harassing me they usually do. Juliana defended me, and um it kinda escalated into a strip fight, Juliana against Jezebel's drones."

Adrian ran a hand down his face. "Of course it did."

Natalie shrugged. "I um wouldn't know. Somehow, Juliana won, stripped every stitch off of every one of them. They're supposed to leave me alone."



"Sorry," said Natalie in a whisper. She slipped from the room.

Juliana took a deep breath. She massaged her forehead with one hand, and her bottom with the other. "We're going to have to do something to improve our relationship with the police aren't we?"

"Looks like it."

Juliana grimaced. She walked gingerly back to the desk. "One thing at a time. One thing at a time. I'm going to call Tempestas, and we can work out our plan of attack."



"I'm with Vanessa on this one," said Juliana. "You should get out of there."

"I don't know."

"You really think a rematch'll end any differently?" asked Juliana.

"Those people upstairs need our help."

"Fine. I'll see what I can come up with. In the meantime, sit down and try to catch your breath. And whatever you do, don't get into any fights."

"Well that shouldn't be too--"

"Don't ever talk about my mother like that!" Vanessa tackled Bernice.

The door to the room below below banged open and a trio of women in skintight leather outfits and particle rifles burst in. Their Silver Ant badges were plainly visible even through the vent grates.


GAMEPLAY NOTE: Scarlet Moon has regained 20 energy. Now, you need to navigate the labryinthine vents and hallways of Silver Tower. With every decision you'll regain 20 energy, but you'll need to choose carefully and pay careful attention to your surroundings if you want to face Succubus at full strength.




The final smuggler went flying and lay on the ground groaning.

Scarlet Moon grabbed Anklyana around the waist and lashed a chord to a nearby wall. "Hotspots Generalissima. I need--"

Someone big burst out of a nearby warehouse and shoulder-checked Scarlet Moon. He smashed through another warehouse, scattering crates full of particle guns.

Absolutely. Full of them.

A gargantuan man, over six feet tall and three hundred pounds of muscle stood in the hole, pounding his fist into his hand.

Anklyana cowered nearby, a glowing green shield around her.



Sam wrapped his arm around the small of Adrian's back, and bent him over, his hip and leg pressed against Adrian's. Sam tapped the brush against Adrian's left cheek, and unleashed a sharp, stinging smack. Adrian had barely begun to squeak before the brush smacked against Adrian's right cheek. Then left, then right again almost before Adrian could process them.


Sam unleashed the second fifteen blows in half the time as the first six (though not with much less strength). Adrian squirmed and squealed throughout the rapid-fire beating. His hip bumped repeatedly against Sam's. His plump bottom round and rippled beneath the firm brush.

"OK," said Sam after the last, extra hard swat. He shifted the brush into his other hand, and rubbed Adrian's burning bottom. "We're done. Now get up."

Adrian hopped up and danced about the room, rubbing the worst of the sting from his buzzing bottom.










Oh noes, you've been defeated!


"That's the spirit." Juliana pushed the heels into Adrian's hands.

Adrian slipped into the heels. He wobbled a moment before finding his balance and taking a step.

"Swing those hips will ya?" said Juliana as she strapped on the open-toe sandal heels she had for herself. "If you're gonna wear uncomfortable shoes, you gotta work 'em for all they're worth."

"You are determined to get frostbite aren't you?" said Adrian.

"What? These? Pfsh. We'll be outside for only a few minutes. And it'll be pretty steamy in the club, if you know what I mean," said Juliana with a broad smile and wink.




"Relax," said Juliana. "This road's always empty."

Adrian looked at the dark buildings zipping by and shivered. "And kind of creepy."

"See? All the more reason to go fast," said Juliana.

"No, all the more reason to slow down a little. I do not want to get into an accident here," said Adrian, rubbing at his skin. "Why the hell do we always go this route anyway?"

"Faster. No cars, very few traffic lights, and they're all blinking yellow this time of night."

"Yeah, but you're going like fifty-five. It's a thirty-five zone."

"Fifty. And I told you-"

Your skin started to itch and burn, like a hive of bees crawling across and stinging your skin.



"Ohh, have no fear of that." Alexandra turned a steely glare on Adrian that made the supposed superhero back up a step and trip over Juliana's bed.



Buzzsaw erupted from the pile with a crate held above her head. She flung it at Scarlet Moon. "I've had enough of you Globoy!"

Scarlet Moon leapt over the crate. His eyes flared with blazing light, and a blinding beam of crimson light utterly consumed Buzzsaw.

Buzzsaw flew through the air, propelled through wall after wall of crates.

Scarlet Moon landed and ran towards Alexandra. "Hang on Ms. Silver, I'll get you out-"

There was a scream of rage, and the pounding of boots on concrete. Buzzsaw burst out of the shadows, her massive chain spinning above her head.

Scarlet Moon formed a scarlet spring and smashed it into Buzzsaw's chest. Buzzsaw sailed backwards. She landed on a crate, and flung herself back at Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon wrapped a chord around a rafter and flung herself towards the ceiling. Buzzsaw whipped her chain around Scarlet Moon, locking his arms to his sides. She yanked down. The rafter split, and Scarlet Moon slammed into the hard concrete.

Buzzsaw laughed maniacally. "I was hoping you'd show up Glogirl. I owe you a debt."

The lunatic yanked Scarlet Moon towards her. The superheroine slid across the concrete.



Poseidon's hand rose and fell so hard and fast, Scarlet Moon was sure half the cracks assaulting his ears were sonic booms. Each blow sent an explosion rippling across the hero's bare, round right cheek. His hips bucked desperately against Poseidon's knee. His legs squirmed and kicked as best they could while pinned beneath his smooth, muscled thigh. His hips squirmed around on his lap, and his fists pounded against one of the stage's support beams. His teeth ground together, and tears gathered the corners of his eyes.

His right cheek throbbed, and Scarlet Moon didn't know if he wanted the spanking to stop, or for it to shift to his left cheek for some balance.

Prometheus laughed. "So much for the big bad superhero. Too bad the audience fled. Ooh, I see a news camera."

A gust of wind whipped Scarlet Moon's hair, and the spanking stopped.

Poseidon grunted in surprise.

Scarlet Moon looked over his shoulder (trying not to see his cherry-red, throbbing buttock).



Naturally, Juliana thought Adrian should "impress the boys" with a pair of skintight leather pants and a skintight, sleeveless black shirt that showed off the wiry musculature he'd developed swinging around town.

Adrian shifted from one foot to the other. He could barely lift his feet enough to do that much in the tight trousers, and he could swear he heard them creek.



The quintet made their way to an open stretch of sand about halfway between the entrance and the water, close enough to the volleyball nets to watch the pickup games, not close enough to get hit by stray balls.

Vanessa eyed the volleyball net as she helped Juliana set out the blankets, while Keiko and Adrian wrestled with the umbrella.

"Hey," she called to the nearest net. "You guys looking for players?"

A muscled blonde man grinned. "'Course. The more the merrier."

Vanessa grinned. She ripped off her shirt and shorts, to reveal a dark blue high-cut one piece that showed off her muscular physique. "Come on, let's play!"

"Ugh." Alexandra, stripped off her top and skirt, to reveal a small red tie-bikini. The top formed an x across her chest while the bottom seemed to take particular joy in flashing a bit of cheek. "God no. I came here to lie in the sun before school gets stupid, not roll around in the sand like a pig." She pointed at a nearby waitress. "You there! Yes, you! My name is Alexandra Silver and I demand a beach chair right here, right now!"



"Partner?" asked Tempestas.

Scarlet Moon shrugged. "Would you prefer sidekick?"

Tempestas' lips twisted. "Pretty sure I'm older than you. If anything you should be my sidekick."




Buzzsaw's brow furrowed.

"He's implying that your hands are soft and effeminate, boss," said one of the thugs.

"Nobody calls Buzzsaw's hands soft," roared Buzzsaw. She grabbed Adrian and raised her fist. "MY PALMS ARE STEEL!"

Adrian kicked Buzzsaw in the shin.

"Shit! Fuck! Son of a bitch!" Buzzsaw hopped back, clutching at her leg. "Beat his scrawny ass!"

The three thugs approached, cracking their knuckles. A small voice in the back of Adrian's head screamed in terror, but the rest buzzed. The air seemed to pulse, and Adrian could barely see through the red mist that filled the air.




"I know," said Natalie quietly. Her shoulders shook. "I'm sorry I screwed up. I do want to be healthy, honest."

"Such is life." Adrian tapped the hairbrush lightly on Natalie's left cheek, sending ripples across the incredibly gorgeous bubble. "And after this, we'll start over. We'll pick ourselves up and try again. OK?"

Natalie nodded into the armrest.

"Good." Adrian whipped the hairbrush up, and brought it down on Natalie's left cheek with a resounding splat. The soft flesh roiled beneath the stroke. When Adrian lifted the brush, he left behind a bright red rectangular square.

Natalie squealed into the armrest, and her feet kicked madly. "God, that stings worse than Daddy's belt!"

Adrian snapped the hairbrush against Natalie's right cheek. Left, right, left, right, the hairbrush blurred between the roiling hemispheres, keeping both continuously dancing.

Natalie rocked and wailed. Her bare feet danced madly about the far side of the couch. Her toes curled and straightened. Her bright red bottom roiled and bobbed, her hips squirmed and bucked all over Adrian's lap.

Adrian massaged Natalie's round bottom. Natalie tensed when Adrian's fingers first touched her sizzling flesh, but as the massage continued, Natalie sighed. She nestled into the couch and pushed her voluminous bottom up into Adrian's kneading fingers.



Succubus stood just in front of the helicopter. She spun with a whirl of her cape. She grinned. "Well, you found me. You're smarter than you look, Scarlet Cheeks."

A couple of cops rushed up onto the roof, guns drawn.

"It's Succubus!" cried one of the cops, a woman. "Stop her!"

"Oh dear, it looks like we have company," said Succubus. Her eyes flared.

Scarlet Moon fired an energy beam, right as a particle beam struck him in the side. He lurched sideways, and his shot went wide.

"What are you doing?" cried the cop, casting a frantic look at her partner.

The other cop, a man, shot Scarlet Moon again, driving him to his knees.

"I'd love to stick around." Succubus leapt into the helicopter. She turned and waved at Scarlet Moon. "But I've got-"

A particle beam struck Succubus in the face, knocking her back into the helicopter.

"You're not going anywhere!" shouted the female cop.

The other cop tackled her. "Don't you dare shoot Mistress!"

The first kicked her partner off, and shot him in the chest. She rolled to her feet, and ran for the helicopter, firing all the while.

Scarlet Moon pushed himself to his feet, and snapped a chord around the helicopter. He wrapped a second chord around a nearby air duct as an anchor and flared his shield.



Juliana came out of the crowd, Sam trailing behind. She grabbed Adrian by the hand. "Come on, I've got an idea."

"But--" said Adrian.

"Hey David, how about you and Sam go get a drink?" Juliana winked at him.

David raised an eyebrow. "The next song's gonna start--"

"I know, trust me you'll love this. Just go get a drink, take a break, and enjoy the show." Juliana's teeth flashed in a grin.

Uh oh.

David gave Juliana a suspicious look before looking at Sam. Sam shrugged. David gently pushed Adrian to Juliana. "Don't go getting Adrian into trouble now."

"Trust me." Juliana pulled Adrian off the dance floor and towards the stairs leading up to the poles. A few scantily clad girls awkwardly swayed around a few, before giggling and scampering back down. "Come on, let's show them how it's done."

"You want me to pole dance in front of the entire club?" asked Adrian.

Juliana threw Adrian a dangerous grin. "Pole dance with peak human agility no less. He's gonna love every minute, and he's gonna wanna make sure everyone knows you're his, and his alone."



"I think I've heard enough from you." Scarlet Moon grabbed Vanessa and pushed her facefirst against the wall.

"Scarlet Moon what are you doing?" asked Juliana.

Scarlet chords pinned Vanessa's wrists to the wall. Scarlet Moon hiked up the woman's tight black skirt to reveal a white thong wedged in a protruding pale posterior.

He wove his shield into a scarlet paddle and struck Vanessa's bare right cheek.

"Oww! Let go of me you half-naked brute." Vanessa wiggled her hips in pain. "I didn't do anything!"

"I'm trying to save you and everybody else in this stinking tower." Scarlet Moon battered Vanessa's bouncing cheeks with the paddle. "The least you could do is stay out of my face."

"Let go of me!" Vanessa flailed and tugged on her bindings. "I thought you were different from Buzzsaw, but you're not. You're just another God! Damn! Bully!"

One of Vanessa's wrists snapped free and she pivoted, backhanding Scarlet Moon across the face.

Scarlet Moon stumbled backward and slammed against the far wall. The other binding faded, and Vanessa rounded on the superheroine.

"Holy hello," said Juliana.

"Calm down girl," said Bernice, grabbing Vanessa. "Before--"

A trio of cops charged down the corridor. Particle beams flashed down the corridor, some bouncing off the walls, and others splattering across Scarlet Moon's shields.

"Hey, hey I'm a cop, stop firing!" cried Bernice stepping forward and holding up her badge.



"The crystal, it's still feeding her energy, at an accelerated rate. She's like a balloon getting pumped full of air. Bigger and bigger and bigger until..." said Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon planted a scarlet spring against the wall behind his and sprang. The wall blew backwards. Scarlet Moon hit the ground, rolled and leapt into the air in that split second when Sir Stuffins reeled.

Legostopheles battered maniacally at Anklyana's cracking and quivering shield. Anklyana cowered in the far corner of his bubble. Mr. Cuddles kicked and swatted Temepestas all over the play pen. They all glowed brighter and brighter. Princess burned like a small sun.



"Alright, looks good to me. Let's get you back to the beach to address that filthy mouth of yours," said Delryn. "Oh, don't bother putting those on yet."

Alexandra gave Delryn a horrified look.

Delryn pulled Alexandra to her feet, and folded Alexandra's wrist behind her's back. She frog marched Alexandra back to the beach chair, swatting the girl with every step. Alexandra emitted a cacophony of yelps, her naked ass bouncing beneath the hard strokes.

The boss traded her grip on the girl's wrist for one on her ear, sat down on the chair and pulled Alexandra's head down even with her own. "I remember what you were going to do to my waitress. And, frankly, it's just what you deserve!"

The boss tossed Alexandra back over her lap and picked up the sandal.



Adrian yelped and kicked. He squeezed his eyes shut and bucked his hips in pain.

"And maybe see if there's anyone around who might be willing to serve as our proxy, hmm?" Mom rapid-fird the slipper against Adrian's naked, roiling cheeks, each stroke leaving a horrific sting behind. "Keep you on the straight and narrow."

"I know someone," piped up Juliana. "Oww! He'd be perfect! Oww!"

Adrian glared at Juliana.

"Why thank you Juliana," said Mom. "Always good of you to look after your brother."



The two hoodlums lay on the floor in the fetal position, groaning in pain.

"That bastard's unreal."

"Or we suck."

"I like mine better."

"Me too."

"Good job," said Juliana, clapping Adrian on the shoulder. "Wonder if they-"

A crash echoed through the factory.

Adrian spun back towards the door as it burst open and half a dozen Whistlers poured in.

"Cell phone, dumbass!" shouted the hoodlum Adrian laser-beamed.

Juliana grabbed Adrian's wrist and tugged him towards the stairs.

They ran up the stairs, Juliana slamming the door shut behind them. "That sheet of iron, quick grab it!"



"Yeah!" Juliana pumped her fist in the air. "Make the Stuffy of Pure Evil rue the day it dared cross spears with the Sensational Scarlet Moon!"

The giraffe charged.

Scarlet Moon pushed energy into his legs and leapt with all his might. His energy shifted into his fists, now glowing with blinding brilliance.

His staff struck the bear just as the bear's noodle struck his.

Hmm. Probably should've made the staff longer.



Scarlet Moon groaned. He shivered, his bare skin pimpling in an air-conditioned breeze, leather cool against his skin.

Scarlet Moon's eyes flew open. He was naked! In a panic, he tried to grab at his face, searching for his mask, but his arms jerked against something. He was strapped naked to a spanking bench in an all-fours position, his torso resting against a padded leather bench, while his elbows and knees rested on similar, smaller versions of the same.

A familiar pressure against his face reassured his that he was in fact still wearing his mask.

He just wasn't wearing anything else. He squirmed and yanked on the straps holding his down, but his head was still woozy, and he couldn't focus enough to bring his powers to bear.

Something was in his mouth. A bit of investigation with lips and tongue, and he groaned. He was wearing a ball gag.

He looked from side to side. Tempestas was next to her, strapped to a similar spanking bench in a similar position, also buck naked except for her cap and goggles. Boots clomped against tile, and a leather paddle, a little bit bigger than a pingpong paddle, slid across Scarlet Moon's naked, round posterior. He shuddered.

"You were doing so great for a while there too. Too bad you stumbled at the finish line. Ah, well."

The paddle drew back and snapped against Scarlet Moon's right cheek.




Juliana handed Natalie six pens. "Here. While Adrian tries to talk, you'll slip around the mall and plant the pens where I tell you."

"Are you sure?" Natalie took the pens. "I'm not really the sneaky type."

"Do you want to talk to the crazy person who controls toys?"

"Well, no."

"Alright then. Adrian, you'll go up to the police by yourself, while Natalie approaches the mall from the east."

Adrian and Natalie nodded.

Juliana smiled. "Good luck."

Not too much later, Scarlet Moon swung towards the police barricade. He landed on the far side of the street, giving the twitchy officers plenty of space.




She had a maroon full-cut one piece that fully covered yet drew the appropriate emphasis to her bottom, a fair amount of her chest, and everything in between.

She had a black tie-side full cut bikini that covered all and only the important bits.

Finally, she had a black thong bikini that Juliana browbeat her into getting a few weeks ago. Mama would have a conniption fit if she saw her in that.






"You're really giving it to his, aren't you? I sense a little unspoken tension in your new partnership," said Princcess. "Here's hoping that tension doesn't explode at an inopportune moment."

"Oh just shut up," said Anklyana. "I'm doing what you want, so quit with the commentary."

"Excuse me?" Princess' eyes flashed. "You do not dictate to me. You're my little dolly, and you're--"

Anklyana smashed the paddle against the drone, smashing it (and the paddle) to pieces. "I am nobody's dolly."

"Anklyana!" said Generalissima. "What part of--"

"My alter-ego puts up with this all goddamn day!" snarled Anklyana. Her eyes glowed with green light. "Well, my name is Anklyana, and Anklyana doesn't put up with this shit! Ever!"

Princess face flickered onto the screen of a second drone. "Excuse me--"

Anklyana snarled. A dome formed over her and the drone. The Princess' face flickered away, and the drone fell to the ground. Anklyana stomped on it, grinding it to the ground.

The third and final drone showed Princess' face. "Ok, now I'm getting annoyed--"






"Makes sense. Alright, I'll go with that one." Natalie grabbed the chosen belt. "Thanks for your help Bernice."

Bernice muttered something that was probably foul, but too low for Adrian to make out. She hissed and danced as she squirmed her jeans back on.




"Come in," said Silver.

Heels clacked against the floor. "Good morning Ms. Silver."

"Good morning Janette. Tell me, what time did I ask you to come in?"

"Um, six-thirty ma'am?"

"And what time is it?"

"Umm, five forty-fiveish. I think..."

"So what are you doing here?"

"Boss, we've got guests coming--"

"We've been preparing for six months. You really think one more hour is going to make a difference?"


"You work seven to six, six to six some days. You're already risking burnout."

"But there's so much to do." The secretary's heels clicked, likely as she swayed from foot to foot.

A chair scraped against the floor. "Come here, please."

"Oh come on, you can't be serious."

"I can be."



"Yes. Let's."



"No!" Natalie clutched her bottom and pulled her hips away from Adrian.

"Then don't say that again," said Adrian.


"Ahh." Adrian held up a finger.


"Ahhh." Adrian held up his palm.

Natalie stared down at her shoes, and futzed with her dress. Adrian didn't miss the little smile tugging at her lips before she looked down. "You're a meanie face."

"A meanie face would have just spanked you, instead of warning you. Should I spank you?" Adrian took step forward.

"No!" Natalie danced backward, clutching her bottom. "I take it back, I take it back."

Adrian chuckled. He spied Ms. Rossi approaching.



Before the chief could say anything, Dana and Marie, the two super secret spy persons pushed through. They wore their customary skintight black leather catsuits.

"Good job chief," said Marie, the short redhead. "We'll take it from here."

"Like hell you will," snarled the chief.

Marie's eyes narrowed. "Excuse me?"



The woman slid to her feet. "You're going to be one of those no-fun stick-in-the-muds aren't you?"

Scarlet Moon yanked the woman forward.

A flash of light erupted between them, making Scarlet Moon cry out in pain and squeeze his eyes shut.

By the time his vision cleared, the woman was gone. His chords hung lifelessly in a pool of shadows a few steps away. He swore.

"Scarlet Moon, you there?" Generalissima's voice crackled back to life.

"Yeah, what happened to you?"

"We lost signal, wonder if maybe the thief was interfering somehow," said Generalissima.

"She. It's a woman. A tall woman. And turn that red mist back on."

"Oh right, it automatically switches off when we lose signal. Don't want it interfering with your ability to see," said Generalissima.

The red mist returned. The trail was faint to nonexistent, and by the time he reached the stairs, it was gone completely.

"Guess she stopped using her powers," said Generalissima. She sighed in frustration. "Well, might as well come home. You'll just waste your time trying to chase her down. Probably don't want to be up all night, either. Aren't you working a party tomorrow for the Silver Spoon?"



"This one?"

"Not even real leather. Christ, their selection's really going downhill this year. Probably gonna have to make him one next year. Or maybe for his birthday."

"Yo mama's really gone downhill this year!" said Bernice in exasperation.

Natalie's smile vanished. "I certainly hope not. Or Dad'll need to have a little talk with the gravekeeper."

Bernice's face drained completely of color. "Umm, what?"

"Mom's been dead for ten years."

"Oh fuck..." Bernice grabbed Natalie's arm. "Please don't tell your Dad. Please oh please oh please. That's a beautiful belt. Best belt I've ever seen in fact. It'll probably last a good decade. Truly a masterwork, you should totally get it for him. And I'll bet the one you make him for next year, in fact if you ever need any help, I could totally help you make one, I'd love to learn a little bit about leatherworking, and like I could even carry stuff. I'm strong and fit, being a cop and all. Much stronger than I look in fact, can carry heavy loads with ease--"

Natalie gnawed her lip. "Sorry, I overreacted. I know you just like--"



Scarlet hunkered down behind the lip he had been standing on mere seconds before. A clandestine meeting on a rooftop with a criminal. A very... voluptuous... criminal.

Scarlet Moon shook his head. His throat went a little dry. His bottom tingled in anticipation of Midnight's--No!

He was not just a cowering little boy Midnight could spank whenever she wanted.

Scarlet Moon squirmed at the thought. His buttocks clenched.

Sure, that woman kind of...dominated...Scarlet Moon when they first met. But Scarlet Moon was going easy on the woman. He didn't know the extent of Midnight's power, didn't want to hurt her. But now, now he knew. No reason to hold back.

Maybe put Midnight over his knee. Yes. See how that catsuit-clad, green-eyed, overgrown, green-eyed, supremely confident, controlling beauty liked it.

Scarlet Moon slipped around to the far side of the building, and slid down. Needed to scout around first. Get a lay of the land. Figure out a plan.

Scarlet Moon swung around, eyeing the space. Campus, so things were pretty open. Midnight didn't seem to have the ability to fly. She was confined to the rooftops. Easy enough to swing around her, peppering her with beams. She wouldn't be able to do anything to retaliate. Yes.

Scarlet Moon dropped down to the ground. He dashed across the dark lawn to the side of the building. Midnight would expect his to swing in from above. Not crawl up the building. Scarlet Moon pressed his fingers against the building, small bits of forcefield sliding through the cracks in the wall, securing him as firmly as iron bolts.



"But Ms. Silver promised me the complete support of her company," said Scarlet Moon. "Didn't she--"

"Of course she told me." Dr. Parks gestured at her computer. "I've got the wretched e-mail right there. Doesn't mean I have to let you use my invention as a weapon."



Scarlet Moon tossed his head, and his eyes glowed with a spectacular red light.

The Whistlers charged out of the building, hooting and howling.

Scarlet Moon scrambled backwards. There sure were a lot of them. He really needed some way of taking out a bunch of them at once. Something with some reach...

Scarlet Moon grinned. He wove his shield into a long staff.

GAMEPLAY NOTE: Sometimes you'll fail at stat-based tasks, if the stat isn't high enough. Failure could mean losing additional energy, forced into otherwise avoidable combat, getting spanked, or other penalties. Different tasks will require different stat levels. Whether you succeed or not, you still get the stat point for making the choice. Whether you want to balance your stats, and risk some failures or focus on a single stat and succeed pretty much every time that stat has a choice available is up to you.

GAMEPLAY NOTE: You are guaranteed to fail to get into the warehouse.

GAMEPLAY NOTE: Scarlet Moon has learned Scarlet Staff. Scarlet Staff is a weapon that increases the number of targets you can Attack at once. The max number of targets increases with power. Because it is a weapon, it cannot be used at the same time as Scarlet Spring.




Adrian raised his hand and resumed. Vanessa squealed into the pillow, her hips bucking and rocking, while her bottom roiled and jumped beneath Adrian's punishing palm. It wasn't long before the overlapping handprints adorning the young woman's pale bottom merged into a generic redness.

"Alright, six more." Adrian unleashed six rapid fire smacks, three to Vanessa's right cheek, and three to her left. Vanessa yelped into the pillow, her toes curling, and her feet pounding against the couch cushions. "Alright, we're done."

Vanessa clambered off of Adrian's lap, and gave her hot bottom a vigorous rubbing. Her face was almost as red. "Wow, that hurt. That hurt more than Mrs. Rossi! How-"

Adrian shrugged. "I don't know? Some sort of technique? Just spank the way my mom does."

"I see. Well, please don't teach anyone your technique," said Vanessa.

Adrian laughed, and stood. "Don't you worry about that. Talk about backfire."

Vanessa smiled, though it quickly faded. "I am sorry about earlier."

"Don't worry about it." The two shared a brief hug. "Have a good night."

"Have a good night. Vanessa hurried back to her room.

Adrian returned to his own and slipped into some pajamas.




Prometheus collapsed. She rammed her fist against the pavement, yelped and shook her fist. "Dickbag! Stupid sack of overripe cantelope!"



Scarlet Moon dumped Poseidon on the ground, and shoved Prometheus through the bars of the railing. Her head hung over the aisle, and her bottom hung over the railing. Her lower cheeks peeked out from underneath her tight PVC shorts. She kicked her shapely legs, her feet barely touching the cement floor.

"Alright, since you're clearly the brains of this outfit, you're getting your bum warmed first." Scarlet Moon gathered up the tight shorts and tugged them down to Prometheus' thighs, exposing a very naked, tight little bottom. Her thin thighs did nothing to hide her lady bits, and her small cheeks spread a little as she flailed, flashing her backdoor for all to see.

"You cock sucking swine!" Prometheus' voice rose into a shriek. "Don't you dare touch me! My parents are lawyers you know! They'll sue your ass into oblivion!"

Poseidon groaned, and buried his face in his hand.

"And you just shut up," said Prometheus. "This was your idea."

Scarlet Moon cocked an eyebrow at Poseidon.



David's hand clamped down on Adrian's arm and he pulled him behind him, throwing him a dangerous glare as he did so. Adrian scowled at his back.




Keiko swallowed.

Juliana spun her finger through the air. "Turn around and bend over the edge of the bed. Adrian, what've you got?"

"Umm..." Adrian rifled through drawers and closets. "Well, I've got a leather belt. A umm, a wooden spoon, and I think that's it."

Juliana flipped to the back of the bylaws. "Belt is type 4, so that's out. Spoon is type 2, though. That'll do. Now would you like-"

Juliana noticed Keiko was still standing in the middle of the room, hugging herself and rocking, her eyes already filling with tears. Juliana locked eyes with the girl, and her voice turned into ice. "Why are you not bent over the bed?"

Keiko eeped, and practically threw herself over the bed, which was tall enough to force her toes to dangle a few centimeters off the floor.



Scarlet Moon eased the window open as far as it would go. He sucked in his breath, and listened.

He could hear a lot of voices coming from below him. Enough to give him a significant challenge. He'd have to move quickly. Launch a vicious ambush, and take out at least half of them before they even knew what hit them. Buzzsaw was in there somewhere, waiting for him, and losing wasn't an option.

Scarlet Moon took another deep breath and leapt through the window.

His foot caught on the lip of the window. Instead of landing amongst the crowd, fists, feet and Scarlet Beams flying, he faceplanted on the hard concrete right in the middle of the crowd of Whistlers.

"Holy crap, clowns are falling from the sky!" cried a weaselly man.

Scarlet Moon growled. He lifted his head, and unleashed a Scarlet Beam in the direction of the voice, striking a weaselly looking man dead in the chest. He pushed himself to his feet. "I'm not a clown! I'm-"

A particle beam burst out of the darkness. Scarlet Moon yelped, and ducked the beam. He scrambled into a zig zag as more beams struck the floor and crates.



The legos clicked together into a giant...thing. It was vaguely humanoid, except ten feet tall. Tentacles whipped out of its shoulders and knees. Four giant arms grew out of its torso. Its mouth opened as if to scream, though nothing came out.

Because legos.

"Oh dear," said Scarlet Moon.

Legostopheles took a step forward. Thousands upon thousands of lego pieces clattered with every step.

"Any bright ideas?" Tempestas eased back a step.



Juliana emerged from the crowd still clustered around the Megawater booth. "Vanessa, you surprise me. You never struck me as the kind to get in public brawls."

Vanessa shrugged. "I know. I just I hate snake oil salesmen. Hate em, hate em, hate em. Then that snot slapped me."

"Interesting that she'd be so quick to violence," said Juliana, looking off in the direction of Leggy and Curvy.

"Some people are dicks," said Vanessa. She rubbed her bottom and winced. "Can we go home now? I'd like to put on some less tight clothing."

"I'm sure." Juliana's eyes sparkled, and a small smile tugged at her lips. "I got some homework to do anyway."



Scarlet Moon landed between the barricade and the arena, to shouts of surprise and alarm from the police officers.

A few stun beams lanced past him. He flared his shields.

"Hold your fire," barked the police chief. He eyed Scarlet Moon warily. "I don't have time for you, vigilante. Get out of here, and I'll leave you be. For now."




Scarlet Moon flared his shield. But the bear squeezed. And squeezed. And squeezed.

Scarlet Moon's shield popped like a balloon, and the hero slumped across the creature's paw.







"That is not for you to decide," said David.

"Aww come on," said Juliana. "Whoever heard of someone who said 'no' when asked to spank harder?"

"I will spank each of you as hard as I think you deserve," said David. "No more, and no less."

"Your boyfriend sucks," muttered Juliana.



Juliana's grin turned dazzling. "Knew you'd come through. Let's drive 'em wild."

Juliana and Adrian hurried up the stairs. Adrian's heart hammered against his chest. His hands shook with adrenaline, nerves, anxiety, and excitement.

"What if I slip?" asked Adrian.

"Then stand up butt first," said Juliana with a grin.

Juliana took up position next to a pole, one hand clasped lightly on it, the other on a cocked hip. Her dress fell away a little from the cocked hip, flashing quite a bit of leg, and even a smidgeon of hip, hinting at what people could see if they were at the right angle. Not that any of them were.

Adrian clutched the pole next to her with both hands and stood behind it, as if trying to hide.

Juliana caught the DJ's eye. She winked at him, jiggled her chest a little, and made a sensuous motion with one hand.

The DJ grinned like a fool. He wound the current song down and started playing something slow and sensual. Juliana circled the pole, throwing one foot in front of the other. Her legs flashed out from her swishing skirts. Her hips swayed from side to side with every step, and her very ample, very exposed cleavage jiggled. She made a complete circuit and pivoted, putting her back to the audience. Bracing herself against the pole, she slowly, sinuously pushed her bottom back, the ample cheeks pressed against her dress, the deeply cut skirt exposing almost her entire leg, threatening to fall away and expose her swaying bottom too. When her torso was almost, but not quite parallel to the floor, she pulled her bottom back in, gyrating as it went. She arched her back and pressed her hips against the pole, before pushing away and walking around the pole once more. She threw Adrian an encouraging wink.

Adrian took a deep breath. and started walking in step with her.




"Got anything yet?" asked Scarlet Moon of Juliana.







"Yes tremble in terror!" boomed a high-pitched voice. "For Keiko Abe the Crusher of Apples has arrived, and demands your attention!"

A thin, five-foot woman stood in the doorway. She had rich dark skin that hinted at African ancestry, and almond-shaped eyes that suggested some Southeast Asian blood as well. She stood in a wide stance, one arm still outstretched from shoving the door open, the other on her narrow hip. Her dark eyes swept the pair imperiously, a toss of the head sending long black hair over her shoulder.

She wore a rich yellow blouse, and a knee-length loose-fitting black skirt. "The Auburn One demands that you stop whatever empty gossip you waste your morning with, and enter the common room at once!"

"Jesus Christ, Keiko, I just wanted you to ask them if they wanted to go to the beach," said a silky smooth voice from the common room.

"The Auburn One grows impatient!" thundered Keiko.

"The Auburn One can wait while I recover from my heart attack," said Juliana dryly.



"So um, a belt?" said Adrian as they entered the clothing store. "Aren't you, you know, worried about that backfiring? Do you like get a really thin and crappy one?"

Natalie laughed. "Oh no, of course not. I find him the nicest, thickest, most durable belt I can. He likes them intimidating."

"Why would you do that?"

Natalie shrugged. "It's hard to get in trouble when you spend all your time programming and playing video games. Besides, I'm not even sure he could spank me. I mean, he never so much as gave me a warning swat when he tried to get me to exercise and eat better and I ignored him. Might be he doesn't like being a hypocrite though. His diet isn't exactly great. He's got a soft spot for danishes."



The man lashed Adrian's thighs a good dozen times, each stroke making him squirm and squeal. He put his hand on the middle of Adrian's back, and pushed down until his chest was pressed against the stump, forcing his round, throbbing ass to thrust up into the air. He fiercely striped Adrian's shaking, burning sit spots over and over while Adrian writhed and cried. The thick switch snapped. Adrian slumped across the stump, taking deep breaths.

"I'll see you two around," said the man. He gave Adrian's throbbing ass one last swat, and turned back towards the beach. "Be glad I'm not making you pay my medical bills."

Juliana reached out to touch Adrian, but a glare from her red-bottomed friend knocked her back a step.

"Aww, come on Adrian-"




Adrian closed the article and looked back up at Natalie's scrawls.

Another message came up. Can you chat?



The woman punched Scarlet Moon in his belly. The woman swore, and shook her knuckles.



"Yeah, yeah I get it," said Alexandra. "You'd never rat out your sister blah blah blah. Well guess what. It doesn't matter. You know what kind of person my mother is? She's the kind of person you give a polite nod to while walking down the street to the nearest hotdog stand, because you've seen her around the office but never spoke to her, and the next time you see each other, she's asking when little Susie's gonna get her braces off."

Alexandra jabbed a finger in Adrian's chest. "She sees you once, she remembers you. And guess what. You're my roommate. You were here when she dropped off those cookies when I moved in. She's seen you. She'd recognize you, and even a dumbass, which my mother is not, would figure out how her newest intern's brother got inside the building."

Alexandra pivoted and jabbed a finger in Juliana's chest with enough force to knock her against the door. "And then you would get your curvy ass thrashed and tossed out on the sidewalk hard enough you'd skip like a flat rock across a pond. There goes your scholarship. There goes your education. There goes any hope you have of working in any field within telescope distance of Silver Ant Industries! Oh, and what she'd do to me! I vouched for you, you stupid little bint. I put my reputation on the line for your ungrateful, stupid, big. Fat. Ass! You know how hard I've worked to regain my mom's trust? Do you know what I've had to do after I--the point is, you almost got Adrian a criminal record, you almost got yourself blacklisted, and you almost shredded my mother's trust in me. And when my mother loses her trust in you, God Himself can't help you get it back."

Juliana blinked rapidly. She nibbled on a fingernail and stared down at her feet, which twisted and turned on the floor.



Adrian threw his head back and howled. Between the lingering sting from his spanking at Curvy's hand, and the many strokes the cop had already laid across his curved buttocks, this was too much. He started to stand, but a firm hand gripped the back of his neck and forced him back over.

"Hold your position brat," said the cop. The belt rapid-fired up and down Adrian's blazing cheeks.

Like that was going to happen. Adrian kicked and bucked and flailed and wiggled so vigorously, he lost his balance and started to fall.

Hands gripped his shoulder, and the next thing he knew, his face was pressed against the asphalt, a knee was digging into his gut, and the belt was walloping his naked, upthrust bottom. Adrian bucked and kicked and howled. Tears streamed down his face. He tried to reach back to shield his blazing bottom, but strong fingers gripped his wrists and pinned them to his back. And the belting continued.

And continued.

And continued.

"When an officer of the law tells you to bend over and grab your ankles, what do you do?" barked the officer.



Scarlet Moon flushed at the sight of Anklyana's big, bouncy cheeks swelling out before her, submissively pushed out for a paddling.




Adrian slipped into the tight pants and vest. He looked at himself in the mirror again, and blushed. He tugged at his pants in a vain attempt to give his little dude a bit more breathing room. He did not even begin to understand why he had let Juliana talk his into getting this.

He sighed and stepped out of his room. Juliana's door opened, a hand flashed out, grabbed Adrian's arm, and yanked his in.



"I know," said Juliana.

Mr. Cuddles arm whipped up to knock Scarlet Moon(?) away. Scarlet Moon caught the paw with his free hand. The claw shattered. Scarlet Moon leapt off Mr. Cuddles' shoulder and tossed Princess into the ground. He zipped about the room, basically a beam of light, tearing Mr. Cuddles, Legostopheles, Sir Cuddles and Giraffalot apart. A swarm of drones and action figures charged in.

They were obliterated faster than they came.



"Come on Adrian. I'm gonna want a third opinion," said Natalie.

"Ok, he is so not needed."

"We don't have to test in the dressing room."


The trio entered the dressing room.

"Pull your jeans down and put your hands on the little seat, please," said Natalie. She slipped the belts off her shoulders, and threaded one through her belt loops.

"Oh come on-"

"Dad tells me he always punishes his officers with their pants down," said Natalie. "Need it to be realistic. Not that you would know of course."



Scarlet Moon's sack jerked to and fro under the force of the lego collisions. The walls of the sack flexed and cracked. Scarlet Moon's eyes flared.

The sack burst open. Scarlet Moon flew backwards. He smashed through the revolving glass doors, utterly mangling them. Legos swirled around him. He staggered to his feet. His forcefield flickered, temporarily overloaded by the struggle. Legos wrapped around his wrists. Legos swarmed into a bar and swept his feet. He toppled facefirst. As he fell, legos swarmed into a table. His torso struck the table. His legs splayed out behind him. Legos swarmed just underneath his hips, forcing his spandex-clad cheeks into the air. Legos swarmed into a vice around his torso, holding his firmly against the table.

Scarlet Moon tugged and squirmed. The Legos didn't budge.



Adrian stepped up next to the front wheel of Juliana's silver car. He bent over the hood, locked his knees, arched his back, and thrust his soon-to-be-sore ass out behind him.

"Good boy," said Juliana.



"Obey worm!" Succubus' eyes flared with a blinding light. "OBEY!"

Scarlet Moon screamed in pain. He fell to his knees, clutching his head. His skull felt like it sat at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

The floor vanished.

By the time Scarlet Moon could see again, he was sliding and bouncing through a large steel tube, Vanessa in front of him and the cop behind. It curved and dipped like a water slide, and was even coated with a thin film of lubricant.

The tube spat the trio out into what looked like a ginormous vent. They slid several feet before coming to a gentle stop against a steel wall.

"Eww, eww, eww," said Vanessa, wiping at her skirt. "God it feels like I'm covered in lube."





"Bring me all three of them!" said Princess. "I want three dollies! Not one! Not two! Three! Right! Now!"

Legostopheles burst through the ceiling, lego tentacles whirling towards Scarlet Moon. A green shield formed over the hero, and the tentacles shattered against it. Scarlet Moon spied a figure standing just outside the bowling alley waving at his before running back in.

"Counterattack later," said Tempestas. She ducked a swing from Mr. Cuddles and knocked him back with a gust of wind. "Follow her!"



"Anklyana!" Scarlet Moon zipped for the girl. Another wave slammed into his. The power was incredible. Scarlet Moon's own shield shuddered. His nerve endings screamed in agony. His teeth clenched, and tears formed in his eyes. Scarlet Moon lashed a pair of chords to Anklyana and zipped. Another wave shattered the chords and drove Scarlet Moon to his knees.

Anklyana lay curled in a fetal position, wailing in pain and fear. Plaster and steel and dust rained down around her, almost obscuring her from sight.



"No, no it won't," said Ms. Rossi. "Now get your little butt into conference room 203. We're going to have a talk."

Adrian glanced at Natalie, who shifted awkwardly, futzing with her dress. He glanced at Jezebel, who had her hands on her hips and a small smirk.

"Nice to see your discipline hasn't slipped at all Ms. Rossi," said Jezebel. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I must do something about...this."

"Of course ma'am." Ms. Rossi ducked her head to Jezebel and gave her a reassuring smile, before turning a glare on Adrian. "Best hurry boy, or we'll have the talk right here."

Adrian's face burned red hot as he hurried away.





"What?" said Juliana.

Adrian hoisted himself off the couch. "You can be a real jerk, you know that?"

"Whatever." Juliana flicked the tv on. "Go comfort your girlfriend. Make sure she knows it's totally ok to abandon your friends when they need you."

"Just stop talking." Adrian knocked on Natalie's door.



Adrian pulled on a white sweatpants and loose-fitting white shirt over his swimsuit. He stepped into the common room.

Vanessa was still dressed in her Vicious shirt and cut-off jeans, though she had added a large pair of sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and a beach bag to the mix. Juliana wore a diaphanous aquamarine beach dress, just thick enough to obscure her legs and bottom, just light enough to suggest that she might maybe be wearing something pretty tiny underneath it. Keiko wore a flower-print tied-off shirt and a pair of khaki short shorts. She also wore a wide brimmed hat, and comically large sunglasses.

The car ride to the beach was pretty quiet (even Alexandra seemed to have the good sense not to further upset Juliana). But the tension turned to excitement as the fresh smell of Lake Michigan permeated the car and the bright sand came into view.



The villain nodded vigorously. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Scarlet Moon dumped Succubus on the ground. He snagged the villain's dropped bullwhip with a crimson chord, and hogtied the villain with it.

A siren wailed from just outside the door. "This is the police! Come out with your hands up!"

"Time for me to go," said Scarlet Moon.

Scarlet Moon ran out of the restaurant, and leaped up the side of the building.

"It's Scarlet Moon," cried one of the officers.

"Bring him down," barked another.

Stun beams splattered across the building as Scarlet Moon grabbed a window ledge, and flung himself the rest of the way up the building. He grabbed the roof edge and swung up onto the roof, then sprinted across it, firing a small globe of scarlet energy off northwest, towards First and Washington.

"There he goes," cried a police officer. "You two chase after him! The rest of us will investigate the restaurant."

Scarlet Moon dampened his glow, and dropped into the alley. A quick change later, and he was once more Adrian, boring ol' college student working a boring ol' part-time job.

"Good job," said Juliana. "Let's just hope the police can hold her."

Adrian grunted.



Sir Stuffins slammed into the bubble at full speed, right as Legostopheles' tentacles hammered the sphere, and Mr. Cuddles got close enough to step on it.

The sphere shattered. A wave of red light washed across the combatants. A surge of power flowed through Scarlet Moon, but it accompanied a horrific burning, like his blood was on fire. Mr. Cuddles grabbed the play pen, tore it apart, and flung the pieces at Scarlet Moon.

Scarlet Moon yelped and zipped away, twisting and turning to dodge the flying plastic. Princess and her entourage all glowed with a bright red light.

"Crap," said Generalissima.

"What's going on?" asked Tempestas.

"The crystal was giving off Glow waves at Princess' wavelength," said Anklyana. "She was using it to power herself. I blocked the waves, but umm, they broke through the barrier--"




Scarlet Moon swung into the bowling alley. Mr. Cuddles' fist lashed out and struck his in the back, propelling his through the entranceway, and into the far wall. The wall tore like paper, and Scarlet Moon found himself lying in sewer water.

Princess gasped in horror. "My dress! You ruined my dress! Bad! Bad Dolly! Mr. Cuddles, spank her purple!"

Scarlet Moon pushed himself to his feet and ran down the exposed sewer tunnel. Tempestas and another girl in a green outfit crested a small incline. Scarlet Moon skidded to a stop and slammed into the other girl.

Mr. Cuddles stuck his head through the wall, while four drones buzzed into the alley.

Tempestas stepped in front of Scarlet Moon and unleashed a tremendous blast of wind. The drones flew backwards and smashed into Mr. Cuddles. Mr. Cuddles jerked his head back.

"What's in there?" asked Tempestas.

"Abandoned underground. Bowling alley," said Scarlet Moon.

"Come on!" Tempestas sprinted down the alley. "Before they can trap us here, and fortify the alley!"



