Scarlet Moon 3.0.7

Spankers, Spankees, and Switches of All Ages (18 and above),

I’ve just uploaded a new release. It has a small bug fix (thanks Gojira01!) where Generalissima makes an offhand comment that implies you got spanked by Clemency, even if you didn’t.

It *also* has a title image, drawn by a friend of Bonemouth’s (whose screenname I’ve unfortunately forgotten and can’t find, help me Bonemouth-kenobi, you’re my only hope!), and colored by BRich. It’