Sir Stuffins slammed into the dome. The dome ruptured with a bang. Sir Stuffins and Giraffalot went rolling across the ground. Scarlet Moon collapsed. Small spots flickered across his vision.

Tempestas was next to him. "You OK?"



Scarlet Moon swung his legs back until his toes touched the roof behind his head. He braced his arms against the roof, heaved with all his might, and flipped, throwing Midnight off of him. He leapt to his feet and pivoted.

But Midnight was gone.

"Only making it worse for yourself kitten."

Scarlet Moon's fists clenched and unclenched. "L-look, I only came here to bring you in.

"You're lying kitten. If you really wanted to 'bring me in,' you would have brought Anklyana and Tempestas. But you didn't. You came alone. You came vulnerable. You don't want to bring me in. You want me."

"If you think big boobs in tight leather are enough to seduce me, then you've got another thing coming!"

An arm snapped around Scarlet Moon's shoulders and turned him sideways. A long-fingered leather-clad hand clapped against his spandex-clad bottom. Warm breath and silky smooth words caressed his ear. "Fortunately, I'm so, so much more."

A tingle started in his belly and flowed down between his legs. He was acutely, painfully aware of the ample breasts mashed against his shoulder, the hips pressed possessively against his thigh.

Midnight's palm stung Scarlet Moon's spandex-covered bottom. Scarlet Moon yelped, and pushed his hips forward, away from that swinging hand.

Small tendrils wove out of Scarlet Moon's feet and wove into the roof below his, anchoring his to the roof. Scarlet Moon grabbed Midnight's thigh and threw her into the air.



"Stop it! Leave me alone! Let me go!"

Scarlet Moon yanked the girl over his knee, and went to town.

"Ow! Ow! I'm sorry, please stop!"

Juliana sighed in disgust.

Hard slap after hard slap after hard slap descended on the girl's soft bottom. The only sounds were the sharp smacks of hand to bare bottom and the girl's wails and cries.

Ten minutes passed. Ten minutes of bum-bouncing swat after bum-bouncing swat after bum-bouncing swat. The girl's eyes filled with tears and her ass turned rose red, just like Scarlet Moon promised.

Scarlet Moon tossed the girl over his shoulder and walked back to the other two. He plopped White Dress down next to Red and Blue Dress, smirking a little at the girl's wail of pain.





"Because Silver used to fund Succubus' little snake oil shop." Juliana pulled out the small ledger and flipped to a page near the back. "Except that funding dried up recently, and now Megawater's in serious financial straits."



Scarlet Moon wrapped half a dozen bowling balls in a scarlet sack and swung into the air. He swung a circle around the cat.




"Has your shield been down this entire time? Since you landed on the roof?" asked Midnight.

Scarlet Moon burrowed his face into his forearm. He didn't answer.

"Hmm. So much for bringing me in." Amusement laced Midnight's voice. "I'm thinking my little kitten wanted to lose, yes?"

Scarlet Moon squirmed, but didn't say anything. Just whimpered and mewled as the paddle lit his bottom on fire.

"Maybe you were hoping I'd spank you into submission?" Midnight picked up the pace. The paddle flashed between cheeks, the distinct cracks running together into a continuous song of paddle to bare flesh. Scarlet Moon wailed and kicked and squirmed.

Scarlet Moon's breath game in gasps. His heart hammered against his chest. His crotch burned and throbbed as it rubbed and bucked against Midnight's warm thigh. His thighs Midnight's leg. His toes curled and his feet slid across the roof.

His bottom blazed, the heat building with every stroke of the paddle, each stroke stinging and burning, pain racing across his bottom and mingling with the heat between his legs.

Midnight paused. Her strong fingers kneaded Scarlet Moon's sensitive, buzzing bottom, her fingers digging deeply into the soft, supple skin.

Scarlet Moon moaned and thrust his bottom into Midnight's fingers. His head swam, his pulse pounded in his ears.

"Has my kitten learned his lesson?" asked Midnight.



"Yes." Generalissima pumped her fists in the air. "Now let's get home. If we hurry, you might have some time to study before we need to get ready."

"How ready do we need to get?" Scarlet Moon hunched, and Generalissima climbed onto his back.

"You never know who you might meet."

Scarlet Moon groaned. He leapt off the tree and swung towards the edge of Silver's property.

Generalissima laughed.



Prometheus blinked, suddenly unsure. Poseidon shifted uneasily from foot to foot.

"Well, I mean..." The flames went out. "I wasn't actually gonna, just trying to scare you..."

Scarlet Moon cracked his knuckles. "Seems to me somebody needs a good spanking. So how about you let these people go, drop your shorts, and bend over?"

Prometheus scowled. "I'll let them go, but if you want to toast my bottom, you're gonna have to work for it."



Juliana grabbed Adrian by the wrist and pulled her to Natalie's room. She knocked, waited a few seconds, then knocked harder.

Natalie opened the door. She glared at Juliana. "What?"

"Come on, we've got to talk." Juliana grabbed Natalie's wrist and pulled her along with Adrian.

"Wha--waah!" Natalie stumbled forward, and nearly knocked Adrian over.



"I told you, I'm patrolling tonight."



Anklyana smiled giddily.

"Ok everyone, so I'm pretty sure Princess has some sort of battery or something she's using to power herself," said Generalissima. "We need to find it, and neutralize it."

"I'll bet I know where," said Scarlet Moon. "In the indoor playground on the far side of this space."

"That does seem to be the direction my sensors are pointing," said Generalissima. "Oh, and Anklyana, give Scarlet Moon the spare pendant, would you?"

Scarlet Moon's eyes lit up when Anklyana handed it over. One flash of red later, and Scarlet Moon was wearing his proper costume once more. Now he felt like a proper hero again. He could almost swear he felt stronger.

"Christ, this thing is garish," said Generalissima. "I'll bet your ass is burning too."



Natalie's bottom was warm and jiggly beneath Adrian's palm, her soft pajama pants doing nothing to hide the ripples flowing across her broad bottom.

"Hey!" Natalie hopped away and cupped her bottom. She pouted at Adrian and rubbed her stinging flesh. "Careful, it's still tender. Thanks to you. Jerk."



Scarlet Moon fired a scarlet beam that sent Prometheus flying back out into the street.

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the crumbling ceiling and zipped outside. Poseidon uppercutted Tempestas into the air. Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the villain's shoulder and zipped feet first into his face. Ice flew everywhere and Poseidon went skipping across the asphalt.

A sheet of flame roared towards the superheroine. A hurricane force gust blasted Scarlet Moon's clothing and hair, and the flames arced past him and washed over Poseidon, making the villain howl in pain.

Prometheus shrieked, and the flames cut off. She turned her molten glare on Tempestas. "I'm getting really tired of you twisting my fire every which way wind-bitch."

"That wasn't me." Tempestas pointed above her to a swirl of leaves, dirt, twigs and almost heat ripples in the vague shape of a bird of prey. "That was Yomama."



"You could be a little nicer," muttered Juliana, almost too quietly for Scarlet Moon to hear. "Alexandra isn't that bad."



"You're all so adorable." Natalie rolled her eyes. "Please try to be quiet when you get back at four in the morning."

David reached for Adrian's coat.

"Stop," declaimed Juliana. "We will not marr our beautiful outfits with such crass overcoats."

"It's January," said David. "And neither one of you are exactly dressed for it."

"We'll be fine." Juliana smiled and fluttered her lashes at Sam. "Especially if you two warm up the car and bring it around--eep!"

Sam swatted Juliana's bottom and headed for the door. "Come on Dave, let's get the car."

"You don't need my help."

"Yeah, but I'm not the only one whose gonna freeze his balls off for a cute girl tonight."

David grumbled and followed after. Adrian pouted as his warm solidity left.

They returned a few minutes later. Sam sardonically held out an arm. "Alright princess, shall I guide you to your chariot?"

"Why thank you kind sir." Juliana took the arm and let Sam lead her out, her hips swaying with every step.

David shrugged at Adrian and offered his arm. "We're gonna be hitching a ride in the back of their 'chariot' if you don't mind."



"Yeah, I guess you're right," said Tempestas.

Scarlet Moon hoisted Princess into the air.

Princess smiled weakly at Scarlet Moon. "You're supposed to be the good guy right? So, you'll be nice to me right?"




Adrian lay down next to Natalie, pulled her into a hug, and held her until she stopped crying.

Natalie's alarm buzzed. She scrambled out of bed. "Crap, I have to hurry up and get ready."

"For what?" asked Adrian.

Natalie grimaced. "Dad's going to some fancy pants bigwig party thing hosted by Phillipa Silver. The burdens of being the police chief. He's dragging me along with him for support while he plays politics."

Adrian checked his phone. "Well, it is that late. I've gotta--"

"Adrian where the hell are you?" barked Vanessa from somewhere else in the suite. "We have to get ready, or we're going to be late!"

"And that's my cue." Adrian stood. He winked at Natalie. "Be nice to the help there, please."

"Umm?" Natalie's face colored, but Adrian was already stepping out.



"Nice to hear you're not a total idiot," said Buzzsaw, giving Adrian's left cheek a hard smack. "Now, where was I? Oh yes, I was just about to solve my little problem."



Midnight smiled and pulled Scarlet Moon into a hug. "That's my good boy."

Scarlet Moon snuggled into Midnight's embrace, resting his face on Midnight's warm, soft, ample chest.

Midnight patted Scarlet Moon on the back. "You're a good boy."

They stood like that for a few minutes, Midnight holding Scarlet Moon firmly, almost possessively, Scarlet Moon snuggled into his embrace.

Eventually, Midnight released Scarlet Moon and backed up a step.



A costumed woman held Poseidon's wrist. The woman wore a long-sleeved white spandex top that fully covered her chest and arms, but left her midriff bare. She wore a pair of white spandex pants that showed off slightly flared hips, a firm round bottom and long muscular legs. She wore short boots with a short thick heel, short and wide enough to be practical, but tall enough to give her a bit more height. A large pair of red-tinted goggles covered her eyes and much of her upper face. A white cap covered her hair. A stylized red tornado adorned the center of her chest. A bright white cape snapped in the wind behind her. Wind. Indoors. "Release him, foul villain, or you will face the wrath of Tempestas, Mistress of the Maelstrom!"

Promethus cocked an eyebrow. "You control wind right? That's why my hair's attacking my face?"


Promethus ran a hand down her face. "A maelstrom is a giant whirlpool."

"Oh. I, uh, I thought it was-"

"Another word for tornado? Nice to know you're as stupid as you look, Tornado Tart." Prometheus whipped her hands above her head, and flung a fireball at Tempestas.

Tempestas threw her hand up. A galeforce wind snuffed the fireball out like a candle and flung Prometheus through a drumset that had (until now) survived the battle.

"Look at you, you can barely light a candle." Tempestas smirked. "Are you sure you want to fight me?"

Poseidon pushed Scarlet Moon off of his lap.

Into empty air.



"Just hang in there Moon, almost everyone is out," said Generalissima. "Come on Anklyana, just a little bit longer. You can do it!"

"I'm...trying...can'" Anklyana's voice was strained, faint, exhausted.

Scarlet Moon risked a glimpse up. He could just make out a green figure clinging to some exposed rafters. The ceiling seemed to glow with a faint green sheen.

"Yes you can," said Generalissima. "These people could die if you don't hang on. You're the only one who can save them. Keep. It. Up!"

Anklyana took a deep breath. The green shimmer strengthened marginally.

Scarlet Moon looked back down, and realized with a start that the mall was empty.

"Get Anklyana out of there," said Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon was already zipping up to the roof. Anklyana clung to the rafter. Her limbs shook, and her eyes were squinched shut.



"You know what Princess is probably doing now? Roasting Tempestas' bottom. The very thing you both took a paddling to avoid," said Generalissima.



"I'm sure it was. Are you at the park?"

"Yup." Scarlet Moon sat down, using a bit of forcefield to protect his spandex-clad cheeks from the hot concrete. "Kinda tired, though."

"Well, try not to go too crazy. Still gotta find and take down Buzzsaw. What's it looking like?"

Scarlet Moon's eyes swept across the mostly empty street. A single cop car sat on the road a little ways away. One of the police officers, a woman, leaned against the outside of the car watching the park. Scarlet Moon couldn't see her partner. Presumably they were inside the vehicle. She couldn't see anyone in the park either.

"Really? No cops? No swat teams, or negotiations?"

"Nope. Well, there's a single cop car, but they don't seem to be doing anything."

"Huh. Maybe Buzzsaw isn't there after all."



A faint knock roused Adrian from his nap. He shifted, and winced at the lingering burn that still suffused his tender cheeks.

Juliana came in and sat down at the edge of the bed. "Do you know why I spanked you?"



Scarlet Moon's vision turned scarlet.

Everything slowed to a crawl. Everything went silent.

Everything but Scarlet Moon.

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the slowly crumbling wall behind Anklyana. He zipped forwards. Anklyana's glow grew, slowly, inevitably, destructively.

Scarlet Moon's arms closed around Anklyana and he leapt out into the shattered street.

A wave of power flowed out of Anklyana's body. Scarlet Moon wrapped her in a scarlet cocoon.

The green energy smashed into red. Scarlet Moon screamed. It felt like he'd been dropped into molten lava, lava that burned and burned but didn't kill.

Anklyana's sobs slammed into Scarlet Moon's ears. The building collapsed in a great heap of dust.

Scarlet Moon tightened his hold on Anklyana's shaking form.



Scarlet Moon's hand splatted the villain's sitspots, sending ripples across her cheeks and thighs.

Succubus drummed her feet against the floor and said something.



Scarlet Moon stepped forward and draped himself across Succubus' lap. Succubus grinned, and kicked off her left heel. This had the effect of lowering her left knee, lowering Scarlet Moon's torso, shifting more weight onto his hands, and further emphasizing the superhero's round bottom.

Succubus laughed and traced a finger across the curve of Scarlet Moon's right cheek. "Perfect."

"Crap, she's controlling you isn't she?" said Juliana.

There was a sharp crack. Scarlet Moon jerked as his right cheek caved beneath Succubus' palm. Succubus traced her finger across the curve of Scarlet Moon's left cheek. "That's right. Don't make a sound. Take your thrashing quietly. Like a good girl."

Another sharp crack filled the room as Succubus smacked Scarlet Moon's left cheek. One of Scarlet Moon's legs twitched a little, enhancing the ripple flowing through his round bottom. But he didn't make a sound.

"Oh my goodness look at that," said Succubus, pulling aside some of the thin material covering Scarlet Moon's bum. "I can already see my handprint. You turn red quickly don't you? Guess that's why you're called Scarlet Moon."

"Urg, I am tired of listening to that woman. You need to snap out of it. You're a superhero, not Succubus' toy," said Juliana.



Adrian slipped into the back room. As soon as he was out of sight, he dashed for the staff room, snatched up his backpack, and bolted into the alley behind the restaurant. He pulled out his bluetooth, shoved it in his ear, and called Juliana. He opened the secret compartment in the bag and pulled out his costume.

"Don't tell me you're being robbed too," said Juliana in an exasperated voice. "There's this like huge crimewave sweeping the city right now. They got every cop they can muster in every car they can find careening all over the city."

"Melissa's here. Dressed up in a gaudy thong leotard and calling herself the Succubus." Adrian shucked his clothing and shoved it into his bag. He pulled on his costume.

"I thought she might have been behind this," said Juliana. "Crimewave's probably a distraction then."

"Yeah. Now she's got all the time in the world to enjoy the ritziest restaurant in town, filled to bursting with the richest people in town, all decked out in expensive crap," said Scarlet Moon as he pulled his mask over his head. He leapt up onto the roof. "Unfortunately for her, Scarlet Moon just happened to be in the neighborhood, and he's none too happy."

Scarlet Moon ran to the edge of the roof overlooking the main entrance.

"Alright, so all we really know about Succubus is that she's got crazy persuasion powers. We don't know if she has physical powers to match, or how tough her minions are," said Juliana. "Though I'll bet she's not much of a fighter herself."



Scarlet Moon threw Bernice and Vanessa over each shoulder, and shot out the vent cover. He leapt up into the vents and put them down.

"Go, go, go," said Scarlet Moon, pushing Bernice down the vent.

"Alright, alright we're going, we're going," said Bernice. "Patience young padawan."

"Not when we're being shot at." Scarlet Moon slapped Bernice's slightly exposed right cheek. "Now move it."

"Oww!" Bernice and Vanessa crawled down the vent, the police officer's slightly exposed bottom swaying right in Scarlet Moon's face. "Just don't stare at my ass alright?"




"This is Michigan, not DC," said Chief Napier.

Marie drew herself up as tall as she could. Despite being a nearly a foot shorter than the chief, she still managed to match him loom for loom. "If you think you can just ignore the federal--"

"Nobody's given a rat's ass what the feds think for decades. Now bugger off before I send you back to DC with your blistered ass hanging out."

Marie's eyes smoldered, and her hands tightened into fists.

Dana put a hand on her shoulder. She gave the chief a stern look. "I'm sorry you're being so uncooperative. Rest assured you will regret this."

"Girl, I've forgotten more regrets than you've got memories," said Napier.

Dana pulled Marie away.

The chief rounded on Scarlet Moon and Anklyana again. Anklyana shrank away, whimpering. He put his hands on his hips, and turned his glare on Anklyana. "Never seen you before. What's your stupid name?"

Anklyana managed to make herself even smaller. A bit of a shield flickered around her mouth. When she spoke, her voice was disrupted. "Umm, Anklyana, um sir."

"What do you think you're doing?"



David hurried out a moment later, and slid into the backseat next to Adrian.



David pulled away. "Anyway, let's go home."

Forty-five minutes later, Adrian stumbled into his room and collapsed on the bed.



A month has passed since Buzzsaw escaped, and Scarlet Moon hasn't been idle. A month of training means you gain +1 to every stat.



The cops looked at each other uneasily. One of them called the chief over through his radio.

Chief Napier, a heavyset man with more than a bit of a ponch, approached a moment later. He stopped on the opposite side of the street from Scarlet Moon. He watched the superhero like one might a stray dog. "My professional negotiators have been trying to talk to that lunatic for over an hour, ever since you trashed the mall and ran like a guilty child. What makes you think you can do any better?"





A woman landed on the pickup truck next to them. She had thick chinlength black hair, dark eyes and tanned skin. She wore an open-faced vest roughly stylized in the head of a leopard. She wore a leopard-print push-up bra underneath the vest that emphasized her cleavage, and showed off her toned torso. A pair of leopard print leggings showed off muscular legs and a high, toned bottom. Calf-high leather boots completed the ensemble. She carried a blowgun in one hand and a paddle about the length and width of a machete hung at her side.

"Here, kitty kitty kitty," said the leopard print lady in a low, dangerous voice.

The cat hissed and grabbed Juliana. She threw the girl over her shoulder and leapt into the night.

"Juliana!" screamed Sam, running a few steps after the vanishing cat.

"Don't worry kid." The woman's eyes sparkled. "I'll get your girl back."

Sam rounded angrily on the leopard print lady, but she was already gone.

Sam sagged against a nearby car. "Why? Why does this keep happening?"

David put a hand on Sam's shoulder. He had his phone in his other hand. "I'll call the cops."

Sam made a digusted noise. "They won't be able to do shit. Scarlet Moon. We need to find a way to contact Scarlet Moon."

"And how do you propose we do that?" asked David wryly. "Stand on top of a car and shout 'Yo Scarlet Moon!' at the top of our lungs?"

Adrian's necklace vibrated gently. He closed his eyes.



"It's not just about being scared," snapped Anklyana. "I'm useless. Utterly useless. There's no point in being down here."



Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the wall. Before he could yank, the paddles slammed into his bottom, each flattening a pert, plump buttock. Scarlet Moon squealed, and lost focus. The chord flickered and vanished.

"Bwahahahahha!" Leopard's harsh laugh bounced off the steel walls. "Got this whole gauntlet of traps lined up, and the 'Sensational' Scarlet Moon couldn't even get past the first one! I was hoping you'd be worthy prey, but you're just a kid in a bad Halloween costume! And you know what I do to kids who break into my house?"



Silver's laughter rang over the PA. "Well, there's nothing stopping you. You've got a couple of minutes at least before the cops bust in."



Alexandra tapped something large, thick, round and wooden against Adrian's upthrust bottom. Adrian's quivering buttocks tensed. His fingers squeezed Juliana's sweating hand. His other fingers dug into the soft covers, and he pressed his face against the soft, silky smooth pillow. A faint thumping suggested Alexandra did the same to Juliana. The bed creaked as Juliana shifted. Her fingers squeezed Adrian's and her hips bumped Adrian's.

"Say hello to Barda the Bathbrush," said Alexandra.

"You name your implements?" said Juliana, her voice muffled by the teddy bear.

"Mom thinks it's silly too," said Alexandra. "But it helps me build a rapport with my tool, and the recipients. I have a sneaking suspicion you'll be getting to know Barda very well over the next few years."

"I hate her already," muttered Juliana.






"I suppose I could turn you over my knee, or bend you over a table or something..." Scarlet Moon battered Succubus' bottom, the scarlet paddle flashing from one cheek to the other. "But I think it'll be much more fun to stand here in the middle of the restaurant, you thrown over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes, giving you a scarlet moon of your very own."

Succubus kicked from the knee. Her bare thighs pressed against Scarlet Moon's torso, but she may have well been pressing against a wall. "Let go of me you cow!"

Scarlet Moon unleashed a flurry of swats to Succubus' right cheek, and then her left. The once mighty, now naughty villain squirmed kicked and howled.




"That or the tremendous power of the crystal granted it a form of sentience and power beyond our greatest imaginings, and it decided 'Screw this I'm outta here?'" asked Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon groaned and pushed himself onto his hands and knees. He gingerly rubbed his molten bottom and whimpered.



Juliana yanked the door open. Mama stood just outside the door, her arms crossed, and one foot tapping against the carpet. She looked very much like one might expect Juliana to look twenty-three or so years down the line if she continued to take care of herself, though Mama was perhaps a bit shorter and broader. Mom stood behind Mama and to her left. She white as opposed to Mama's caramel, and was taller than Mama, though more slender. While Mama had started to gain a bit of weight as she aged, Mom was still quite thin. While Mama had shoulder-length black hair, Mom kept her brown hair short.

Mama raised an eyebrow.

Juliana smiled anxiously. "Sorry Mama. We, err, weren't expecting you to get here so soon. Or, for you to, um you know. Be let in without us knowing."

"You really think I was gonna not let your mother in? Err, mothers," said Vanessa from the living room. "Have you seen them?"



Juliana slowed sadly. "Well, alright."

"You can go without me," said Adrian.

Juliana shrugged. "Don't quite have the guts to go up by myself."



Adrian strained, tried to imagine the cord growing, and growing and...

For a second, Adrian felt a bit of vertigo. He shook his head, and stepped back. His legs were hardly glowing at all.

"What?" Juliana followed Adrian's gaze. "So, you don't have any more glowy mojo? Oh dear."

There was a massive clattering of many booted feet on wooden boards. Adrian glanced over his shoulder, and saw a good half dozen hoodlums charge onto the roof.

"Yes, my minions, yes. Get them. Get them. Bring them before me. Fetch my cane. And my crop. And my hairbrush."

Shit shit shit shit.

"And my bathbrush."

Adrian snapped the cord back into his wrist.

"And my razor strop."

"What are you doing?" Juliana's voice rose into a panic. "They're coming! They're coming!"



"Grrr." Princess stomped her foot. "No fair. No fair. No fair! LEGOSTOPHELES!"

"Lego what?" said Tempestas.

Glass shattered, and shrieks rose. Legos swirled towards towards Princess from every corner of the mall. They swirled into a great tornado. Plastic projectiles spat out of the tornado at the two heroes. Tempestas twisted the winds into a tunnel and flung the legos towards Princess. The bear deflected the lego bits with a single great paw.

"Right, first order of business: rip off that bear's arm," said Tempestas.

The legos clicked together into a giant...thing. It was vaguely humanoid, except ten feet tall. Tentacles whipped out of its shoulders and knees. Four giant arms grew out of its torso. Its mouth opened as if to scream, though nothing came out.

Because legos.

"What the heck is that?" asked Tempestas.



The belt burned Adrian's bottom. Adrian yelped and squeezed Juliana's hand. David lashed Adrian's curved bottom four more times in rapid succession, driving kicks and squirms and sorrowful squeals from the half-naked boy.

David lashed Juliana another dozen times, the snapping leather assaulting Adrian's ears. Juliana's torso bobbed with each stroke, her eyes closed and teeth gritted.

"I think that's sufficient," said David.

"Maybe more than that," muttered Juliana, reaching back and tenderly rubbing her welted bottom.

Adrian clambered off the couch, hissing. He shifted from one foot to the other and rubbed his molten cheeks.

"Come on Adrian, let's get that list compiled," said David.

Adrian reached for his jeans.

"Nope." David gently swatted Adrian's hand away. "You're not covering up until you've got that list."

Adrian's eyes widened.

"Best get used to it," said David. "Any time I spank you because you didn't do something, your ass is staying bare until you've done it. Get me?"



Juliana squirmed and nodded. Her voice was quiet. "Yes."

"Good. Second, and most important, Natalie's father just announced he's gonna hunt his own daughter." Adrian brought the paddle down on Juliana's left cheek, six hard and fast strokes that sent her soft flesh bouncing and wobbling madly. "I want you to take a moment and think about that Juliana. Really think about it. Imagine if Daddy got on TV and said you're the 'greatest threat facing our youth today.' And then he said that he was going to personally hunt you down and throw you in prison."

A sob came from the door. Natalie leaned against the door, her body shaking and tears going down her face.

Juliana didn't say anything for a moment. Then, a quiet "I'm sorry."

Adrian released his hold on Juliana. Juliana slid off Adrian's lap. She rubbed her throbbing bottom and approached Natalie. She hitched up her jeans, dancing and hissing as the tight denim slid over swollen flesh.

"I'm sorry Natalie," said Juliana quietly. "I wasn't thinking."

Natalie threw herself into Juliana's arms and wailed.

Juliana held the crying girl and rocked slowly back and forth.

Eventually, the sobs faded, and Natalie stopped shaking. She pulled away. "I'm sorry, I can't do it. I just can't."



Natalie stuck her tongue out again and slipped past Adrian into the bathroom. Adrian returned to his room and passed out.



"That's better," said Midnight. Her fingers danced across Scarlet Moon's spread, elevated cheeks. "Are you ready to accept your punishment now?"



Scarlet Moon leapt down and landed between Bernice and the two in catsuits.

The two took a step back.

"Well, look who it is," said the redhead. "Been wondering when we'd finally have to meet."

"Who are you?" asked Scarlet Moon. "And what do you want with Officer Chastain?"

The brunette rested a hand on the redhead's arm, and took a step forward. "My name is Dana, this is Marie. We're federal agents tasked with dealing with this superhuman...challenge. We're trying to find Prometheus and Poseidon. So are you, I imagine. And since you're here, I'll bet you know the same thing we do, likely using the same shoddily secured image database,"

"Don't tell them anything," said Generalissima.



"Go to the Generic News site," said Natalie.

Adrian did as asked. There was a livestream on the first page of the site with Natalie's father, Police Chief Napier, front and center.

"An emergency news conference run by my dad," said Natalie. "Going on now."

Adrian heard a sigh, and Juliana appeared in the doorway, just behind Natalie. "Let me guess-"

"Hush, we're missing it," said Natalie, shooing Juliana in and closing the door. "Unmute it, would you?"

"In short, ladies and gentlemen, Scarlet Moon, Tempestas and Anklyana proved themselves last night to be the greatest threats facing our youth today," said Chief Napier. "They escalated a kidnapping, a highly sensitive, potentially lethal situation. They got into a high-powered, brutal, completely unnecessary fight in front of a powerless, helpless hostage--"

Juliana snorted.

"Shut up!" hissed Natalie.

"They brought an entire building down around their ears. It's only through the grace of God that nobody was hurt. There could have been a janitor in there. An employee working late. Someone stopping by real quick to pick up a forgotten pair of headphones." Napier scowled at the cameras. "It's only a matter of time before they get someone killed. We cannot allow that to happen. Therefore, I will be starting up a special task force dedicated to a single purpose: tracking down and bringing in these three out of control vigilantes."

"Turn it off," said Juliana in a tight voice.



"Come here." Juliana guided Adrian towards the bed. She opened a small freezer wedged between her dresser and desk. "Lay down and bare your bottom. I have a few ice packs."

"Hope you got enough to freeze the Sahara." Adrian clambered onto the bed, pulled down his pants and boxer briefs, exposing a pair of cheeks you could fry an egg on.

Juliana draped Adrian's blazing bottom with a few paper towels, followed by the icepacks. "Prett sure I do at that."

Adrian sighed. "Thanks."

"No problem." Juliana sat down at her computer chair. "So that could have gone better."



Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the wall and yanked. The paddles struck the side of the bar. The bar whirled around, propelled by the impact of the paddles. On the third rotation, Scarlet Moon lashed a pair of chords to the paddles and yanked them flush against his wrists. His fingers wrapped around them, pinning them securely to his hands. Scarlet Moon lashed chords to the walls and yanked, propelling himself into a faster and faster spin.

The cables holding the paddles twisted and twisted with the spinning of the bar before finally snapping. Scarlet Moon dropped the now harmless paddles and got to work breaking free of the claws holding his ankles and wrists. It took some effort, but eventually he was able to break free.

"Not bad Scarlet Moon, not bad," said Leopard's voice over the PA. "Turning my traps against themselves. Perhaps you're a more worthy opponent than I anticipated."



"Scarlet Moon, calm down," said Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon leapt over the edge of the roof and lashed one chord into the dark sphere, and another to the building edge. The chord struck something. Scarlet Moon zipped into the sphere. He collided with something inside of it. He wrapped his arms around it, and zipped them back up and out of the sphere. Anklyana hung in Scarlet Moon's arm, gasping. Scarlet Moon hopped back up onto the roof and set Anklyana down in a sitting position. Anklyana leaned back on her hands and took a deep breath.

"Well, that was exhilerating," she said with a grin.

Generalissima let out an annoyed sigh. "You know Anklyana has forcefields right? She was going to be fine, and now you've let the thief escape."



Buzzsaw chuckled. "Oh yeah, this is gonna be great. And what do we have here?"

Fabric rustled. Tempestas squawked.

Buzzsaw chortled. "Take a look at that g-string. Ooh, looks like somebody's been naughty. Was it a hairbrush? Looks like it was a hairbrush. You know, I wonder..."

Tempestas squawked again. Buzzsaw lifted her legs up until Tempestas was hanging upside down, facing Buzzsaw.

"Just as I thought." Buzzsaw draped Tempestas back over the barricade. "A little red tornado. Was that your original plan? Run around in a spandex top, cape and g-string?"

Tempestas shifted.

"Really?" hissed Scarlet Moon, his lips quirked.

"I changed my mind."

The hiss of belt rubbing against belt loops slithered through the air.

"Is that..." Fear suffused Tempestas' quiet words.



"No. I think we'll talk about it right here. Stick your butt out," said Juliana.


Juliana grabbed Adrian's french braid and sat down on the steps of the library. dragging Adrian down and across her lap as she went.

"Oww, let go!"

"Don't be ridiculous." Juliana grabbed the waistband of Adrian's jeans and pulled them down over his slender waist.

Adrian's face turned hot as his plump bottom bounced free, now covered only by his boxer briefs. He squirmed. "Come on, Juliana. Don't be like that."

Juliana smacked Adrian's right cheek, barely covered by his thin underwear.


"What you did was reckless, dangerous, and frankly stupid," said Juliana.



For minute, after minute, after minute, Clemency struck Scarlet Moon's bouncing and bucking buttocks with heavy, full-armed swings. Each smack struck with the same force, with the same delay, and left an ever-growing blaze behind.

It didn't take long for Scarlet Moon to flail, squirm, kick, and buck like a madman. Tears fell down his face, as much from the relentless tempo as the pain.

The only time Clemency paused was to shift Scarlet Moon more onto her right thigh, and hook her left leg over Scarlet Moon's knees.

The spanking resumed, just as fast, just as hard, and just as long as before.

Scarlet Moon pounded on Clemency's thigh with one hand, while he clutched the leg of the chair with the other. His toes curled and wiggled. His legs flexed and twitched but the other woman's thunderthighs easily held them down. He squealed and yelped and sobbed.

Clemency stopped. She removed her hand from the small of Scarlet Moon's back and lifted her leg.

"We're done," she said.

Scarlet Moon hopped to his feet and leapt into the air. He ran around the hallway, rubbing her blazing bottom.



"Relax, I'm just messing with you." David held the door open. The pair hurried to Sam's car and slid in.



Adrian reared a hand back and slapped Curvy across the face, again, a third time, adding just a touch of power to make his hand move just a bit faster.

Curvy released Adrian's hair and backed up a step, clutching at her bright red cheek.

Adrian grabbed Curvy's arm, and pivoted around her, making the woman go up on her tiptoes and hiss as her arm was bent behind her back. Adrian bent her over, and wrapped his arm around the woman's hips, forcing the woman's callipygian butt to round and stick out, her large cheeks straining against the tight jeans.



"Like hell," said the woman in a panicked shriek. "You've already happened to me. All of you. This was supposed to be a fun night with my son. Now, we could die any minute, and we can't get away."

"I won't let that happen," said Scarlet Moon. "I promise."

"Like your promise-"




"Very good. Now where were we? Oh yes." Succubus lashed Scarlet Moon's left cheek with four fast strokes, and did the same to his right. "You think you're some big shot superhero. But you're nothing more than a tart in lingerie with delusions of grandeur. And I'm going to show you what happens to tarts in lingerie with delusions of grandeur!"

Juliana screamed.

Scarlet Moon cried out in pain, hunkering down and clutching his ear. The agony blew away whatever fog Succubus had put in his mind.

"I told you not to make a sound!" snapped Succubus, whipping the crop towards Scarlet Moon's right cheek.

Scarlet Moon pivoted and fell into a crouch. His eyes blazed, and a blinding scarlet beam smashed into Succubus and sent his flying through three tables.

Succubus snarled and pushed herself to her feet. "Minions! Take him down! By the time I'm done with him, he's gonna wish he'd never heard the name 'Succubus!'"



The party went momentarily silent. All heads turned to the sound, locking on Adrian standing with the tray clutched to his chest, crouching as if trying to hide behind it.

Ms. Rossi hurried out of the back. "What happened? Is anyone hurt?"

Midnight's sparkling green eyes briefly locked Adrian's wide-eyed gaze. "Nobody is hurt, though I suspect your server's pride is a mite wounded. He began walking away, before whipping around, losing control of his tray and very nearly covering me in Chardonnay. It's very good by the way, but not, I imagine, to wear."

Ms. Rossi turned a steely eyed glare on Adrian. "'Whipping around?'"



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"Don't even think about it," said Juliana, rolling onto her side and grabbing Adrian's arm.

"And why not?" asked Adrian in a low voice.

"Well, we have two options. One, you kick her butt as you, in which case you'll lose your scholarship too, or just straight up get expelled. Or two, you'll attack her as Scarlet Moon, in which case we have Scarlet Moon attacking an innocent--"

"That puddle of snot is as innocent as Buzzsaw," said Adrian.

"You'll still be attacking a college coed who hasn't broken any apparent laws or anything."

Adrian glared at the ground. "Fine. Why not just expel you?"

"It's easier," said Juliana. "And, emphasizes how much richer she is. After all, she doesn't need a scholarship. In fact, her family donates millions to the school every year."



"Sorry!" said Anklyana. The bubble vanished.

"That's not--"

Dozens of beams whizzed past them. Anklyana shrieked and her legs (currently around Scarlet Moon's waist) seized when one beam struck her very exposed rump. Scarlet Moon gasped as Anklyana squeezed his kidney. Scarlet Moon wrapped a bubble of his own around the pair, but not before a beam struck his right leg, numbing it. He struck the concrete and the two went rolling.

Scarlet Moon hobbled onto one foot and lashed a chord to a nearby pole, while twisting to shield Anklyana.

"Fire again!" The beams slammed into Scarlet Moon's shield. The shield buckled under the onslaught, and Scarlet Moon staggered backwards. He put weight on his numb right leg, and fell to one knee. The sudden pain flickered his concentration for a moment. A beam punctured his shield and struck his on the chest. He collapsed. Pain raced through his body, like he'd been punched by Buzzsaw everywhere at once.



GAMEPLAY NOTE: Anklyana has incredibly high Power and energy, but pathetic strength and speed. Her skills are purely defensive. She can't even Attack. She starts with three powers:

  1. Armorsaurus - Reduces the damage Anklyana takes. Effectiveness and duration

increase with Power.

  1. Bubblsaurus - Select a target. Redirect a fixed amount of damage taken by

that target to Anklyana. Effectiveness fades a little each turn. Scales with Power.

  1. Wallsaurus - Select a target other than Anklyana. Reduce the damage they

take and deal. Scales with Power.



"Mine?" cried Anklyana. "Why not yours?"

"I prefer to be the strong, silent type. You know, like Batman," said Scarlet Moon.

"You know when I'm good at reparte? Three hours later in my room," said Anklyana. "The most I could pull off is calling her, um, I don't know, a butthead. Yeah, I guess I could call her a butthead."

"Well hopefully, you won't need to bait her," said Generalissima.



"No problem, Scarlet Moon," said Vanessa. "Always happy to help, Scarlet Moon. It'd be bad for everyone if you became that lunatic's drone, Scarlet Moon."

"Alright, I get the picture." Scarlet Moon let Vanessa pull him to his feet.

"You little bint," roared Succubus. "By the time I'm through with you--"

Cops burst in, particle beams firing. Leading the charge was a blonde-haired female cop utterly lacking in pants. Instead, she wore standard issue police boots and a pair of lacy pink panties that left the lower third of her bottom exposed.

Succubus snarled. "Not you again. God you're annoying."

"Yo momma's annoying," said the blonde cop. She stepped up next to Scarlet Moon and Vanessa and shot Succubus in the face.

"What is it with you and my face?" snarled Succubus clutching at her nose.

"If it weren't so damned ugly, I wouldn't have to shoot it so much." The cop fired again.

"I will make you regret those words," said Succubus. Her eyes bathed the room in scarlet light.

The cops stopped firing, all but the blonde. The blonde looked around sheepishly. The other officers turned their particle stunners on her.

Succubus advanced on the trio, her eyes glowing. "Now, my little Scarlet Moon. You'd best start listening to mommy, or mommy will get very cross with you."



"I'll be damned, one of them does glow," said the other hoodlum. "Thought the boss'd had one too many BMB's or something."

The first hoodlum gave the second a disgusted look. "That's not how BMB's work dumbass."

"Whatever." The thugs took a step towards Adrian.

"This is your last chance," said Adrian, backing up another step. "Leave us be or I'll...I'll-"

"Do what?" asked the first hoodlum with a grin.

"Spank you!" blurted out Adrian.

The two hoodlums paused, and looked Adrian over.

"Yeah, I'm not too worried." The first hoodlum whipped the stun baton at Adrian's head.

Adrian grabbed the baton, and shoved backwards, sending the thug stumbling.



Nothing quite like fighting fire with fire. Adrian grabbed Curvy's blonde tresses and gave a hard tug.

Curvy squealed and released Adrian's locks, her hands snapping back to grab Adrian's hand.

Using the woman's hair as a lever, Adrian bent the brat over, released her hair, and wrapped his arm around the woman's hips, forcing the woman's callipygian butt to round and stick out, her large cheeks straining against the tight jeans.



GAMEPLAY NOTE: Tempestas has two new skills: Twister and Air Burst.

Twister inflicts the twister status on all characters (enemies and allies). If a character is inflicted with Away and Twister, then they take damage at the start of their turn and are cured of Away. The damage scales based on Tempestas' power, and is multiplied by the duration of Away on the victim. If Tempestas is inflicted with Away, instead of taking damage, she receives an Attack bonus that lasts until the end of her turn.

Airburst inflicts Away on all targets. The duration scales with power



Scarlet Moon shifted from foot to foot. He became a little flushed as Natalie's very exposed cheeks swayed before his mind's eye.

"Hello? Earth to Scarlet Moon," said Generalissima.




"You know what you need?" asked Adrian, taking a step towards Buzzsaw. "A sound spanking."

"Over my dead body," Buzzsaw pushed herself to her feet and clumsily charged Adrian.

"That won't be necessary." Adrian caught the charging hoodlum, around her waist, and pulled her down across his knee.

"Let go of me," said Buzzsaw.




Adrian entered the lounge room, dropped his backpack back off and returned to the main room.

"There you are." Vanessa appeared out of nowhere and pulled Adrian into a deep hug. "Where the hell did you go? I was so worried!"

"I just did what any sensible man would do. I ran and hid," said Adrian, returning the fierce hug. "I snuck back in when I saw Scarlet Moon swing off. Is everyone ok?"

"Well, you need to teach me your crazy hiding powers," said Vanessa. "I nearly got my head taken off by one of those crazy beams fired by that Scarlet dude."



Adrian grabbed Natalie around the waist and swung her onto his lap.

Natalie yelped. "I thought you weren't--"

"I'm not gonna spank you for not coming with me." Adrian's hand collided with the bare skin bursting out of Natalie's tiny panties. His palm flashed between cheeks, striking Natalie's soft skin hard and fast, sending the jello-like cheeks into a roiling fit. "But I sure as hell am gonna spank you silly for being so darn emo!"

Natalie squealed and wiggled. Her feet scissored madly. Her hands clutched the side of the bed. Her hips bucked against Adrian's hips. "No, Adrian, stop it!"

"Not until you get over yourself," said Adrian. Adrian battered Natalie's roiling right sitspot more than a dozen times in rapid succession, eliciting howls from the facedown girl, before shifting and doing the same thing to her left. "The only thing holding you back right now is you. These are your powers. You control them. Nobody else. Not your dad with his stupid task force, not Leopard with her stupid darts, not even Juliana with her stupid words. Nobody but you!"

"But I can't," sobbed Natalie. "I can't!"

Adrian hooked a leg over Natalie's pumping thighs, pinning them with an iron grip. He grabbed Natalie's panties and tugged them down to Natalie's thighs, fully baring Natalie's bottom. Natalie squirmed, her bottom bucking and clenching and unclenching, her thighs rubbing and briefly spreading, giving Adrian glimpses of the secret spots nestled between his thighs and tucked between her buttocks.

Adrian flushed, and a warmth stirred in his loins. He wove a scarlet paddle.

Natalie looked over her shoulder, her eyes widening when she saw the scarlet paddle. "No, Adrian please stop."




Buzzsaw stumbled out of the arena. She glared at Scarlet Moon. "Much as I'd love to go a few rounds with you, I got a job to do."

She ripped a hunk of concrete out of the parking lot and flung it at a group of cops.

Scarlet Moon wrapped a crimson chord around the hunk. He gritted his teeth and pulled the concrete towards him. A crimson beam pulverized it.

He spun to face Buzzsaw, and nearly toppled over.

Buzzsaw tucked Prometheus and Poseidon under her arms. "Spank ya later Globoy."

Buzzsaw leapt off into the darkness.

Scarlet Moon sat down.

"You're not going to go after them?" asked Tempestas.

Scarlet Moon shook his head. "I've barely got enough energy to get home."

The police chief approached them. He glanced at the remnants of the crowd. "I don't like you Moon. You're a dangerous criminal, and you belong in prison. But you did damn good here. Taking those punches was pretty impressive. "



"Sure they do, when you make a few minor modifications to their power pack," said Juliana.

"And you know how to do that?" Adrian blinked away the last of the spots and looked at Buzzsaw, who lay groaning at the far side of the roof.

Juliana shrugged. "Well, I did do a paper on particle stunners in high school. A bit of that, plus some high school physics and chemistry, add a dash of sudden insight, and bam. You've got a hand grenade that can shoot people too."

"Next question. The hell took you so long?" Adrian fixed his clothing. "I could have used that save like five minutes ago."

"I was busy slowing down Buzzsaw's-"

There was a loud clatter, and shouting from the other rooftop.

"Speak of the devils." Juliana tightened her grip on Adrian's arm. "Come on. We've got to get out of here. I'm clean out of stunners."

The two half-ran, half-staggered to the edge of the roof. They looked down the wall. There was an old, rather wobbly looking flagpole, and a bunch of large-paned windows, but nothing else.

"Aww poo baskets," said Juliana. "No fire escape. Don't suppose you've got any more of that crimson mojo?"



He had a pair of loose-fitting maroon swimming trunks that extended about two-thirds down his thighs.

He also had a dark blue speedo that covered all the important bits, but not much else.

Finally, craziest of them all, he had a black thong speedo that Juliana had convinced him to purchase. If Mom ever learned he so much as owned this thing... Stupid Juliana always getting him in trouble.



"I've got an idea," said Tempestas. "But we need to get closer to Princess. How much time do you need to wrap us in a bubble?"

"Several seconds," said Scarlet Moon. He ducked a drone and pulverized another with an eye beam. "And I need to gather a lot of energy. Not exactly practical right now."

"Well, start gathering." Tempestas grabbed Scarlet Moon around the waist. She spun, unleashing a burst of wind that flung the drones up above the second floor railing. The tornado raging above them caught the drones and smashed them through windows, against the ceiling, into pillars and each other.

Tempestas was incredibly clammy, and she was breathing heavy. Scarlet Moon's own limbs were weak and noodly.

Tempestas leapt forward, carrying Scarlet Moon with her. Scarlet Moon took a deep breath and swirled his energies around himself.

Princess smiled. "Oh dear, you two play so rough. Don't worry, I got plenty more where that came from!"

She pointed at the pair and another dozen drones rose up behind her and whipped towards them.

"Now," said Tempestas. She released Scarlet Moon. A great whirlwind came up and caught Tempestas, holding her up eye level with Princess.



When they got to the gym, they ran into Sam and David just outside the lockers.

"Oh hey, I didn't know you boys worked out here," said David.

"Adrian and I usually come earlier, but we got a late start today. And this is Natalie's first time," said Juliana.

"That's excellent. You won't believe how much this improves your programming," said David.

Natalie looked around the hot, sweaty gym, full of scantily clad members of both genders grunting, running, throwing weights around, etc. Her nose wrinkled. "I don't see how."

"You don't stop working a problem just because you turn off the computer." David tapped his temple. "You wouldn't believe how many times a gnarly problem untangled itself while I was on the treadmill, or mocking Sam for his benchpress."

"We can't all be big scary black men," said Sam with a huff.

"And the world is poorer for it," said David.



Vanessa hopped up on her toes and mewled. "No ma'am."

"And why not?" Mrs. Rossi's hand thwacked Vanessa's left cheek, right beneath the bright red handprint.

"Because I forgot to tell him ma'am," said Vanessa.

"Indeed." Mrs. Rossi popped Vanessa's right cheek three times in rapid succession, making the pale mound wobble. "He could have walked right into some swats because of you. That's not being a particularly good mentor is it?"

"No ma'am," said Vanessa.

Mrs. Rossi popped Vanessa's left cheek three times in quick succession. Vanessa wiggled her hips and squealed. "Indeed. You are supposed to make sure that he learns how to serve our guests with poise and dignity, to give them service to match the food. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes ma'am," said Vanessa.

"Good." Mrs. Rossi's hand moved methodically back and forth, striking each cheek with hard, loud smacks, and she didn't stop until Vanessa's bottom was bright red from top to bottom. "Now straighten, and show Adrian to the employee's lounge where he can leave his bag."



"Just trust me on this," said Juliana.

Scarlet Moon and Anklyana shared a look.



Buzzsaw grinned maliciously. Her voice came out as a smooth, sinister hiss. "Oh don't worry, I won't hurt you, so long as you do exactly as I say."

Adrian anxiously bit his lip, and nodded.

"Stand up," said Buzzsaw as she undid her belt.

Adrian did as ordered.

"Now, lower your jeans, and face the air conditioning unit." Buzzsaw doubled her thick belt. She gripped the buckle in one hand and let it hang loosely against her leg.




A thick river of magma flowed across Adrian's throbbing buttocks. He whimpered, and clamped down hard on his lower lip. His fingers dug into his ankles and his toes curled.

The belt cut across Adrian's upthrust bottom another half a dozen times in rapid succession. Parallel rivers of magma flowed across his wobbling buttocks from the peak of the swells to base of his sitspots. He bobbed and whimpered, his eyes squeezing painfully shut, but he managed to more or less hold his position.

"Now, get your naughty butts covered, and don't even think of making a scene like that again, or I'll put you over my knee. If you think my belt hurts now, just wait until I've got you secured good and proper."



David gathered up Adrian's jeans in his hand and tugged them down to Adrian's knees. Adrian squirmed as his curved cheeks bounced into view, only barely covered by his thin boxer briefs. David grabbed the waistband of Adrian's boxer briefs and tugged them down to his thighs, eliciting an indignant squeak from the helpless boy.




Juliana brought up a terminal and tapped a few commands. Her lips twisted. "Huh."



Keiko's bedroom door burst open, and Adrian nearly flashed into Scarlet Moon right then and there. Keiko wore a pair of jeans and the t-shirt of some band or other Adrian had never heard of. Keiko pointed her finger at Adrian and Juliana. "YOU! Adrian the Sneaky and Juliana the Bouncy!"

"The Bouncy?" Juliana cocked her head. She jiggled her boobs and grinned. "I am that, aren't I?"

Keiko blushed. "That wasn't what I--"

"Oh don't be embarrassed, you wouldn't be the first girl I've turned straight as a circle." Juliana winked at Keiko.

Keiko's face darkened further, and she stammered incoherently.



Adrian landed four more hard and fast strokes to Keiko's left lower cheek. Keiko bounced up and down on the bed, her small butt bobbing up and down.

"It hurts!" wailed the girl.

"Of course it does," said Adrian. He ran his hand across Keiko's left cheek, and landed a stinging stroke to the girl's left sitspot. "I'm not doing this for my health. Besides, we're already halfway done."

"Only halfway?" wailed Keiko.

Adrian stepped back a moment to give Keiko a bit of a break. Juliana sat down on the bed next to her.

"Keiko, you have to relax your bottom," said Juliana, running one hand over the girl's toasty bum. "Tensing'll just makes it more sore later. Trust me, I know. The key to surviving a spanking is to stay relaxed. Just roll with it."

Keiko muttered something incoherent.

"Just take a deep breath, and focus on relaxing." Juliana glanced at Adrian, who stepped forward. She removed her hand, and instead started rubbing Keiko's back.



Tempestas slammed into Scarlet Moon with enough force to send them both skidding across the ground.



A lego tentacle whipped up in front of Scarlet Moon's face. The tip of the tentacle reformed into a broad, flat paddle lined with holes.



"We're just heading to a more secluded place to comfort our friend," said Juliana with subtle sexiness. She clapped her hands in front of her, her forearms putting a little bit of pressure on her substantial breasts. She leaned forward a little, and batted her eyelashes at the man.

"B-but, you shoved me! I twisted my ankle you brat."

"Don't be silly. I merely stumbled and was reaching out to a strong man to hold me. You were the obvious choice," cooed Juliana as she siddled up to the man and let her breasts rub against his arm. "I'm just so klutzy. So how about you let me buy you a drink as an apology, and we let bygones be bygones?"

"Hmm." The man wrapped his arm around her waist. He pivoted, bent her over his hip, wrapped his arm around her lower back, and began spanking her exposed brown globes. "No."

Juliana squealed and kicked.



Scarlet Moon landed on the roof of a grocery store a few blocks away from Silver Tower (and the ever growing media circus). He opened a hidden trapdoor and pulled out a backpack with some clothing.



Usually he was much more prone to marking than Juliana, much to his raging jealousy.

Could it have been a side-effect of his glowy powers? It'd be nice if something good came out of the other night.

Of course, his ass still felt like it should have been covered in welts. Ah well. Guess you couldn't have everything.

He slipped back out into the common room, and gave Juliana a shake of his head.

Juliana's eyes lit up. She finished her toast, and clapped her hands. "Yay!"

Vanessa lurched backwards, a look of disgust on her face. "Keep your mouth closed when you chew. You almost hit me in the face with toasted shrapnel."

Juliana swallowed her mouthful. "Sorry."

Vanessa grunted. "Do it again and we'll add table manners to the bylaws."





Scarlet Moon flared his shield and threw an elbow at Leopard. Or tried too. Nausea roiled his stomach, and Leopard easily caught the elbow. The woman tucked Scarlet Moon under her arm and unleashed a torrent of stinging smacks to Scarlet Moon's naked ass.

"Bad superhero! Bad! Bad! Bad!"

Scarlet Moon squealed and kicked.

"You lost fair and square, so no. More. Struggling!" Leopard ended with three extra hard smacks to Scarlet Moon's right sitspot that had Scarlet Moon howling around his gag, and sticking his legs out straight, before slumping Leopard's grip.

"You gonna keep resising?" Leopard gave Scarlet Moon's limp body a shake. "No? Good!"



He grabbed the woman's daisy dukes and tore them in half, revealing a very lacy pair of navy blue panties that exposed more of her bum than they covered.

"Hey," said the Whistler. "Those were some of my favorite shorts."

"Girl you're about to have a whole lot more to worry about than your shorts." Scarlet Moon smacked the exposed swell of the Whistler's right cheek with bum-bouncing force. The Whistler squealed, and kicked her legs.

Scarlet Moon traced the brand new scarlet handprint on the woman's right cheek.



"What could possibly be more important--" David stopped and massaged his forehead. "I'm sorry. There are more important things, and it's none of my business, what's going on. I just, look. I think you've got the potential to be a great software engineer. And if you're good, it's a really great career. Really great. Six figure income, challenging problems, consistent work hours, that sort of thing. Well, mostly consistent. Probably depends on where you work, and the health of your team. But anyway, I don't want to see you lose your opportunity, is all. College debt's a big enough weight around your neck as it is. It's even worse when you don't have anything to show for it."

"I'll keep that in mind." Adrian smiled.

David grimaced suspiciously. "Seriously. Or I'll have to start turning up the heat."

Adrian shifted uneasily from foot to foot. "Umm, I'll uh, I kinda need to go."

"OK. But remember what I said. Not gonna let you flame out." David walked away. "Talk to Natalie."



David grabbed Adrian's upper arm and pulled him towards a nearby bench.

"Wait, David don't." Adrian pulled back, but David proved stronger than he was willing to pretend to be.

Figures his TA was the one computer nerd who knew his way around the gym.

David sat down.




Prometheus shruggged. "Meh. I don't know of any Greek chicks associated with fire, do you?"

"And you went Greek because..."

"Duh. Poseidon." Prometheus gestured to her silent companion. "What else you gonna call a guy who can control water?"

"Hydrant-Man? Aquadick? H2-Asshole?"

Poseidon raised an eyebrow.

Prometheus grinned. "Ooh, I like you. Feisty. Fiery. Cocky. It'll be so much fun spanking your ass on national television."



A man and a woman stood on the stage in the middle of the arena.

The man had thick ice-blue shoulder-length hair. He wore a light blue speedo with glittery blue-white swirls evocative of snowflakes. The speedo outlined a round, firm bottom, and long, athletic legs. He was barefoot. Pale blue eyes looked out from a matching butterfly mask that obscured the top half of his face. He was tall, 6', and muscular. He was wet, like he'd just been in a pool, or sprayed himself with a hose. He stood with his arms crossed, impassively watching the arena.

The woman had a mane of fiery red hair that extended to the small of her back. She wore a fiery red PVC bra with glittery swirls evocative of flames, showing off a very round, ample pair of breasts. She wore a matching pair of PVC hotpants that left the lower quarter of her small, firm, round bottom exposed. She topped off the ensemble with a pair of fiery red PVC high-heeled thigh boots. A matching butterfly mask obscured the top half of her face. Her red eyes danced all over the arena, a broad grin on her face.

Two of them. Wonderful. Scarlet Moon took a deep breath, and wrenched the window open. He slipped in and swung out into the middle of the arena. He released his chord, flipped in midair, and landed on the stage in front of the pair. He put his fists on his hips and struck a heroic pose.



Juliana grinned when he saw Adrian. She wore a pair of close-fitting sweatpants and fitted hoody. "So, you wearing the new outfit?"

Adrian shook his head.

Juliana pouted. "You're no fun, you know that?"



"Fuck you," snarled Buzzsaw, thrashing and bucking across Adrian's knee. "When I get up-"

"You'll be very sad and contrite. Now shut up and take your medicine." Adrian reached around Buzzsaw's waist and began pulling down her jeans. Then Adrian's fingers brushed a leather belt around Buzzsaw's waist.

A very thick leather belt.



Juliana's smile faded a little. "Hey now, I know she's got a scary super power, but she's a bull in a china shop. We got this, don't worry."



Scarlet Moon leapt off the building and lashed a chord just above the window. He zipped to the building, slowing and twisting so that his boots pressed lightly against the side. He eased the window open and slipped in. He appeared to be in a gloomy open office space. Shadows danced across the dark walls, turning monitors into monsters and chairs into barriers. Scarlet Moon frowned. Office buildings usually left at least some lights on 24/7. He looked up. The lights appeared to be on, yet seemed nothing more than rectangles of dim gray.

"This is weird," said Scarlet Moon. The red mist faded from Scarlet Moon's vision, the trail with it. "Hey, Generalissima turn that back on."

Generalissima didn't respond.



Scarlet Moon sighed and eased through the silent office.



All the century-old Christmas music and colorful Christmas decorations would have made the mall literally bounce if it weren't for the massive crush of people scrambling to finish their shopping.

The quartet slogged through the crowds. Juliana and Keiko jabbered excitedly, pointing out this store and that. Adrian walked next to Natalie, who stuck close to Adrian, practically touching. Her eyes darted about and she kept her hands close to her body in a vain attempt to avoid brushing against strangers.

"There!" Keiko dramatically jabbed a finger at a Booky McBookstore. "That is--"

"Hey, watch it!" A woman jerked her head away from Keiko's finger. She grabbed Keiko's wrist and spun her around. She peppered Keiko's small, jeans-clad bottom, making the petite girl squirm and yelp. "You almost took my eye out you rude little brat."

"Sorry, sorry," said Keiko. She tried to dance away from the woman.

"Oh no you don't." The woman bent Keiko over her hip and really went to town on the Canadian's small ass.

Keiko squawked and kicked.



Juliana's lips thinned. She pulled off her dress. She wore a teeny tiny little aquamarine g-string bikini that showed off every inch of her firm yet bouncy bottom, and all but the most important bits of her pillowy breasts. "I'll happily play. Come on Adrian."


Juliana grabbed Adrian's wrist and dragged him to the net. "No buts, only fun. Besides, you could use the exercise."

"Got enough exercise the other night," muttered Adrian.

Juliana gave Adrian a sad puppy face.

Adrian sighed and removed his outer clothing.



"So, this power, near as I could tell it comes out of nowhere. So probably an interdimensional portal," said Juliana.


"Seriously." Juliana flicked her fingers at the necklace. "Remember that teeny tiny strand of energy I had you send into the scanner? Send that into the necklace."

There was a flash of red light, and Scarlet Moon stood where Adrian had a moment before.

Scarlet Moon gasped and looked down at his costume. "What in-"

"It was sitting in my closet, where your clothing is now. Send another thread into the necklace."

Another flash of light and Adrian stood where Scarlet Moon had before.

"Well this is convenient."

"Heck yeah it is. Think of the potential--"

"I really hope that's not you I'm hearing Miss Amaya. I pray to God I'm just getting delusional in my old age." Dr. Parks Kyung-Sook's voice echoed through the lab.

Juliana's face paled.



"Don't you dare talk back to me," Juliana grabbed Adrian's french braid and bent him over, his round ass pressing against his jeans. "What you did was stupid, reckless, and could have gotten someone hurt."

"Hey don't go blaming me. It's not my fault they were a bunch of panicky--oww!" Adrian bent his knees away from Juliana as something small and wooden struck the seat of his jeans.

Juliana peppered Adrian's bobbing bottom with the small hairbrush, leaving searing points of pain all over Adrian's upthrust buttocks. "You will answer my question, or you will say nothing."



Flamed rippled up Prometheus' biceps. She yanked Scarlet Moon's arms apart and rammed her elbow into the hero's nose. Scarlet Moon's head snapped back. Prometheus stepped forward, pivoted, and kicked Scarlet Moon hard enough to send him flying back into the alleyway.



Scarlet Moon flicked his left wrist and sent a thick crimson cord flying down to wrap around the thug. He sucked the chord back into his forcefield.




The paddles picked up their pace. They blurred through the air, battering the heroes' bottoms so fast, each stroke blurred into another. Their bottoms bounced and wobbled frantically. Their hips squirmed, their legs flailed and wails of pain erupted from their throats.

It went on and on. Scarlet Moon closed his eyes to hold back tears. His entire world shrank down to the inferno suffusing every inch of his plump bottom. His kicking slowed then stopped, his limbs too tired to keep it up. He sagged against the lego monstrosity's torso, his abs burning too much to hold his up any longer.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," said Princess smugly. "Release them Legostopheles. They need a time out."

A lego tentacle wrapped around Scarlet Moon and lowered him to the ground next to Tempestas. Scarlet Moon fell to one knee and gingerly rubbed his burning cheeks. Tempestas hopped from one foot to the other, rubbing her naked buttocks and mewling.

"Maybe I should just stop wearing pants," muttered Tempestas.




They entered the main room to find two more of their suitemates waiting for them: Alexandra and Vanessa.

Alexandra lounged on the sofa, playing with her phone. She was very tall even without heels. She had long, toned legs and a slender-but-toned build: thin waist, smallish breasts, flat stomach and bubble butt. She had rich chestnut hair draped over the arm of the couch and held out of her face by a golden hairband. She wore a short white skater skirt, and a tight black off-the-shoulder crop top that bared her shoulders and midriff.

Vanessa sat curled up in an over-sized recliner with a book open in her lap. She was of average height, and had a voluptuous, hourglass figure: substantial breasts, reasonably narrow waist, wide hips and large, protruding bubble butt. She had lily white skin and shoulder-length raven black hair tied back into a ponytail. She wore a pair of dark blue cut-off jean shorts and a black t-shirt emblazoned with the rictus grin of the heavy metal band Vicious.



"Isn't this how the game's played?" asked the woman, laughter bubbling beneath her words. Her leather-clad fingers danced across Scarlet Moon's spandex straining against his round orbs, scattering little pinpricks of squirmy, ticklish sparks through the thin spandex and across Scarlet Moon's skin.

Scarlet Moon yelped and wiggled, his trim thigh bumping against the woman's flared hip.

"The noble hero chases after the clever thief, falls into the thief's dastardy trap and gets his cute bottom soundly." The woman's hand struck Scarlet Moon's right sitspot hard enough to drive a shriek from Scarlet Moon's throat. "Spanked."

The woman swayed through the office, her leather-clad palm bouncing off of Scarlet Moon's plump cheeks. The woman's apple bottom rotated beneath Scarlet Moon's nose, the firm mounds rolling beneath tight leather, a thong seam drawing extra emphasis to the tight hemispheres.

Scarlet Moon yelped and cycled his feet. He wrapped his arm around the woman's slender waist, seeking support against the pain blooming across his all but unprotected, shaking buttocks.

A door opened, and the woman glided into a standard office, swatting away at Scarlet Moon's bottom as she went. A desk drawer slid open and closed. The woman sat down on a tall stool in the center of the room, and swung Scarlet Moon around and over her muscular lap. Scarlet Moon found himself staring at cheap office carpet. His hands and feet dangled a foot or so above the floor, making his feel even more like a naughty toddler.



Dr. Parks wrapped her arm around Juliana's hips and peppered her bottom with her palm.

Juliana shrieked and kicked.

"Did you respond with 'Yes ma'am' or 'No ma'am?'"

"Ouch! Ouch! Oww! Oooh! No-ouch-ouch-ooh-ooh-ouch! No ma'am. Ouch Ouch, owww! Wa-a-a-a!"

"You will not pull those up until I'm out of sight. Understand?"

"Wa-a-a-a-a yes-oww!-oww!-oww! Yes ma'am. Ouch-Owwwwww!"

"Good." Dr. Parks released Juliana. Juliana danced in place as best she could in heels with her slacks around her ankles. She whimpered and mewled, desperately trying to rub the sting out of her bare buttocks. The soft flesh bounced, rippled, and jiggled with her bouncing and massaging.

Dr. Parks took Juliana by the ear and pulled her towards the door. "Come along now girl. The sooner we get you home the sooner you can work on your homework, or play a video game or whatever it is girls do these days when they're not working themselves to death."

The two left and the lights shut off. The door lock clicked.

Well. This was problematic.



"I see," said David. "Juliana, why don't you go join your brother?"

"Me?" cried Juliana. "I didn't do anything!"

"You supported his lie," said David.

"I was just looking out for my brother," said Juliana. "Don't look at me like that! I'm not going over there, and you can't make me!"

"I bet Sam could. He's on door duty right now, but I'm sure he won't mind the interruption."

"Fine," said Juliana sulkily. There was a rustling, presumably as Juliana pushed his jeans down. "Asshole."

The couch cushions twisted and rolled as Juliana clambered up next to Adrian and bent over the back of the couch, thrusting her thick caramel cheeks, almost certainly left completely unobscured by a tiny thong if Adrian knew his sister, into the air next to Adrian's bare bottom.

Juliana scowled at Adrian and elbowed him in the side. "See if I ever stick my neck out for you again."




"What happened?" asked Generalissima.

"She took it," said Scarlet Moon. "She took my necklace."

A slight smirk touched Tempestas' lips. "So I'm not the only one running home buck naked and soundly spanked."

Scarlet Moon groaned and ran a hand down his face.

"It's OK, I have plenty of spares," said Generalissima. "And I can deactivate it as quick as a button...and there."

"That doesn't help me now!" said Scarlet Moon.

"Well, since you're talking to me, and I can see the outside, you still have your mask. So no one will recognize you."

"I'm gonna end up all over the internet," moaned Scarlet Moon.

"Honey, you're already all over the internet."

"Well, I'm going home," said Tempestas. "This was a total fucking disaster, and I really need a nice, long bubble bath."

Tempestas leapt away.

Scaret Moon groaned and lashed a chord to nearby house.



Silence. Nothing moved. Eventually, the lights lit back up, and Scarlet Moon's ear piece crackled.

He sighed in frustration and put his hand to his ear. "Hey Generalissima."

"Lost signal for a while there. Find the thief?" asked Scarlet Moon.

"No. They got away."

"Well, poo," said Generalissima. "Ah well, might as well come home. Probably want to go to bed early, you've got to work tomorrow right?"



Leopard shook Napier. "What the hell is wrong with you? You can't beat me you overstuffed meatball!"

Napier punched Leopard in the gut. "If you think 'can't's gonna make me quit, then you don't know me very well!"

Leopard's fist slammed into Napier's gut. Once. Twice. Three times. She threw him to the ground and stomped on his chest.

Adrian dashed for a dark corner behind the stage.

"Stop it, stop it, stop it!" wailed Natalie, clutching her father's groaning form. "Leave him alone, he's just trying to do his job!"

Leopard grinned. She pulled a blowgun off her belt.

Adrian sprinted for the corner, desperately praying nobody would notice him.

"Well, chief if you're gonna insist on fighting me, let's at least make it interesting," said Leopard.

"No, what are you doing?" wailed Natalie.

"Shut up kid. Nobody likes a crybaby," said Leopard.

Adrian dove behind the stage, his hand lancing up to clutch his necklace.

Leopard slid a dart into the blowgun.

A faint flash of red light.

Leopard put the blowgun to her lips, pointed at Natalie.

Natalie stared at the blowgun, her body shook, tears in her eyes.

A scarlet chord lashed onto Leopard's wrist and jerked it away from her mouth.



He deflated a little when he saw the grade on his test. But he leaned forward and tried to follow what David was saying.

He'd be damned if he was going to let supervillains ruin his education.



The two stood in silence for a moment, then Vanessa glanced at her watch. "It's getting late, so I think I'll head to bed."

"Yeah, I'm gonna shower." Adrian headed towards the bathroom. "See you tomorrow."

"Have a good night."



Adrian checked to make sure the bathroom was empty, and latched a scarlet chord to a ceiling tile. A quick tug, and a leap, and Adrian was working his way up towards the roof.

He emerged on the roof of the stadium. Fortunately, she'd added one of his secret compartments to the arena ceiling.

Seconds later, Scarlet Moon stood on top of the arena.




"If you insist," said Juliana.

"Alright, who wants to be the first one over my knee? If you volunteer, I won't be so rough on you. Maybe."

The robbers moaned.

Scarlet Moon shook his head. "Always gotta be difficult."

Scarlet Moon walked towards Red Dress and pulled her up by the wrist.

"Ow! Hey, that hurts!"

"If you think that hurts, just wait until you see what happens next." Scarlet Moon went into a lunge position and turned the red-dressed girl over his knee. He lifted the girl's dress, revealing a tiny red g-string sucked in the crack of her thick bottom.



Adrian returned to his suite, to find Juliana sitting in an armchair watching TV.

Before either could say anything, Vanessa entered the common room. "There you are, come on we've got to get ready."



"It wasn't so bad at first," said Juliana. "Real easy to play them off of each other. Until we turned eighteen. Papa and Dad are both gym rats. With a deep appreciation for thick leather belts. And erm, a lot less patience for childish antics from adults than from children."

Adrian shuddered.

"Yeah, that sounds like it would be unpleasant," said Natalie. "Only got Dad's belt once, and it hurt like hell."

"Yes, and fortunately for both of you, we've managed to convince them not to take their belts to you soon as they see you," said Mama.

"It was quite the long conversation," said Mom.

Juliana shuddered and clutched her bottom.

"But come on and get your things. They're both eager to see you. Dad's making ravioli for dinner," said Mama.

Juliana smiled. "I love his ravioli! Do you think he'll let me sit at the table with a pillow?"

"Maybe if you give him a good bone-crushing hug as soon as you see him," said Mama. "Man always was a softy."



"You shouldn't listen to them." Juliana switched off the video. "They're paid to talk, so that's what they're gonna do."

"This was a bad idea," said Adrian. "Never should have listened to you."

"Don't be ridiculous--"



"Definitely owed some major hugs," said Juliana.



"What are you doing? Get away from me!" said the villain, crawling backwards away from the slowly approaching Scarlet Moon.

Scarlet Moon grabbed Succubus around the waist and tossed her backwards over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He lifted Succubus's cape off her bottom, and let it drape down over Succubus' upper body. Succubus squirmed, her protruding, all-but-bare bottom bobbing on Scarlet Moon's shoulder. Scarlet Moon gave the villain's jiggly bottom a sharp smack.

"Oww! Unhand me! Minions! Minions save your mistress!"

Scarlet Moon looked around the restaurant. Glassy eyes were replaced with an assortment of angry glares and scared stares.

Succubus angrily kicked her legs. "Let go of me! Obey, damn you! OBEOOWW!"

Scarlet Moon landed four hard, fast smacks to the middle of each cheek.

Succubus growled.

Scarlet Moon stared down at his hand, frowning in concentration. Slowly, his scarlet glow shaped itself into a paddle about the size of a ping-pong paddle.

Scarlet Moon whapped Succubus' left cheek with the paddle. Succubus' legs went up and she squealed.




"What was that?" asked Marie.

"Nothing." Scarlet Moon looked over his shoulder at Bernice. "Sorry, Bernice, but she's right. I'm looking for your siblings, Pauline and Leonard. I think they're Prometheus and Poseidon. And what's worse, they've fallen in with a really bad crowd."



Adrian peeled off the outfit and went looking for something a bit more modest. He was going to the gym to get stronger and faster, not laid.

Once dressed, he stepped back into the common room.

Gameplay NOTE: Don't forget to change your outfit into something reasonable for the gym.



Particle beams lanced to either side of them. Scarlet Moon flared his shield just in time to catch a particle beam that would have struck him in the shoulder.

The helicopter lurched sideways, sending the two swinging like a penduluum.

Scarlet Moon's eyes flared with a red light.

"No scarlet beams," said Juliana. "We don't need flaming helicopter parts raining down on pedestrians."

"Right, collateral damage," said Scarlet Moon.

"What?" said the officer. She held Scarlet Moon's waist in a death grip.

"Nothing," said Scarlet Moon. "Hey, you scared of heights?"

"It scales with how high up we are." The woman tightened her grip on Scarlet Moon. "We're really high up."



"I don't care," said Anklyana. Her hands closed into fists. She slammed a foot into the pavement, sending a small spiderweb of cracks across the pavement. "I put this stupid costume on to stop bullies, not submit to them."

"Sometimes you gotta submit to come out on top," said Generalissima

"Oh shut up. This was a disaster. How're we getting in there?"

"Let's fall back for a bit." Scarlet Moon wrapped an arm around Anklyana and zipped them up onto the scaffolding they'd hidden behind earlier.

"Scarlet Moon, that was an utter disaster," said the chief's voice over the PA. "Please refrain from getting involved any more. You're only making things worse."



"Right? Let me get changed, then we can buy all the things and blow this popsicle stand."



"Put his down," barked the one in the white dress, pulling a particle beam out of her purse and firing it at Scarlet Moon.

Scarlet Moon ducked, but he needn't have bothered; the shot went way wide and splattered harmlessly against a chandelier.

The other two charged as best they could in elegant ballroom dresses and heels.



Scarlet Moon smacked Succubus' bare, curvy cheeks with loud, heavy strokes that made the villain's firm globes bounce and wobble.

"We'll see whose bum gets turned red as your costume," said Succubus. In a truly impressive feat of core strength, Succubus swung up and punched Scarlet Moon in the gut.

Scarlet Moon half-slid, half-stumbled backwards, right into the arms of one of Succubus' minions.

"Leave Mistress alone!" The thug grabbed the back of Scarlet Moon's costume and whipped the hero (and Succubus) into a wall.

Succubus rolled away, and kicked Scarlet Moon in the face with a heel, smashing Scarlet Moon's head through the drywall and against the heavy wooden boards behind it.

By the time Scarlet Moon pulled himself out of the wall, Succubus stood with her hands on her hips, flanked by the two minions still standing. Her face was flushed, and she swayed a little.




Slowly Anklyana eased her deathgrip on the rafter, and Scarlet Moon pulled her off. The green field faded, and the roof started to collapse.

"Let's go!" said Tempestas, perching on a second floor railing. "I'd rather not have ten tons of steel fall on my head!"

Scarlet Moon swung past the railing. "You and me--"

"Mommy! Mommy!" A small child stumbled out of a corner somewhere, clutching a shredded teddy bear, tears covering her face.

"Shit!" said Tempestas.

The ceiling collapsed. Anklyana jerked out of Scarlet Moon's arms.

"Anklyana!" shrieked Generalissima.

A steel girder struck Scarlet Moon in the shoulder. Anklyana, and the child vanished in a curtain of dust and steel.

Acting purely on instinct, Scarlet Moon swung backwards, buffetted by a gust of wind. Tempestas flew past.



Prometheus wove twin fiery serpents around herself and snapped them at Scarlet Moon like whips. Scarlet Moon twisted around the serpents. He fired a few quick bursts, forcing Prometheus to dance backwards. He lashed a chord to Prometheus' chest and yanked the woman into the air. Prometheus wreathed herself in flames and kicked Scarlet Moon in the face. Scarlet Moon backflipped, lashed chords to the pool wall, and zipped backwards, firing a scarlet beam as he went.

Prometheus blocked the beam with a sheet of fire, swirled the flames into a battering ram, and flung it at the hero.

Scarlet Moon rolled across the wall. The battering ram cascaded across the brick wall, flames licking Scarlet Moon's shield.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Scarlet Moon. He zipped onto the belltower in the middle of the quad. "Why terrorize a bunch of kids?"

"Because I can." Prometheus' eyes sparked. Flames swirled around him. "Because a new world order is beginning. One where--"

Scarlet Moon blasted her right in the kisser.



"I'm fine! Get the thief!" said Anklyana.

Without missing a beat, Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to a nearby air conditioning unit and whipped around, landing on the edge of the roof. He looked around. Nothing. No movement, no sound. Nothing.

"Generalissima?" asked Scarlet Moon.

"Ok, so when Supremes use their powers, there's some waste," said Generalissima. "I figured out a way to track that waste. Like footprints. One second..."

A fine red mist overlaid Scarlet Moon's vision, with bursts of darker red leading into a window in a building across the street.

"That red mist? That's the background Glow," said Generalissima smugly. "You know how after a few minutes, you start to recover after a fight? Well, you're pulling energy from that background Glow."

"I assume the darker red is waste from the thief?" asked Scarlet Moon.

"Yup. Be careful."



There was a sudden crunch. The plate nestled between Scarlet Moon's bottom and his heels snapped and flew into the wheel, smashing the fragile machinery to bits.

"Interesting," said Leopard. "Stronger than I expected."

Scarlet Moon let out a deep sigh, the sudden cessation of leather across his bum euphoric. Tempestas' shrieks of pain rang out in the small alcove. Scarlet Moon glanced at Tempestas' monitor. Tempestas was still stuck in the ceiling, her bottom still being burned by the whirling wheel.

Scarlet Moon took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and blotted out Tempestas' wails. He found the warm center of his power. He immersed himself in it, swam through it. Became it. Scarlet Moon opened his eyes, now glowing with scarlet light. He slammed his knees against the wall. The wall shook and bowed a little, but did not give. Again. Again.

"Fascinating," said Leopard.



The two entered the dorm building. The door to the resident office swung open. Sam stood in the doorway, looking less than happy.

Samuel Samson was a few years older than Adrian and Juliana, being a junior. He had long, toned legs, a fairly large, muscular bottom, washboard stomach, and a lean, toned chest and arms. He had short brown hair, and large brown eyes (currently narrowed). He wore a pair of fitted blue pajama pants, and a tight undershirt that managed to walk the line between comfortable and flattering.

Sam glanced down at his watch. "It's twelve-thirty in the morning. Where have you two been?"

Juliana stepped up to Sam, and gave him a winning smile. "Well-"

Sam took Juliana's arm, spun her around, and gave her bottom a few sharp smacks, her ample bottom roiling under her tight dress. "Not from you. I want to hear from Adrian."

"Oww!" Juliana hopped out of his reach and clutched her round bottom. "Why can't I answer?"

"Because you're a fast-talking charmer," said Sam. "And it is way too late for me to parse your bullshit."

Juliana crossed her arms over her ample chest and pouted.



"That's one," said Sam. The brush swung back and snapped forward and cracked against Adrian's left cheek. "That's two. And keep your ass relaxed!"

"It's hard," said Adrian.

"I know. But it's for the best. Trust me," said Sam. The hairbrush thwacked Adrian's right sitspot, unleashing a hot wave of pain. "That's three."

The hairbrush swung up, and caught the underside of Adrian's rippling left cheek. "Four."

Adrian wiggled his hips, and his toes curled.

"Stay still. Hard to aim with you squirming around like that," said Sam. The hairbrush bit into the fleshiest part of Adrian's curved right cheek. "That's five."



Eight minutes later, eight hands clutched eight ankles, and eight exposed, cherry-red cheeks quivered anxiously.

Adrian took long, slow breaths, trying to keep still despite the hideous burn the officer's belt had already left in his round globes. His breath hitched every time the officer's boots clomped behind him.


Vanessa grunted. The belt snapped another half a dozen times. Vanessa whimpered and bobbed her bottom. Adrian gnawed on his lower lip, his knees quivering.

"What were you kids thinking?" asked the cop. The boots clomped back and forth. "This is a market, a place of fun and festivals, not cussing and brawls. You have a disagreement, you talk about it. Get me?"

"Yes ma'am," said the four in unison.


Leggy squeaked. The belt snapped six more times. Leggy shook her head, her long tresses flying out around her. Her knees buckled, and her bottom jumped up and down.



"Ah, the silent, serious type." Prometheus smirked. "Let's see how quiet you stay!"



David raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying you didn't deserve a sting in your tail?"

Adrian rocked from one foot to the other. "Define 'deserve.'"

David laughed. He grabbed Adrian's hand. "Come on, let's start dancing before you get yourself in more trouble."



"That is not a thing I needed to hear," said Juliana.

"You started the fantasy. Don't go griping at me because I finished it."

Juliana laughed and gave Adrian a playful swat. "Go put on some makeup you little brat, while I get changed."



Scarlet Moon rested one hand on the small of Anklyana's back and swirled a paddle into the other.

"So she would have gotten an extra beam in the face. Whatever." Anklyana anxiously wiggled her bottom back and forth. "Don't see what the big deal is."

Scarlet Moon flattened Anklyana's right cheek.

Anklyana squealed and wiggled her hips. Her heeled boots stomped against the concrete floor, and her buttocks wobbled.

"Princess is down. She doesn't have enough Glow to flip a lego," said Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon struck Anklyana's left cheek. Anklyana squirmed and squealed, her left buttock bouncing beneath the force of the blow. Her right quivered with the wiggling of her hips.

"Now I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure Glow is where you get superhuman resilience."



"Why didn't you ask me?" asked David. "In fact, I was gonna ask if you needed one, but Sam lost his balance."

"Sorry," said Sam, shrugging.

"Dude, don't be. It's why you have a spotter." David gave Adrian a stern look. "So you don't hurt yourself."



Scarlet Moon kicked the vent out and shot the lead guard right in the kisser. He swung out of the vent and wrapped a chord around a second guard, flinging him into the third.

They were down before Scarlet Moon landed.

There was a clang above him, followed by a yelp.

"Bet you weren't expecting to play babysitter," said Juliana.

"To Vanessa and a cop? No." Scarlet Moon leapt back up into the grate. Bernice had Vanessa face down on the grate, an arm twisted behind her back. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist, exposing a pair of milky globes in a white thong. A collection of red handprints were scattered across the pale orbs.

"You're stronger than you look brat." Bernice smacked Vanessa's right cheek, making it bounce. "But you haven't got years of training in hand to hand combat."

"And I have superpowers." Scarlet Moon lifted Bernice off of Vanessa. "So let's keep our hands to ourselves, 'kay?"

"Hey, she's the one who attacked a cop," said Bernice.

"You called my mother a whore," said Vanessa, pushing herself up and shoving her skirt down.

"I was just kidding."

"It's not funny."




Sam battered Adrian's bottom with slow, hard blows. With each stroke, Adrian rocked against the couch, and clenched as the brush bit deeply into sensitive flesh.

"Why am I spanking you?" asked Sam after a moment.

"Because you're a control freak," snapped Adrian.

Juliana groaned.

A torrential downpour of smacks splattered across Adrian's vulnerable ass, making him yelp and squirm and kick. The blows landed with the speed and strength that only a toned althlete could pull off, and it wasn't long before tears began to gather.

"Let's try that again," said Sam, punctuating the statement with an extra stingy blow to Adrian's right thigh. "Why am I spanking you?"

Adrian sniffed. "For staying out past curfew."

"And what else?" asked Sam, punctuating the question with a blow to Adrian's left sitspot. "There were two."


Sam landed three swift strokes to Adrian's left cheek. "Did you bend over and take your spanking like an adult?"



Delryn tipped the beach chair, sending the two young adults sprawling across the sand. She grabbed Alexandra around the waist, sat down in the chair, and pulled the mostly naked woman across her large lap. She rained hard slaps down on Alexandra's exposed, jiggly butt.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Alexandra squirmed. "How dare you! When--oww--mommy hears of this--"

"Hopefully, she'll take a hairbrush to your naked little butt until it's been permanently engraved onto your skin." Delryn battered Alexandra's bouncing bottom with impressive speed and strength. "I find that highly unlikely. So I'll just have to pick up the slack."

Alexandra kicked and squealed like a schoolgirl taking her very first spanking. Delryn's hand nonetheless rose and fell with the same brutal pace.

"I just wanted to get this sticky shit off of me," wailed Alexandra.

"Is that so?" The boss swatted the plump, bouncing rear. "Perhaps you could have just asked nicely then, hmm?"

"Give me a--ouch!--break! How am I ever going to get this off my bathing suit--yow!--or, God, out of my hair?"

"I'll happily help you. You just need to say please," The manager landed a few more swats to the pinkening rump.








Oh noes, you've been defeated!


"But you're not my customer." Melissa took the tawse with her right hand, while her left clamped down on the small of Adrian's back. She whipped the leather strap across Adrian's thinly-clad cheeks, the harsh snap bouncing around the office. "You're a rude little brat!"

Adrian squealed, and rocked his hips as a red-hot explosion bloomed across his bottom. "I'm going to tell all my friends that you're a scam!"

"You can tell them whatever you like." Melissa somehow managed to pitch her voice above the sharp slap of leather to bum, while maintaining a calm, confident tone. "I can't imagine that your friends could possibly be any better behaved than you."

Melissa lashed Adrian's curved cheeks three times in rapid succession. The thin tips of the tawse's split end stung Adrian's pert buttocks, while the tawse's thick leather body left molten rivers across his sensitive skin. Tears formed at the corners of Adrian's eyes, and his hips rocked madly back and forth.

"Hold still." Melissa snapped the tawse twice across Adrian's sensitive thighs. Adrian squealed and stood up, his hands flashing back to cup his blazing thighs. "Hold her down!"

The secretary reached over the desk and grabbed Adrian by the hair. He pulled Adrian back over the counter, and pressed her other hand between the boy's shoulder blades.



Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to a nearby stall and zipped down amongst the crowd, snatched the boy up and zipped away in an instant. Or two. Maaybe three.




Adrian struck Vanessa's right cheek. Vanessa's bottom barely moved.

"Oww!" said Adrian, shaking his palm. "Do you do squats in your sleep? Your ass is hard as steel!"

"I highly value the myriad benefits of exercise?" asked Vanessa.

"So does Juliana, but her ass isn't made of titanium," said Adrian.

Vanessa shrugged. "Should I go find an implement?"

"Nah, I want to go to bed," said Adrian. He swathed his hand in a very faint scarlet shield, so faint that it wasn't visible in the common room light. He struck Vanessa's right cheek again.

Vanessa bounced against Adrian's thighs, her bum wobbling beneath the smack. A very visible handprint had already formed on her pale skin. "Oww! If my bottom is made of titanium than what's your hand made of?"



Moments later, Adrian found himself bent over a conference table, his boxer briefs bunched up around his thighs, exposing a pair of plump, anxiously clenching buttocks.

Ms. Rossi paced back and forth behind Adrian, snapping a leather tawse against her palm. Adrian winced and whimpered with every snap.

"I've watched you at training. I've watched you weave your way through the crowds all night," said Ms. Rossi. She leaned in close, looming over Adrian's bent over form. "That wasn't an accident, was it?"




Tempestas approached the edge of the roof. "I know I just said some harsh things. But it was an honor to fight beside you Scarlet Moon, and I hope we get the chance to do so again."

Scarlet Moon said nothing.

"See you around." Tempestas leapt off the roof, a gust of wind carrying her into the darkness.

Scarlet Moon rubbed his bottom and sighed.



Adrian wrenched free and pushed back the way they came.

"Adrian, wait!" Sam pushed against the crowd and tried to grab Adrian, but Adrian was able to use faint bursts of energy, invisible in the harsh stadium lighting, to push his way through the crowd. Sam had no such power.

Soon, he was out of sight.




"Sidekick?" said Tempestas. She crawled towards Scarlet Moon. "I'll show you whose the sidekick here."

Seconds later, Scarlet Moon found himself facedown in the dirt, kicking and squealing. Tempestas had his arms pinned securely to the small of his back with one hand, while the other rose and fell in a rapid tattoo.

Turned out Tempestas was way better at wrestling than Scarlet Moon.

Prometheus laughed and clapped her hands together. "Oh man this is great. Even better than spanking him myself. Go, go Tempestas! Thrash that moon scarlet!"




"Gymmy McGymface," said Adrian.

"Oh, me too," said Bernice. "Anyway, I'm a police officer working for Natalie's father. Umm, Natalie what are you doing?"

Natalie ran a particularly thick leather belt through her fingers. "Looking for a Christmas gift for Dad."

Bernice paled a little. "I always um, wondered where your Dad found those."

"And cursed the name of whoever got them for him too, I'll bet," said Natalie.

"Pfssh. Naww. Naww. They're just such, erm, beautiful belts."



The deafening crack of hand on bare flesh echoed through the icy night. Midnight spanked Scarlet Moon's naked, outthrust bottom with hard, rapid-fire smacks. Scarlet Moon danced and wiggled. His eyes squeezed shut and he yelped in pain.

Midnight stopped. She tugged on Scarlet Moon's hair again. "Understand?"



The belt whistled through the air and cut across Scarlet Moon's red-hot, bare buttocks. Scarrlet Moon heaved against the barrier. A cry burst from his lips, and his hips squirmed. His booted feet scrabbled against the concrete, and his fingers dug into the barricade.

The belt barely had time to leave his buttocks before it cut into the soft flesh again.

Scarlet Moon howled at the top of his lungs. Each stroke burned his bottom like a branding iron. The strokes came so fast they all blurred into a continuous stream of molten agony.

Eventually, mercifully, the strokes stopped. Scarlet Moon slumped across the barricade, sobbing and hiccuping.

The belt slithered back through its belt loops. "I'd love to thrash the both of you all night, but I got shit to do."

Buzzsaw tucked Prometheus and Poseidon under each arm and leapt away.

Scarlet Moon and Tempestas lay slumped across the barricade. Eventually, they worked up the energy to push themselves up.



The thugs looked at Adrian, paying careful attention to his glowyness.

"So, um, think we should-"

"Buzzsaw will be pissed if we don't."

"I guess that's true. You first."

"No, you."

"Don't even think of looking at me. I'm clearly too badly injured."

"Yes, yes, he shot you, booh-hoo."

"With a laser beam! Out of his eyes!"

"How terrible for you."

"I don't see you attacking him!"


"So how about the two of us take him down together, we take all the credit, and Terry takes the blame?"

"Hey, no fair! Did you not see me get shot? I'm a casualty! Should get a purple heart or some shit!"

"Nobody cares. Charge!"







"They could, if I didn't have a worm in there fudging timestamps, replacing footage, and just you know covering your trail," said Juliana. "Doing the same thing for Tempestas. Speaking of which, I'm gonna call her, while you two--"

"I can't do this." Natalie cracked her knuckles and swayed from foot to foot.

Juliana sighed. She took Natalie's hands in her own. "I know, it's scary. But doing scary things is part of what it means to be a superhero. I've been watching the video of Adrian's fight with Leopard. That woman can move. She's strong, she's fast and she's crafty. Scarlet Moon and Tempestas might be able to take her, but I don't like their odds. They need your help, Natalie. We need Anklyana. Vanessa needs Anklyana."

Natalie pulled her hands away and backed up a step. Her wide eyes bounced between Adrian and Juliana, like a horse watching wolves. "I-I'm sorry Juli. I can't. I'll just make it worse."



"Good. You'd best be in position when I get back." Alexandra slammed the door behind her.

Juliana slapped Adrian's bottom. Hard.

"Oww! What the heck?"

"Why on earth didn't you just turn into SM before getting out?" hissed Juliana.



Scarlet Moon cracked his knuckles and wove his shield into a small paddle. "Time for your paddling."

"Time for your paddling." Prometheus bucked and thrashed. She started to wiggle through the bars, but a few crimson chords lashed her in place. "Asshoowwww!"

Scarlet Moon whapped Prometheus' right cheek with his paddle, the small oval covering almost the entirety of Prometheus' tight little buttock. The crisp smack of magical forcefield striking naked flesh echoed through the empty arena. "Let's talk about your many transgressions, shall we?"

Scarlet Moon whapped Prometheus' left cheek with a full-armed swing. Prometheus threw her head up and howled. Her back arched and her bottom clenched. She lifted her feet to cover her bottom, but a few crimson chords lashed them to the poles, leaving her legs wide open and her bottom gaping.

"Oh come on, let me at least close my legs," said Prometheus, her voice shifting into a whine.

"You held an entire arena hostage." Scarlet Moon battered Prometheus's right cheek, the tight flesh bouncing and wobbling beneath the flashing red paddle. "Just so that you could goad me into a fight. A little exposure is the least you deserve."

"Oh come on-oww!-it's not like you're on Fa-oww!" Prometheus squirmed. She gripped the railing until her knuckles turned white.

Scarlet Moon shifted a little and unleashed a minutes-long barrage to Prometheus' right cheek, catching a little bit of her sensitive inner cheek with each stroke.



"Welp, maybe not." Princess splatted Scarlet Moon's right buttock. The helpless hero had barely even begun to process the shockwave traveling through his bottom when the brush splatted his left buttock. Scarlet Moon pressed against the arm of the throne and wailed into the red upholstery. His legs cycled madly, and his bottom rocked back and forth, desperate to do anything to escape the heavy onslaught of the Sparkling Scepter.

His squirming didn't seem to perturb Princess though, and the villain landed another pair of bum-flattening smacks to Scarlet Moon's jumping, round cheeks. Scarlet Moon wailed. His bottom bucked against the arm of the chair. He clenched his curved orbs, the round hemispheres bouncing with the motion.

"Admit you're a bad dolly who deserves a sound spanking," said Princess.



The bear turned Scarlet Moon sideways so that he stared at the floor, and his plump bottom faced Princess.

"Angle his a little more to the right. A little more. Perfect." Princess rubbed her hands together. "What a view. Now hurry up and start spanking that scrawny ass. I want to hear him scream."

The bear tapped its paw gently against Scarlet Moon's barely-clad buttocks, as if aiming. Its paw enveloped his entire bottom, and even a bit of his upper thighs.

Scarlet Moon squinched his eyes shut.



The crowd surged away from Leopard and Scarlet Moon.

Leopard frowned. Her eyes widened and she looked over her shoulder. Scarlet Moon's beam had blown one of the doors open, and the staff and party goers were making themselves scarce.

"You bastard! You're letting my prey escape!" Leopard's face twisted with rage. She grabbed the scarlet chord wrapped around her wrist and yanked.

Scarlet Moon sailed through the air and kicked Leopard in the chest.

Leopard skidded backwards. "Come on then Moon, I've been one step ahead of you since I got to this sorry town, and that ain't gonna change tonight!"

Scarlet Moon lunged forward and swung a fist for Leopard's jaw. Leopard stepped sideways and grabbed Scarlet Moon by the hair. She spun in place, whipping Scarlet Moon like she were doing the hammer throw.

"I can do this all night!" Leopard released, and sent Scarlet Moon flying through a wall.

Scarlet Moon burst back into the ballroom just in time to see Leopard run through the open door.



The great sack swung, shattering the wall and absorbing the lego pieces. The lego pieces rattled and strained against the sack. Scarlet Moon stood for a moment, swaying back and forth. Those pieces that had previously been inert came active again. Sweat dripped down Scarlet Moon's forehead. His jaw clenched and his shield pulsed. The sack strained and flexed.

The legos went still.

People poured around his. Scarlet Moon zipped back up into the air. His sack was now quite heavy, even for his.

Princess let out a howl of frustration. "That's three exits you've freed now! So many people, ditching my party early. YOU'RE ALL SO RUDE!"



They drove the rest of the way in silence. Juliana focused on the road, only occasionally flicking her eyes towards Adrian. Adrian sagged in his seat, gasping and groaning.

Eventually, they reached campus. They wound their way through the dark, empty streets to the dormitories at the back. Juliana eased the car into a parking spot, and turned it off.


Adrian ran a shaking hand through his hair. "Maybe next time we should just go to Late Night."

Juliana laughed quietly. "Maybe."

Adrian looked down at his hand. The strange crimson glow had faded completely, and if it weren't for the fact that he ached all over, he'd think he'd just imagined it all.

Juliana sucked in a breath, and pushed the door open. "Come on. Let's get this over with. Just let me do the talking."



Princess let out a frustrated sigh. "You know, you're not a very good dolly. Ah well. Daddy always said 'never throw away what you can fix!'"

Princess laid into Scarlet Moon's dancing apple-cheeked bottom. Scarlet Moon howled. His legs kicked so fiercely Legostopheles had to wrap extra tentacles around his flailing legs, leaving only his ankles mobile. His toes curled and his feet wiggled in cadence with the blows. His bottom rolled and bobbled, his round cheeks bobbling beneath the thick wood. His bottom felt like Yosemite about to erupt. Tears flowed freely down his face, and the entire mall faded away into a watery blur. His fingers dug into the arm of the throne.

Scarlet Moon's universe shrank down to the inferno in his bottom. The mall, the bite of the throne arm digging into his hips, the literally captive audience, everything got subsumed by his ass' agony.

"Stop! Please stop!" wailed the hero.

"You know how to make it stop."

"I'm a bad dolly and deserve a sound spanking," howled Scarlet Moon.

"Good. Legostopheles! The scissors."




"And one to grow on!" Princess struck Scarlet Moon right across the middle of his cheeks, flattening both cheeks simultaneously and making his buttocks rippling madly.

Scarlet Moon shrieked and thrashed. "Seven! Thank you!"

Legostopheles released Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon struck the ground and curled into a fetal position, clutching his blazing bottom and whimpering.

Princess grabbed Scarlet Moon's cheek with pinching fingers and forced the hero to look at his. "You gonna be a good dolly now?"




"It's alright. Now, you should go to bed. It's late." David gave Adrian a gentle push to his room. "I'll see you later. Sleep well."



Buzzsaw grabbed the hem of Adrian's jeans and peeled it up Adrian's wobbling ass, his modest boxer briefs the only protection remaining on his curved cheeks.



"Language." Juliana ran a hand through her hair. "I was rooting through all that crap back there, trying to find something useful."

"Did you?"

"I found some rope we can use to tie these two up, but other than that..." Juliana shrugged. The two took a second to tie up the Whistlers, then slipped back out into the dark, gang-infested park.

Adrian and Juliana followed the thug's directions and found the factory with minimal issue. They slipped in. Most of the factory was a giant room cluttered with rusted machinery, busted belts, rotted boxes, and bits of metal and plastic. Adrian peered into the shadows, but saw nothing but vague rectangular and cylindrical shapes.

"You sure this place has a way out?" hissed Adrian.

"Yes, because I magically know everything there is to know about a long-abandoned office park," hissed back Juliana. "Of course I don't know. Now come on. The sooner we look around, the sooner-hey, I think I see some stairs-"

"What was that?" asked Adrian. His breath stopped, and his eyes skipped from shadow to shadow.

There was a shout and a trio of figures charged out of the shadows from left, right, and forward, screaming at the top of their lungs.



Adrian grabbed Juliana by the arm and spun her around. Juliana's ample bubble butt strained against the tight skirt, presenting the perfect target.


Adrian's hand arced through the air and cracked against Juliana's right cheek, making the firm buttock bounce.

Juliana squeaked and squirmed, wiggling her hips as Adrian peppered her bottom with six stinging slaps.

Adrian released Juliana, who stumbled away and rubbed her bottom.

"I was just kidding," said Juliana.

"Ready to go?" asked Adrian.


Adrian took a step forward, his hand cocking.

"Yes! Yes, I'm totally ready, let's go. I am so ready to have my butt publicly spanked by a slightly superpowered amazon."

"Relax. It's far worse than it sounds."

Juliana groaned.




Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to a nearby lamppost and zipped into the air.

"Get your ass back here!" Napier whipped out his pistol and started firing. The other cops amongst the rubble followed suit. A few blasts struck Scarlet Moon's shields, but he barely noticed them.

His head throbbed, and every muscle in his body ached. He spied Anklyana waving from a nearby rooftop, Tempestas next to her.

"What happened?" asked Scarlet Moon as he landed. "Did anybody get hurt?"

Tempestas watched him warily. Anklyana shifted uneasily from foot to foot.

"Nobody got hurt. We got everyone out," said Anklyana with forced cheerfulness. "It was kinda exhausting."

"OK. Why don't I remember any of this? What happened?"

"Why don't you come home, and I'll show you," said Generalissima. "Might want to get somewhere and change though."



Legostopheles collapsed into thousands of lego pieces.

"Get out of my house!" said Tempestas.




Buzzsaw stalked towards the hero, cracking her knuckles. "Now, where were we?"

Scarlet Moon forced himself to his feet. He couldn't really see through the red haze. His legs shook, and his breath came in ragged gasps.

"Aww, look. The noble hero's bravely blocking the villain from the innocent bystanders." Buzzsaw cuffed Scarlet Moons' ear, driving his back to his knee. "Pretty pathetic, you ask me."

Buzzsaw grabbed Scarlet Moon's hair and forced his head back. "Look at me when I talk to you. I thought I was gonna get to fight you, not some two-bit B-lister. Makes me angry."

Buzzsaw flung Scarlet Moon against the police barrier. His shield flickered. "Here, let's show these good people what's gonna start happening to heroes in this town."

"Ohh, leave the poor boy alone," said the woman. "Only a bully attacks somebody who can't fight back."

Scarlet Moon's eyes flared.

"Maybe I am a bully. Maybe I love people who can't fight back." Buzzsaw stepped closer to the barrier. Her hand lanced for the woman's throat.

Scarlet Moon caught it.



Dr. Parks spun Scarlet Moon around and landed a sharp swat on each spandex-covered cheek. "Show some gratitude brat."

"Oww, sorry, sorry." Scarlet Moon hopped forward, clutching at her stinging bottom. "Thank you for your help, really. I appreciate it. Come on Bernice, let's go."



"Now wait one damn minute." The chief handed a small earpiece to Scarlet Moon, and a small camera. "Put the earpiece in your ear, and the camera on your chest. We'll walk you through negotiations."

Scarlet Moon did as asked. A thick wall of ice surrounded the lower half of the arena. Scarlet Moon tapped the ice a few times. It looked and felt pretty thick. The upper half of the arena was iceless however, promising an easy entry. Scarlet Moon lashed a scarlet cord to the top of the arena and zipped up onto the roof.



"Well, since you asked so nicely." said a rich, throaty voice.

Scarlet Moon pivoted. A woman leaned against a doorjam. She easily stood six feet, looming over Scarlet Moon. She wore a skintight leather black catsuit that zipped up the front. The zipper was a third open, giving a tantalizing glimpse into a pair of round, soft, voluminous breasts. Otherwise, the catsuit completely covered her, from the tips of her fingers to her stilleto heels.

The leather clung so tightly to the woman's muscular belly, Scarlet Moon half expected to see the outline of her belly button. The leather molded to her broad hips and flowed around her long, muscular legs. She stepped into the open space, her hips swinging with each long stride, her heels whisper soft. She glided across the floor, the sway of her hips and the slight bounce of her breasts the only hints her feet touched the ground. Light and shadow played across her body with every slow step.

"You've got quite the roar, little tiger," said the woman. Her husky voice hummed in the quiet office, soft but clear. Bright green eyes glimmered from behind a domino mask, arresting Scarlet Moon's gaze. Ruby red lips turned up in a smile.



Leopard smashed through the floor. She leapt back through and uppercutted Scarlet Moon into the ceiling. She hit the ground and rolled, coming up with the paddle in her hand. "Pretty underhanded there, Moon. Looks like someone needs to learn some manners."

Scarlet Moon picked himself back up, just in time to get a boot to the chest. Scarlet Moon flew backwards. He lashed a pair of chords to Leopard's jacket. Leopard forwardflipped, and flung her arms out. Her jacket slid off her shoulders and flew with Scarlet Moon through a wall and out into the cool night air.

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the building and zipped back inside. The jacket vibrated, and bolts of electricity raced up Scarlet Moon's arm. Scarlet Moon howled and dropped the jacket, his arm spasming madly. Leopard burst out of the shadows to Scarlet Moon's left and wrapped a forearm around Scarlet Moon's neck. She spun Scarlet Moon sideways and landed three hard smacks to Scarlet Moon's spankdex-clad buttocks with her paddle.

"Naughty naughty," said Leopard. "Sucker punching, stripping, you're just full of--"



Scarlet Moon staggered backwards and fell on his butt. The room spun, and his limbs felt like noodles. Succubus stood in front of the helpless hero, legs apart and hands on cocked hips. She smirked.

"Well, well. Looks like the 'Spectacular Scarlet Moon' isn't so spectacular, is he?" Succubus slid one fingertip across her lips. "You know what happens next?"




Scarlet Moon grabbed Poseidon and flung him into Prometheus. The pair went down in a tangle of limbs.

Prometheus held up a shaking hand. Sparks flickered across her fingertips and faded.




Juliana smiled. "I was thinking something similar. Thing is, not quite sure how best to figure that out."

"So we need data," said Natalie.

Juliana nodded. She pulled what appeared to be pens out of her backpack. "I have a couple of gizmos here. They're like infrared goggles, except instead of detecting the infrared spectrum, they detect magic."

"Magic?" said Natalie.

Juliana shrugged. "You got a better name for whatever fuels your forcefield?"



"I see," said David. "And how, exactly did you get yourself soundly spanked while researching text editors?"

"Because he decided to experiment on my laptop," said Juliana.


"Exactly! He started babbling about how he didn't want it to break his computer or some such nonsense, and how the last time he tried to use the terminal he screwed up his computer somehow," said Juliana. "Well, I don't take kindly to people messing around with my computer."

"I see," said David. There was a moment of silence. "You could be telling the truth. You could be lying. But frankly, I have no interest in trying to figure it out. So I'm going to assume that you're telling me the truth, Adrian. I'm going to assume that you respect me enough to be honest with me. That you're adult enough to own your mistakes. Now come on, get up. Let's go get that list compiled."




"Don't knock it till you've tried it."

"Must be nice. Having someone you can trust like that."

"You don't?" Adrian sat down at the table.

"My dad and I are close, I guess." Natalie set up her laptop and perched in one of the chairs. "But he's your stereotypical man. Utterly clueless about women and our problems, and utterly clueless about his cluelessness."

"Well, there's a whole suite of people you could befriend, if you came out of that room every now and then," said Adrian.

"Please. Vanessa plays loud and angry music, Alexandra hates me, Keiko can't even turn on a computer, and Juliana's just waiting to twist the knife."



When the bus arrived, Juliana grabbed Adrian by the hair, and pulled him up onto the bus. She paid the bus fare, and sat down in one of the first seats.

"Grab the handle, and face out the front." Juliana pointed at the standing handle next to the seat she just sat in. Adrian took it and hung his head, acutely conscious of her bare bottom on display for the rest of the bus.

The bus ride took forever, and when it finally stopped outside the lecture hall, Juliana took Adrian by the hair again, and pulled him off.

The two walked the rest of the way to their dorm, about a quarter mile, if that. Adrian tried his best to hide his face and watch where he was going at the same time.

When they entered the dorm building, Sam stepped out of the RA's office to greet them. He looked Adrian up and down with a bemused expression. "Care to explain what happened?"

"Adrian did something stupid," said Juliana. "It has been dealt with."

"Is this something I need to know about? Are cops going to be busting down the door looking for him?" asked Sam.

"No. It wasn't anything illegal. Just a private matter between friends." Juliana gave Adrian's hair a tug and guided him towards the elevator.

"That's a hell of a private matter," muttered Sam.



"The corner of fuck and you," said the Whistler with a sob.

Scarlet Moon swished the switch three more times, making the girl squeal, her bottom bobbing up and down as she bounced on her toes. He landed a vicious stroke to the crease where bottom met thigh, making the Whistler howl.

And breaking the switch.



Scarlet Moon dropped the Whistler back into the underbrush.

"You really think that'll work?" asked Juliana.


The Whistler swept Scarlet Moon's legs out from under him, knocking the hero facefirst into a rather thorny bush. She scrambled to her feet, and bolted into the trees.

Scarlet Moon pushed himself to his feet.



"You keep telling yourself that kitten," said Midnight in an amused voice.

Midnight's bare hand peppered Scarlet Moon's exposed bottom, a warm, strong palm suddenly transformed into a hard, stinging implement of discipline.

Scarlet Moon yelped. He kicked frantically, which just put his full weight on his cock, pressing it into Midnight's comforting warmth.

Midnight's cupped hand swept from cheek to cheek, sending each one into a wobbling fit before the other had finished bobbling. Scarlet Moon's hips wiggled and pumped, rubbing and grinding and grinding and rubbing. His breath came in gasps, interspersed by moans. A fire burned between his legs. A fierce, tingly burn. It mixed with the sting spreading across his upthrust buttocks dancing and weaving together until Scarlet Moon didn't know if he wanted it to stop, or desperately needed it to never end.

Scarlet Moon lowered his head in surrender. He submissively pushed his bottom up for the relentless smacks when he wasn't squirming and bucking beneath their punishing heat.



"I don't understand," said Natalie. "Are you two siblings? You look nothing alike."

"Juliana is my biological daughter from my first marriage," said Mama. "I tried to be 'normal' for my parents. My ex-husband had the same problem. So we had an agreement. Get married, have a kid, then do our own thing in secret. I thought I was happy, living a lie. Sometimes I even was. Then, when Juli was about three, I met Karen. So open, and proud of what she was, like there was nothing wrong with it."

"I had it easy." Mom put an arm around Mama's shoulders. "My parents always made it clear that love is love."

"So she helped me convince Jose that we should both come out, and our families could go to hell if they didn't like it." Mama took a deep breath. "Jose's parents eventually accepted it. Mine didn't. But anyway, Jose and I had joint custody of Juliana. Hell, we even lived next to each other. I married Karen, and took her name, though we decided Juliana would keep Jose's. We adopted Adrian about a year or so after that. Jose and his husband were de facto fathers for Adrian as well. When they adopted a couple of rambunctious boys, we returned the favor."

"I was so excited to finally have a brother," said Juliana, her eyes sparkling. "We were besties from the day we met."

Adrian shrugged. "Mostly."

"So, you guys basically have four parents?" said Natalie. "I can barely handle having one."



The woman jumped to her feet. Scarlet Moon shoved her back onto her rump. She rolled onto her hands and knees and crawled away.

Scarlet Moon grabbed the woman's ankle, and lifted her upside down into the air.

The woman squealed, and watched Scarlet Moon with wide eyes. "You're Glogirl!"



An hour later, Adrian and David stood watching as Juliana bent over the arm of the couch in their suite's living room. Sam spent the whole ride home lecturing Juliana. Juliana spent the whole ride home sulkily looking out the window, while Adrian cuddled David and thanked God he'd managed to get himself out of the same treatment.

Sam pulled up Juliana's dress, exposing a pair of round, bouncy, thick caramel cheeks, the sensitive skin left completely exposed by her lacy red thong.

Sam pulled his belt free and doubled it over. Juliana whimpered and buried her face in the sofa pillow. Her bottom clenched and unclenched, sending ripples across her jiggly buttocks.

The belt lashed across Juliana's exposed cheeks, making the girl squeal into her arm. Her bottom bounced beneath the stroke, both cheeks wobbling madly as the leather cut into them. The belt lashed her sitspots, making her legs kick madly and her hips squirm against the sofa arm.

Adrian winced, and his bottom clenched in sympathy.

Sam lashed Juliana with firm, steady strokes, the belt snapping with the regularity of a metronome. Juliana squealed and squirmed. Her legs kicked while her bottom bounced and heaved beneath the harsh leather. Her cheeks darkened as Sam criss-crossed her bare bubbly buttocks with welts.



"We'll find her." Juliana closed her computer. "What else can we do?"

"And what then?" snapped Adrian. "Kick her ass, leave her for the police and have this happen all over again?"

"I don't know." Juliana massaged her forehead. "I'll think of something. But not tonight. Let's just get dinner."



David raised an eyebrow.



A backhand from Mr. Cuddles sent Scarlet Moon through a wall and back into the bowling alley. He rolled across a few lanes before coming to rest facedown. He tried to get on his hands and knees, but his limbs were too weak to hold his weight.

"Well, you win some lose some I guess?" asked Generalissima.




"Nice," hissed Juliana. "I couldn't have done better myself."



The guards all swayed groggily.

"Fry him!" screamed Succubus, stumbling back into the room. "I want Scarlet Moon bent over the desk and squealing five minutes ago!"

The bodyguards simultaneously snapped to attention, drew their stunners and fired at Scarlet Moon.



"I should show you my parents' armory sometime," said Juliana. "They got enough guns to overthrow the government."

"Really?" said Keiko, looking at Juliana with wide eyes.

"No. But they do have an armory of implements." Juliana pulled Keiko into the room and closed the door. She gave Keiko a light push into the center and snatched a copy of the bylaws off the back of Adrian's door. She flipped through them, while Keiko hugged herself and watched. "And you are getting your cute little bum smacked."

"You know, I could just like, run out. What you gonna do, tackle me?" asked Keiko, eyeing the door.

"Naw," said Juliana. "We'll just go tell Sam, and Sam'll spank you instead. With a bathbrush. You know, one of those big wooden brushes people use in the shower?"

If Keiko's eyes had widened any further, they'd have fallen out.



"Seems you're doing great," said Princess. "Let's go another round, shall we?"

A gust of wind buffetted them, nearly knocking Princess off Mr. Cuddles's shoulder. Tempestas snagged Mr. Cuddles's wrist and swung. Mr. Cuddles twisted sideways.

Its other hand rose to snag Tempestas. A hurricane force wind caught the arm, shoving it up and into the arm holding Scarlet Moon.

Mr. Cuddles staggered. Its grip on Scarlet Moon loosened. Scarlet Moon poured every ounce of power he had left into his arms. He flexed every muscle he had and burst free with a cry. He flicked a chord towards a nearby pillar.

The chord flickered out before it ever got that far. Scarlet Moon fell. His vision faded out for a second. His limbs tingled, and his heart thudded against his chest.

Tempestas caught him and leapt to the far end of the mall. She set Scarlet Moon down on the floor. "You doing ok?"

Scarlet Moon shook his head. His vision faded back in, though everything was blurred. "Can barely see."

Tempestas' fingers touched the back of Scarlet Moon's head, and flicked across his limbs. "I don't feel any injuries. Anything feel broken? Take a deep breath for me."

Scarlet Moon did so. He winced.



The next few hours crawled by. People were constantly in and out of Silver's office, heels and shoes thudding against the floor above Scarlet Moon's head. Their voices blurred together into a continuous drone. Occasionally, someone's voice rose, but Silver's calm tone always brought it back down.

Juliana's podcast helped (weird show), but sitting under a floor is not fun, no matter how good a podcast you may be listening to.

At one point, a familiar voice jerked Scarlet Moon out of her daze.

"Phillipa," said Ms. Rossi's voice. "How are you? I hope last night didn't ruffle you too badly. I was so worried."

"Of course not," said Silver in a warm voice. "Besides, I'm the one who should be worried. I had a ruined evening, you have a ruined business."

"Oh pish posh, we will rebuild. It'll be expensive--"

"Don't you worry about that. I'll sell my business to a monkey before I go without your chicken parmesan. Ah, and you've brought Vanessa. How are you holding up my dear? And what about your friend, what was his name, Adrian right? How did he handle his first night?"

"Being threatened by supervillains is kind of becoming old hat for me, I guess," said Vanessa. "And Adrian seemed to be doing ok. Looked a little shaken, and like he'd run a marathon, but you know we survived."



Scarlet Moon lashed a pair of chords to the roof below and zipped down. He zipped to an air conditioning unit and put his back to it. He fell into a crouch.

Nothing. He took a few deep breaths, and waited a little bit longer.

Still nothing. He strained to hear anything, but all he could hear was the bustle of the city below. He reached back and rubbed his stinging rump.

His earpiece crackled.

"Hey, SM you ok?" Juliana's voice crackled in Scarlet Moon's earpiece. "Saw you engage the leopard print lady, how'd that go?"



Scarlet Moon's fist collided with Princess' chin. Princess flew backwards. Mr. Cuddles hand whipped up to catch her, but the supervillain smashed right through the bear's paw, leaving a gaping hole.




Tempestas smiled. "Thanks."

Tempestas loomed over Princess, who eased herself away from the heroine.

"I was just playing," said Princess weakly.

"I'm not." Tempestas took Princess by the ear and yanked her to her feet. Princess yelped. She roughly spun Princess around. "Now bend over girl. Stick that ass out."

Princes mewled, and squirmed. Tempestas struck Princess' tight little bottom with a wincing splat.

"I can assure you, things will be far worse for you if you don't cooperate," said Tempestas.

Princess pouted. She bent over and put her hands on her knees. Her back arched, and her bottom stuck out, her frilly little dress rose, exposing a pair of sparkly pink panties stretched tight across her tight little bubble butt.

Tempestas flipped the villain's dress the rest of the way up, and yanked her panties down to her thighs. Princess whimpered and squeezed her legs together. Her firm, naked buttocks clenched and unclenched, sending small ripples across the supple skin.

Tempestas hooked one arm around Princess back, and pulled the girl flush against her hip. "Feel free to scream and kick."

Tempestas raised her hand above her head and brought it sweeping down on Princess' right cheek with a resounding crack. Princess squealed. Her hips rocked back and forth, her cheeks clenching and unclenching. Her foot stomped against the floor.

"No fair! I was having fun!" said Princess.



Toys swarmed over Scarlet Moon, the combined weight of plastic dragging him to the ground. Plastic hands bound his wrists and ankles in front of him with jump rope. More plastic hands grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged him across the ground. They flung him facedown at Princess' feet. Giant bear paws picked him up and plopped him into a sitting position. Scarlet Moon glared at the villain perched on her giant bear's shoulder.

Princess bounced up and down, clapping her hands with glee. "Oh, Mr. Cuddles a new dolly just for me? And it's not even Christmas yet!"

Princess slid down Mr. Cuddles chest and skipped to Scarlet Moon. She scampered around the hero, poking and prodding. "Oh, he's so cyuute! Kinda an ugly outfit though. It's so boring! Let's fix that. Legostopheles! Some scissors!"




"Come on Anklyana, you can totally do this," said Generalissima.

"No I can't!" Anklyana stumbled into the sewers. Her heel caught on a loose stone and she fell facefirst into the mucky waters. She pushed herself to her feet and started running back the way they came, sobbing.

"Yes you can," said Generalissima, her voice soothing. "We need your help. Those people upstairs need your help."

"I can't do it." Anklyana splashed down the tunnel. Scarlet Moon hung back a bit, unsure how to proceed. "It's too hard. Too scary. I can't be a superhero. I just don't have it."

"Of course--" said Generalissima.

"No I don't!" Anklyana's voice rose into a shriek. Her body shook so fiercely she could barely move. "I'm just a fat, ugly, pathetic nerd. I don't have big boobs or flowing locks cascading over my shoulders while gunning down bad guys! I'm just...I'm just..."

Scarlet Moon caught up and put a hand on Anklyana's shoulder.



Scarlet Moon stared at Natalie. Shoulder length hair, tight jeans hugging broad hips, and a worn black shirt underneath a parka. Scarlet Moon thought he could just make out a small watch on the girl's wrist.

Scarlet Moon masssaged his eyes. One flash of red light later, and Adrian stood where Scarlet Moon had been a moment before.

Natalie breathed a sigh of relief. "Juliana was telling the truth. I mean, I believed her, but you know. Kinda hard to believe you know?"




"I'll uh, I'll try harder next time," said the villain, crawling backwards away from the slowly approaching Scarlet Moon.

"Next time? If I have anything to say about it, there won't be a next time." Scarlet Moon grabbed Succubus around the waist and tossed her backwards over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He lifted Succubus's cape off her bottom, and let it drape down over Succubus' upper body. Succubus squirmed, her protruding, all-but-bare bottom bobbing on Scarlet Moon's shoulder. Scarlet Moon gave the villain's jiggly bottom a sharp smack.

"Oww! Unhand me! Minions! Minions save your mistress!"

"Your minions are down for the count." Scarlet Moon looked around the restaurant. Glassy eyes were replaced with an assortment of angry glares and scared stares. "And from the looks of it, your mind mojo has worn off."

Succubus angrily kicked her legs.

Scarlet Moon landed four hard, fast smacks to the middle of each cheek. "Girl, you don't the energy left to scam toddlers. And watch your kicking. Those heels are dangerous."

Succubus growled.

"That growling'll be sobbing in a minute." Scarlet Moon stared down at his hand, frowning in concentration. Slowly, his scarlet glow shaped itself into a paddle about the size of a ping-pong paddle. He grinned. "Boy, these powers sure are convenient. Wonder how well it works?"

Scarlet Moon whapped Succubus' left cheek with the paddle. Succubus' legs went up and she squealed. "Pretty good apparently. Now, where should I put you..."




Scarlet Moon leaned over the Whistler. "My friend and I utterly humiliated you guys the other night. I kicked the crap out of half a dozen of your buddies, and my friend proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that your boss is anything but invincible. You and I both know Buzzsaw wants to prove she's the toughest gal around. That nobody, not even the two bitches who kicked her ass a few night ago, can stand up to the Buzzsaw."



Shouting erupted from the warehouse. Scarlet Moon charged into the dimly lit building and vanished into the shadows. It was filled wall to wall and floor to ceiling with towering crates emblazoned with a silver ant head. Buzzsaw's boisterous voice echoed throughout the maze, seeming to come from everywhere at once.

There was some shouting to the left, and Scarlet Moon jumped up to the top of one of the crate walls. He lay flat against the crate and tried to dampen his glow. A small number of Whistlers (maybe four?) dashed past and outside.

Scarlet Moon took a breath, and slipped deeper into the warehouse, searching for the source of the voice that sent shivers down his spine.

Eventually, he found Buzzsaw and Alexandra in the middle of the warehouse in a large, circular, dimly-lit space.

Buzzsaw paced back and forth like a caged animal, a phone to her ear. Alexandra sat tied to a metal folding chair with a thick wad of duct tape smeared across her lips. Her tear streaked face did little to take away from the white hot glare she leveled at the gang leader.



The spatula rained down on Adrian's naked, shaking buttocks, as hard and fast as Ms. Rossi's hand a moment before, except the spatula was harder.

So much harder.

Adrian kicked and wailed. His hips rocked frantically back and forth. His bottom bobbled and wobbled beneath the stinging wood.

Over and over again, the spatula bit into Adrian's cherry-red bottom. Each stroke inflamed the welts from previous strokes, and left behind new, molten ones of its own. Adrian's eyes squinched shut as he fought to hold back tears of pain. Time stretched on. It felt like hours of stinging, snapping pain, but it couldn't have been more than a few minutes.

Ms. Rossi released Adrian, stood his up and spun his to face Jezebel, who stood watching with a small smirk.

"Apologize for saying she deserved to have wine dumped on her," said Ms. Rossi.

Adrian mumbled incoherently.

The spatula flattened Adrian's right buttock, eliciting another shriek from the boy.

"I will paddle you right here until you apologize," said Ms. Rossi. "And I still have a tawse to apply to your backside for spilling wine on her in the first place."

Adrian whimpered. He sucked in a few breaths, fighting back tears of pain and humiliation. "I'm sorry for saying you deserve to have wine dumped on you."

"You're forgiven," said Jezebel with syrupy graciousness.

"Very good." Ms. Rossi shifted her grip to Adrian's ear and dragged his bare-assed through the ballroom. "Now come along."




"You're looking a bit out of breath Moon," said Succubus. Her eyes flared. "You sure you don't want to sit down?"

Scarlet Moon's knees buckled. He fired a beam at Succubus' face, but the villain ducked.

"Alright boys--"

A gyrating wail split the sound room, jumping up and down in pitch, rolling and pulsing.

Scarlet Moon and Bernice hunched, clutching their ears.

The sound stopped.

Silver's voice erupted from the PA. "Shoot Succubus!"

The four remaining guards pointed their guns at Succubus and fired.

Two dozen particle beams struck Succubus in the space of a few seconds.

Succubus swayed woozily before collapsing. One of the guards leapt on Succubus, handcuffed her and pulled a hood over her head.

Scarlet Moon stared down at Succubus' bound form.



Adrian pressed his hand against the small of Juliana's back and cracked his palm against her right cheek. Juliana hopped a little, her generous buttock rippling with the blow.

"I'm not psychic you know," said Adrian. "I know it's hard with that big brain of yours, but sometimes you need to slow down and comm. Un. Icate."

Adrian punctuated each syllable of "communicate" with a hard smack to Juliana's plushy bottom, two to the left and one to the right.

"I'm sorry alright?" Juliana's broad hips wiggled back and forth, her naked bottom quivering with the motion. "I was caught up in the moment."

"So was I." Adrian spent the next five minutes or so giving Juliana a swift, sharp spanking, making Juliana's soft globes jiggle, quiver, and bob.

Juliana wiggled and stomped her foot, small yelps slipping from her lips.

Adrian knew that much of it was an act. He had seen Juliana take far worse than a brief hand spanking. But Juliana hadn't spanked him that hard, not really.

"Alright." Adrian stepped back. "Let's go home."

Juliana made a big show of rubbing her bottom and pouted at Adrian.

"Oh drop the act," said Adrian as they headed for the buses. "I've seen you take far worse than that."

Juliana shrugged. "It still stung."



"Shouldn't you be out greeting?" grumbled Vanessa.

"Yeah, probably. Now Vanessa, only give Adrian here swats for what you're working on tonight, and gentle reminders for everything else." The greeter took a quick drink from a water bottle with a yellow mark on it, and walked back into the restaurant proper. "You've got another customer at table 6."

Vanessa sighed. "Alright, come on. You're taking the lead on this one."

Alexandra's mother, Phillipa Silver, sat at the table. Her thick, graying blonde hair was pulled up into a bun, and she wore an elegant red dress. She looked just like a thirty-years-older Alexandra. Wrinkles gathered at her eyes, and cut small lines across her cheeks. Her makeup was just enough to make her look youthful and enhance her natural beauty, but not so much as to be garish. A mustachioed gentleman about her age sat across from her.

She smiled when she saw Vanessa and Adrian. "Well, well if it isn't Alex's roommmates. I hope Delyth isn't running you two too ragged."

Adrian glanced at Vanessa.

"I know, I know you're supposed to put on a brave face in front of your customers. Well, seeing as how Delyth and I are such close friends, I'm sure she won't mind if your mask slips a little, hmm?" Phillipa gave Adrian a warm smile.



Scarlet Moon rolled Prometheus onto her face. He grabbed the girl's hair and yanked her head off the ground. Scarlet Moon leaned in until his breath tickled the villain's ears. "Do you have any idea how much of a pain in the ass you've been the past few days?"

Scarlet Moon's hand glowed. He grabbed Prometheus' shorts and ripped them in two. Prometheus' hips bounced and her small, tight, utterly naked buttocks jiggled with the movement.

The villain yelped. "Hey! No fair."



"Now, I want you both face down and naked-ass-up on that bed. I'm gonna give you both a hiding you won't soon forget."



Buzzsaw looked about the beach. Women cowered together, and clutched each other. Men cowered together, while trying to look like they weren't clutching each other. Couples held each other. Parents wrapped themselves protectively around stone silent children. "I SAID AM I RIGHT?"

"Yeah..." came a few disorganized voices.


"YEAH!" cried the terrified crowd.

"That's better." Buzzsaw strolled leisurely amongst the beach goers, studying each face in turn.

"It looks like she's looking for someone," said Juliana in a low voice.



Juliana rolled her eyes. "You are so squeamish."

"Look, I just don't like watching people be in pain, ok?" said Adrian. "I'll see you in a few."

Adrian stepped out, closed the door behind him, and turned towards the living area. Two of his suitemates occupied the living room.

Alexandra lounged on the sofa, playing with her phone. She was very tall, most of her height coming from long, toned legs. She had a slender, toned build: thin waist, smallish breasts, flat stomach and bubble butt. She had rich chestnut hair draped over the arm of the couch and held out of her face by a golden hairband. She wore a short white skater skirt, and a tight black off-the-shoulder crop top that bared her shoulders and midriff.

Vanessa sat curled up in an over-sized recliner with a book open in her lap.

She was of average height, and had a voluptuous, hourglass figure: substantial breasts, reasonably narrow waist, wide hips and large, protruding bubble butt. She had lily white skin and shoulder-length raven black hair tied back into a ponytail. She wore a pair of dark blue cut-off jean shorts and a black t-shirt emblazoned with the rictus grin of the heavy metal band Vicious.



The next thing he knew, Scarlet Moon was facedown across the cat's crossed legs. One hand gripped the back of his head, grinding his nose into the shattered tiles. The other struck Scarlet Moon's upthrust, vulnerable, curved globes. The crisp crack of hand on spandex buttocks echoed through the dark entertainment center. Scarlet Moon wailed, his voice muffled by the shattered concrete. Dust invaded his esophagous, and he choked and spat. The cat rapid-fired Scarlet Moon's bottom, its furry hand stinging every spankable inch of his jiggly cheeks. Scarlet Moon's legs pedaled desperately. The creature's palm struck with the burning agony of a hairbrush, while its slender fingers cut into his bobbling hemispheres like four switches.



The next morning found Juliana knocking on Adrian's door. "Come on, I wanna go before it gets too crowded."

Adrian pulled his head out of his closet and half-turned to the door. "Hold your horses. Just need to find something to wear."

GAMEPLAY NOTE: Don't forget you can access the (C)haracter screen by pressing the `C` key. There you can change your outfit. You can access the screen at any time except during combat, allowing you to change your clothing and appearance whenever you want. Scenes similar to this will be provided periodically for those of you who only want to change clothing when it makes sense.




"That's not--"

Adrian rubbed his bottom and scowled at Juliana. "If you'd taken five seconds to voice your concerns, I wouldn't have gone anywhere. But oh no, you thought you could just give me an order and run off. Well, I'm not your soldier and you're not my general."

Juliana grimaced. She swayed her head thoughtfully. "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Juliana turned around, put her hands on her knees and stuck her butt out. Her round orbs strained against her short skirt, a hint of curved cheek even peeking out from underneath the frilly fabric. Adrian flipped her skirt up to reveal a pair of large, round, caramel colored cheeks all-but-swallowing a purple thong.

Adrian shook his head. "Do you ever not wear a thong?"

"Beats flashing all my secrets at people whenever someone decides I need a spanking," said Juliana. "Most people I've met are less interested in maximizing your humiliation than they are in making sure you feel it in the morning."

"You know, that's a good point..." murmured one of the onlookers.




Scarlet Moon rolled Poseidon onto her face. He grabbed the boy's hair and yanked his head off the ground. Scarlet Moon leaned in until his breath tickled the villain's ears. "Do you have any idea how much of a pain in the ass you've been the past few days?"

Scarlet Moon's hand glowed. He grabbed Poseidon' speedo and ripped it in two. Poseidon' hips bounced and his small, tight, utterly naked buttocks jiggled with the movement, leaving Poseidon naked except his small butterfly mask.

The villain grunted.



"Such a good girl." Midnight slid up next to Scarlet Moon. One hand pressed against the small of Scarlet Moon's back, and traced its way up to the back of his head, leaving a tingling line of sparks up Scarlet Moon's spine. Long fingers wrapped themselves in Scarlet Moon's hair. Midnight firmly, but gently pulled Scarlet Moon's head back, forcing Scarlet Moon to further arch his back and thrust his chest out. Scarlet Moon found himself looking up into the woman's shining green eyes. The other hand slid across the curve of Scarlet Moon's spandex-clad buttocks. Firm fingers slid into the waistband of Scarlet Moon's spandex shorts and pulled them down to the hero's soft thighs, exposing Scarlet Moon's bare bottom to the icy January air (thank God for shields!)

Scarlet Moon squeaked and squirmed. The squirming ended up thrusting his bottom into and rubbing against Midnight's palm.

"Oh-ho, looks like someone's eager for his spanking." Midnight leaned in close as if going for a kiss. Her head shifted at the last minute, and her breath instead tickled Scarlet Moon's ear. "Craving some discipline are we?"



Adrian stood at the front of the room. He looked up and up and up at David. His eyes flicked to those very large biceps, and the very well-defined pecks pushing against his tight shirt.




"Shit!" David grabbed Adrian's wrist and pulled him towards the door. "Must be some new Supremes."

"Supremes?" asked Adrian.

"That's what the media's calling them," said David. "Because a superiority complex is exactly what these lunatics need."

Shrieks and swearing erupted from the stadium, and the still sizeable crowds in the concessions rushed for the doors.

"Hold on tight," said David as the two got swept up in the human torrent. "Don't get separated."



"Uh-huh. Did you have an appointment?" asked the guard in a bored voice.

"Umm, no?" said Scarlet Moon.

"So you showed up at Ms. Silver's residence at five in the morning, and you don't even have an appointment?"

"Umm, how do costumed superheroines who've only just now discovered a dire threat to your employer's wealth and health get an appointment?"

"Get a bat signal. Now bugger off before I come out there and tan your ass."

"You...really think you could take a superhero?" asked Scarlet Moon.

"Brat, I could take a dozen superheros. Now--Yes? Just one moment mister."

The comm switched off. A few minutes passed. Scarlet Moon created a couple of scarlet spheres and juggled them.

"You know it's not really juggling if you're only using two," said Juliana.

"Oh hush," said Scarlet Moon.

Eventually, the comm crackled to life at the same time that the gates swung open.

"You may enter," said the guard in a chastened voice. "Please try not to destroy anything."








The noodle struck Scarlet Moon in the gut with the force of a freight train. He flew backwards and skidded across the mall floor, coming to rest at Tempestas' feet.

"Very impressive," said Tempestas.

"Shut up," said Scarlet Moon.

Sir Stuffins charged. The giraffe trampled Scarlet Moon, while Tempestas leapt into the air to avoid the pool noodle. Giraffalot swung its head and struck Tempestas in the side, flinging Tempestas through Booky McBookstore's window and a shelf of books. The shelf erupted in a flurry of paper and wood.

Sir Stuffins wheeled around, ready to charge again.




Juliana sighed. "Scared the crap-"

A particle beam slammed into the wall next to Scarlet Moon's head.

"Can't talk now," said Scarlet Moon, ducking behind a desk. "Got a hostile."

"Not surprising," said Juliana. "You'll have every Whistler in the compound piling on your butt any minute now."

"Take a breath." Scarlet Moon peeked his head above the desk just in time to see the woman duck behind a door. "I got things under control."

"Smashing through a building is not 'under control,'" said Juliana. "It's--"

Scarlet Mono fired. The beam blew the door off its hinges and sent the Whistler sprawling. Scarlet Moon leapt forward and grabbed the Whistler before she could recover. He snatched up the particle stunner, and chucked it out a window.

The Whistler mewled and kicked at Scarlet Moon, but even when she connected, Scarlet Moon didn't feel a thing.

Scarlet Moon tossed the Whistler over his shoulder, and ran back the way he came.



"Look, I'm just trying to process it, alright?" said Juliana. She paced. "I saw you fire energy beams out of you eyes, get punched through an air conditioning unit, lift a random sheet of iron, and fight a lunatic whose hair could slice through steel. I'm kinda freaked out here!"

"You're freaking out? You didn't turn into a night light," said Adrian.

"Keep your voice down," hissed Juliana. "And what, we can't both be freaked out?"

"You are not allowed to be more freaked out than I am," said Adrian, crossing his arms.

"Don't worry," said Juliana dryly. "Your eyes have been the size of dinner plates since you woke up, to say nothing of the Shower to End All Showers."

"Just laying down some ground rules," said Adrian, a hint of a smile sneaking its way onto his face.

"Noted. Now look, we gotta figure out what we're going to do," said Juliana.

"Here's a thought. We pretend it never happened," said Adrian, stretching again and hissing. Stupid sore muscles.

"But Buzzsaw is still out there," said Juliana.



Adrian fell to his knees, and clutched his gut. The crimson glow flickered and faded.

"Well, well, looks like Globoy finally ran out of batteries," said Buzzsaw. She towered over Adrian with hands on hips and feet set wide apart. "Pathetic."

Adrian groaned.

Buzzsaw grabbed Adrian by the hair and yanked his head off the ground. She glared into Adrian's eyes. "I don't take kindly to you beating up my people."





Scarlet Moon spied the boy's mother in an island of calm, staring up at Scarlet Moon with wide eyes.

Scarlet Moon leapt down and landed next to her. The mother snatched her son out of Scarlet Moon's arms almost before the hero had even landed. Scarlet Moon set the man down next to her. He felt a sudden sharp sting on his right cheek. He yelped and hopped forward.



"Good." David turned Adrian sideways and struck his bottom three times in rapid succession.

Adrian squealed and tried to pull his hips away from David's palm, his plump bottom rippling under his jeans.

"What were you thinking?" hissed David. He struck his bottom a fourth time. "Just walking up to that...that thing and offering your hand. You could have been hurt, or killed. You almost were hurt or killed!"



"I'm sure you're saying something right now, but I can't hear you. Can't even see you." Leopard munched on a bit more popcorn. "See, when I was trying to decide how best to fuck with you, the whole spank-his-while-he's-stuck-in-the-wall was the first thing I came up with. There's just something so cute about seeing nothing but your victim's butt wobble and legs kick while you beat his ass raw. Hearing nothing but the whap of paddle on bottom, and imagining the squeals bouncing around in the tiny little room he's stuck in. Picturing the way his face twists and his eyes widen with each crack. Nothing quite like it."

Scarlet Moon squirmed and pounded uselessly on the wall.

"Nice wiggle there. Bet you're trying to get out right? I wouldn't bother. I've been studying you from the moment you showed up. I know how strong you are." Leopard leaned forward, her eyes gleaming. "Anyway, I ran into a bit of a conundrum. See, while I could watch your ass curved beneath the paddle, and your legs windmill like mad, you couldn't. You wouldn't be able to see anything at all! You wouldn't be able to hear anything either, because you know, sound-proofing works both ways. And of course, how would you know what's happening to your buddy Tempestas? She could be getting her booty blistered as we speak, and you wouldn't be able to see a thing! It's just not fair."

Leopard pushed a button on her control panel. The right monitor flicked on, showing Tempestas from below. She was stuck to the ceiling, her wrists and ankles pinned inside small holes. Her tight pants were bunched up around her ankles, her tiny white G-string the only stitch of clothing between the middle of her back and her calves. Tempestas squirmed anxiously, her hips swaying, and her firm, heart-shaped ass rippling ever so slightly. The camera zoomed out, revealing that Tempestas was slowly being lowered towards a whirling wheel of leather straps.

"Oh dear," said Leopard with a grin. "Quite the predicament she's in. That wheel o' leather looks like it's really gonna hurt. She could really use a superhero right about now. Too bad you're a little stuck, hmm?"



"She swings a mean tawse though," said Adrian, briefly lifting his bottom off the seat with his hands.

"Meh, so does Mom. And you're not scared of her are you?" Juliana grinned.

"Yes. Yes I am. If Mom turned out to be a supervillain I would just let her take over," said Adrian.

"Bah! I would resist to the bitter end!" Juliana shook her fist at the sky.

"You wouldn't sit until the bitter end."

"Sacrifices must be made for the good of the city."



"Look, I'm not fighting you until you free the hostages," said Scarlet Moon. "You want to show how tough you are? You gotta let these people go."

Poseidon froze over, and flames swirled around Prometheus' fists.

"I'm getting tired of this," said Prometheus. "You don't want to fight back? Fine. I'll beat your ass anyway."



"Probably still tired," said Generalissima. "And maybe should've had you and Anklyana practice a bit eh?"

Cops swarmed around the pair, forming a U, particle beams pointed down at them from almost every direction, angled so that none of the cops pointed at each other.

"Oww," said Anklyana, clutching her bottom and rolling on the ground. "Oww, oww, oww."

The chief of police stepped through the line and loomed over the would-be heroes.

Scarlet Moon pushed himself onto shaking hands and knees. He looked up at the broad, towering figure.



Scarlet Moon swung off into the darkness. He swung a few blocks, before swinging back and slipping back onto the roof.

"Ahhh, another victory for the Tempestas Trio," said Tempestas stretching.

Anklyana raised an eyebrow. "Tempestas Trio?"

"Terrible Trio?" asked Tempestas. "Truly Terrific Trio?"

Anklyana rolled her eyes, a smile playing at her lips.

"Well, I'm heading home," said Tempestas. "Gonna celebrate with a nice bubble bath. Nothing like a post-supervillain-ass-kicking bubble bath."

Tempestas leapt off the roof, a gust of wind sending her sailing through the night sky.

"Guess we should--" Anklyana's eyes widened. "Oh no. I'm gonna be in so much trouble."

"Why?" asked Generalissima.

Anklyana swayed from one foot to the foot. "Well, you know when he punched Leopard? He kind of told me to stay back beforehand. I kind of...didn't."

Generalissima hissed.

Anklyana whimpered and rubbed her bottom.



"Oh God, please don't let there be a next time," said David. He gave Adrian a gentle push to his room. "Now, go onto bed. I'll talk to you later."

Adrian's heart sank at that, and one hand slid up to touch his necklace. There would be a next time. So long as Adrian wore that necklace, there would be a next time. He forced a teary smile.



"Good. Now get out of here." Napier gave Anklyana's exposed cheek another hard smack, making the girl hop up on her tip toes and yelp.



Those pale mounds jiggled ever so slightly with each hip-swaying step, drawing ever closer. Filling Scarlet Moon's field of vision. Bouncing. Shifting. Rippling.

"My eyes are up here kitten."

Scarlet Moon swallowed. His eyes flicked up to the green eyes glimmering from behind the domino mask, before returning to the much safer crevice before him.

The breasts slid sideways into shadows and vanished. Scarlet Moon swayed. He reached out to steady himself on something, but found only air. His heart hammered against his chest, but he felt no fear. Anxiety. A strange tightness deep in her navel. Something else. Something he'd never felt and couldn't identify.

Something, no, a pair of somethings warm and soft pressed against his shoulderblades before sliding down a hair and pressing against his back.. Long fingers closed firmly over his shoulders. The faint scent of lilacs tickled his nose.

"Naughty indeed." The rich, melodic voice tickled Scarlet Moon's ear. "Whatever shall we do with you?"




Natalie blushed, and she started blinking rapidly. She kept jogging though.

Juliana looked over her shoulder. "Oh look. The Blonde Brigade. Hello, Jezebel."

A quintet of girls about their age stood in a v-formation with their hands on their hips and their hips cocked. Each one had shoulder-length blonde hair pulled up into ponytails. Each one wore a sports bra over their smallish breasts, and tight shorts hugged their bubble butts. They had flat torsos, slightly flared hips and long legs. Every one of them stood between 5'8" and 5'11".

"Why do you even bother Juli? Moonbutt over there's hopeless. You could be doing so much more with your life. Like hanging with us. You've got great fashion sense. Maybe you could beat some of it into Jannette and Jubilee," said the leader, Jezebel. She jerked her thumb over her shoulder. The two girls in the back of the V shifted from foot to foot.

Juliana narrowed her eyes. "Nobody's hopeless."

"Oh Gawd, you're making me want to puke," said Jezebel. "Girl doesn't have any fashion sense, can barely fit through a doorway, probably wears a diaper-"

Juliana spat in Jezebel's mouth.

Jezebel staggered backwards into her girls' arms, who were clearly trying very hard not to smile. She wiped frantically at her tongue. "Ohh, ew ew ew, what is wrong with you? Gah, I can still taste it!"

Natalie laughed. A rich, full-bellied laugh Adrian had never heard from her. In fact, it was the loudest Adrian had ever heard her. She laughed so hard, she nearly fell off the treadmill.

"Maybe next time you won't punch down," said Juliana with a flick of her hair. She turned on her heel and walked between Adrian's and Natalie's treadmill. She even threw an extra sway into her hips, as if daring Jezebel. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd much rather spend time with my friends."





"I'm glad you've learned your lesson. That just leaves a few swats for that potty mouth of yours. Let's see, I recall three uses of vulgarity, so let's give you five for each? What do you think?"

"I think that's--oww!"

"Not you," said Delryn as she landed a particularly hard stroke to the girl's left cheek. She gestured towards the audience. "I'm asking them."

Alexandra eeped, and her face turned even redder.

There was a cacophonous cheering from the crowd. Only Vanessa didn't seem to be joining in. She stood watching with arms crossed, an uneasy look on her face.



"No, that's embarassing," moaned Natalie, clutching at her pants.

"That's the idea." Adrian gently slapped Natalie's hands away. He set the hairbrush on couch cushion. Him fingers closed over the sides of Natalie's sweatpants. "It's part of your punishment."

Natalie whimpered and covered her face with her hair. Adrian tugged Natalie's pants down to her knees with one swift tug, exposing a pair of purple lace panties.



Adrian buried his face in the pillow and pushed his bottom into the air.

"Now that's a good boy." Juliana brought the hairbrush down on Adrian's left cheek, eliciting another shriek, this one muffled by the pillow.

"Do you have to hit so hard?" Adrian arched his back and wiggled his bottom. "I'm sooo tender!"

"Yes, yes I do." Juliana swatted Adrian's bottom with swift, sharp strokes, making the hero's bare peach buttocks dance.

Adrian pressed his face into the pillow and squealed. He drummed his feet against the bed, while his fingers dug into the pillow.

For at least twenty minutes, the hairbrush battered Adrian's crimson bottom. The brush stung badly enough when his bottom wasn't molten. Barely five minutes in, sobs wracked Adrian's body. His shoulders heaved and his back hunched.

"The next time I suggest you ask somebody for help, what are you going to do?" asked Juliana.

"Ask them for help," said Adrian.

Juliana whacked Adrian's right sitspot. "And what will you not do?"



Fingers closed over his hair, and he was pulled off the lap and onto his feet.

The woman stood up. She loomed over Scarlet Moon, an authority figure dishing out necessary discipline. She pulled Scarlet Moon into a corner by his hair. A coin appeared in her fingers. She pressed it against the wall, and Scarlet Moon's nose against the coin.

Fingers released Scarlet Moon's hair and closed over the hero's hands. They lifted Scarlet Moon's hands up to the back of his head and held them there. Scarlet Moon wove his fingers behind his head and stood stock still, daring not to even shiver for fear the coin would slip out from between his nose and the wall. He spread his legs and locked his knees, making sure to give the woman a clear view of his throbbing red rear.

A desk drawer opened and closed.

Silence, save for Scarlet Moon's shuddering sobs. The minutes dragged. Scarlet Moon's breath slowly came back under control. The pain in his bottom faded from unbearable agony to blazing waves.

A hand tangled itself in Scarlet Moon's hair and gently pulled his away. The coin slid, but long fingers caught it, and made it vanish. A soft touch across Scarlet Moon's neck, and the collar unlatched. It slid away, and a hand appeared in Scarlet Moon's blurred vision, clutching the collar. The woman's other hand pulled one of Scarlet Moon's hands away from his head, while the other pushed the collar into it.



"Yeah, I know we're pretty impressive." The man backed up a step, and Scarlet Moon saw another five or so very big men lined up waiting for him.



The chief grunted. "Well, I don't have any better ideas. So might as well let crazy talk to crazy."



"You suck." Anklyana stomped into the dim room. They stood at the far end of a bowling lane. The lanes had heaved. A rack of web-covered bowling balls lined the far wall, looking almost like shrunken heads in the dim light. She shivered. "It's creepy in here."






The man grabbed Adrian by the ear and walked him towards the wooded area. He pushed Adrian over a stump, forcing him to push his lightly clad cheeks into the air. He whaled on Adrian's firm butt with a weight-lifter's callused hand, his thin bottoms barely protecting him.

Adrian desperately wanted to try to raise that crazy crimson shield of his, but he dared not. Who knew how the guy would react if Adrian suddenly started glowing.

After several minutes of vigorous spanking that left Adrian sobbing and red-bottomed, the man released his hold on him.

He jumped up and rubbed his sore ass, half-expecting the man to push him back over for breaking position. But the man ignored him and walked over to a nearby tree. He broke off a large switch a good half-inch in diameter and two feet long, and gave it a few practice swings.



David patted Adrian on the back and gave his a gentle push to his room. "Now, go to bed. I'll talk to you later."

Adrian forced a teary smile.



Several petty crimes thwarted later, Adrian slipped through his bedroom window, flashed back into his civilians, and stepped out into the common room. He found Juliana lying on the couch in a nightgown, with the nightgown folded up on her lower back and a cold compress pressed against her swollen bottom.

"What happened to you?" asked Adrian.

Juliana scowled at Adrian. "Nunya business."

"Working late again?"

Juliana turned back to the television. "What've you been up to?"

"Homework mostly," said Adrian. "Wanna go Christmas shopping tomorrow?"

Juliana grunted sourly. "Gonna have to. The folks said they'd be here about six."

Adrian chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"Last year."

Juliana threw a pillow at Adrian. "That wasn't funny."




"God, that officer knows how to use a belt," said Vanessa. She frowned at Adrian. "Thanks for backing me up by the way."

Adrian shrugged. "Can you blame me?"

Vanessa sighed. "No, I guess not. Not with a demon like that on patrol."



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The left monitor flicked on, revealing a pert bottom, jello-like crimson spandex molded so firmly to the jumping cheeks that nothing was left to the imagination. A metal hand grasped the spandex shorts and tugged them down. Scarlet Moon gasped as he felt the spandex slide over his bottom and bunch up at half-mast around his bare thighs. Scarlet Moon squirmed, watching on the monitor as his own boot-clad legs kicked helplessly.

"My goodness look at that bottom wobble. You have got to stop skipping the squats." Leopard munched on her popcorn. She leaned forward and pushed a button.

The room holding Scarlet Moon vibrated. A wheel with leather straps attached to it swung slowly into view on the camera. Another button bush, and the wheel started to spin. Slowly at first, then faster and faster until the leather straps were a brown blur. The wheel rotated until the spokes were parallel to the floor, the brown blur inching closer and closer to Scarlet Moon's bottom, angled to kiss both of Scarlet Moon's cheeks.

Scarlet Moon's eyes flicked to Tempestas' screen. Tempestas' naked buttocks hadn't yet come in contact with the straps whirling beneath her, but it was getting closer and closer. Scarlet Moon's eyes flicked back to his own monitor. He squirmed and pounded on the wall. His ass wobbled back and forth. His legs kicked frantically as the whirling vortex inched ever closer.

"Oh-ho look at those legs go," said Leopard. "Little nervous? Scared even? Getting desperate?"

Scarlet Moon's fingers dug into the wall behind his, his eyes glued to the monitor showing his wiggling, plump bottom. The whirling straps getting closer.


They came in contact.





"Hey, get your ass back out," snapped Buzzsaw, punctuating the command with three sharp strokes to the crease where right cheek met right thigh. "I'm not even close to done."

Adrian stuck his butt back out, squealing and crying all the while.

"Good. Nice to know you have some capacity for listening," said Buzzsaw. Her fingernails dug into the small of Adrian's back, and she struck Adrian's burning bottom with hard, body rocking blows.

Adrian rested his head against the wall, and buried his fists in his hair.



Natalie squealed when Adrian tugged her panties down, fully exposing the curve of her cheeks. She squirmed, flashing brief glimpses of the secret places nestled between her thighs and buttocks. "What are you doing?"

"Juliana said bare, so you're getting it bare."

"But there was plenty of bare skin!" wailed Natalie.

"So you wanted me to just spank that for twenty minutes?"

"Umm, no..."

"Then down the panties go."

Natalie moaned and pressed her face into the couch. She squeezed her legs and clenched her thighs. "This is so embarassing!"




"Alright, let's get this show on the road," said Princess with a gleeful clap. "Anklyana you may paddle at will."

Anklyana lightly tapped the paddle against Scarlet Moon's bottom.

Scarlet Moon took a deep breath. Maybe it wouldn't hurt. Maybe he was immune to his own powers. Lots of superheroes in comic books were.


Scarlet Moon squealed. A sharp, hot pain bloomed on his right cheek. The pain lingered even after Anklyana pulled away the scarlet implement, hurting as bad as when the paddle first struck. Scarlet Moon bobbled his bottom and drummed his fingers on his ankles.



Scarlet Moon could faintly see the boulder charging down on his in the flickering red light of his powers. He drew back his fist, now glowing with scarlet light.

The boulder rolled towards his.

He swung his fist.

The boulder opened, and Scarlet Moon punched air. The boulder rolled over his. Suddenly, Scarlet Moon was bouncing and rolling around inside the boulder. It bounced off walls and turns, jostling Scarlet Moon this way and that. The boulder clanged, and opened back up. Scarlet Moon flew out, and lashed a chord to the nearest wall.

He was inside a giant room whose walls, floor, and ceiling were covered in steel plating. A hole opened up in the floor and swallowed the steel-plated boulder, snapping shut behind it.



Juliana screamed.

Scarlet Moon cried out and spasmed as the piercing shriek spiked his ear. In that moment of pain, Scarlet Moon saw his position with perfect clarity: obediently bent over a table getting whipped by a supervillain.

Scarlet Moon twisted around and backhanded Succubus into a table decked out with caviar.

"Stay out of my head!" A scarlet beam smashed into Succubus' chest and slammed her into the bar.

Succubus pushed herself to her feet, a serpentine smile on her face. She pointed her riding crop at Scarlet Moon. "Looks like the naughty little superhero refuses to take his medicine. Minions! Put him in the corner!"

The villain's minions charged, Succubus following shortly behind them.




A thrown pool noodle struck the small of Scarlet Moon's back, sending him sideways into Mr. Cuddles' chest. Giant clay arms closed over the superhero, pinning him to the bear's chest. He struggled, but the brief burst of energy faded, leaving him weak as a toddler.

"Ooh, you've been a very bad dolly." Legos swirled into a dais behind Princess. Legostopheles set Santa's throne behind the villain, on the edge of the dais. Great tentacles gently lifted Princess and set her in the throne. Between the throne, the dais, and Princess' own petite build, her feet dangled like a child's. "And in my kingdom, bad dollys get sound spankings."

Mr. Cuddles carried the struggling superhero to Princess. Princess pulled her feet under herself to prop herself up a bit. The great bear draped Scarlet Moon across the right arm of the throne, so that Scarlet Moon's hips were propped up by the arm, while his chest was pressed against the side of the left and his face peeked over the edge. His belly pressed against Princess' bony thighs, only slightly softened by the frilly pink dress. Lego tentacles whipped up from the dais and wrapped around Scarlet Moon's ankles, and pressed against Scarlet Moon's shoulders, securing his to the throne.

Scarlet Moon swayed and tugged, but all he did was make his bottom, obscured in-name-only by the skintight spandex, wobble.

"Legostopheles! The Sparkling Sweet Scepter of Supremacy!" Princess held out a hand. A long-handled, sparkly pink bathbrush was placed in her hand.



Melissa whipped the tawse across Adrian's burning sitspots four times in rapid succession. "Hold still. Or I will tie you down."

Adrian whined and sucked his ass in tight against the counter.

"And stick your ass out." Melissa punctuated the command with a stroke across the center of Adrian's backside. "God, kids these days. When I was your age, I could take a strapping like this without making a peep."

Adrian stuck his ass out. Juliana had better appreciate this.

The strap rained down on Adrian's proffered bottom, the sharp crack buffeting his ears.

Adrian yelped, and his hips rocked madly back and forth.

The tawse snapped across his thighs, making him howl.

It returned to his bottom, sending lines of fire racing across his almost-naked cheeks. His hips rocked again.

The tawse snapped across his thighs.



Scarlet Moon swung into the air, Anklyana clinging to his back. The dark figure flitted across the rooftops, moving with superhuman speed and agility.

"Another Supreme criminal," said Generalissima. "Where do they all come from?"

"I mean, they're not going out of their way to drum our bums, so can't be all bad," said Anklyana.

"They're a thief," said Generalissima.


Scarlet Moon lashed a couple of chords to the supports of a water tower and sling-shotted between them.

Anklyana squealed and tightened her grip.

Scarlet Moon sailed through the air and landed on the same rooftop as the dark figure.



Scarlet Moon leapt off the top of the scaffolding and lashed a chord to a nearby streetlamp.

"Scarlet Moon, halt immediately!" came the police chief's voice over the PA.

Anklyana groaned. "Why doe he have to be here?"



A few more small scraps of light formed around Adrian's hand. He sucked in a deep breath, his chest heaving like he'd just run a marathon. His head felt like it was full of helium. "Best I can do."

Juliana peered over the edge of the roof. "Can you create like a rope or something?"

Adrian focused on the scraps of light. Slowly, they formed into a cord. With a flick of a wrist, he wrapped it around the flagpole. He wrapped his arm around Juliana's waist, and the two jumped.

"NO!" roared Buzzsaw. "Get someone below! They're shimmying down the wall! GO!"

The two half-slid, half-fell down the edge of the building. They hit the ground. Adrian stumbled, shocks of pain running up his legs. Juliana wobbled, and nearly fell. She grabbed Adrian's arm and gave it a hard tug. "Come on!"

Shouts rose from behind the two, followed by the sound of shoes smacking pavement.

"Must go faster," said Juliana.



Scarlet Moon threw himself into a roll.




Juliana pouted. "You're one to talk. Least my thighs are covered. Mostly."

"You created my costume."

"Details, details."



Juliana opened the door. "Get out."



Midnight smiled. She circled around Scarlet Moon, her form fading in and out of the shadows. Her fingers traced lightly down Scarlet Moon's back and skimmed across Scarlet Moon's bottom, the thin spandex doing little to mute the touch of those fingers.

Scarlet Moon shifted from foot to foot. A part of his felt like he was supposed to tell Midnight to stop. The rest of his didn't want to.

Midnight faded into some shadows, and didn't come out.

Hands slid over Scarlet Moon's shoulders and down his sides. Long, firm hands gripped Scarlet Moon's hips, and pulled his bottom against leather-clad hips. Warm, pillowy breasts pressed against Scarlet Moon's back. The hips pumped against Scarlet Moon's bottom, each thrust setting off fireworks in Scarlet Moon's belly.

Scarlet Moon closed his eyes and sighed, lost in the feel of this woman's soft curves against his body.

"We're going to play a little game," said Midnight. Her right hand slid along Scarlet Moon's hip and across the swell of the hero's thinly-clad buttock. The other slid along Scarlet Moon's hip and across his spandex-shielded belly.

Scarlet Moon gasped.

"Over the next few months, I'll give you three opportunities to capture me." Midnight's left hand slid across Scarlet Moon's belly and gripped Scarlet Moon's right hip. The leather-clad vixen slowly pivoted, so that Scarlet Moon's left hip was flush against Midnight's thigh. Midnight's breath tickled his ear. "Each time you fail to catch me, you're gonna come to my place, get on your knees and ask for a good. Hard. Spanking."

Midnight clapped Scarlet Moon's barely clad bottom three times.

Scarlet Moon yelped and wiggled, his hip grinding against Midnight's thigh, Midnight's hand sliding across his side.



"Help me? I was helping you," said Tempestas. Her hand sank into Scarlet Moon's curved bottom, making the pliant flesh collapse around her fingers.

"I was doing fine," said Scarlet Moon. "You were the one getting blasted all over campus."

Tempestas growled. She leaned forward, putting extra weight on Scarlet Moon's back. Her hand cracked across Scarlet Moon's rippling sitspots with the force of a cannon.

Scarlet Moon squealed and bucked frantically. Didn't help. Tempestas' hand rained down again and again on Scarlet Moon's sitspots and the tops of his thighs, until both burned like the fire of hades.




Mr. Cuddles lowered itself onto one knee. It draped Scarlet Moon and Tempestas face down across its knee, their naked, cherry-red bottoms thrust up into the air. Mr. Cuddles' paw arced through the air with a great onrushing roar, like a freight train bearing down on a helpless damsel.

Scarlet Moon sucked in a breath and clenched his bottom.

The paw collided. Scarlet Moon shrieked at the top of his lungs. The stroke drove his hips into the bear's thigh. His bottom went into a rippling fit as the bear lifted its paw. Scarlet Moon tried to reach back to cover his sizzling cheeks, only to be foiled by the great paw pinning his to Mr. Cuddles' leg. Instead, he kicked and squirmed. He repeatedly clenched and unclenched his bottom, sending ripply shivers through his scorched buttocks.

The paw whooshed again, and struck Tempestas' naked cheeks with a thunderous crack. Tempestas howled and bounced up and down. Her hips slammed into Scarlet Moon's and her kicking legs got entangled with the other hero's.

The paw lifted up with a great creaking. Scarlet Moon whimpered. The paw arced down and crashed into Scarlet Moon's bottom a second time. Scarlet Moon howled and kicked. He arched his back and swung his torso back and forth.



Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the abandoned building and zipped through the window through which he'd just escaped with Juliana. He burst out of the small room (presumably once a janitor's closet) and out into a dim hallway.

The leopard-print lady stood above a giant hole. She looked over her shoulder and arched an eyebrow. "Thought I told you to stay out of my way."

"Who are you?" asked Scarlet Moon.

"Leopard," said the woman.



Tempestas grabbed Scarlet Moon around the waist and pivoted. She flung Scarlet Moon into the air. A gust of wind buffetted the hero, flinging his towards the large window above the mall's entranceway.

Scarlet Moon zipped to a nearby drone. He leapt off it like a stepping stone. A chord lashed to a pillar and whipped his towards the window. He took one last look at Tempestas, who kneeled in the middle of an ever-closing circle of toys, watching Scarlet Moon. Tempestas half-smiled and gave Scarlet Moon a salute.

Scarlet Moon yanked the chord back in and flared his shield. The shield buckled as he smashed through the glass, but held. A chord lashed to a nearby streetlight and he swung out into the parking lot and winter sunshine.

The chord flickered. He zipped towards the streetlight. The chord vanished just before he got there. He yelped, and snagged the streetlight with his fingers. He grabbed the light with his other hand, and hung. He tried to pull himself up, his arms shaking, but couldn't quite get there.

A drio of drones zipped out the window after him.




"So you all understand the problem and solution perfectly? Alright, what happens if the number in `word:number` isn't actually a number?"



"Well, well, well. The two secret agents from Megawater," said Generalissima. "What a surprise."

Scarlet Moon lashed a couple of chords to the two agents' shoulders and zipped them into the air.

"Hey!" said Dana, the brunette.

"What the fuck?" said Marie, the redhead.



"We've all got work to do. Vanessa show his to the employee room, and then you two need to hit the floor. You handled that quite well Vanessa. Keep up the good work," said Rossi.

"Yes ma'am," said the two in unison.

As they walked away, Vanessa leaned in close to Adrian. "Thanks for saving my bacon back there. Sorry about the swats, but that's part of training."

Adrian glared at Vanessa and made a big show of rubbing his bottom. "It's not the sting I'm upset about."

Vanessa winced. She opened a door into a small lounge. "Yeah, I know I can't believe I forgot to give you the rundown. Look it's quite simple. Be polite, fill people's drinks, and when you mess up apologize, get it fixed, and give them a discount. You mess up, I give you a few swats like back there. You really mess up, I give you a hard spanking."




Scarlet Moon's peppered Princess' wobbling cheeks, bringing a red blush to the girl's shaking flesh. Princess yelped. Her hips wiggled back and forth. Her legs kicked, and she pounded her fists against Anklyana's forcefield.

This went on for several minutes, Scarlet Moon's palm flashing between bouncing cheeks, Princess kicking and screaming, Tempestas and Anklyana watching with smirks on their face.

Scarlet Moon paused and shook his hand. It burned something fierce. Almost as much as Princess' bottom.

Scarlet Moon swirled his forcefield into a paddle long and wide enough to cover Princess' entire bottom.

"Are we done?" asked Princess with a sniff.



Scarlet Moon snagged a crane and swung into the scaffolding of a partially constructed building. He used the exposed steel girders like monkey bars and burst out the other side. "I scanned out, but I never scanned back in."

"Pfsh. I hacked that while you were out. So far as Sam or the systems know, you came home about 10:30 or so," said Juliana.

Scarlet Moon landed on top of some office building or other. "Really?"

"'Course. Super genius remember?" said Juliana. "Now hurry home. Leet hacking skills won't protect us from a surprise inspection."

Quarter of an hour later, Scarlet Moon reached the edge of campus. He slipped into the small forest that horseshoed around campus, and circled around to the athletic building. He leapt onto the roof and pulled his backpack out of a small nook. The pack had a change of clothes and his student id.

"Probably shouldn't keep my ID with my clothing. What if someone, like a janitor or something found it?" Scarlet Moon slung the backpack over his shoulder, and leapt back into the trees.

"Now that I've got root access to the keycard system you can just keep an empty wallet in there. When you're coming back, you can press the wallet against the scanner, while I fake your card," said Juliana.



Generalissima slid her hand down her face. "Hate you so much."

Minutes later, the trio stood at a counter in the kitchen. Scarlet Moon wolfed down a breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast and bacon.




Adrian spied Natalie sitting on a bench hunched over her computer and plopped down next to her.



Adrian gave Vanessa's left cheek a handprint to match her right.

Vanessa squealed, and scissor-kicked.

"Oh come on, it's only been two smacks," said Adrian. He gave Vanessa's right cheek three rapid fire smacks, and her left three rapid fire smacks.

Vanessa squirmed, her bouncing bottom swaying across Adrian's thighs. "Yeah, but nobody's hand hurts like yours! What are you doing?"

"Giving you a sound spanking. What does it feel like?" Adrian battered Vanessa's bobbing bottom, his palm alternating rapidly between the roiling cheeks, filling the common room with the crisp crack of bare hand to bare bottom.

Vanessa squealed and yelped and even screeched once or twice. Her legs kicked madly, nearly hitting Adrian in the head a couple of times. Her fingers dug into the couch cushions.

A bedroom door opened and Alexandra stuck her head out. "Hey, keep it down out there. Some of us have an eight o'clock class tomorrow!"

Adrian and Vanessa shared a look.

"You have an eight o'clock class?" asked Vanessa.

"Hey, it wasn't my choice. Only time they offered it that fit my schedule. Now shut up before I tan both your asses!" Alexandra sucked her head back into her room and shut her door.

Vanessa grabbed a pillow off of the couch and buried her head in it. "How much more do I have?"

Adrian ran a hand across Vanessa's cooked cheeks.



Panicked shrieks rose from the stands. Scarlet Moon flung up a scarlet bubble around the stage. A firehose of water struck Scarlet Moon in the chest with enough force to slam him against the interior of his own bubble.

The bubble wobbled. Poseidon charged in, a fist sailing for Scarlet Moon's face. Scarlet Moon ducked the punch. His forcefield swirled into a spring and he rammed it against Poseidon's chest.




Scarlet Moon and Anklyana hunkered down around a sewer grate. Scarlet Moon pulled the grate free with a heave and a grunt. He gestured for Anklyana to go down.

"Why do I have to go first?" asked Anklyana.

"Gotta replace the grate," said Scarlet Moon.

Anklyana sighed and clambered down into the sewers.

"Don't know what you guys are complaining about," said Generalissima. "Your forcefields should protect you."

"Doesn't help with the smell though," said Anklyana.

"Pretty sure it does, or you'd be having trouble breathing. Lot of methane down there," said Generalissima.

"Pleasant." Anklyana shifted from one foot to the other. "It's rather dark in here."

Scarlet Moon slid in and replaced the grate. He created a small glowing sphere over his hand.

"Not much better." Anklyana squinted into the dark, flickering scarlet-tinted walls.

"Relax, Grue's are just a myth," said Generalissima.




And smashed right through it with a great tearing rend of steel.

"Woah," said Leopard. "That's, that's pretty impressive there."

Scarlet Moon pivoted and fired a scarlet beam at one of the fans whipping the winds around. And a second. And a third.

The winds calmed enough for Tempestas to wrench back control, and she floated back to the ground. She looked a little green about the gills, but was otherwise fine.

Tempestas glared up at the plexiglass through which Leopard watched them. "Shall we kick her ass?"



Scarlet Moon bucked on the cat's lap. He tried to pry the beast's hand off his head, but it was like trying to remove a vice. His legs scissored madly, his curved, wobbling buttocks rolling with the motion of his long, spandex-clad thighs.

The cat stung Scarlet Moon's bottom with the speed of a machine gun and the strength of a cannonball. A bone-deep burn suffused his entire bottom, so great and terrible his entire world vanished into a haze of pain, his throbbing, shaking ass at the center.

A blinding flash of green light burned through his eyelids. The cat's legs vanished out from under him and he fell to the ground with a grunt. The blows stopped.

Everyone stood still for a moment, waiting for the cat to reappear. Nothing moved (except Scarlet Moon's hips). Nothing made a sound (except Scarlet Moon, groaning and sobbing a little).

Anklyana sighed. "It seems to be gone."

Hands, much smoother than the one that was just battering Scarlet Moon's bottom, helped him to his feet.









Adrian waited, the hairbrush lightly tapping against his palm. Natalie shimmied her sweatpants down to her knees, her hips rocking with the motion. Adrian's breathing couldn't help but pick up a little as he watched Natalie's hips and lacy purple panties come into view.



Scarlet Moon sagged against the roof. He closed his eyes and whimpered. His body went limp, and he let Midnight's punishing blows rock him back and forth.

Midnight paused. She looked over her shoulder down at Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon shrank away from her stern stare, his eyes flicking away.

Midnight swung off of Scarlet Moon. "On your hands and knees kitten. Face against the roof and bottom in the air."

Scarlet Moon did as he was told. The roof was rough against his hands and knees as he rolled over. He pressed his cheek against the ground, and arched his back, thrusting his naked ass into the air, and rounding it. Complete, and utter surrender. An offering to the leather clad woman standing over his.

Midnight knelt next to Scarlet Moon. She rolled Scarlet Moon's spandex top up his back, and wrapped her arm around the now exposed skin of Scarlet Moon's back, just above the bare, jumping, bottom upthrust before her. Scarlet Moon shivered at the touch of the woman's long fingers and firm palm against his bare skin.

The woman's other hand, fingers straight and pressed together, rubbed circles on Scarlet Moon's curved left buttock, sending faint ripples cascading across Scarlet Moon's plump cheek.

Midnight's hand drew back. Scarlet Moon squinched his eyes shut and sucked in a breath. Midnight's palm flattened Scarlet Moon's left cheek with a resounding splat!

Scarlet Moon's body rocked forward under the force of the stroke. He yelped, and his boots drummed against the roof. His round bottom rippled and bounced beneath the sharp slaps. He could feel Midnight's hips rotate against his thigh with every quick smack.




"Behold, Scarlet Moon," exclaimed Juliana throwing her arms out to encompass Adrian.

Adrian admired his legs and round bottom.



Vanessa shrugged. "Not your fault."



Scarlet Moon teetered a little beneath the weight. "Wait a minute. Alex is in there, I might-"

The crate tipped a bit too far to the right and the giant iron box landed on Scarlet Moon's foot.

While his shield ensured he didn't lose a toe, the fact remained that he had just dropped a giant iron box on his foot.

"Shit fucking bitch!" Scarlet Moon clutched his foot with one hand.

"What the fuck was that?!" roared Buzzsaw from inside the building. "You lot! Go check it out!"

About half a dozen Whistlers came charging out of the warehouse. He'd have to take them down quickly, and hopefully without losing too much of his scarlet mojo. He had a terrible suspicion that he wouldn't be leaving the docks if Buzzsaw beat him.

"Is that a clown?" said one of the Whistlers. "Who the hell ordered a clown? Buzzsaw's gonna be pissed-"



Juliana groaned.

Sam stared at Adrian. "You got into a crash."


"And then fought off the Whistlers."


"And you don't have a single bruise to show for it."

"Umm..." Adrian glanced down at his t-shirt. A bit wrinkled, but no smudges or tears, no dried blood. His knuckled weren't bruised, his face didn't hurt anywhere.

Sam rubbed his forehead. "And you really expect me to believe this?"

"I'm telling you, it happened," said Adrian, stomping his foot.

"Do you think I'm an idiot?"




"Ow! Ow! Let-ah, whatever. I figured this was gonna happen." Juliana sighed.

"Hush, you naughty girl! I promised you a spanking, and I always fulfill my promises. When I feel like it." The man walked her towards the wooded area. Once there, he pushed her over a large stump, forcing her curvaceous, naked cheeks up into the air. With one hand pressed firmly against the middle of her back, the man whaled on Juliana's jiggly butt.

Juliana gritted her teeth, her toes curling and twitching in time to the heavy smacks.



Prometheus stood just in front of the door with her back to it, holding Officer Chastain upside down by her ankle, laughing maniacally.




"Yeah, that makes sense," said Generalissima.



Natalie gasped.

"Frankly, boy, I'm far more interested in what you deserve." Ms. Rossi took Adrian's tray. "Vanessa, come over here for a moment."

Vanessa wove through the crowd. "Yes, Ms. Rossi?"

"Be a dear and take this tray into the back, and find me an unused spatula, would you?" Ms. Rossi handed the tray to Vanessa.

Adrian backed up a step. Ms. Rossi grabbed his and bent him under her arm. Adrian's tight trousers strained against his outthrust bottom. Ms. Rossi wasted no time tugging the trousers down to Adrian's thighs, exposing his boxer briefs.



Sam clasped his hands behind his back and fixed the two with a firm stare. "Eleven. That's all we ask. Gives you plenty of time to have some fun, but not enough to get life-threatening drunk. It ensures that you get home before the bars close and drunks hit the road. It ensures we're not up all night worrying about where you are and if you're in trouble. So, what is so hard about being home by eleven? You both have phones don't you? Can neither of you be bothered to set an alarm? Do you have any idea how worried I was getting? I was about ready to call the police. And it turns out this whole time you were just out dancing? You couldn't even be bothered to answer the phone?"

Juliana frowned.

"Yeah, I called you. Both. Repeatedly. And neither one of you bothered to pick up. Did your phones die?"

Juliana nodded.

Sam sighed and massaged his forehead. "Look, I have a responsibility to look after you, make sure you don't do anything dangerous. And you have a responsibility to help me do that."




Adrian looked around, and spotted Juliana just as she shoved the last wooden plank connecting the two rooftops into the abyss.

Juliana turned to Adrian, and grinned. "Sup?"

Adrian grabbed Juliana's hand. "Come on. I want to go home."

"Buzzsaw?" asked Juliana.



The chief grunted. "You'll excuse me if I'm not filled with confidence."

"Can't really blame you." Scarlet Moon shrugged. He warily approached the arena.



Eventually, the sobs faded, and Natalie pulled away. She wiped her eyes. "I should, I should just go to bed. I'll, I'll..."

Natalie turned and rushed from Adrian's room.



Forty-five minutes later, the pair drove into the plaza containing the Megawater business. The office had a nondescript store-front with a cheap looking "Megawater" sign plastered above a pair of sliding glass doors.

Juliana studied the storefront through a pair of binoculars. She lowered the binoculars and raised a USB drive, her face breaking into an eager grin. "I have here a virus that I finished up last night that'll give me root access. The trick is getting it onto Carmine's computer. We could I guess try to get her to click on a shady e-mail attachment, but I'd rather not assume she's that dumb. So I'm gonna sneak in there and install this directly on her computer. You are going to keep her busy."



Juliana took Adrian's arm and guided him to her room.

"Come on Juliana, I'm tired," said Adrian.

"Just a little bit longer. This is important." Juliana pulled Adrian into her room and closed the door.



The two reached the men's belts, and Natalie looked through them. "Surprised you came with me. You got a thing for belts?"

"Nah, I just didn't want to go with Juliana and Keiko. I love Juliana to death, but sometimes it's best to keep your distance."

"She a bit cranky right now?"

"Not so much cranky, as anxious. And when she gets anxious, she gets a bit mischievous."


"Oh, hey Natalie." Bernice Chastain emerged from the stream of people walking past the men's belts. Her eyes flicked rapidly to the belts and back to the two students. "What um, brings you to the men's, um, belt section?"

"Hello Bernice." Natalie smiled. She gestured to Bernice. "Adrian Jones, this is Bernice Chastain. Bernice, this is Adrian Jones."




Scarlet Moon looked around. He could just flip Prometheus over his knee, but all the OTK stuff was getting old.

A swirl of wind lifted Poseidon off the ground, butt in the air and head and feet dangling. Tempestas grabbed the speedo and yanked it down to Poseidon's knees.

A bit of dangling huh? Scarlet Moon's eyes lit up. He wove some of his forcefield into something that looked kind of like a gallows, complete with raised platform. Except instead of a noose, it had a thick hook.

"What are you doing with that thing?" asked Prometheus. She squirmed. "Let me go. Let me go."

Scarlet Moon hopped up onto the platform. He lifted Prometheus off his shoulder and slid the hook through the back of the girl's little shorts. Prometheus squealed as the hook took her full weight, yanking the tiny shorts right up into her buttcrack, almost fully exposing a pair of pert little buttocks. Her legs pedaled and her hands clawed at the air like she was trying to swim away.

Scarlet Moon wove his shield into a paddle long and broad enough to completely cover Prometheus' little bottom. It even came with holes.



Scarlet Moon's voice came out as a dangerous hiss. "We'll see how long that lasts. You got a lot to answer for boy. Like the the arena, and the weight room, and the quad, and your parents' house, "

Scarlet Moon pressed Poseidon' face into the cool asphalt. He raised his hand. A glowing crimson ruler formed in his fist. The ruler arced down, turning into a crimson blur as it cut the air. It struck the middle swell of both villainous cheeks. A great snap bounced off the neighborhood houses. The boy's firm bum flattened beneath the strike and bounced back in a frantic wobble. Poseidon howled and thrashed his hips about. The ruler arced again and struck just below the first smack. Poseidon wailed and clawed at the fist holding his hair, pressing his face against the dirty, cracked road. The ruler snapped a third time, just below that. This time the scarlet ruler dug into the man's sitspots, eliciting an even more frantic howl. The fourth stroke struck the sensitive crease where bum met thigh. Poseidon bucked wildly . His legs scissored desperately. The fifth stroke kissed the tops of his sensitive thighs. The meaty flesh jiggled beneath the stroke. A sob mingled with Poseidon' wail.

Scarlet Moon worked his way back up, strikin the tops of the thighs a second time. The crease next, followed by the sitspots and two strokes across the peaks of the villain's cheeks.

Three times Scarlet Moon worked that ruler up and down the Poseidon' lower bottom. By the time he finished, Poseidon lay sobbing into the dirt, his limbs twitching with every stroke, his bottom even redder than his sister's costume.

Scarlet Moon glanced over at Tempestas, to see the heroine had reduced Prometheus to a similar sobbing wreck.




"Relax, not like there's gonna be a mosh pit. Now come on. Your butt is your best asset, and we're gonna work it for all it's worth."



"Great job! Now get out of there and find someplace private where you can question her," said Juliana.

"One step ahead of you." Scarlet Moon tossed the woman over his shoulder, and slipped out of the building. He returned to the copse of trees, and dispersed the cords binding his captive.



They reached the common room and found Vanessa sitting at the couch with some homework in her lap. She leapt to her feet when she saw Juliana and Adrian. "Holy crap, what happened?"

"Adrian did something stupid, and resisted his punishment." Juliana pushed Adrian towards his room. "Now go to your room. We'll talk more later."

"Yes ma'am." Adrian took a quick glance at Vanessa, and scurried for his room.

"Remind me never to piss you off," said Vanessa.

Adrian entered his room, and closed the door. He yanked off his panties, shoes and socks and tossed them into the corner. He threw himself onto his bed with a wail and gingerly rubbed his blazing bottom.




Tempestas leapt into the air. A slide flattened Sir Stuffins and Giraffalot. Legostopheles blew apart underneath a tower of platforms. Mr Cuddles caught the main structure, and flung it aside.

Great gusts of wind whipped play pieces into the air and flung them at Mr. Cuddles, driving him back step by step.



The giraffe and teddy bear struggled to their feet. They spread out and approached Scarlet Moon from opposite directions. Scarlet Moon backed up a few steps. He held his scarlet staff before his.

A blast of wind whipped through Scarlet Moon's hair. Window panes rattled and the second floor catwalk swayed. What looked almost like a tornado hovered over his head.

Tempestas landed next to Scarlet Moon and flung her arms out. A blast of wind flung all four of them into the air. The tornado caught them and whipped them around and around. Scarlet Moon slammed into the giraffe, and bounced away. The giraffe slammed into the bear, and bounced away. The bear slammed into the wall and fell to the ground. The giraffe went skipping across the floor, knocking over people and toys. Scarlet Moon struck the railing and fell, landing hard. He pushed himself to his feet. Tempestas erupted from the whirlwind and slammed both feet into the bear's chest. The bear went sprawling, and Tempestas back-flipped, landing not far from Scarlet Moon. She glanced over her shoulder at the sprawled hero.

"Eh hehe, oops?" said Tempestas. She shifted from one foot to the other. "Sorry about that, tornadoes are kinda hard to control, you know?"



The ground bucked. A small crowd shrieked as the ground gave way beneath them. A scarlet net formed around them and carried them out. Nets flew out in every direction, gathering people up and zipping them away.

Spiderweb cracks formed across Anklyana's shield.

"Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no," said Anklyana.

"Hold it, Anklyana hold it," said Generalissima.

"I can't..."

"Yes you can, come on, you've got this."

"No, I can't!" Anklyana's barrier shattered and the roof collapsed.

The rubble slammed into a great scarlet curtain. Scarlet Moon hovered in the middle, his glow flickering.

"Get out of there Anklyana. Move!"

Anklyana ran for the door just behind the last of the innocents caught up in Princess' net. Tempestas leapt past her, grabbed Princess, and bolted for the door.

Anklyana took one last look over her shoulder before the ceiling collapsed on Scarlet Moon.

Juliana closed the window. She smiled. It didn't look it, but Adrian knew it was forced. "And that's the last of it before you emerged from the rubble like Jesus."



Scarlet Moon ran for the edge.



"You stay away from me." Prometheus scuddled backwards. "I swear to God if you lay so much as a finger on me, I'm gonna burn your stupid costume right off!"

Scarlet Moon grabbed Prometheus by the bra and tossed her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He gave the pert little bottom, peeking just the slightest bit out of red PVC hotpants, a sharp smack.

"Oww! That does it bitch, kiss your suit good bye!"

Scarlet Moon's outfit warmed a little.



Using a bit of power to lend himself superhuman speed and grace, Adrian slid around David and carefully approached the cat figure.

"Dammit Adrian," hissed David. "Get back here before I--"

A woman landed on top of the pickup truck next them. She had thick chinlength black hair, dark eyes and tanned skin. She wore an open-faced vest roughly stylized in the head of a leopard. She wore a leopard-print push-up bra underneath the vest that emphasized her cleavage, and showed off her toned torso. A pair of leopard print leggings showed off muscular legs and a high, toned bottom. Calf-high leather boots completed the ensemble. She carried a blowgun in one hand and a paddle about the length and width of a machete hung at her side.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty," said the leopard print lady.

The catlike creature hissed, grabbed Adrian, threw him over her shoulder, and sprinted away into the darkness.

"Adrian!" screamed David. He sprinted after them, but he had no hope of keeping up with the superhumanly fast cat-woman.

"Oh ho! Taking hostages now," crowed the leopard-print woman. "This is getting better and better!"

David, Juliana and Sam faded into the darkness as the cat woman leapt onto the side of a building and scaled up to the roof. She sprinted and leapt from roof to roof.

A dart bounced off the ledge to the cat woman's left. The woman hewed right. Another dart bounced off an air conditioning unit, driving the cat a little left.



Juliana deflated like a popped balloon. She shoved the USB drive into Adrian's hands. "Alright, fine. Least I won't be the one going to jail."



Adrian grabbed Natalie around the forearm and turned her sideways.

Natalie's eyes popped open. "Noo Adrian don't--oww!"

"I've half a mind to put you over my knee." Adrian smacked the seat of Natalie's dress. A tingling warmth spreading across his nethers as he watched that big, beautiful bottom wobble beneath his hard hand.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," wailed Natalie, dancing and squirming in place.

"Is there a problem here?" asked Napier.

Adrian jumped and spun. "Um, no sir. Your daughter was just putting herself down, insisting she's ugly. I wasn't going to stand for it."

Napier grunted. "Would you like to borrow my belt?"


"It's a very good belt. Natalie outdid herself this year," said Napier.

"That won't be necessary," said Adrian. He gave Natalie a warning look. "Yet."

"You're both big meanie faces," muttered Natalie, though a hint of a smile fought with an adorable pout.

Napier hooked his thumbs through his belt. "Natalie's told me a lot about you, Adrian. And I have to say, I think you'd do her a lot of good. I know, I don't really need to say it, but feel free to spank her soundly anytime you think she needs it."


"I'm honestly no good at it myself," said Napier. "Almost never have the heart."




"Jesus Christ." Buzzsaw plowed into the ground next to Scarlet Moon and backhanded the heroine through the remnants of the bell tower. "You're both big heaping piles of stupid, ain't ya?"

Tempestas leapt at Buzzsaw, but Buzzsaw wrapped her chain around Tempestas' waist and flung her into the bell tower next to Scarlet Moon.

"Don't even think about it Breezy. You can barely stir the winds, and Globoy blew his load building that ridiculous gallows."

"Oh fuck off," said Prometheus, pushing herself to her feet. "We don't need your help, and we don't take-eep!"

Buzzsaw flung Prometheus over her shoulder and gave the girl a hard smack on her bare, bright red bottom. "Shaddap."

Buzzsaw grabbed Poseidon and flung him over her other shoulder. "Catch ya later Globoy."

Buzzsaw leapt away.

Tempestas groaned, and pushed herself to her feet. "Oh look at that. They got away. Again."



Sam's belt snapped across Juliana's upthrust buttocks. The spongy flesh rippled beneath the harsh leather. Juliana's eyes doubled in size. Her hips jerked and a whine rose in her throat.

There was a sharp crack, and a line of fire burned across the peak of Adrian's plump bottom. Adrian squealed and bucked his hips, his heart-shaped bottom wobbling beneath the stroke.

Sam's belt flattened Juliana's bottom a second time. Juliana howled and kicked her feet. Her hands squeezed Adrian's hands so hard, Adrian briefly worried they were going to break them.

David's belt slapped Adrian's bottom, this time laying down a strip of agony across the lower third of his peach cheeks. Adrian kicked and squeezed Juliana's hands (being careful not to break any fingers).

Sam's belt snapped across Juliana's bottom, sending the girl into a squirming, bucking fit. David's belt burned into Adrian's shaking cheeks, eliciting howling and kicking.

The door opened.

"Well now, what do we have here?" asked Alexandra's voice. "Date didn't go as planned I take it? Or maybe it did. So hard to tell with you two."



"Then how do you it?" asked Natalie quietly. "How do you put your costume on every day?"

"Because it's all mine." Adrian closed his hand into a fist. A faint red halo surrounded it. "My fears. My powers. My costume. My decisions. They're all mine. It doesn't matter what they throw at me. These powers are mine, and I will decide what they do. Nobody else."

"I wish I could do that," said Natalie.

"You'd be amazed what you can do if you take a deep breath, close your eyes, stop wishing, and start doing," said Adrian.

"I can't." Natalie burrowed her face into the pillow. "I just, I just can't."

"Yes you--"

"No, I can't! I'm not, I can't do it, ok? I'm too pathetic."



Adrian sat down next to Natalie, grabbed her by the arms, and yanked her over his lap.

Natalie squawked. "No, Adrian what are you doing? Stop, I'm still sore from Daddy's belt."

"If you think we're going to just sit here, and let you put yourself down like this, you've got another thing coming," said Juliana. "That was incredible Natalie. And if we have to blister your bottom to get you to recognize that, then by golly we're gonna blister your bottom."




"How can I help you today?" The woman's smile broadened, though there was a flatness to her gaze that made Adrian's stomach curdle.

"Well, I've heard lots of great things about Megawater, and I was wondering if I could try a sample."

The woman looked up from her computer. "Hello, and welcome to Megawaters, home of the super-awesomely-awesome cure-all of awesomeness. How can I help you today?"

"I'd like to try a sample."

"Of course." The woman pushed a button on her desk phone. "I have a potential customer here. He'd like to try a sample."

"Oh wonderful, I'll be right out," said a silky smooth voice from the phone's speaker.

The receptionist turned her toothy grin back on Adrian. "She'll be right out."


The receptionist was already hunched over her computer, typing furiously.

Adrian pulled out his phone and set it up to text Juliana, his thumb hovering over the send button.

A woman stepped out from the back. "Hello, my name is Melissa Carmine. How can I help you today?"



Scarlet Moon took a deep breath and charged into the gas in a straight line for a nozzle. He quickly found and smashed it, but the gas was thick and putrid, blocking his sight. It would take time to find the rest.




Adrian pushed off the couch and covered himself.

Juliana threw his a thumbs up from behind David.

"Now, go get that list compiled, and then we'll head out," said David.



Adrian got something to eat, and slipped into his room to get changed.

Juliana smiled when Adrian came out. "Ready to go? Got a lot to do today."






Scarlet Moon swished the switch through the air a few times.

Generalissima winced. "I take it back, I'm sorry for calling you a jerk, I'm sorry for suggesting we cheat. Come on, please."

Scarlet Moon brought the switch down across the peaks of Generalissima's pinkened cheeks.

Generalissima shrieked. Her legs stuck out straight, and her fingers dug into the treebark. "Oww! God that stings. I hate those things, I hate them."

Scarlet Moon laid another stripe across Generalissima's quivering mounds, just below the first one. Generalissima howled. She bucked and kicked and shook her head.

"I hate you. You're such a jerk."

Scarlet Moon snapped the switch across Generalissima's bottom, just below the last stripe.

Generalissima's hips bucked and wiggled frantically, her bare bubble butt bouncing and wobbling with the motion. "I'm serious Moon. Stop it now or so help me--OOWOWOWOWOWOWO!"

Scarlet Moon lifted the switch off the crease where Generalissima's juicy bottom met her muscular thighs, and brought it down across the tops of her thighs.

"Aagh! Ohhh, that stings ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow." Generalissima legs pulled helplessly against the chords binding her ankles.

Scarlet Moon brought the switch down across the crease where buttock met thigh.

"Yeaaagh! Stop hitting me there."

Scarlet Moon brought the switch down across Generalissima's vulnerable sitspots.



Adrian alternated between watching the crowd, and paging blindly through a news app on his phone.

Vanessa came out of the crowd and made a beeline for Adrian. Long, angry strides ate up the ground, and her fists were clenched at her side. Her brows were drawn down sharp against her narrowed eyes, and her entire jaw clenched.

"Hey," said Adrian, putting his phone away. "What's wrong?"

"It's a scam," said Vanessa in a harsh voice.

"What's a scam?"

"It's that booth over there." Vanessa gestured vaguely towards the strange knot of people. "The lady behind it claims she's got some sort of miracle water that will cure anything, from cancer to persistent migraines and those people are eating it up. You've got sick, desperate people over there all clamoring for her lies."

"Hey," barked a voice.



"Indeed." Phillipa's eyes sparkled. "Been doing this whole 'life' thing for over fifty years, and I'm still learning so very much."

Adrian nodded. "And um, on that note, what would--"

The door burst open with a bang. Adrian jumped and very nearly flared his forcefield.

In walked a woman. The first thing Adrian saw were a pair of obviously fake devil horns poking through a thick mane of raven hair. The horns were... augmented... with little pink broken hearts. A black butterfly mask obscured the upper half of her face, leaving a pair of ruby red lips, smooth cheeks, and a button nose exposed. Her dark eyes smoldered from behind her mask.

She wore a long-sleeved dark purple leotard with a diamond cut out of the front. Said diamond started just above her ample breasts and ran all the down to just above her belly button, exposing her inner boob and a fair amount of her firm torso. The leotard was edged in black and quite sparkly. A black cape with purple edging and a jagged bottom draped her shoulders, covering all but the front of her outfit. Black stiletto-heeled boots that went two-thirds up her thighs completed the ensemble.

A trio of women came in after her. Each one wore a black butterfly mask and a black leotard. They also had obviously fake devil horns, and even fake devil tails.

One of them carried a particle gun, another wore brass knuckles on one hand, and a third carried a baseball bat.

Phillipa grunted in disgust. "God, her costume is worse than the last one."



"Depends on how good the wine is." The chief swept a glass off the tray and took a sip. His face went molten and he reached behind him. "Get on the ground!"

Adrian's eyes widened and he backed up half a step.

"Dad!" said Natalie, horrified.

The chief threw his head back and roared with laughter. "Ah cripes, you shoulda seen your face kid. 'Course I'm not gonna arrest you. Keeping my girl out of the alcohol is my job. Not that she makes it hard, mind you."

Adrian smiled weakly.



"Hasn't David mentioned it?"

"I haven't seen him," said Adrian.

"What do you mean you haven't seen him?"

"We haven't even been back a day," said Adrian.

"What, and you two didn't talk all break?"

"Of course we did! I mean, he asked about hanging out when I got back, but--oh."

Juliana slapped her forehead. "Oye. What would you do without me?"

"Live a quiet, peaceful life."

"More like boring. Whatever. The point is, Sam and David are taking us clubbing tonight." Juliana rubbed her hands together. Her eyes glistened. "Your mission, if you choose to accept it (and you don't really have a choice), is to tease him until he goes crazy, drags you back to his place, and sexes you good."



Scarlet Moon clawed at the table with his free hand. His knees gave out, and his hips thumped against the desk. His legs kicked frantically, and his bottom rocked back and forth as it wobbled and bounced beneath the belt.

"I'm done," said Dr. Parks. "Both of you may stand. Officer, let's get you some pants. You too Ms. Moon."

Scarlet Moon stood and rubbed his throbbing bottom. He hissed and whimpered, angry and shamed. "I don't want your ugly pants."

The doctor shrugged. "You want to run around with your stripes hanging out for all to see? Fine."

"That, uh, sounded like it hurt," said Juliana.

Scarlet Moon rubbed his throbbing bottom.




Tempestas grinned. "I like the way you think."

Tempestas leapt at Sir Stuffins and socked it in the snout. "Hey Stuffins, let's play a game!"

Scarlet Moon's eyes flared. Crimson light swirled around him.

Giraffalot's head whipped forward and struck Tempestas in the shin. She struck the ground and rolled away from Giraffalot's stomping hooves. She leapt back up and unleashed a gust of wind into Giraffalot's face. The steed staggered back a step. Tempestas socked the steed in the neck.

The light concentrated in Scarlet Moon's hands.

Tempestas grabbed the giraffe's neck and swung up onto its back facing Sir Stuffins. She socked the bear twice in rapid succession, and front flipped over it as it tried to swing its pool noodle at her.

Scarlet Moon threw his hands out. A beam of energy erupted from his hands and ballooned out into a dome, fully encasing Tempestas and Sir Stuffins.

Tempestas smiled. Her hair flew up behind her, and she rose a little into the air. Sir Stuffins and Giraffalot flew around the inside of the dome, battering against its edges. Tempestas kicked or punched them whenever they got in range.

Scarlet Moon ground his teeth together. The dome rippled and swayed every time one of the giant stuffed animals struck it. The whirlwind inside pressed against the dome as if longing to get out and wreak havoc.




"Scarlet Moon! What the hell do you think you're doing?" asked Generalissima.

"Taking the fight to Leopard. I'm tired of all this creeping around." Scarlet Moon plummetted through the dark shaft, his own red glow casting the walls in a faint red light.

"You idiot!" The sound of rapid fire slapping, like Generalissima were slapping her forehead repeatedly, rang in Scarlet Moon's ear. "Jumping head first into your enemy's trap is not how you take the fight to them. I swear when we're done here, I'm gonna spank you scarlet."




Adrian lay in silence for while, just staring at the back of the couch.

"Guess we'll just have to watch Vanessa closely," said Juliana at last. "Catch the lady when she's nowhere near her messed up lair."

Adrian didn't respond.

"You win some, you lose some. We'll win in the end, make no mistake," said Juliana.

Adrian closed his eyes and dozed.

He jerked awake to a sharp smack on his shoulder.

"Wake up or I'll swat your bottom next," said Vanessa. "We have to get ready. Now."



"The hell are you?" cried one of the hoodlums.

Adrian towered over them, his chest heaving, skin buzzing, and blood pumping. "What was that you said about beating my ass?"

Buzzsaw punched Adrian in the chest. Adrian flew backwards and slammed into the streetlamp.

Juliana shrieked.

Buzzsaw stared down at her fist, at Adrian, back down at her fist. She grinned.



Juliana glanced about the common room. "Hey, what about Natalie? We should invite her too."

Alexandra groaned. "You're almost too much nerd for me, and you've got fashion sense. Natalie would ruin the whole day."



"I wasn't talking to you." Jezebel fixed Adrian with a contemptuous glare. "I was talking to a fellow guest. Now be a good boy and run along, or I'll submit a second complaint for laziness."

Adrian glanced at Natalie, who made a furtive "just leave" gesture. Adrian curtsied. "Yes ma'am."




"First, you need to eat." Juliana pushed a plate with sandwich and apple at Adrian. "Your favorite. There's water in the cup."



Adrian grabbed the waistband of Keiko's lacy panties and tugged them halfway down her thighs, exposing a pair of firm little chocolate cheeks.

Keiko whimpered, and buried her face in her forearm. Her heart-shaped bottom clenched, and her feet twitched.



Prometheus narrowed one eye. "Uh, yeah. That's what I'm saying. The whole idea is to show the world that Prometheus and Poseidon are way better than you."



"Well good morning to you too," said Juliana through the door. She sounded mildly amused.

"Well it's morning at least."

"So you feeling any better?" asked Juliana. "You slept like all day yesterday."

"The hell you talking about?" asked Adrian, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"A nurse from the campus medical center came by, said you had a 24 hour virus or something."

"Oh. Well, I'm fine." Adrian stood and stretched. "In fact, I feel great-oh!"

"Can I come in?" said Juliana. "I want to talk. In private."

"Fine whatever, but first I gotta pee like you wouldn't believe." Adrian jerked open the door.

"Understandable," said Juliana as Adrian bolted past her and made a beeline for the bathroom.



"Your motives were admirable, but your action were some of the stupidest I've ever heard of!" Mama's voice rose into a shout. She grabbed Juliana's elbow and spun her around. She whapped Juliana's broad bottom several times in rapid succession.

"Honey." Mom put a hand on Mama's shoulder. Her voice was quiet and soothing, but there was a layer of steel beneath. "You promised you were going to control yourself."

Mama took a deep breath and released her daughter's arm. "I'm sorry Juli, baby."

"It's OK Mama," said Juliana quietly.

Mama took a deep breath. They stood in silence for a moment. When Mama spoke again, her voice was much calmer. "The only reason I didn't come up here, blister your bottom and drag you back home kicking and screaming was because we got a phone call from Phillipa Silver of all people before we even got the letter."

"Right, everything worked out," said Juliana.

"Naive girl," said Mama. "I saw the terms on that scholarship she so 'generously' gave you. She owns the first five years of your professional life. And for what? To embarass a couple of idiot girls who think they're still in high school? Was that really worth it?"

Juliana gave Mama a defiant look. "They were bullying my friend."

"Would getting kicked out have been worth it?"


Natalie leaned into whisper in Adrian's ear. "Does she really mean that?"



Adrian enjoyed a brief fantasy that started with David saying:

"My goodness Adrian. Your grades in my class were incredible. Never before have I met such a handsome, intelligent student in all my years of teaching. Come here and let me reward you with an oil massage. And who knows, maybe a little something else if you're good..."

After Adrian yanked himself out of oily massages and maybe something else if he were good, he spied Natalie sitting on a bench, hunched over her laptop.

Adrian sat next to her.




"Oh I don't know, some of your stories have been hilarious," said Vanessa, stretching.

"What makes a great story usually makes a crappy experience." Adrian started towards the bathroom. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Have a good night," said Vanessa.



With Adrian's help, Juliana hid a couple of cameras outside of Vanessa's window. The night passed uneventfully. If Leopard knew Vanessa was the cat, she chose not to capitalize on it.

Nonetheless, Adrian had a restless night. The slighest sounds brought his bolt awake, halfway to Scarlet Moon, heart in his throat.

It was in some ways a relief when sunlight finally filtered in through Adrian's window and he was able to get up and start his day. Probably should check in on Natalie, or maybe Vanessa. They both had--

"Adrian, Adrian!" Natalie pounded on his door.

Adrian jumped. He grumbled under his breath and pulled the door open.

Natalie stood in the doorway, her eyes moist. She rocked back and forth, gnawing on her fingernail. She still wore a pair of pink pajamas, and her hair was a total mess.




Adrian snapped it up and wedged it against the door.

"Don't know, don't care," said Juliana. "Should hold them for a bit, hopefully long enough for us to get out of this madhouse."

Adrian turned to look out across the roof. The roof pitched, and Adrian stumbled. He grabbed Juliana's shoulder. The roof righted itself.

"You ok?" asked Juliana. "For a second there, you looked like you were gonna pass out."

"I don't know how much longer I can keep this up," said Adrian. "We need to get out, and get out now."

Juliana nodded. "Come on, I think I see a couple of wooden boards across the roof."

As the two started across the roof, a loud banging resounded throughout the night air. Clearly the hoodlums now knew the door was blocked. They were probably already looking for something to break it down.

Adrian and Juliana reached the edge of the next building and looked out across the street. They could just make out Juliana's car, still miraculously undamaged.

"Check that out, only two thugs. Most of them must be out looking for us," said Juliana. "What do you think, can your glowy mojo get us over there?"




Scarlet Moon threw Princess over his shoulder. Glow pooled into his legs and he sprinted to the sewers at superhuman speed.

"What are you doing?" asked Generalissima.

"Getting her away from her power source."

"Gonna be easier said than done."

Scarlet Moon glanced over his shoulder. Every single one of Princess' minions charged after him.



"Relax, I'll be fine," said Juliana. She glanced at Sam and David. Neither one of them seemed to have heard the exchange. "Come on."

The trio hurried across the small quad to the nearby gym, shivering in the chilly November air. They found the Blonde Brigade standing in the same V formation on a collection of mats in the middle of a room typically used for zoomba, yoga and dance lessons. Jezebel's friends were all barefoot, though Jezebel still wore her sneakers.

"You think they practice?" asked Juliana.

Natalie shrank back behind Adrian.

Jezebel rubbed her hands together. She licked her lips. "I'm not sure which is going to be more enjoyable. Watching my girls strip you naked, or having you at my feet begging for a beating."

Juliana bent down and untied her shoes. She slid the laces out. She tied one set around her wrist, the other she held loose in her hands. She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her socks. Juliana's light brown toes flexed against the matt. She held her hands up in front of her, her fingers cocked in a grappling pose. She swayed on the balls of her feet.

"Go on girls. Whoever removes the top or shorts gets to give her ten swats. Twenty to whoever removes an article of underwear. An extra thirty for whoever takes off her last article. Go!"

The four girls charged.



"Oh like hell," said Jezebel. "If you think you can just-ugh-spit in my mouth and walk away, you've got another thing coming. Girls, I want her bare-assed-"

"Ah-ah." Juliana shook her finger and pointed over her shoulder at a sign. She didn't bother to look at the brigade. "No fighting in the gym. I'd hate to see your milky little bottom turned red."

"We'll be waiting for you outside bi--"

Juliana pivoted on her heel. Her eyes lit up and she jabbed a finger into the air. "How about a little wager? If I can strip your little minions down to their birthday suits before they can do the same to me, you'll leave Natalie alone. Forever."

Jezebel scoffed. "And why would I agree to that?"

Juliana's eyes sparkled. "Because if your Stepford Wivelets can strip me naked, I'll crawl up to you, head down and ass up, kiss your foot and beg you to spank me raw with your most wicked hairbrush."

Jezebel's lips turned up in a venomous smile. "Knew you were a submissive little bitch. The dancing room in the gym across the quad?"


"See you there." Jezebel pivoted, and strutted out of the gym, her posse following after.

Natalie stumbled off the treadmill and grabbed Juliana's arm. "What is wrong with you?"

"I'm about to get you out of high school hell," said Juliana.

"No, you're about to get stripped and beaten," said Natalie. "You're not Batman."

Juliana grinned.






"Fine. Let's see which breaks first. You, or my brush." Princess rapid-fired with the bathbrush. Six to one cheek, then six to the other, fast as she could.

Scarlet Moon wailed until his throat grew hoarse. His fists pounded the ground until they ached. His legs kicked until they burned. He saw nothing through his tears. His round bottom wobbling beneath the onslaught, never staying still for even a moment. His flesh burned like a thousand erupting volcanoes.

Princess shifted lower and battered the backs of Scarlet Moon's thighs. The hero had thought his bottom hurt, but that was nothing like the agony racing across his legs as the heavy wood bit deeply into his bare, sensitive thighs.




"I'm fine, I'm fine!" said Anklyana. "Get after the thief!"

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to an air conditioning unit and swung around, landing on the edge of the roof in the direction he'd last seen the figure go. Nothing.

Scarlet Moon looked about, straining for any sign of movement.


Scarlet Moon let out an annoyed sigh. "Any ideas, Generalissima?"

"Yeah, you need to let the thief go and come home," said Generalissima.


"The fun times are starting in like forty-five minutes. This is going to be the night we both get our sexy bottoms laid, and I will not have it marred by a spanking for being an hour late because you chased a Supreme from one end of the city to the other. The only spankings he should be giving you tonight are the fun kind."

Anklyana's face twisted. "Fun spankings?"

"Sure. Moderate swats, and a bit of finger--"

"OK, ok forget I asked," said Anklyana.

"Forgotten. Anklyana was right before, it's just money. Stolen from criminals no less. Not worth delaying the sexy times," said Generalissima.



"They're already buried," said Tempestas. Another blast of wind flung them towards the exit as even more ceiling collapsed. "Either Anklyana's shield saved them, or it didn't. Can't help now!"


Tempestas grabbed Scarlet Moon and threw him at the exit. A gust of wind propelled them both through a gaping hole in the front of the mall just as the whole front of the complex collapsed.

Scarlet Moon struck the pavement and skidded several parking spaces worth. Tempestas landed next to him, stumbled and faceplanted. She hadn't even stopped skidding before she was in the air, propelled back towards the shattered remnants of the mall. Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to a lamppost and zipped after her.

A slow hum filled the air. A sonic boom rattled Scarlet Moon's ears, and a wave of multi-colored light swept across the parking lot. A great surge of energy flowed through Scarlet Moon's limbs, and he flared with a scarlet light.



Anklyana gnawed on the finger of one of her gloves. "Ahhjujshwansh--"

"Take that glove out of your mouth when you're talking girl," barked the chief.

Anklyana yanked the glove from her mouth like it'd been burned. She stared down at the street. "Umm--"

"Look at me when you're talking."

"Dudes intense," muttered Generalissima.

Anklyana's head jerked up. "I just wanna protect people."

"And you think dressing up in a leotard that doesn't even cover your ass properly is the way to do it?"



Poseidon rode onto the quad on the tip of a giant wave. The wave flowed around him in a protective bubble and he landed on the ground next to Prometheus.

"You're an idiot," he said to Prometheus.

"You're a pussy," said Prometheus. "Come on, let's kick their asses."

The snake coiled and lunged at the two heros. Tempestas swept her arms up. Hurricane gales swirled around the flames, arcing the fiery serpent around and into the crocodile. Both animals vanished in a hissing cloud of steam.

"You killed Flamey!" Prometheus' eyes sparked. "I'll make you pay."

GAMEPLAY NOTE: Poseidon and Prometheus can create elemental animals. These animals have the same stats and powers as their creator and behave like any other character in combat. However, they siphon off half of the user's remaining energy to use as their own. Each character can only have 1 minion active at a time.

GAMEPLAY NOTE: Tempestas is fast, powerful, and a master of damage manipulation. Tailwind gives her allies a damage buff, while Headwind gives her enemies a damage debuff. Wind Tunnel allows her to retaliate when an opponent attacks her. Retaliation works like shield: Powers give it points, and those points go down whenever your character gets attacked. However, rather than blocking damage, retaliation allows you to attack for the same damage your opponent does to you. This retaliatory damage ignores defense (but not shields).



Adrian's fingers twitched like he wanted to, but dare not grab Mom's wrist

"Your GPA is absolutely atrocious," said Mom. The two emerged into the common room. Mama already had Juliana over her lap, and was tugging down her daughter's leggings. Juliana's bouncy, caramel flesh bounced free free with a few sharp tugs. The tiny triangle of a purple thong peeked out from between the tops of Juliana's curvacous cheeks. Juliana squirmed and pleaded, but didn't dare try to interfere. Vanessa stood to one side, watching with a bit of that slightly nervous, kinda giddy this-is-a-little-amusing-glad-thats-not-me-oh-god-I-hope-thats-never-me smile on her face.

Mom perched on the edge of an armchair and pulled Adrian over her knee. Adrian gasped as his gut pressed against his mother's thighs, and his hands and toes slapped the carpeted floor. Mom wiggled Adrian's jeans down, exposing Adrian's boxer briefs, the thin material protecting his modesty, but probably not a whole lot else. Alas, Mom wasted no time pulling those down to Adrian's thighs, robbing Adrian of even that much.

Mom pulled an equally worn pink slipper out of her equally big-ass purse and rested it lightly on Adrian's naked skin. Goosebumps rose on Adrian's bottom where the worn, cool sole pressed against his shivering skin. "At first we thought it was just your job making it hard to study. Except the restaurant's been closed for repairs ever since Succubus trashed it, and your grades have continued to decline. Did you get a different job we don't know about?"



"Oh, oh, come on! D-don't you think that's a bit much?" Alexandra sobbed.

"They don't seem to think so. Don't worry, honey, I'm sure they'll count for you." Delryn wrapped a muscular leg around her victim's legs and locked Alexandra's right hand against the small of Alexandra's back. Delryn began the finale. Alexandra squirmed fiercely and sobbed, but she was locked in position for the full count.

"Alright, we're done." Delryn helped Alexandra off her lap. Alexandra hastily pulled her bikini bottoms back up. She danced in place, rubbing her bottom and moaning. Vanessa approached her with a towel and wrapped it around her. Vanessa led the sobbing young woman back to her towel. Keiko followed after them, watching Delryn like a horse watching a pack of wolves.

Adrian and Juliana started to follow as well.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?!" Juliana and Adrian turned to see the young man who'd set off the Rube Goldberg spanking machine. He was limping a little, and Adrian noticed a bandage wrapped around his ankle.



"Watch your language," wheezed Juliana.

"Watch my language?" hissed Adrian. "After all the shit that just happened, you want me to watch my motherfucking language?"

"Swearing solves nothing, and makes you sound like an idiot," said Juliana. Her eyes scanned the darkness.

"I don't give a fuck!" snapped Adrian. "Did you not see what just happened?"

"No, I slept through the whole thing," said Juliana. She threw Adrian a disgusted look. "Take a breath, and calm down-"

"Calm down?" said Adrian, his voice rising into a high-pitched whine.

"Shh!" Juliana covered Adrian's mouth with her hand. "Would you please keep quiet? We're being stalked by a gang in case you hadn't noticed. A rather vicious gang from what I hear. They got the BMB market cornered, and how do you think they did that? So. Keep. Quiet."

Adrian nodded, and Juliana removed her hand. "And keep that glowing thing down. You're like a beacon."



"What do think would've happened if Scarlet Moon had fired a beam at Princess, instead of leaping away?" asked Generalissima.



The paddles drew back a second time, and swung forward, splatting Scarlet Moon's plump bottom. Scarlet Moon grunted as twin plumes of pain rose in his tender sitflesh. He strained uselessly against the claws holding his wrists and ankles fast.

The paddles drew back and snapped forward.

And again.

And again.

Tears formed at the corners of Scarlet Moon's eyes. His head jerked with each stroke, his hips lifted briefly off the metal bar as the heavy paddles drove his body forward.



"What? No of course not," said David. "It wasn't your fault."



"See, I told you," said Juliana, lightly slapping Natalie on the shoulder.

Natalie whimpered and buried her face in Juliana's pillow. She squirmed, her hips grinding against Adrian's lap, her bouncy, mostly-bare buttocks rolling with the motion. Only a few red streaks remained from her father's belting. "This is so embarassing."

"Oh come on, like you didn't wear those hoping Adrian would see 'em," said Juliana.



Juliana shrugged. "Just warning you."

Keiko sighed. "Hate America."

Juliana smiled. "Oh it's not so bad. Now just relax and let me rub some of the sting away. The after-care is very important, you know. Makes it clear to the perpetrator that all is forgiven. Water under the bridge and all that."

"How about next time you skip the spanking and go straight to the massage," said Keiko, her voice muffled by her forearm.

"Then it wouldn't be a punishment silly," said Juliana. "Punishments are supposed to suck."

After giving Keiko a few minutes to recover, the three stepped into the common room, Keiko blushing a little.




"Care to explain to me, how exactly you interpreted 'get away' as 'get between me and the goddamn supervillain?'" Napier reached down and pulled his belt off with one hand. He doubled it and wrapped it around his fist several times, until it was no longer than a short strap.

"But Daddy, she was hurting you," said Natalie. "I couldn't--"

"And what exactly were you going to do?" asked Napier. "Pout at her? That only works on me because I'm your father."

"It's not working now," said Natalie morosely.

"I guess I've grown as a person." Napier snapped his belt across Natalie's large rump.

Natalie squealed. Her marshmallow-like cheeks wobbled with the harsh snap. Her hips rocked back and forth. "No papa, please!"

"Girl you're lucky I'm not pulling your panties down." Napier lashed his daughter's round rump, the thick belt digging deeply into the girl's soft rump.



"You need to relax," said Juliana, reaching over and rubbing the girl's bottom.

"Dammit, Juliana what did I tell you?" Adrian grabbed Juliana's wrist and pulled her off the bed. He spun his friend around and gave her right cheek half a dozen swift, stinging swats with the spoon.

Juliana yelped and hopped, her bottom jiggling visibly beneath her tight, thin pajama pants. She yanked herself free and scampered away from Adrian, furiously rubbing her bottom. "Jeez, Adrian take a chill pill. It's not like you're doing anything for her. Just whaling away even though she's tight as a drum. This is her first time. Show her a bit of mercy won't you ?"

Adrian's jaw clenched. He took a deep breath. "Yeah, sorry. But keep your hands off without asking first!"

"Fine, I will, jeez," said Juliana, crossing her arms, cocking her hip and glaring at nothing in particular. "How about, while you're beating Keiko, I'll get rid of that cow you had."

Adrian took another deep breath, and turned back to Keiko. He gave the young woman's bottom a gentle rub. "How you doing?"

"It stings," said Keiko piteously, her voice muffled by her forearm. "How many more?"



Adrian blushed as he put on the rather minimal swimsuit. He glanced at himself in the mirror, and his blush deepened. His package was covered, in name at least. Hopefully it was on the larger size, or at least medium. Small packages were not generally a wise thing to parade around.




The next morning, Adrian knocked on Juliana's door. "You ready?"


"Can I come in? We kind of need to get going, or we'll be late."

"Do we have to?"


"Are you sure?"



Scarlet Moon smashed the wall to pieces with two great swipes of the sack. The sack flexed and grew, absorbing all the legos into its massive girth.

Every lego in it rattled to life and bounced against the sack with the strength and desperation of dying animals.



The car slammed into the shield just above Scarlet Moon's head, and smashed to the ground at his feet. The car door smashed his face, and one of the tires blew apart against his foot.

Scarlet Moon fell to one knee. The earth tilted around him. His vision narrowed to a small pinprick. Sweat soaked his costume. His temples pounded like a jackhammer. His stomach lurched, and bile rose in his throat.

A deep, maniacal chuckle cut the air.

"Well, well, look at that. Globoy. Just standing there asking for a good punching." A large, dark figure loomed up above Scarlet Moon, cracking her knuckles. "Worried I'm gonna hurt these pukes?"

Tempestas grabbed Buzzsaw from behind and flung her through the arena door. "Stay away from him!"

Buzzsaw smashed back out. "Or you'll what? Spank me? I'M BUZZSAW, BITCH!"

"You're a lunatic." Tempestas leapt into the air. Debris flew up around her and whipped at the villain.

Buzzsaw laughed. She leapt into the air and punched Tempestas in the face. The heroine flew backwards, smashed through a couple of lampposts and out of sight.

One of the light posts bounced off Scarlet Moon's shield. The other fell towards the crowd.

Scarlet Moon struck the lightpost with a crimson chord. The post snapped backwards, and fell harmlessly onto the parking lot behind it.

Scarlet Moon very nearly passed out. His chest felt like it was going to explode. His head pulsed with every heartbeat. His limbs burned.



A gale wrapped around Scarlet Moon, and he struck the concrete with all the force of a feather.

Poseidon smashed a club of water into Tempestas' face. Tempestas staggered backwards, sputtering. Poseidon ran to Prometheus.

"Let's get out of here," said Poseidon.

"No way-oww! Let go of my arm. Fine, fine I'm going I'm going."

"Oh no you don't." Tempestas leapt at the pair.

Poseidon flung a hammer of water that solidified into ice in midair.

Tempestas flipped over the iceblock and blew herself backwards to avoid a fireball.

A great river swirled around the pair of villains and carried them out a window in the arena. Tempestas leapt to follow, but a firehose of water smashed her back into the arena.

The cops burst in. "Everybody freeze!"

Tempestas leapt down next to Scarlet Moon, grabbed him, and gusted them through the same window Poseidon and Promethus had escaped through.

"You know, I'm really getting tired of that..." said one of the cops.

Scarlet Moon and Tempestas landed on the roof of the arena. Tempestas eased Scarlet Moon down. "You ok?"




Anklyana's teeth clicked shut. She gasped when Scarlet Moon released his chord, and lashed another to a nearby building. As they swung across the street, Anklyana started to laugh.

"This is so cool!"

"Tell me about it."

They reached the mall parking lot and Scarlet Moon whipped them up on top of the same partially done building where Anklyana had saved his bacon. Scarlet Moon swayed a little, adjusting his balance to accomodate Anklyana's added weight.

"Ok, so what's our plan?" asked Anklyana.

"You'll need to put a pen at each of the eight directions: north, northeast, east, and so on. We're on the south end of the mall, so we'll start south and swing clockwise (left for those of you who don't know what an analog clock is). If Princess attacks, it'll be Scarlet Moon's job to confront the gizmos while Anklyana drops the scanners. Scarlet Moon, you're gonna need to make it flashy. Draw Princess' eyes," said Generalissima.

"And if she doesn't attack?" asked Anklyana.

"Then we're gonna need to taunt her," said Generalissima.



Adrian held a sleeveless shirt in one hand, and a very short pair of running shorts in the other. He slipped them on and checked himself out in the mirror. The sleeveless shirt showed off his soft arms and slender shoulders. The shorts exposed quite a bit of impressively hairy legs.

Superheroing had done great things for him. He'd lost quite a bit of weight over the past few months. David would surely appreciate the view. Right? But on the other hand, he did look kind of silly. Maybe too silly. Maybe David would just laugh at him.




David smiled. "Excellent. Do you have any lingering questions about the test?"

"How badly will it hurt me?" asked Adrian.

David's smile faded. "Well, if you can nail the rest of the class, you should be able to pull off a B. Maybe an A if we curve generously, but only if you absolutely kill the rest of the semester. So hit the books, sling some code, and don't be afraid to ask for help."

"Ok. Thanks." Adrian smiled.

David returned the smile. "See you later."



Scarlet Moon peppered the woman's round bottom, every blow striking her bouncing right cheek.

After a few minutes, Scarlet Moon paused and studied the scarlet handprints decorating the girl's soft, smooth skin. "Now for the second cheek."

"No, please, please stop," sobbed the woman.

"This doesn't feel right," said Juliana uneasily.

"Not until you've learned your lesson." Scarlet Moon began another volley, this time focusing on the woman's left cheek. The woman thrashed around. Her bottom was soft and pliant beneath Scarlet Moon's palm, the plushy flesh caving and bouncing back with every stroke.

Eventually, Scarlet Moon pushed the sniveling girl off of her knee and onto the cold ground. The girl screamed as her bruised butt touched the hard linoleum.



David pulled Adrian into a hug. "I was so worried when we got separated."

Adrian returned the hug.






"You're not the one who'd have to explain to your mother why you're dead," said David. "Now get yourself decent, and I'll get you some tea for the road. You don't want to miss curfew."

The drive home was much more uncomfortable than the drive out.

When the trio got home, Adrian dragged himself into his room and collapsed onto his bed.



After finishing his morning business, Adrian stumbled out of his pjs and into the shower, shivering as the water struck his bare skin. He cranked the heat, muttering under his breath about heating that took freaking forever, and if Juliana had used-

Ouch! Shit! Hot hot too hot hot!

Adrian's vision gained a red mist, and it was as if he were wearing a full-bodied poncho. He turned the heat down a little with a shaking, glowing hand, and leaned against the shower wall. His heart pounded against his chest, and his breath came in labored gasps. He stared at his hand until the red glow faded from his skin.

Adrian closed his eyes. His thoughts bouncing between red flares, rainbow mohawks, squealing tires, and glowing skin.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the jumple of memories from last night (no, two nights ago) coalesced into a coherent narrative. He fought an honest-to-god supervillain. A supervillain who was very much still out there, and likely pissed as hell.

Adrian realized with a start that he was shivering. The once hot water was now merely lukewarm. He quickly suzzed up and cleaned herself.



"Worse." Tempestas pointed towards the plexiglass. "She's gone."

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the plexiglas window blocking off Leopard's control panel. He zipped at it at full speed. Power flowed into his legs and he smashed through it.

The room was empty. Tempestas landed next to Scarlet Moon.

A monitor on the back wall flickered on. Leopard waved. "Hey, sorry to bail like that, but well I wasn't really expecting you to survive the gas, and I didn't really feel like fighting the two of you right now. I wouldn't bother searching the house or anything any more though. You won't find shit."

The monitor flicked off.

Tempestas scowled and kicked the chair. "Coward."






"Come on Dolly. Keiko's not much of a play mate. I don't think she likes this game very much." Princess pouted. "But you're much better! So if you came out, I'd play with you instead! Come on Dolly, be a sport."

Scarlet Moon didn't move.

"Fine." Princess skipped along Mr. Cuddles' arm to Keiko.

"Janet, stop it," said Keiko. "Please."

"Silly girl. I'm not Janet. I'm Princess." Princess tugged down Keiko's jeans and panties. "Janet's life sucked. She never had any fun at all. But now I'm here, and I'm making everything all better!"

Mr. Cuddles spanked Keiko. Keiko was kicking and howling by the second splat. Tears were running down her face by the sixth.

"You know, Dolly's not a very good hero," said Princess. "I mean, you're just Keiko, but you still showed up and tried to help him when he was getting spanked. Where is he now, when he needs you?"



"Now, Mr. Cuddles, my fuzzy wuzzy wittle teddy bear. Could you do me a teensy weensy favor and blister these two bottoms you got here? They've made such a frightful mess, and they broke so very many of our friends. I know, I know you're a gentle, peaceful soul. But sometimes, you just gotta get a little mean, you know? That's what my daddy says anyway," said Princess.

"Clearly 'daddy' wasn't mean enough," muttered Tempestas.

Cold claws dug into the spandex covering Scarlet Moon's bottom. There was a great ripping, and Scarlet Moon gasped as his bare flesh bounced into the dry mall air, fully exposed for all the world to see.

"Ooh, no underwear. Naughty, naughty!" said Princess.

Tempestas squealed. Presumably, the bear had yanked down Tempestas' pants.

"Ooh, it's even paler in person. No wonder you wear so much white," said Princess.

"Let me go you little lunatic," said Tempestas.

"Tsk tsk, and so rude. Giving you a compliment and you go off and insult me. Mom's right, America really is full of ungrateful gits."

The bear's paw struck Scarlet Moon's bare bottom. The cool clay flattened both his round cheeks. A hot sting bloomed across his jumping buttocks. His legs kicked, and his hips wiggled.



A silky palm struck Adrian's sitspot, the skintight leather encasing it providing minimal protection. Adrian squeaked and squirmed, earning him another stinging slap.



"Yeah, I did. The stupidest thing I ever heard in my life," said Juliana.

Natalie grabbed her hair. "How much damage do we need to do before you'll get it through your thick head--"

Juliana slapped Adrian's desk hard enough to make Natalie jump. "None of that has been our fault. None of it! Adrian didn't kidnap Alexandra, or try to rob the Silver Spoon. Adrian didn't attack his own parents or try to turn the mall into Toyland. Adrian stopped them. We stopped all of them! Generica would have been carved into warring fiefdoms by now if it wasn't for us!"

"And none of that damage was caused by a stray scarlet beam, or a chair flung by hurricane force winds, or an explosion from an out of control forcefield?" Natalie shook. Tears formed in her eyes. "Dad is forming a special task force to hunt us Juliana. To hunt me! Do you know what it'll do to him when he catches us? When he finds out who we are?"

Juliana scoffed. "Stop being stupid."



Scarlet Moon returned home and crawled into his room. He changed into some regular clothing and collapsed onto his bed.



"Let's just stick with pulverized," said Anklyana.

A rumbling groan shook the mall. A burst of adrenaline raced through Scarlet Moon's limbs.

"Come on guys, we're not done yet." Tempestas ran out into the shattered remnants of the underground game center. "We've got to get people out."

"I don't know that I can keep this up," said Anklyana. "I'm so tired."

"Stop underestimating yourself," said Generalissima.

"Stop overestimating me."

"Girl, get your butt up and go save lives before I come down there and paddle you."

Anklyana groaned and hoisted herself onto her feet.




"Well you're doing a terrible job of it," said Vanessa. He put a finger in Scarlet Moon's face. "You know, I thought you were a hero. Turns out you're just an incompetent, clumsy, dimwitted floozy."

"That's enough." Bernice put a hand on Vanessa's shoulder. "I know you're scared. And for damned good reason. But without Scarlet Moon, we'd both be worshipping that lunatic upstairs."

"Whatever." Vanessa pulled away from the cop. "Can we go? I want to go home."

"Yes. Let's." Scarlet Moon started walking.

"Don't listen to her," said Juliana. "Chastain's right, she's just scared, and taking it out on you."



David's large hand gently closed over the back of Adrian's head. He guided his eyes to a sign a few feet away.

Spotter required AT ALL TIMES when using free weights.

"If you'd like, I can take you up to the front desk and let them deal with you. They seem to favor a thick leather belt." David released his hold on Adrian's head.



Leopard pivoted. "Well, well, if it isn't Scarlet Moon."

Scarlet Moon stood on the stage, one hand gripping his chord. He fired a beam that lanced over Leopard's shoulder.

"You missed," said Leopard.






Adrian yelped as a small corner of the paddle bit into the top of Adrian's thigh.

Juliana shifted his grip on Adrian's hair. She cocked her hips and leaned over a bit. The paddle flashed between right and left cheek, making both bobbling and bobbling with each smack. The pop of leather to bare flesh rolled over Adrian's ears, even as a piercing burn rolled over his all-but-naked, still very tender bottom. Each stroke sent a wave of hot pain crashing across Adrian's curved bottom.

Adrian gripped his biceps and closed his eyes. His toes pivoted back and forth across the asphalt, occasionally kicking a little. His bottom bobbed as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

"Alright, that's enough." Juliana pulled Adrian off the hood and guided him back into the car, not even bothering to pull Adrian's jeans back up. Adrian whimpered as his bare, raw skin pressed against the seat cushion. "Watch your fingers."

Juliana closed the door. She slipped in and started the car. "Your jeans are to stay where they are until we get back to campus."

"Next time, stick to the plan. Unless it falls apart or something."




"Come along dear, you're getting it too." Mom took Adrian by the ear and pulled him out after Juliana and Mama.



"Isn't it obvious? I'm hunting a dangerous creature, who won't hesitate to kidnap beautiful young woman for nefarious reasons," said Leopard. "Now if you insist on shoving your nose in my business, the least you could do is stop slowing me down, and start helping me."



When the first girl reached her, Juliana planted her hands on the girl's shoulders and frontflipped over her, driving her into the matt. She ducked under another girl's grasping fingers and swept her legs out from under her. She spun around the third and landed a sharp slap to her shapely bottom, before bopping the back of her knee with just enough force to make her buckle.

She grabbed the wrists of the fourth girl, and flipped her over her shoulder. The girl gasped as her back slammed into the matt. Juliana grabbed her sports bra and yanked it off, eliciting a squeal as pert little tits bounced free. The first girl dove for Juliana's legs. Juliana hopped over her fingers and landed knees first on the girl's butt. The girl yelped.

Juliana grabbed the girl's wrists and tied them together with her shoe lace. She rolled under the grasping fingers of the braless girl.

A flick of her wrist brought the other shoelace free. She grabbed the braless girl's ankle with her other hand. She yanked the girl's foot out from under her and rolled through the third girl's legs, sending her facefirst into the braless girl's butt.

She grabbed the fourth girl's hair and pivoted around behind her. The girl arched her back and reached for Juliana's wrist. Juliana snatched the wrist and tied the girl's hair and wrist together. She grabbed the girl's shorts and panties and yanked them down to her ankles. She yanked back. As the girl faceplanted, Juliana used the momentum to pull the shorts and panties completely off.

"How the hell is she winning?" cried Jezebel. "She's just one girl."

The braless girl charged Juliana while the third girl untied the first girl's wrists. Juliana punched the girl in the boob. The girl yelped and grabbed her breast. Juliana shoulder checked her to the ground, grabbed her shorts, and yanked them and her panties clean off.

"You're done," said Juliana.








Oh noes, you've been defeated!


"Au contraire," said Succubus, snapping a whip out from underneath her cape. She grinned venomously. "The fun has just begun."



Juliana smirked. "Oh really? No explanation? No excuse? He's gonna be so mad."

Scarlet Moon grimaced. "Yeah, not really looking forward to that."

"So, you think he's gonna use his hand, or belt?" Juliana's eyes sparkled. "Is he going to be more relieved you're ok, or angry you just ran off like that and worried him?"



"Corporal..." Tempestas groaned and massaged her forehead. "If you ever say that again, I'm going to beat your ass until it matches your outfit."

"You know, you're not a lot of fun."

"Yo mama's not a lot of fun."

"Uh-uh. You want your mom jokes, I get to keep my puns."

Tempestas' eyes narrowed. "Fine."

"See? Compromise. It's what being a partner's all about!"



Adrian and Juliana returned home. Adrian went to his room and collapsed onto his bed, planning to lie there for five minutes, before starting some homework.

Three minutes later, he was asleep.



"What? Don't you have anything to say?" asked Vanessa.

"Let's keep moving." Scarlet Moon whirled away.

"Don't let her get to you," said Juliana. "She's just scared."



Legostopheles lashed at everything nearby, Sir Stuffins, Tempestas, Scarlet Moon, everything.

Scarlet Moon zipped to the far side of the room. A tentacle smashed through a pillar. Tempestas got flung through a wall. Giraffalot reared and charged Legostopheles.

"Ok, so if I had to guess, I'd say Princess' minions are attuned to her wavelength," said Generalissima. "So they're still absorbing energy from the crystal, except Princess isn't fully controlling them anymore."

"So they're gonna what, explode?"

Sir Stuffins' pool noodle slammed into Legostopheles. Legostopheles detonated. Sir Stuffins and Giraffalot flew backwards and slammed into Mr. Cuddles. Both had great gashes, except instead of stuffing, crimson light poured out of them. Legostopheles was nowhere to be found.

"Yeah," said Generalissima.

Tempestas staggered out, holding her head. "Did Legostopheles--"

"Without Princess keeping them under control, they've all turned into walking bombs," said Scarlet Moon.

"To be fair, it was probably gonna happen anyway. Princess was just delaying it," said Generalissima.

The mall above groaned. Ceiling plaster started to fall.

"Shit, shit shit." Tempestas leapt into the air. "You find some way to contain them, or get rid of them, or something. I'm gonna get people out of here."



Natalie inched the pillow down until just her eyes looked over the edge.

Juliana struck Natalie's left buttock, sending it in to a bouncing fit. "Did I say lower, or remove?"

Natalie whimpered and lowered the pillow all the way. Her face burned bright red.

Juliana glared down at the girl.

Natalie looked away. She gnawed on her lower lip. "But, Dad's dumplings are so good."

Juliana reached into her purse and pulled out a thick wooden hairbrush.



"You're not bad Moon." Leopard leapt into the air, twisting and slamming Scarlet Moon against the ceiling. "For a dumb kid in a Halloween costume."

Scarlet Moon lashed twin chords to the table and zipped them both into it. The table snapped in two and they slammed into the floor, tile spraying everywhere.



"Hey." Generalissima kicked and her broad hips wiggled around on Adrian's lap.

Adrian pushed up Generalissima's skirt and tugged her leggings down to where thighs met bum. Her thick caramel cheeks bobbed into view, left fully exposed by a dark green thong.

"What are you doing? Let me go."

Scarlet Moon struck Generalissima's left globe with the flat of his palm. The thick cheek caved and bounced back beneath the blow. The sharp crack of bare hand against bare bottom echoed through the forest.

"Oww. Seriously, what are you doing?"




Scarlet Moon swung towards Silver Tower. "So, any thoughts on a plan?"

"Erm, burst in and punch everyone?" asked Juliana.

"That's the best you got? I thought you were supposed to be the brains of this outfit!"

"I don't know. Look, I'm an engineer, not a general."

Scarlet Moon sighed and landed on the roof of a building across the street from Silver Tower. He narrowed his eyes. "I can see some figures in what's probably Silver's office. But I can't quite-"

Scarlet Moon's eyepatches whirred. "Hey!"

"Looks like Silver, a bunch of people in their mid to late twenties, Vanessa, Ms. Rossi and a barely dressed tart with a riding crop. Also about six serious looking guards. Time to make your big entrance."



"When I get out of this, I'm turning your moon red as your costume," snarled Succubus.

"Pretty sure you won't." Scarlet Moon struck Succubus' rapidly reddening right cheek, with his paddle, making the soft, fleshy orb bounce. He followed up with a stroke to the left cheek, making that soft orb bounce too.

Succubus' legs kicked, and her right heel flew off and bounced off Scarlet Moon's face.



Scarlet Moon ripped the door off a nearby office.

"What are you doing?" asked Bernice.

Scarlet Moon grabbed Vanessa and Bernice and shoved them through. "Find someplace to hide!"

He charged the guards.




"No!" The hoodlum reached back to shield her bum. "When Buzzsaw finds out-"

"Fine." Adrian wrapped his arm around the hoodlum's waist, and bodily dragged her a few inches from the wall. He pushed down on the hoodlum's back with his elbow, and forced the struggling thug to bend over Adrian's hip. A small voice in Adrian's head marveled at the ease with which he manhandled the hoodlum. Especially considering the two were about the same size.


Adrian unleashed a flurry of furious smacks to the hoodlum's upthrust bottom, making the hoodlum swear, kick and flail. She rocked her hips in pain.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" wailed the hoodlum, clutching Adrian's calf in an iron grip. "Please, stop, I'll do anything just sto-op!"

"Pathetic," muttered the other hoodlum.

"You shut up!" snarled Adrian's victim. "This bastard's got a hand of fucking steel."



Scarlet Moon leapt up into a tree and plopped down on a branch.

"What's up?" Generalissima leaned against the trunk beneath Scarlet Moon and held up a hand.

Scarlet Moon lowered a cord, and pulled Generalissima up into the tree next to him. "School."

Scarlet Moon told Generalissima what happened.

Generalissima winced. "Sorry to hear that."

Scarlet Moon leaned against the trunk. "Mom'll hit the roof if I don't get my grades up. Scholarship might be in danger too, and there's no way I can afford Nezerwallup without it. And the worst is, I should be talking to Natalie right now, see if she'll help. But instead I'm out here playing superhero."

"You just needed to calm down some." Generalissima rubbed Scarlet Moon's shoulder. "Get the stress out. Life's been crazy lately."

Scarlet Moon laughed bitterly. "Can say that again."

"You know, if you don't want to talk to Natalie, I could probably help."

Scarlet Moon shook his head. "You suck at explaining things."

"That's probably true." Generalissima tapped her lip. "I could probably rig up some sort of super tiny communication doohicky, and I could help you take your tests."



"I don't think so." Scarlet Moon turned and leapt out the window. He rolled across the grass and bolted into the trees.

"So, yeah," said Juliana. "That was a disaster."

Scarlet Moon grunted.



Adrian grinned and wrapped his fingers around the bar. He started lifting the bar off its hooks. Alright, time to-

Oh dear, this thing was heavy. Adrian let out a breath. He took a moment to steady himself. He sucked in a breath and lowered the bar to his chest. When it was just shy of touching, he let out the breath and pushed up.

His arms wobbled, and the bar inched up. It got about halfway up, and his arms started to cave.

Oh shit.

He struggled for a second. The bar wavered. He was just about to tap into his powers when large hands closed over the bar and pulled it back up and onto the hooks. David looked over the bar at him. His expression made the bottom drop out of his stomach.

"Why didn't you find a spotter?" he asked.



Juliana's eyes sparkled. "Whatever do you mean?"

Adrian rolled his eyes. "Act one: Convince Adrian to be your sacrifical lamb. Act two: Set up some stupidly elaborate prank while said lamb gets his bum toasted. Act three: Get caught, and act all sorry while the lamb gets his bum toasted again, and harder than last time."

"Pffsh. Don't be silly. We won't get caught this time."



David pulled out a small, stiff leather paddle about the size of a pingpong paddle. "Please come to the front of the class."

The other students' eyes bore into Adrian. Some smirked. A few looked relieved. Some looked anxious. A few didn't seem to care at all.




Silence. Juliana's smile wavered.

"What were you watching?" asked Adrian at last. "You know, on the news."

"Nothing worth--"

"Show me!"

Juliana frowned. She turned back to the computer and reopened the program she was watching when Adrian came in. "Good thing I record this stuff..."

"And we have with us now economist Mark Gregs," said a blonde TV anchor. "For those of you just tuning in, Scarlet Moon, Tempestas, and a new costumed individual, Anklyana, confronted a new supervillain calling herself Princess. This is the fallout..."

The video cut to the ruined front of the mall.



He gathered power into his feet, and took off after the Whistler.

The Whistler glanced back over her shoulder, and yelped. She skidded to a halt, grabbed a nearby branch, and whipped around, swinging it at Scarlet Moon's head.

Scarlet Moon ducked the swing. He grabbed the branch and yanked it out of the Whistler's hand. He grabbed the Whistler's arm, sat down on a conveniently placed tree stump, and turned the Whistler over his knee.

"No. Let go of me," cried the Whistler, kicking and squirming.

"Tell me where Buzzsaw is." Scarlet Moon landed a stinging swat to the woman's exposed right sitspot.

"Go fuck a monkey." The Whistler kicked and bucked against Scarlet Moon's thighs.



"Well, come on." Sam eased Adrian off the hood of the car, and fixed Adrian's clothing. Adrian whimpered as his jeans touched his swollen bottom.

Sam helped Adrian hobble back towards the dorm. Once inside, Sam gave Adrian's bottom a gentle rub. "I'm sorry I had to do that. But it's for your own good. I can't have you lying to me. It's my responsibility to protect and advise you, and I can't do that if you lie to me."

Adrian miserably rubbed his burning bottom.

"Now, why don't you go take a shower, maybe lotion your bottom so that it doesn't get too dry, and then go to bed. I need to give Juliana her spanking," said Sam, giving Adrian a slight push towards the student's room.



Tempestas put her hand to her ear. She grimaced. "I hate to ditch you guys, but erm, I got something I need to take care of. Think you can get the hostage back to where she was kidnapped?"

"Hmm? Yeah, sure," said Scarlet Moon.

"Great." Tempestas leapt away, a gust of wind sending her flying off into the night.



David's belt snapped across Adrian's naked, reddened buttocks. The leather bit deeply into Adrian's upthrust bottom, igniting the many welts left by Leopard, and adding some new ones besides.

Adrian yelped and kicked his feet. His hips bucked against the couch, and his hands closed into fists.

The belt splatted across his bottom a second time, right across his sitspots. He squealed as his bottom lit up. His heels drummed and he pounded his fists against the back of the couch. David lashed his bottom four more times in rapid succession, forcing howls of pain from his throat, driving his hips into a squirming frenzy and ending his fists into a frenzied pounding against the back of the couch.

The harsh slap of leather across bare skin, louder than any before it, assaulted Adrian's ears. Juliana grunted, and swayed forward slightly with the force of the stroke. Snaps and slaps assaulted Adrian's ears, a rapid volley of hard and fast strokes raining down on Juliana's bottom. Juliana's torso jerked forward with each stroke, her breasts bouncing wildly with the motion, her long hair whipping back and forth. Her eyes squeezed shut, and her grunts turned into pants, her pants into yelps, her yelps into wails. Her fingers clawed at the back of the couch.

Adrian snagged Juliana's hand and gave it a squeeze. Juliana briefly glared at Adrian, before squeezing back.

There was a pause.

"No fair," said Juliana with a shaking voice. "You hit me way harder than you did him."

"Your bottom was pristine. His was almost bruising," said David.



"What was that?" asked Marie.

"Nothing." Scarlet Moon looked over his shoulder at Bernice. "Sorry, Bernice, but she's right. I'm looking for your siblings, Pauline and Leonard. I think they're Prometheus and Poseidon. And what's worse, they've fallen in with a really bad crowd."



"If you'd prefer I could tell Mom I saw Juliana here sneaking you into Silver Tower," said Alexandra. "Save me a lot of face, and Juliana can still kiss her internship and her scholarship good-bye."

"Or what, you get to spank us, and then hang it over our heads forever? Make us clean your room and kiss your feet?" asked Adrian.

"Tempting," said Alexandra. "But no. I don't do that kinda shit. Too much damn work. And hell, Mom'd probably let Juliana stay if she confessed. After Clemency blistered her bottom anyway. So yeah, blackmail wouldn't exactly work."

"Just do what she says," said Juliana. "The sooner we get this over with, the better."



Adrian pushed the send button and slipped his phone back into his pocket.

Melissa Carmine was beautiful. She had silky raven hair pulled up into a french braid, the tail pulled over one shoulder. Her dark eyes, framed by a touch of makeup, smoldered. Her ruby red lips formed a dazzling smile, exposing brilliant white teeth. Her skin had just a touch of color to it, not so much that she seemed to spend all day in a tanning booth, but not so little that she seemed to spend all day in front of a computer either. Small, sparkling white earrings dangled from her ears.

She wore a low-cut, square-necked white blouse that showed off the top of some very ample cleavage, a black pencil skirt that emphasized the generous curve of her hips, and shiny black pumps.

"I suffer from daily migraines," said Adrian. "Dozens of pills and thousands of dollars later I got squat and the doctors are laughing all the way to the bank."

Melissa walked to a cooler behind the desk, her hips swaying with every step. "Say no more, and feel no shame. I too was once trapped in the web of Big Pharma and their medicinal minions. Then, I discovered Megawater!"

Melissa opened the cooler and pulled out a water bottle. She held it up for Adrian to see. "Behold, Megawater!"

"Looks like a regular water bottle to me, except with bold red 'Megawater' painted across it," said Adrian.

"Trust me, the magic's in the water, not the bottle." Melissa swayed to the counter and passed the bottle to Adrian. "Go ahead and have a drink. I guarantee it'll change your life."



"Boy when have I ever not made you look good?"

"Well, there was that time we tried to drop a bag of flaming poop on Principal Rider's doorstep, and you left me holding the bag."

"I meant literally. With clothing and stuff. Besides, you were the one who decided to trip over his stair and start swearing like a sailor."

"You coulda stuck around."

"Are you kidding? Have you seen the belts that guy wears?"


"Er, yes, well, I suppose you have. But that was like forever ago. Water under the bridge."

"It was six months ago."

"Like, forever ago."

Adrian rolled his eyes, and shouldered the bag.



After several minutes of vigorous spanking that left Juliana sobbing and red-bottomed, the man released his hold on her. Juliana jumped up and rubbed her sore plump ass, while the man walked over to the closest low-hanging branch and broke off a large switch a good half-inch in diameter and two feet long.

"You should get what your friend got," He flicked the switch in Alexandra's direction. "But I don't have all day. So we'll have to improvise. Bend back over and spread those legs."

Juliana bent back over the stump and spread her legs wide.

"You won't be dressing in a bikini anytime soon without showing off these stripes." The switch swished, and the whippy wood bit into her bare thighs. Juliana howled.

The man landed several strokes to the inside of each thigh. Juliana's hands dug into the stump, her knuckles whitening. After at least a dozen strokes, the man straightened and wiped a hand across his sweaty brow. "Let's finish this up, then."



"I've been kicking your ass all day, and you're still acting tough?" Leopard smirked. "You're not very bright, are you?"

Scarlet Moon fired a beam at Leopard, lashed a chord to Leopard's chest and zipped fist first into her. Leopard grabbed Scarlet Moon's arm and twisted, forcing Scarlet Moon up on his tiptoes. She karate chopped Scarlet Moon in the throat, rammed her knee into the back of Scarlet Moon's thigh, and headbutted Scarlet Moon in the nose.

Scarlet Moon fell to his knees, gasping and choking. A foot cracked under his chin, sending him sprawling. Even through his shield, a shock of pain drove a spike of nausea into Scarlet Moon's gut.

Tempestas rocketed back onto the roof. Her goggles flashed. She punched Leopard in the gut, grabbed the huntress' hair and brought her nose down onto her knee. She wrapped Leopard in a headlock and hammered on the woman's face.

Leopard grabbed Tempestas' leg and wrenched. Tempestas cried out, and buckled. Leopard spun out of Tempestas' grip and kicked Tempestas across the face. She punched Tempestas in the gut, grabbed Tempestas' cape, spun around and threw Tempestas on top of Scarlet Moon.

Tempestas groaned and rolled off of Scarlet Moon. "Woman's unreal. Faster than me, stronger than you."

"This is boring," said Leopard. She wiped a trickle of blood from her nose, pulled out her blowgun, and pointed it at Vanessa. "Let's make things interesting."

Heels clattered across the roof, and Anklyana leapt in front of Vanessa. Her hands closed into fists, and a green light emanated from her body. She glared at Leopard, her eyes flaring with green light. "I won't let you torment this girl for one. Second. More."

"Would you look at that, it's bomb-girl. Even better." Leopard fired the dart.



Vanessa's face briefly contorted with confusion. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed a small "o." She scrambled off the pair, who quickly untangled themselves.

The police officer wore a standard police uniform and hat that seemed specially tailored to make her as intimidating as possible. The freckles speckling her nose and cheeks only slightly detracted from the aura of intimidation. A hint of blonde hair peeked out from underneath her cap.

"She started it!" Leggy pointed a finger at Vanessa.

"Me?" Vanessa jabbed her finger at Leggy. "You slapped me!"

"Alright kids--"

"Because you called Ms. Carmine a charlatan-"

"She is!"

"If you would both calm down--"

"And then you tackled me! I could have cracked my skull open!"

"Please. Your skull is far too thick--"

The police officer grabbed Vanessa and began swatting her bubble butt. Vanessa yelped and danced in place, her bottom bouncing very visibly beneath her tight jeans.



The group entered a dusty, long-abandoned indoor playground, and found themselves standing in front of a pulsing crystal with a computer terminal attached.

"My very own invention," purred Princess. She ran a hand over the keyboard. "Sucks ambient energy out of the air and shifts it to my wavelength. I get more power, everyone else gets less. And Silver tried to take it from me!"

Princess stomped a foot. Mr. Cuddles rumbled angrily. "That big meanie face! The invention of the century, a revolution in energy production and she tried to take it! Built on company time she said. You work for me she said! Bah! She just wanted to hoard all the profits for herself. Tighten her grip on this stupid, festering scar of a city. Shoulda just let me have it. Because now, she won't have anything. Not money, not a city. Not even her dignity."

"Janet..." said Keiko.

"Hush." Princess pivoted. "Somebody's here."

Princess raced out into the main room. Scarlet Moon eyed the crystal, so Mr. Cuddles picked his up and carried his out into the main room, smacking his bottom as he went.

Goddamn bear.

"Release them, foul villain!" said Tempestas.

"Ooh, two new dollies," said Princess. "Best. Christmas. Ever."

Scarlet Moon blinked and craned his neck, but couldn't see anything.



"Sure I know. Not so sure you know."

Adrian shrugged.

David sighed. "You weren't paying attention at all were you?"

Adrian bit his lip and shrank farther into his chair.



Unfortunately, Adrian apparently didn't put enough energy into the jolt, because if Curvy felt anything, she didn't show it. Using her grip on Adrian's hair as a lever, Curvy forced Adrian to bend over. Curvy kicked Adrian's foot, driving Adrian to one knee. The woman's strong thighs locked around Adrian's neck. Adrian regained his feet, but his face remained inches from the ground, shoving his round butt up into the air. He tried to straighten and knock the woman on her back, but Curvy was too heavy. Adrian would have to use more power than he dared to break free.



"Why don't you just give up?" asked Princess. "With your friend hiding under the bubble, you're outnumbered 4 to one."

"Kinda like yo momma last night!" A great whirlwind swirled through the basement. Tempestas dropped through the hole. She landed on top of Legostopheles and flung a gust of wind at Princess, nearly knocking her off her bear. Tempestas leaped away from Legostopheles' grasping tentacles and landed next to Scarlet Moon. Her cape snapped behind her, and a faint red glow emanated from her goggles.

Princess shrugged. "And here I was hoping you'd learned something under my tutelage."

"Oh I learned something alright." Tempestas voice was low. Rough. Dangerous. With every word her goggles glowed brightly. The winds whirling through the play area got faster. "I learned just how brutally I'm going to kick your scrawny little ass."



Adrian bit her lip as she pulled out the thong bikini. She blushed as she considered her butt exploding out into empty air, the flimsy triangle in the back utterly incapable of containing it.




Two sharp swats stung Adrian's bottom, even through the material of his jeans and boxer briefs.

"Careful, boy or I'll bend you over and toast your bottom. Right here. Right now," said David.

"You wouldn't dare!" said Adrian with a giggle.

David wrapped an arm around the small of Adrian's back. He started to push Adrian over, swatting his bottom.

"OK! OK!" squeaked Adrian, squirming and flailing his arms. "I'll be careful, I'll be careful!"

David released Adrian and let him stand. Adrian bounced away and rubbed his bottom. He pouted at David.



Juliana checked his watch. "You don't start work until 5. It's not even 4."

"It'll take an hour to get there. Buses ain't fast," said Vanessa. "And we really don't want to be late."

"Aw heck, I'll give you both a ride. Where's the place?"

Vanessa blinked. "Oh, right. You have a car. Umm, here let me see your phone."

"Yeah, I'll get you there in fifteen to twenty minutes. So we'll leave at 4:20, just to be safe," said Juliana.

"This is a thing I am comfortable with," said Vanessa. She sat down and grabbed her book off the side table.

Juliana grabbed Adrian's hand. "Come on. I want to show you something."

The two entered Juliana's room. Juliana sat down at her desk, an eager grin on her face. "Now, watch my baby do its magic."



The lilacs made his head spin. The soft warmth of the woman's breasts against his spandex-clad skin filled his mind with fog.

The fingers holding Scarlet Moon's shoulders pushed and pulled, turning his around to face the desk he'd just slid across.

A gentle push pressed Scarlet Moon's thighs against the desk. One hand shifted to the center of his shoulder blades and eased Scarlet Moon over the desk. Scarlet Moon's legs locked. The desk was below waist-height, forcing Scarlet Moon to push his bottom up and out as his chest pressed against the flat surface. He turned his head sideways, his cheek pressing against the cool faux wood. His tightly-clad cheeks clenched and unclenched, rippling in the shadowy moonlight. The hand slid ever so lightly up Scarlet Moon's neck. Long fingers wrapped themselves in his french braid. She tugged firmly, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to dissuade resistance. Scarlet Moon gasped as his head was lifted off the table. His back arched, further pushing his bottom into the air.

"A tiny kitten, hissing when you reach for him, purring when you pick him up." The voice started over Scarlet Moon's bottom, and slid lower with each syllable, ending next to his ear. Hips pressed against Scarlet Moon's upthrust bottom, and a warm, pillowy chest slid across his back.

The woman's breasts pulled away, leaving Scarlet Moon's skin tingling with memory of their soft warmth. A leather-clad palm rubbed Scarlet Moon's right cheek, sending little sparks dancing across Scarlet Moon's skin, even through the spandex. "A kitten in desperate need of training."




"By blowing out their eardrums?"


"Well that's what you're going to do. Do you have any idea how complicated that room is? How sensitive? How powerful? Do you have any idea how narrow a range of sounds the human ear can safely handle?"

"Here let me talk to her," said Juliana. "Just tap your right ear three times."

"Here, look I've got a friend who wants to talk to you." Scarlet Moon tapped his right ear three times. Something came loose in his mask. A little bit of fishing, and he brought out an earpiece.

"Fine." Dr. Parks took the earpiece. "But only because Phillipa insisted we help you."

For the next ten minutes, Parks alternated between spouting technobabble and listened with a deep frown. The frown gradually faded, and Parks' tone moderated a little with each question.

She handed back the headset. "Ok fine. I don't think the pop idea is going to work. I need to think about it. In the meantime, get down to the sonic laboratory and lure Succubus down there. I won't let you send anything over the PA. To dangerous."




Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the ceiling and zipped into the air. He swung towards the giant bear, ducking and flipping over whirling drones.

Princess smiled and clapped her hands together. "Ooh, aren't we ballsy? Mr. Cuddles, do me a favor and give Scarlet Moon a good spanking, would you?"

The bear's paw lashed out, way faster than anything that size had a right to.




Adrian wrapped a chord around Curvy's ankle and tugged.




"Could she have found it?" murmured Juliana. "No, she couldn't have."

"What's wrong?" asked Adrian.

"I'm getting a connection not found-oh, I see! Stupid me. The command had a typo." Juliana laughed. "Had myself worried for a minute there."

Juliana tapped at her keyboard for a moment. White text whipped across the dark screen. Juliana threw her hands up and crowed. "I'm in baby! And she's even using Ubuntu, so I won't have to struggle through the Windows command line. God, that thing's garbage."

Juliana glanced back at Adrian. "You look great by the way."



"Great. Because, you'll probably have to save her again sometime, and she'd make for an obnoxious damsel in distress." Clemency finished up the eggs and drink the entirety of Generalissima's orange juice in one gulp. She clapped her hands. "Alright, let's do the thing. Ms. Silver's gonna get impatient if this takes much longer."

Scarlet Moon followed Clemency back into the main hall. He spied a dozen faces peeking through doors at the spectacle in the middle of the room.

And what a spectacle. Generalissima stood bent over the back of the chair, with her hands on the seat. Her thick thighs pressed tightly together. Her skirt lay on the ground next to her. Her straight knees and high heels made her callipygian butt the highest point on her body. Her rotund buttocks were framed by a black garter, and left effectively bare by a tiny cameo thong.

Generalissima looked over her shoulder. "Finally. What kept you?"

"Breakfast should never be rushed. Now stand up."

Generalissima stood, and Clemency slid into the seat and patted her knee.

"Wait a minute, if I'm going over your lap, why'd you make me come in here and bend over the chair?"

"You were getting on my nerves. Figured this would keep you busy, and I could eat in peace. Now, quit stalling and get over my lap."

"You accuse me of stalling--"

Clemency grabbed Generalissima around the waist and yanked her over her knees. She slid one arm under Generalissima's long legs and shifted the superheroine across her lap until her ample bottom was situated over Clemency's right thigh. She hooked her left leg over Generalissima's bare thighs.



A knock at the door.

"I'm not dressed!" said Adrian. Just one more class. Gah! Why was this syllabus so wordy?

"You're lying," said Juliana in a singsong voice.


"You have to the count of three to open the door," said David. "Or you're getting my belt in the common room."

"Ooh." Adrian hopped from foot to foot.


There it was! Adrian hastily scribbled the books down. Gah! This class wanted like six books.


"Ooh." Adrian threw the pen down and dashed for the door.


Adrian yanked it open.

David loomed in the doorway.

"I have the list," said Adrian with an innocent smile, holding up a piece of paper.

David raised an eyebrow.



"Oww! Miss, stop! Oww!" yelped the girl, scissor-kicking as Alexandra's hand battered her twitching cheeks. "You can't do this!"

"Oh, yes I can," said Alexandra, landing a trio of sharp smacks to the crease where cheek met thigh, making the girl squeal. "I am Alexandra Silver!"

"I-I mean-oww!-it's against beach-oww!-rules," said the girl, squirming madly in an attempt to escape Alexandra's apparently iron grip. "You have to-oww!-file complaints with-"

"Excuse me?" Alexandra unleashed a flurry of rapid-fire smacks to the middle of the girl's right cheek, making it bounce and wiggle despite its obvious fitness. "I am Alexandra Silver! Your management's boss would be a druggie on the street if it weren't for my mother."

Adrian glanced at Juliana. Juliana shrugged, and smiled sheepishly.

"This is ridiculous," said Vanessa with a growl. "Alexandra-"

A tall, pale woman with broad shoulders and hips rushed onto the scene. She kept her black hair wrapped in a bun, and wore a light blue sleeveless dress that extended to her ankles and showed off her muscular arms. "What in heaven's name is going on here?"



Juliana pulled Adrian out of the car and peppered the seat of his jeans.

Adrian hopped and shielded his bottom with his hands (catching a few whacks on his knuckles for his troubles).



The Whistler stumbled weirdly, and Scarlet Moon lost his balance. Rather than gracefully smashing the villain into the ground, jumping off of them, and landing in a heroic pose, Scarlet Moon rolled across the pavement in a heap with the villain.

He shook his head, and pushed himself onto his hands and knees.


Scarlet Moon found himself staring down a particle gun.

Scarlet Moon froze. He punched the gun to the right. The gun discharged, and a particle bolt slammed into the Whistler beneath Scarlet Moon.

"Oh, shit-" said the Whistler with the gun just as Scarlet Moon punched them in the stomach.

A rush of air burst from the Whistler's lips, and their fedora fell off to reveal bright red chinlength hair, and a cute, freckled, feminine face. Her green eyes were big and round as she hunched, and fell to her knees.



The crimson paddle flattened Anklyana's right cheek. The girl threw her head back and yowled. She rocked forward on her toes. Her cheek bobbled madly.

"Yes, yes!" Princess gleefully clapped her hands. "That's right. Just like that. But faster! Faster!"

Scarlet Moon's eyes flared.

"Keep it together," said Generalissima.



They searched the control room, and the house upstairs, but Leopard was right. There was nothing.

Generalissima came back online when they got back above ground. She blew air out through her lips when Scarlet Moon finished telling her what happened below. "Well, this was just one giant CF, wasn't it?"

"She was ready for us," said Tempestas. "One step ahead of us the whole time."

"Yes. She knew we were going to find her. Either she purposefully made herself easy to find, or she knows that we're really really good at finding people," said Generalissima. "She might even know about me, at least in broad strokes. Probably wouldn't be too hard, if she studied enough videos of you in action, and saw you talking to yourself with your hand on your ear."

"So, what now?" asked Tempestas.

"Go home. Rest," said Generalissima. "We'll get her next time. And we won't underestimate her either."



Adrian flushed with pride, and flashed a smile at Natalie, who reciprocated. Adrian practically skipped back to his desk.



Adrian's body shook with sobs.

David slid his belt back through the loops. He sat down next to Adrian's head and ran his hand through Adrian's hair. "Hush. I think that's enough, don't you?"

Adrian slid forward off the arm and snuggled into David's lap, pressing his face against David's muscular thigh.

David ran his hands through Adrian's hair. "Hush. Hush. I know, it hurt, but you seriously scared me. You could've been seriously hurt or killed. I'll do whatever I have to keep you safe, including tanning your bottom, understand?"




Scarlet Moon landed a hard paddle stroke to Succubus' right cheek.

"Say something damn you! Say something or lick my damn boot!" Succubus bucked against Scarlet Moon's shoulder, and tried to rake her long fingernails down Scarlet Moon's back. Of course, Scarlet Moon's forcefield rendered that pointless.

Scarlet Moon whapped Succubus' bottom three times with the paddle, all three times in the same spot on the right cheek.

Scarlet Moon wrapped a scarlet chord around a tipped over chair and righted it. He sat down, and swung the flailing and squawking villain over his lap.

Succubus pounded her feet against the floor, her bare cheeks bobbing and wiggling. "Let go of me!"

Scarlet Moon whapped Succubus' exposed cheeks, the large orbs rippling with every blow.




"I don't suppose you could be kind enough to give us a ride?" asked Vanessa, looking at Juliana.

Juliana crossed her arms and scowled. "No. Our dear brother just got a job in the suburbs and needed a car. So mine got commandeered."

"Technically, it was never yours--" said Adrian.

Juliana glared at Adrian. "Yes, Adrian I heard the lecture too."





"Hate to interrupt," said Juliana.

Adrian made a silent prayer of thanks for Juliana's intervention.

"But could we continue this somewhere else?" asked Juliana. She shivered. "I'm cold. I've been cold for so long I've come to the conclusion that warmth is a myth. A legend from a bygone golden age."



Mom smirked.

Mama smiled. "And I am so proud of you."

Juliana blinked. "Mama?"

"Never dreamed I'd be lucky enough to have such a noble daughter." Mama took Juliana by the ear. "But you're still getting your naked fanny swatted so hard you'll be sitting on your hands the whole ride home."

"But Mama!" wailed Juliana. "The headmaster already caned me. It hurt."

"He caned you because that little twit's father gave them a bajillion dollar donation or some other rich-guy crap." Mama pulled Juliana into the hallway. "I'm spanking you for very nearly throwing away your future."



Sam landed a full-bodied smack to Adrian's sitspot. "Enough!"

Sam yanked down Adrian's jeans, exposing Adrian's boxer briefs. The boxer briefs quickly followed.

"No! Let go of me!" screamed Adrian, squirming around and trying to bat Sam's hand away.

Sam pressed his right hand against Adrian's back and shoved him against the hood of the car. Adrian wiggled his naked hips, and stomped his feet.

Sam's hard left hand arced through the air and cracked against Adrian's left cheek, the sharp smack echoing throughout the parking lot. Adrian started to swear, but the vulgarity was cut off by a yelp as Sam's hand smashed into Adrian's right cheek. Sam unleashed a flurry of hard, fast cracks. His hips swiveled as he put every pound of muscle he had into each blow.

Adrian kicked and thrashed.



Delryn threw the young woman over her shoulder with barely more than a grunt of effort.

"Hey! Put me down!" Alexandra pounded her hands against Delryn's back, and kicked her legs frantically, nearly hitting Delryn in the face.

"I'm just doing what you asked." Delryn slowly walked to the lake, swatting Alexandra's bouncing butt with every step. She dumped the girl into the warm water. " Go ahead. Get to it!"

"This is disgusting," wailed Alexandra, scrambling to her feet, and shivering. "This isn't what I asked for!"

"You're right. You asked for this." Delryn bent Alexandra over and untied the girl's bikini bottoms. As the bottoms fell into the water, she smacked the girl's naked wet ass right there in the surf.

Alexandra squirmed and squealed. "No! Stop! Oww! I didn't ask-oww!-for this either!"

"Then start washing girl," said Delryn with a flurry of smacks to the girl's right cheek. As soon as Delryn let go, Alexandra ducked into the water, and began scrubbing at her skin, hair, and swimsuit, her face almost as red as her ass.



The spring sprang, and Leopard flew backwards. Scarlet Moon cried out as the hair gripped in Leopard's fist got ripped out by the roots.

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to Leopard and zipped her back into range. His fist lashed out and rammed into Leopard's gut. He backflipped and kicked Leopard under the chin, spinning Leopard upside down in midair. A paddle swirled in Scarlet Moon's hand and he whapped Leopard's legging-clad bottom with all his might.

Leopard flew backwards through a wall.

A pained and despairing howl rose from the floor above.

Leopard pulled herself through the hole in the wall. She smirked and looked up. "Looks like the cat noticed you'd run off with her hostage. Think you can handle her? She's vicious."













Oh noes, you've been defeated!


Juliana leaned forward and pitched her voice low. "Your eyes started to glow."

Adrian's heart skipped a beat. "I felt this weird pressure against my head. Like someone was pushing on it. Couldn't really focus."

"Like someone pressing against a locked door?" asked Juliana, her eyes flicking back to the dazed crowd. "I felt the same way, except the dazed part. Felt like a weaker version of the headache I had that night."

Adrian nodded, and glanced around. "Have you seen Vanessa?"

"I think she melded in with the crowd. Wait here." Juliana returned to the knot of people.



Poseidon growled.

Scarlet Moon backed up a few steps and whipped the paddle back. He stepped forward, pivoted his hips, and swung the paddle into Poseidon's vulnerable bottom with a two-handed swing.

A great crack bounced off the buildings. Poseidon's tight bottom flattened beneath the large paddle. A yelp erupted from his mouth, and he swung forwards.

Scarlet Moon whipped the paddle back a second time. As soon as Poseidon's bottom swung back, Scarlet Moon whapped it again, adding yet more momentum to Poseidon's swing.

"Oww!" Poseidon flailed helplessly. "You'll-oww!-pay for this!"

Poseidon swung madly forward and back. His bottom bounced and wobbled beneath the large paddle, quickly turning as red as his shorts, before turning redder still. With each swing, his shorts pushed themselves a little deeper into her crack, they stretched just a little bit more.

Finally, after barely a dozen blows there was a great tearing and at the apex of a swing, Poseidon's shorts ripped in two. Poseidon sailed through the air and plowed into the ground facefirst. He came to a rest on her knees and shoulders, his naked, deep red bottom thrust rudely into the air, his legs gaping just enough to show his secrets to everyone in sight.

Scarlet Moon smirked, and dissipated the gallows. He tapped the paddle against his palm and slowly approached Prometheus' prone form, making sure to step extra loud.



"That's enough of your cheek." The woman grabbed Scarlet Moon and spun him around. She snapped the belt across the superheroine's exposed buttocks, leaving a bright red welt across both cheeks.

"Oww!" Scarlet Moon clutched his stinging cheeks. He flared his shield. "Look lady, you can't just run around strapping random people because you don't like their outfits."

"You're in my office, you follow my rules. That's company policy."

"But I don't work here."

"Don't care. Bend over, or get out."

"Remember what I said about getting on this woman's good side?" asked Juliana.



Poseidon squirmed. He gripped the railing until his knuckles turned white. His breath came in ragged gasps.

Scarlet Moon shifted a little and unleashed a minutes-long barrage to both their right cheeks, alternating between one and the other. He caught a little bit of their sensitive inner cheeks with each stroke.

"OWW! Shit! Fuck! Motherfucking shit!" Prometheus bucked. Her head swung frantically back and forth, her long hair flying around her head.

Poseidon cried out and wiggled, his bottom bouncing and his nuts swaying. That had to be uncomfortable, just hanging there all free and whipping back and forth like a pendulum on a ship in a hurricane.

Scarlet Moon shifted a little more and did the same thing to their left cheeks.

"WAAAGH! Stop it! Stop it! I'm sorry, just stoooop!" Prometheus's scream rose so loud it nearly drowned out the pop of paddle to posterior.

"Pansy," muttered Poseidon.

Scarlet Moon shifted his attention to Poseidon, and didn't let up until he was shrieking just as loud as his partner.

"Whose the pansy now?" asked Prometheus through her sniffles.

"You screamed first," said Poseidon, anger tinging his voice.

"Your mom-OWW!"

"Owwww!" Poseidon's voice rose into a wail, then cut into a shriek when Scarlet Moon's Scarlet Paddle of Justice meted out a little more Justice on the villains' dancing posteriors.

Scarlet Moon whipped the paddle up and down, the sharp SPLATs bouncing off the curved walls and domed ceiling, mingling and mixing until it sounded like a dozen spankings, rather than just one.



"Say hello to the Great and Terrible Legostopheles!" crowed Princess.

A great clattering filled the air. The lego walls crumbled. Legos whipped through the air and swirled into a giant vortex in the middle of the mall.

"Well, this can't be good," said Tempestas.



"And give up our audience? I don't think so. I want everyone here to watch us thrash your sorry ass."



C'mon crimson glow. Do your thing. Adrian scrambled off the couch again. Sam grabbed him and threw him over the back of it. Sam grabbed the top of Adrian's jeans and forced them down to his thighs to expose his plump cheeks, now clad only in boxer briefs.

"No!" cried Adrian. "Let go of me you-oww!"

Sam cracked the bathbrush hard against Adrian's ass, the thin material of his underwear providing scant protection.

Sam grabbed the waistband of Adrian's underwear and yanked them down.

Adrian yelped. "That's not fair!"

Sam pressed his hand against the small of Adrian's back and landed three heavy smacks to Adrian's lower right cheek. Adrian yelped again, and his legs kicked a little.

"Considering how much trouble you're in, little boy, I think it's more than fair." Sam settled into a rhythm, alternating heavy smacks between cheeks.

"I'm only slighter shorter than you! Oww!"

"Shut up and take your thrashing," said Sam.



The cupboard was empty save for cobwebs and rodent droppings.

"If anybody lives here, they're not using the kitchen," said Scarlet Moon, stepping carefully to avoid the rodent droppings.

"Same with the bedrooms," said Tempestas.

"No signs of anomalous Glow readings," said Scarlet Moon.

"Definitely thinking she's downstairs somewhere," said Generalissima.

"Or she gave us the slip," said Tempestas.

"Possible, though unlikely," said Generalissima.

Scarlet Moon eased into the living room. The room was empty save for a worn, dusty couch and matching chair. The walls were bare, though faint outlines could be seen where pictures once hung. He eased out into the center of the room.

Something beneath his foot clicked.



"Then it must be something else hmm?" said Mom. She lifted the slipper. "Perhaps someone has been spending a bit too much time enjoying being out from under our slippers, and not enough time preparing himself for adulthood hmm?"






Bernice clapped her hands. "Seriously, this is great. I honestly wasn't liking our chances."



"Alright why don't you sit down-"

Adrian glared at Sam.

"It was just a suggestion," said Sam, his lips trying to twitch into a smile. "Well, make yourself comfortable-"

Adrian glared at Sam.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Fine. Stand there and pout. Juliana, it's your turn. Assume the position."

Juliana sighed and stood. She turned around, and clambered onto the sofa cushion. She bent over the back of the couch, and put her hands on the small stool sitting behind it. Her butt hung in the air, the highest point of her body. The awkward position had pushed her tiny yellow dress up, exposing nearly half of her rotund cheeks.

Sam wiggled the tight dress up and over Juliana's outthrust ass, revealing a pair of big, jiggly cheeks "clad" in a red g-string. Sam shook his head. "Juliana when are you going to learn that floss is for teeth?"

"When are you going to learn that pulling up my skirt is for spanking, not wardrobe critique?" asked Juliana.

Sam put his hand on the small of Juliana's back and whapped the back of the brush against Juliana's right cheek. Juliana hissed and wiggled her hips. Her right cheek rippled beneath the blow. "Now sounds like a good time."



Scarlet Moon slid into one of the chairs.

The woman who let him in stepped around him and took up position behind Silver.

"I hope Clemency didn't keep you waiting long," said Silver.

"Not at all," said Scarlet Moon. "I'd only just reached the mansion."

"Very good." Silver smiled. "Now what brings you so politely to my door?"

Scarlet explained what he and Juliana had discovered.

"I see," said Silver. "You're quite the detective. And here I thought you were just one of those react-and-punch-things kind of heroes."

Scarlet Moon shrugged. "Well, I'm pretty good at that too."

"Taking credit for my hard work," muttered Juliana. "I mean, I guess we shouldn't be running around exposing my existence, but you're still a jerk."

Scarlet Moon tried not to smile.

"I appreciate the warning," said Silver. "But do you really think you can beat her? If I remember correctly, the last time you two met she tanned you good."

Scarlet Moon tapped the lenses covering his eyes. "This time, I'm much better prepared."

"Indeed. Though I imagine her thralls are going to be much more competent."

"You know anyone who has a better shot?"

"No. But we need to stack the deck."



"Have you had enough?" Scarlet Moon landed a hard paddle stroke to Succubus' right cheek.

"Are you ready to lick my boot?" Succubus bucked against Scarlet Moon's shoulder, and tried to rake her long fingernails down Scarlet Moon's back. Of course, Scarlet Moon's forcefield rendered that pointless.

"I guess not." Scarlet Moon whapped Succubus' bottom three times with the paddle, all three times in the same spot on the right cheek.

Scarlet Moon wrapped a scarlet chord around a tipped over chair and righted it. He sat down, and swung the flailing and squawking villain over his lap. "Perhaps some time over my lap will change your tune."

Succubus pounded her feet against the floor, her bare cheeks bobbing and wiggling. "Let go of me!"

Scarlet Moon whapped Succubus' exposed cheeks, the large orbs rippling with every blow.




Scarlet Moon snapped the crop against Succubus' right cheek. The villain yelped and her cheek spasmed beneath the blow. Scarlet Moon whipped the crop across the fleshiest part of Succubus' left cheek.

Right, left, right, left went the crop. It whistled with every stroke. It slapped with every stroke. It elicited squeals and kicking with every stroke.

"Minions, aid your mistress. Aid her now!"

The minions jumped and charged Scarlet Moon.

The superhero lifted Succubus off his lap and flung her and the chair at her charging minions.




Adrian put his hand back on the small of the girl's back.

Juliana glanced at the spoon, removed her hands, and scooted a few inches away.

Adrian unleashed five rapid fire smacks to Keiko's right cheek, making the girl buck and kick. She didn't try to get up though, and Adrian shifted his attention to the girl's left cheek, doing the exact same thing.

Keiko squirmed and thrashed through the last five blows, her bottom spasming and bucking wildly.

"Alright, we're done," said Adrian. He returned to the closet and replaced the spoon. "And FYI, thrashing like that is a good way to earn extra strokes."

"Extra?" whimpered Keiko.

"Not from us. Bylaws forbid extending a punishment for any reason other than resistance," said Juliana. She began kneading Keiko's tender flesh, making the young man sigh. "But there are a fair amount of people out there who think you should take your spanking quickly and quietly. That includes not squirming when you get whacked."



Scarlet Moon rocketed at Princess, fist cocked.




"Well, alright." Anklyana walked up behind Scarlet Moon. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around Scarlet Moon's neck and leapt up, wrapping her muscular legs around Scarlet Moon's torso. Scarlet Moon created a small forcefield between Anklyana's arms and his neck, ensuring panicked tightening wouldn't cut off airflow."

"Ready?" asked Scarlet Moon.



Scarlet Moon waited a moment. Anklyana did nothing. "Ready?"





Mr. Cuddles' paw battered Tempestas' bottom, the abused flesh bouncing and wobbling with every heavy stroke. Her hips rolled a little, but otherwise she lay limply across Mr. Cuddles' lap, her body shaking with sobs.

Princess pursed her lips. "You know, this is kinda boring. Think I might have been a bit too rough with her earlier. Oh well. Toodle-ooo!"

The screen shut off, and the drones flew back to the mall.

"Scarlet Moon, that was an utter disaster," said the chief's voice over the PA. "Please refrain from getting involved any more. You're only making things worse."

Anklyana sighed and put her face in her hands.



Midnight's arm tightened around Scarlet Moon's shoulders. Her long legs swung into the air, like a gymnast braced against a pole. Using Scarlet Moon as an anchor, she pivoted around to face Scarlet Moon. A leg swung around, the heel striking the back of Scarlet Moon's knee, making the superhero buckle. The hand clasping the hero's shoulders slid up Scarlet Moon's neck, clenched a handful of Scarlet Moon's hair and pulled Scarlet Moon's face into large, round, exposed cleavage.

Scarlet Moon yelped. His concentration faltered. The tendrils tying his to the roof weakened. A knee slid between his legs, his head and shoulders got locked underneath an arm, and the next thing Scarlet Moon knew, Midnight knelt on the roof, with Scarlet Moon straddling one knee, his waist pressed against Midnight's, his toes braced against the roof, and his palms flat against the rough surface.

Midnight laughed. There was a faint rustling of leather. Long, warm fingers slid into the waistband of Scarlet Moon's shorts, and wiggled them down to Scarlet Moon's spread thighs. The bare fingers lightly brushing Scarlet Moon's bare bottom as they slid down, dragging tight spandex with them. Scarlet Moon gasped and squirmed, painfully conscious of his bare cock grinding agaist Midnight's large, muscular thigh.

"You've got spunk, kitten." Midnight rubbed Scarlet Moon's naked buttocks, her bare hand warm and strong against Scarlet Moon's bare skin.

"I'm not a kitten," said Scarlet Moon, squirming in Midnight's grasp, painfully conscious of his bare nethers rubbed against Midnight's strong thigh.

"Then why are you purring?" Midnight gave Scarlet Moon's left cheek a sharp slap, eliciting a gasp from the helpless, bare-bottomed hero.

Scarlet Moon's hips pumped against the woman's leg, his bare cock grinding against leather.



Though David had a stern expression, there was an amused twinkle in his eyes that suggested he was enjoying the show as much as everyone else. Adrian glanced over at Juliana to see she was bent over and clutching the pole, with Sam standing next to her, a hand on her back. She, of course, wiggled her hips and gave him "fuck me now" eyes.

David turned Adrian away from the pole and flung him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Adrian yelped and kicked his feet. His hips bucked against his shoulder, his crotch grinding and rubbing against his firm warmth. David walked off the stage, smacking Adrian's vulnerable bottom with every step.

Adrian squeaked and squirmed. The smacks weren't particularly hard, just enough to put a sting in his tail, and a tight tingle in his belly. He glanced at Juliana, who was in much the same predicament: flung over Sam's shoulder getting her callipygean rear lightly swatted. She wiggled and playfully pounded on Sam's back. Sam smacked her harder, though she didn't seem to mind.



"You stupid kid," said Napier. "Why can't you idiots leave this to the professionals?"

Anklyana's smile widened. "And what would you do against an army of toys?"

She seemed to realize who she was talking to. Her eyes widened and she started. "I mean, well. Um, sorry sir."

EMTs appeared. Someone pulled the child from Anklyana's grip and carried her to a nearby gurny. A couple of others started to slide a stretcher under Anklyana's form.

"No." Anklyana started to stand. "I'm--"

"Girl you will lie down and let these men make sure you're not injured," barked Napier. "Or I'll roll you over and whip your ass right here in front of God and everybody."

"Grab Anklyana and go," said Generalissima. "The less time she spends talking to the chief, the better."

Anklyana shrank away from the police chief. "But--"

"This whole fiasco is one of the worst--hey!"

Scarlet Moon zipped next to the pair, threw Anklyana over his shoulder and jumped away.

"Scarlet Moon!" roared the police chief, shaking his fist after the fleeing figure. "One of these days your ass will be mine! And oh, what a reckoning it will be!"



"I can't believe it's coincidence that three of us developed superpowers on the same night. I'll bet we're not the only ones," said Juliana.

"Three?" said Scarlet Moon. He released a cord, and tied another around a nearby flag pole. The pole bent alarmingly and nearly sent him flying into a wall. A rapidly placed cord against a billboard saved him from giving someone a new window.

"I've slept three hours since the business park, and I feel great. You know that physics homework I was struggling with? Understood it instantly. And the coup de grace, I somehow remembered enough of a years old high school project to turn a particle stunner into a bomb with tools scavenged from a pile of junk in like ten minutes."

"Figures you get the awesome superpower."

"Says the one literally swinging from buildings."

"Yours guarantees you good grades," said Scarlet Moon. "Mine, a superpowered punch in the face."

"Look, the point is that there's no way we were the only ones."

"Maybe the others will be friendly?"

"How many people do you know would use sudden superpowers responsibly?"



Scarlet Moon zipped past the lip of the roof, flinging himself into the air.

Anklyana shrieked at the top of her lungs and would have choked Scarlet Moon out, if it weren't for his forcefield.

Unfortunately, the shield didn't do much to protect his ears.

Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to a billboard and cut hard right. Anklyana sucked in a breath.





Alexandra rolled her eyes. "Obviously. You've never been with me. A very exclusive stretch of beach. Richest sand, cleanest and most gorgeous water for miles. Even I'd be hard pressed to get in here, but the owner owes my mom a few favors. She was one of the first people to invest in his company, you know. There was at least a quarter where her money was the only thing keeping him afloat."

"Ballsy of your mom to keep investing in him when everyone else pulled out." Vanessa pushed the door open and stepped out into the sunlight.

"My mom knows a winner when she sees one." Alexandra locked the car, and put her keys into her bag.

"Holy cow," said Keiko. "Those waitresses' bikinis are smaller than Juliana's!"

Alexandra rolled her eyes. "Only if they were naked."

"Has this sand been combed?" Vanessa stepped out onto the swept beach.

"And stripped clean of rocks, and seashells" said Alexandra. "At least until you get to the water. What's a beach without hunting for seashells and fossils?"



"You have the most delightful purr," said the woman. "I could do this all night."

The woman's fingers retreated from Scarlet Moon's rump, and her arm slid away from the hero's hips. Scarlet Moon slid onto his knees. He mewled and reached back to rub his stinging bum.

"Would that I could," said the woman.

Leather-clad hands pushed a silver collar into Scarlet Moon's shaking hands.

The woman's breath tickled Scarlet Moon's ear. Warm, soft breasts pressed against the back of Scarlet Moon's head. "Since you're just so adorable, I've got a little gift for you. You know those secret agents you hang out with? This fell off their truck. Cuts off your powers before you've lost all your mojo. Study it carefully kitten. I'd hate to see one close over your pretty little neck."

"Who are you?" murmured Scarlet Moon, staring down at the circlet.

"Midnight. Watch the shadows kitten. You never know where I'll be lurking." The warmth pulled away. Scarlet Moon twisted around. He watched the woman's pear-shaped bottom, encased in skintight leather, complete with thong seam further emphasizing her ample cheeks, roll into shadows and fade away.

The office lights flared up, making his wince. His earpiece crackled. Scarlet Moon stared down at the collar in his hands, his head reeling. He took a moment to get his breath under control, and reached for his ear piece.



"Oh for the love of," said Generalissima. "Just tell him."

"Tell who what?" asked Scarlet Moon. "Getting really tired--"

"Not you, her," said Generalissima

"You know her?" asked Scarlet Moon. "You're talking to her right now?"

"Don't say anything!" said the girl. "You promised!"

"Do you want him to thrash your ass? Your costume isn't gonna help much."

"And whose fault is that?"



Adrian now understood why Juliana was able to finish her work so quickly: there wasn't really anything to the costume. It was nothing more than a speedo thong, a cap, and a pair of boots. The spandex-based material went on easy, and he felt rather embarrassed as he looked in the mirror: the thong showed off every inch of his cheeks. A narrow purple "belt" wrapped around the thong, and short purple ankle-high boots with grippy, flat bottoms adorned his feet. A red half-mask fit over Adrian's head. It covered everything from the nose up, like Batman's except nowhere near as badass.









Melissa put her hands on her hips. "You think that makes it better? I'm a small business owner! I'm working on a shoestring budget with razor thin profit margins. I can't afford to have people spitting my merchandise all over my face."

Despite her sharp, clipped words, Melissa's voice never rose. "Now bend over the counter."

Adrian bent over the counter and arched his back, sticking his curved bottom out behind him.

Wait a minute. What was he doing? A little water to the face was the least Melissa deserved.

Melissa walked around the edge of the counter, her heels clapping angrily against the tile.




Scarlet Moon kicked Poseidon into Prometheus, sending both smashing into the bell tower.

There was a great groaning and screeching, and the bell tower fell over with a thundering crash.

Scarlet Moon winced. "Oops."

Tempestas puffed out her cheeks. "Yeah."

Prometheus slammed her fists into the dirt. "Gah! Why can't we beat him? Why?"




Adrian ran for the portapotties. Fortunately there didn't seem to be a line, and nobody seemed to be paying very close attention. Adrian slipped into one.

And gagged.

Why couldn't he have been a 1970's hero? They had phone booths.

Adrian shucked off his clothing and yanked his costume out of the secret compartment in his backpack. He threw it on, and shoved his clothing back into his backpack.

He looked down at his backpack, around the portapotty, and back down at his backpack.

He glanced at the toilet and shuddered. He shoved his backpack into a corner.

He thought about all the people who would see him burst out of the portapotty. He groaned.







Juliana leaned against her desk and sighed. "I was afraid of this. Melissa must have found it."

"Sorry," said Adrian. "It seemed like a good idea at the time..."

Juliana pulled out the little black book. "Don't worry about it. There's probably some goood stuff in here too. I'll dig through it while you're at work."



"It does really show off the assets, if you know what I mean."

Adrian smirked and shook his head. "Shouldn't you get changed or something?"

"Yes, I should. You oughta put on some makeup while I do."



Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to Legostopheles' chest and zipped at the creature. A blast of wind buffetted his back, shoving his forward. A tentacle lashed at the hero. Scarlet Moon flipped over it. A fist whipped towards the small crimson figure. He lashed a pair of chords into the creature's leg and zipped feet first into it. Legos flew in every direction.

Power surged into his legs and he sprinted up the creature's thigh. Little fists grew out of the creature's leg and torso. He flipped over some, and blasted others. A giant tentacle grew out of the creature's chest right in front of his. He lashed a chord to it and let it fling his into the air. An eye beam struck the creature in the face. A chord lashed to its neck and he smashed feet first into the creature's collarbone. He flicked a chord past the creature's right shoulder and sprinted along its left and onto its back. He snagged the other end of the chord with his other hand and pivoted. He planted his feet against the creature's back and shoved off. The chord went taut around the beast's neck. His eyes flared, and his knuckles turned white.




Succubus fell to her knees, her cape floating out behind her.

"Well, well would you look at that," said Scarlet Moon. "You're shorter than you look."

Succubus' lip curled. "Gloat while you can, I'll have the cops under my thumb before we're halfway to the station."

"Yes, that would be most unfortunate, wouldn't it?" Scarlet Moon spied a hood and handcuffs on the belt of one of the groaning security guards. He snagged both with a couple of Scarlet chords. He shoved the hood over Succubus' face, and handcuffed her hands behind her.

Succubus squirmed, and said something. It was too muffled by the hood to make out, but it sounded indignant.

"That oughta solve that little problem." Scarlet Moon put his hands on his hips.



"Now that's just rude," said Princess. "Legostopheles! Scarlet Moon flipped me off!"

Legos coated Scarlet Moon's hands with legos and pinned them against its back. A thick lego tentacle lashed Scarlet Moon's bottom diagonally from the bottom left corner of his left cheek to the top right corner of his right with a loud splat. Red-hot pain bloomed. Scarlet Moon's eyes widened, his back arched and he howled.

Princess giggled. "Next time be more polite."





Scarlet Moon tensed. He twisted and peered around his thighs at the paddles. Waiting.

The paddles arced towards his upthrust bottom.




There was the crash of shattering glass. Scarlet Moon looked up. Vanessa had leapt through the window.

"Vanessa, wait!" said Scarlet Moon.

Leopard elbowed Scarlet Moon in the face. She rolled, slamming Scarlet Moon into the ground, grabbed Scarlet Moon's arms and wrenched them apart. Leopard flipped, swinging Scarlet Moon around and slamming his into the ground a second time.

Scarlet Moon groaned, and lay for a moment, dazed.

"Ta ta!" Leopard leapt through the shattered window.

Scarlet Moon hoisted himself to his feet. He took a few staggering steps and leapt out after them. He lashed a chord to the building behind his and looked down, around, and up.

Vanessa, now covered in silver fur, raced up the wall, supernaturally strong claws digging into the concrete like a cat's claws dig into bark.

Leopard leapt after her, jumping from windowsill to windowsill.



"No," said Juliana.

Buzzsaw turned to the voice. There was a loud-pitched whine, and Buzzsaw flew over Adrian's body and rolled across the roof.

Juliana straddled Adrian. She held a police model particle stunner with both hands.

Buzzsaw grinned. "Found that lying around downstairs? Very impressive. And it would have worked. Yesterday."

Buzzsaw stood and flexed. "But not anymore! Now, I am invincible!"

"I will shoot you in the face if you take one step," said Juliana.

Buzzsaw took a step.

Juliana shot her in the face.

Buzzsaw reared back and clutched her eye. "Oh my God! My eye! Oh the agony, the suffering! It is beyond anything I could have ever imagined!"

"I warned-"

"JK." Buzzsaw lowered her hands to reveal a psychotic grin.



The two reached the bottom. Anklyana glanced around and looked at Scarlet Moon.

Scarlet Moon waited.

"Umm, you gonna transform?" asked Anklyana.



Scarlet Moon and Generalissima stood in front of the great iron gates leading onto Silver's property.

"Come on, do we have to?" asked Generalissima, clutching the seat of her skirt. "Can't you just spank me instead?"

"I could spank you too."

Generalissima whimpered.

"Oh, stop being a big baby." Scarlet Moon pushed the intercom. "It's not like you're new to getting your bum toasted."

"Yeah, but usually it happens quick. Somebody decides they don't like me, so they spank me right then and there. Not this big drawn out 24 hour delay thing."

"Oh yes, you only ever get spanked because people don't like you."

"That's not the point!"

The speaker crackled. "Welcome, Scarlet Moon. We've been expecting you."

"Hey, I'm here too," said Generalissima.

"Ah yes, the morning's entertainment. Please come in."


Scarlet Moon hurried through the opening gate, mostly to hide his smirk.

"I'll show her some entertainment," muttered Generalissima.

"Yes, yes you will," said the speaker.

"Scarlet Moon, could you blast that stupid thing?"



"Yes ma'am." A sharp pop echoed through the room. Two of the security guards jumped. They groaned, and shook their heads. The two remaining pivoted and shot them.

"Well, I guess that could have gone worse," said Scarlet Moon.

"Stupid security training," muttered Juliana.

"Very clever Moon, but it'll take more than a pop to stop me," said Succubus.

"Good thing I've got more," said Scarlet Moon, his eyes glowing.

A trio of police officers charged in, weapons leveled at Scarlet Moon.




"What's that I hear?" Succubus paused. Scarlet Moon took a deep breath, relishing a moment where Succubus was not actively adding to the sting suffusing the hero's outthrust bottom. "Is that...contrition? Is our bare-bottomed hero learning the error of his ways?"

Scarlet Moon clamped his mouth shut.

"Well?" Succubus whipped her crop across Scarlet Moon's ass. "Are you sorry yet?"


"Alas, I foresee minimal sitting in your future." The riding crop lashed Scarlet Moon's bottom a dozen times in half the time.

Scarlet Moon twitched and squirmed beneath the stinging smacks. His jaw ached, so tightly did he clench it. His fingers dug into the edge of the bar until the wood snapped.

Scarlet Moon stared down at the bits of wood in his hands.

"What was that?" asked Succubus.

Scarlet Moon unleashed a brief, blinding flare.

"Agh, my eyes!" cried Succubus.

Scarlet Moon rolled onto his back and kicked Succubus in the chest, sending the villain sprawling.



Adrian struck Natalie's right cheek, then her left, then her right again. His strokes were slower, more deliberate, and lighter. Though they still stung fiercly if Natalie's squirming and yelping were anything to go by. She tagged Natalie's thighs a few times, as much to give Natalie's molten bottom a rest as for any other reason.

Natalie sagged across Adrian's lap. Her legs twitched with each stroke, but she didn't kick madly anymore. She hiccupped and mewled everytime the brush flattened her voluptuous flesh, but she didn't wail.

Adrian's eyes flicked from the clock to Natalie's bottom, as eager for the whole thing to end as Natalie was. Perhaps even more so.

Finally, Adrian landed one final stroke to Natalie's right sitspot. He put the hairbrush down and patted Natalie's bottom.



Buzzsaw sprawled across the rooftop, her chain flying from her grip. Adrian picked up the chain and tore it to pieces.

"No," cried Buzzsaw weakly. "My chain. You broke my chain."




A few seconds of fisticuffs later, and Scarlet Moon found himself facedown over Mr. Cuddles' knee, kicking and wailing while the giant bear paddled his naked bottom.

Princess slid down Mr. Cuddles' arm and hopped onto his leg next to Scarlet Moon's tossing head. She grabbed Scarlet Moon's hair and yanked his head up. She glared down into Scarlet Moon's teary eyes. She smirked. "You lose. Mr. Cuddles, make sure he never even thinks of trying to run away again. It hurts my feelings."

Mr. Cuddles picked up the pace, his giant paw flattening both of Scarlet Moon's heart-shaped little buttocks with each stroke. Scarlet Moon howled and flailed. His legs cycled, his arms windmilled, and his hair swung out around his like a halo. Each stroke was like a bomb going off on the hero's abused, round heiny.

"Janet, stop it," said Keiko. "Scarlet Moon hasn't--"

"He's the one who wanted to play hide and go seek," said Princess. "Not my fault he's a sore loser."




"What? Why would I commit robbery? I could buy this place ten times over!" The woman's voice rose into a panicked wail. "Please, just don't hurt me, is it money you want? I'll give you whatever you want, just let me go home!"




Adrian stepped out of the bathroom, and hurried towards the door. He peeked out and saw a whole mess of cops swarming just outside. He slipped back in, and looked around. The arena was empty. He lashed a chord against the wall and slid up to the large windows that circled the top of the concessions circle. He slipped out into the dark night, and very carefully slid down the far side, away from the cops and lights. He circled around in the dark, and came into the slowly dispersing crowd.

He pulled out his phone. It was infested with calls from David. Adrian called him back.

"Oh good, you're alright," said David. "We're over on the corner of arena and cherry. Where are you?"

"Walking along arena, I'll be there shortly."

Adrian returned to the others.

"Adrian!" said Juliana. "Are you alright?"

Adrian nodded. "A bit frazzled, and exhausted, but I'm OK. You?"

"I'm good," said Juliana. "All thanks to Scarlet Moon."

"That's great. Can we go home now?" Adrian massaged his forehead. "I'm so tired."

Forty-five minutes later, Adrian stumbled into his room and collapsed on his bed.

Juliana peeked her head in. "You OK?"

Adrian grunted. He flicked his wrist at Juliana, asking her to go away.

"Alright. Sleep tight. We're gonna have a big day tomorrow." The door closed.








Oh noes, you've been defeated!


Juliana slapped her forehead. "Oye. Well, thanks to your awe-inspiring thinkmachine, I'm gonna get my bottom blistered not once tonight, but twice. And both times hard as all get out. Thanks for that."

"Maybe next time don't sneak me into a corporate fortress."

"I don't hear a bed creaking," called Alexandra. They heard the sound of another door opening and shutting.

Adrian and Juliana scrambled up onto the bed. Juliana flipped up her gown, grabbed a very worn stuffed bear on her bed and buried her face in it. Her back arched like a cat's and she pushed her dark, swollen buttocks as high as they'd go. Adrian pushed his jeans down to his knees, pushed his boxer briefs down to his thighs, grabbed Juliana's pillow and scrambled up onto the bed. He buried his face in the pillow and pushed his bare bottom up as high as he could.

The door opened and closed. There was a squeak of sneakers entering the room. A rhythmic thwack, like something thick and wooden slapping an open palm.

"Wonderful." Alexandra's voice was silky smooth, almost purring.

Adrian lifted his head and started to look over his shoulder, but long, strong fingers grabbed his french braid and pushed his face back down into the pillow.

"Uh-uh. Head down, ass up. That's how people get spanked in my world."



"I know. And until then, I got a holiday job at Bebe's Bountiful Baby Boutique. Prime location in the center of the mall. Not far from the great Christmas tree."

"Oh." Natalie threw a guilty look at Adrian.

"Yeah." Vanessa shut off the television and threw the remote on the side table. "I was going to help mom with Christmas shopping. Her finances are stretched thin without getting Christmas gifts for five kids. Guess they're getting shit for Christmas this year. And I'll probably have to take out another loan to cover my living expenses for the next couple of months. God, I hate Scarlet Moon."

"But she saved your life a couple of months ago right?" asked Natalie.

Vanessa grunted sourly. "You weren't there. A blind monkey with a dildo up its ass could've done a better job."



"Meet me on top of city hall in three hours," said Tempestas. "I've got a few angles I want to work, and we should both try to rest some."

Scarlet Moon nodded. A crowd had started to gather. Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to nearby building and zipped away.



"Oh ye of little faith," said Juliana. She rubbed her hands together. "Just need to get the lay of the land."



"No?" Juliana widened her eyes innocently. "But don't you want to safeguard the city from superpowered charlatans?"

Adrian grimaced. "Don't give me that look. Every time I 'distract' somebody it ends with a strap kissing my bum."

"Which is a great distraction," said Juliana. "Really, you're a natural."

Adrian scowled.

"Pleeease?" said Juliana.

Adrian crossed his arms over his chest.

"Look, we need evidence that this chick is an evil mind-manipulating supervillain. Scarlet Moon can't exactly bust down the door and start beaming everything in sight until we have that evidence," said Juliana.

"So sneak in, pop the drive in, and get out," said Adrian.

"Way too risky. She could be sitting in her office right now. And even if she isn't, she could come back at any time. Not only do we not get the magic virus on her computer, but at best one of us will go home with a throbbing ass. At worst, we get arrested, or turned into her puppet or something."

Adrian glared out the window.



"Wrong answer." The officer laid in another half a dozen snapping strokes.

Adrian bucked and howled. His bottom burned like molten lava, the orbs bouncing and bobbling with every heavy stroke.

"Try again."



The two grunted against their gags and glared at Scarlet Moon. Scarlet Moon wrapped one of the trenchcoats around his costume. It fit perfectly. He pulled the Fedora low over his face, and sauntered around to the front of the warehouse.

As soon as he got there, he pounded on the giant loading door.



He pulled off his costume and threw his uniform back on, pausing only to give his sore ass a quick rub. "Coulda told me the cops had shown up."

"I tried, you didn't hear me over egging Succubus on like an idiot," said Juliana.

"She may have been giving the spanking, but she was not in control." Adrian patted his hair down, and slipped around to the back entrance. "What's going on out front?"

"Generica News have got a coptor out there right now, and are showing the front of the building. Succubus is walking out and...she's just walking away."

"Figures. I'll talk to you later. And Juliana?"





Melissa's eyes flashed. "Bend over the counter."

Adrian bent over the counter and arched his back, sticking his plump bottom out behind him. Melissa walked around the edge of the counter, his heels clapping angrily against the tile.




Scarlet Moon clenched a fist. "You should have seen how quickly and easily I was able to flow my forcefield around me, just with a little bit of concentration. And besides, I really needed the exercise."

GAMEPLAY NOTE: Scarlet Moon has learned the power S-Focus. S-Focus increases his Power count by 1, but decreases his Attack count by 1.

"I don't know about that." Generalissima circled around Scarlet Moon. "You're looking fitter than ever. Superheroing's been good to you."



"Look at what you've done! How the hell am I going to get all this shit off me?" Alexandra leapt to her feet, her hands hovering just above the syrupy liquid.

"I-I'm sorry Miss Silver." The waitress lightly touched Alexandra's back. "Here, let's go to the lake-"

"Don't touch me!" spat Alexandra, stomping her foot. "I'm not moving. You made this mess, you will clean it up right now."

"I'm trying miss-"

"You want to drag me into the lake. Do you have any idea how many bawling babies have pissed in that thing?" asked Alexandra. "It's almost as disgusting as this sludge you splattered all over me."

"I-it was an accident-"

"And so were you. Now shut up and get me clean," said Alexandra.

The waitress' lower lip quivered. She glanced about. "But I don't have a towel or anything-"

Alexandra snarled. She grabbed the girl by the arm, sat down on her beach chair, and yanked the young woman across her lap. She vigorously slapped the girl's tight, exposed cheeks.



Scarlet Moon pumped power into his shields. The wall raced toward his, the gaping hole in the wall like a maw into a terrible, spanky abyss. Scarlet Moon lashed a couple of chords to the wall and zipped forward, shoulder-first. He pumped every ounce of power he had into his shields. He slammed into the wall.




"I'll make you regret every laying your hands on me!" snarled Succubus.

"Pretty sure you won't." Scarlet Moon struck Succubus' rapidly reddening right cheek, with his paddle, making the soft, fleshy orb bounce. He followed up with a stroke to the left cheek, making that soft orb bounce too.

Succubus' legs kicked, and her right heel flew off and bounced off Scarlet Moon's face.

"If that's the way you wanna do it." Scarlet Moon unleashed a cascade of bum rocking smacks, making the pink flesh ripple like a pond in a thunderstorm.

"Owwwwwwwww!" Succubus thrashed and wiggled beneath the flashing paddle. "Stop it, stop it! Oww oww! I said-owww!-stop it! Waaaagh! You'll regret- aaaaaagh!"

"The only one who will feel any regret tonight is you, villain."Scarlet Moon battered the villain's sitspots.

"You can just go right on to hell," snarled Succubus. "Oww! You think the police-oww-can hold me? Think again! Waagh! When I get out of this, I'm gonna-oww-gonna-oww-gonna-oww-MAKE SURE YOU-OWW!-DON'T SIT FOR-OWW-A-MONTH! Owwww!"

Scarlet Moon sighed sadly. "If you refuse to learn, then I suppose I will have to teach harder."

Succubus eeped.

Scarlet Moon smashed his paddle into Succubus' red ass cheek.

Succubus howled, jerking forward beneath the blow.

Alas, it was the first of many. Over and over again the paddle whacked Succubus' cherry-red cheeks, quickly turning them a deep scarlet. At first, Succubus kicked, squealed and snarled. She kicked and squealed. She kicked and sobbed. She sobbed.

Scarlet Moon stopped and dissipated the scarlet paddle. He patted Succubus' scarlet red bottom, making the villain twitch and hiss.



Succubus' eyes glowed. The glow built, and built and built, until the entire restaurant vanished in the light. Succubus herself fell away, leaving only those eyes. Those eyes and that red-purple glow.

"You are a very naughty boy." The voice came from every direction, lik a PA in a giant echo chamber. "And do you know what happens to naughty boys? The Succubus spanks them."

The glow faded, and Succubus and the restaurant returned. Succubus sat in a chair, her back straight and her legs together. Her riding crop leaned against a chair leg. She tapped her lap. "Over my knee young man."

Juliana scoffed. "Yeah like that's gonna happen."



Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to the wall above Anklyana and zipped. He was halfway to Anklyana when another wave of power flung him back into Tempestas.

A great shrieking raptor of wind flew at Anklyana. A wave of power dispersed the bird.

Plaster rained down around them.

"The buildings coming down!" said Tempestas. "We have to get out of here!"



"I said get your tushy over here and bend over my desk," said the woman. She snapped the belt across Bernice's mostly-bare cheeks making the police woman bounce up on her tippy-toes and squeal. "Anybody dressed like you needs a good thrashing."

"You do realize I'm a superhero right?"

"Yeah? And is there some law of the universe that says superheroes need to dress like strippers?" The woman snapped the belt across Bernice's bottom, just below the last one. It whapped her sitspots and kissed the very tops of her thighs. "Nobody's going to take you seriously dressed like that."

"Have you seen how my enemy dresses?"

"And if your enemy jumped off a bridge, would you jump after them?" The woman lashed Bernice's thighs, making the cop leap up and howl, clutching at the backs of her legs. The woman grabbed the back of Bernice's uniform shirt and pushed her back over.

"Well, yeah. They're probably trying to get away."

The woman frowned. She snapped the belt across Bernice's sitspots. "So it was a bad example. Doesn't mean you're not going over my desk."

"Look, I'm not going to just let you belt me. I'm trying to save you and everyone else in this tower."

"And I'm very glad to have you." The woman and pointed the belt at Scarlet Moon. "But your outfit is not appropriate. When people look at you, they don't see a hero. They see chesthair and ass. Is that what you want them to see?"



"Yeah, about that." Princess eyes flared. "Give it back and I'll let you play with my dollies."

"And if we don't?" asked Tempestas.

"Then my dollies will play with you!" A swarm of drones flew into the play area. Legostopheles lumbered forward, lego tentacles whipping towards them. Giraffalot reared and charged the barricade. Mr. Cuddles charged, paws raised.

"You take Giraffalot and the left half of Mr. Cuddles, I'll take Legostopheles and the right half," said Tempestas.



"I. Said. Enough." Sam punctuated each word with a stinging stroke to one of Adrian's thighs, making the student squeal. Sam's hand tightened against the small of Adrian's back, and he picked up the pace.

Adrian wailed, and hot tears flowed down his face as the slipper ravaged his throbbing ass.

"Are you ready to tell me the truth?" asked Sam.

Adrian hiccuped. "I am telling-"

"Apparently not." Sam vigorously slappped Adrian's bobbling ass with the hard-soled slipper.

Adrian sagged against the hood of the car, and sobbed quietly, interspersed with mewls of pain.

"Are you ready to tell me the truth?" asked Sam.

Adrian didn't know what he told Sam. Something about a spontaneous and severe migraine, pulling off to the side of the road, sitting there because Adrian had a few drinks and nobody was fit to drive.

"Well why didn't you tell me that before?" asked Sam, as he replaced his slipper. "Instead of that bullshit story about the Whistlers?"



Adrian fired off two quick chords and slapped them against the backs of Curvy's knees.




Scarlet Moon lashed a chord to a pillar and swing-kicked Sir Stuffins into a wall. As he sailed by, he snagged Giraffalot around the neck and smashed it into the ground.

"And you be careful," said Generalissima. "Do too much damage, the whole mall could come down."

"Right." Scarlet Moon twisted in midair and whipped at half a dozen tentacles whizzing towards Anklyana's shield. He whirled his forcefield into a staff and swept the tentacles aside. He landed on top of Anklyana's shield and spun the staff in front of him.



"My, my, such skimpy underwear," said Buzzsaw, tugging on Adrian's small boxer briefs. She gave Adrian's bare right cheek a hard crack, making Adrian yelp. "Hardly appropriate for a proper boy like you, don't you think? Clearly, someone needs to teach you a lesson."

Adrian bit down on his lower lip, and tried not to whimper as Buzzsaw struck Adrian's upthrust, exposed, vulnerable bottom with hard, flesh rippling strokes of the belt. Adrian's hips pulled in slightly with each smack, and his feet inched closer to the air conditioning unit.



Prometheus pivoted. Scarlet Moon lashed a couple of chords to Prometheus' thighs and zipped between the villain's legs. He backflipped and kicked the fiery woman in the back hard enough to send her flying through the door and out into the alleyway. While still midair and upside down, Scarlet Moon lashed two chords to the door and zipped out into the alleyway. He struck the wall, small tendrils lancing through holes in the brick to anchor him Spider-Man style.

He grabbed Prometheus' prone form and tossed him into the air. Scarlet energy swirled into a spring around his fist. He lashed Prometheus with another chord and zipped the villain into his grip. The spring pressed against Prometheus' belly.



"Not good for you," said Juliana. "Can't do what you do if you fill your body with garbage."

"Yes mom," said Adrian glumly.

Juliana smirked. She pulled a couple of what looked like phones out of her bag and put them on the edge of the table. "Watch the cheek, or I'll really put on my mom hat."

"What's with the phones?"

"They're not phones. They're a kind of subtle noise supression technology. Anybody who walked by would just hear low murmurs, like we were talking too low to hear."



Scarlet Moon landed on the roof of a long, squat building at the edge of the harbor. "Where's the warehouse? Any idea?"

"Northeast side, right up against the water. Don't dawdle either, looks like word of your little interrogation has reached the ears of just about every cop in the city, and they're all peeling tires towards the warehouse."



Sam glanced down at Juliana's feet. "Juliana, where are your shoes?"

Adrian and Juliana followed Sam's gaze. Juliana went pale.

"Please don't tell Mom," said Juliana, clutching Sam's arm.

Sam grinned. "If for the rest of the night you don't say a word except when asked a direct question."

Juliana worried her lower lip and nodded.

"Excellent." Sam turned to Adrian and his grin vanished. "Now where the hell were you two?"



The dart struck Anklyana in the chest. Anklyana ripped it out, but the damage had been done. Anklyana's glow turned a sickly yellow. It flickered and roiled. Anklyana fell to one knee. For a second, her forcefield stabilized and turned a healthy green, before turning sick and yellow again.

"No..." murmured Anklyana. "These powers are mine. Mine!"

"You've got to be kidding me," said Leopard. "You're fighting it? You can't fight it you stupid girl, anymore than you could fight the alcohol making you drunk, the cocaine making you high."

"If you think...'can't's...gonna... make me...quit..." Anklyana's eyes lit up like the insides of a star. She stood, her fists clenched at her side, her back arched, a creature made of pure green energy. "Then you don't know me very well!"

A blinding flare of green and yellow light erupted from Anklyana, lighting up the roof like it was high noon on a sunny day.

When the light faded, Anklyana stood panting, her shield stable.

"Fuck yeah Anklyana, I knew you had it in you," said Generalissima.

Leopard stared at Anklyana with wide eyes. She smirked. "Cute."



The woman leaned her head back to see the edge of the forcefield creeping ever closer.

Scarlet Moon leaned over a bit and made a big show of gauging how far away the ground was. "If the forcefield gives out, I'll be fine. You however, have a very high chance of breaking your back, or skull, or something else important."

"You can't do this!" gasped the Whistler, watching Scarlet Moon like a horse watching a pack of wolves. "It's illegal!"

Scarlet Moon tapped the side of his head.



"Natalie, wait." Juliana knocked on her door. "Natalie, come on. Don't listen to her."

"3.14159265..." said Natalie, her voice just shy of shouting.

Juliana stalked back into the common room. She put her hands on her hips and glared at Alexandra. "What's your problem?"

"My problem?" said Alexandra lowering her phone and rising to a sitting position. "What's yours?"

"You accused her of having an ass the size of the moon," said Juliana.

"She does."

"It's no bigger than mine," said Juliana.



The officer walked around to the other side of Leggy and put her hand on the small of Leggy's back. The belt arced through the air and whipped Leggy's petite bottom so quickly Adrian could barely see it.

Leggy howled and started to straighten. The officer grabbed Leggy by the hair and pushed her back over.

"Oh take a breath." The officer shook her head and lashed the girll's tanned bottom, eliciting more howls. "It's not like I'm tazing you."

Another twenty seconds of vigorous belting followed, each stroke leaving a bright red mark on pale bottom or thigh.

The officer released her grip on Leggy's hair, and walked around to Vanessa's side. She put her hand on the small of Vanessa's back, and cut her belt across Vanessa's generous orbs. Vanessa's bum flattened beneath the blow, before bounced back into position. Vanessa grunted, but otherwise didn't react. A red welt formed across both cheeks.

"Finally," said the officer. "Someone who can take her licks."

The officer removed her hand from Vanessa's back, and gave her the same twenty seconds of vigorous strokes she gave the other two. Though Vanessa's mostly bare bottom bounced beneath the thick belt, Vanessa herself did not move. Except for a few grunts, she didn't make a sound either.



"What?" said Juliana, turning her icy glare on Adrian.

Adrian shuddered. "Nothing. It's just that you look like Mama when she's pissed. Stuff of nightmares."

Juliana shrugged. She stepped up to Keiko, and lifted the girl's skirt.

"Hey!" Keiko grabbed his hem. "What're you doing?"

"Lifting your skirt," said Juliana. "Let go."

"But we never-"

"The bylaws say nothing about how clothed the perpetrator must be," said Juliana. "So it's up to our discretion. I would have happily spanked you over your skirt, but you've been arguing with me every step of the way. You argue? You get it on bare skin."


"You keep arguing with me, and I will invoke bylaw-penalties for resisting punishment," said Juliana. "Which would let us take that belt to your butt."



Scarlet Moon pumped power into his fist.

"You sure this is a good idea?" asked Generalissima.



"Fuck you," snarled the Whistler, (ineffectually) punching Scarlet Moon again.



A slender, well-dressed man approached. "Ah, Chief Napier, I've been meaning to talk with you."

"Councilman," said Napier gruffly.

The man took Natalie's father by the arm and guided him away. "Come along, I have a few thoughts on how to expand your budget."

Chief Napier threw Natalie a desperate glance.

Natalie smirked. "Serves him right."



Juliana looked over her shoulder at her sore looking cheeks and pouted. "Sam's just a jerk."

"What'd you do this time?"

"I didn't do anything."

"Sure you didn't."

"Well, so I may have slipped a little program on his computer that made his icons all obey the laws of gravity. So you know, they all fell to the bottom of his desktop. But it wasn't like dangerous or anything! It was just kinda funny."

"Uh-huh. I swear you like it when he spanks you."



"Hmph." Juliana turned on her heel and bounced to the door. Based on the way her bottom wobbled, Adrian suspected she, as always, wore a thong underneath those tight little shorts.

Adrian could only shake his head.



"No, what you need to do is-"

Scarlet Moon lifted the Whistler off his lap and tossed her over his shoulder, landing a few swats to the woman's exposed cheeks. He pulled a nice long switch from a nearby tree, and dumped the Whistler back on the ground.

"We don't have-"

Scarlet Moon bent the Whistler over the stump he'd just vacated, and lined the switch up against the woman's red cheeks.

The woman whimpered a little, and squeezed her eyes shut.

"But we don't need her to squeal-"

Scarlet Moon whipped his arm back, and snapped the switch across the center of the woman's bare cheeks. The woman drummed her toes against the leaf-carpeted ground and howled. She tried to straighten, but Scarlet Moon easily held her down.

Scarlet Moon swished the switch another dozen times, leaving a stack of not-quite-parallel stripes.



As if broken by a spell, the crowd broke and bolted for the mangled doors. Parents carried children. Men, women, and teenagers held bats, keys, phones, whatever they could find that could possibly be used as a weapon.

"No, don't let them escape!" wailed Princess. "They must all be punished."

The hand hesitated for a moment, before flinging itself towards a man carrying his child. He twisted to put his body between the hand and his kid. He shrieked.

Scarlet Moon glared down at the table. He struggled futiley. He glanced back at the hand. It had closed over the man and his kid.

His eyes flared.



"That's the idea silly." Juliana lightly swatted Adrian's bottom. "There's a magical sweetspot where you leave so little to the imagination, the parts you hide just explode with sexual energy. And boy, you've hit that sweet spot! I mean look at this, legs that go on. All that back for David to rest a hand on while you dance, yet you're covering more than you would in a bikini."

"I guess," said Adrian. "But I can't like move without flashing my ass."

"Obviously," said Juliana. "Tantalizing glimpses of what's beneath, hints of what he wants, but can't have. Unless you let him. Come on, you know you look great in it."

"I can't afford it."

"Bah, I'll get it for you. A gift for my favorite sister."

"Your only sister."

"Favorite sister." Juliana swatted Adrian's bottom. "Now hurry up and agree. You're not the only one with a dress she wants to try out."

Adrian wiggled his hips a little and watched his reflection sway. He turned and swept his eyes over his front, lingering on the skin exposed by the v-neck, and legs left bare by the very short skirt.



Adrian spun the hoodlum around and pressed her against the wall. Adrian unbuttoned the hoodlum's jeans and wiggled them down.

"Dammit, girl," said Adrian as he struggled with the jeans. "Could your pants get any tighter?"

"Could your voice get any more obnoxious?" asked the hoodlum in a high-pitched, mocking voice.

Adrian finally got the stupid pants down, revealing a small, curved bottom clad in a pair of tight boy shorts.

As soon as they were down, Adrian's hand whipped through the air and slapped the hoodlum's right cheek. The hoodlum yelped and hopped onto her toes, her cheek wobbling beneath the harsh smack.

"You miserable little brat," said Adrian, each word punctuated with a sharp smack to one of the hoodlum's bare cheeks. "It's bad enough you rats have to try to mug us after getting in a crash, but now you're gonna mock me too?"

The hoodlum yelped and jumped. She pulled her hips against the brick wall.

Adrian leaned over and smacked the hoodlum's thigh, right below where bum meets leg.

The hoodlum squealed.



Natalie grunted.

"I see." Adrian leaned back. "Fascinating."

Natalie grunted.

"How do you think you did on the test? You think we're getting them back today?"

"Fine. Probably."

"Pretty sure I bombed it."

"Should come to lecture more often. You'd be amazed what you can learn."



Half an hour later, Sam sat all floppy and spread out on the right couch cushion in David's apartment. A steaming cup of tea sat on the endtable next to him. Juliana sat curled up in the other cushion with a blanket over her lap, sipping at her steaming cup.

David sat in the middle of the living room in a straight-backed armless chair. Adrian lay jack-knifed over his left knee, his nose inches from his apartment's cheap carpet, his hands braced against the coarse fabric. His right leg was hooked over her legs, and his jeans were pooled around his ankles. His boxer briefs lay bunched around his knees, exposing a pair of curved red buttocks.

Pained yelps bounced off the walls. Adrian's toes drummed against the coarse carpet. David cracked a wooden spatula against Adrian's exposed skin, making his rippling bottom bounce and roll. Tears gathered at his eyes and threatened to spill over.

"I can't believe you were so stupid," said David. "What did you honestly think you were going to accomplish?"




The tall brunette lowered her weapon. A small smile flitted across her face. "Scarlet Moon I presume?"

"The one and only," said Scarlet Moon. "Who are you?"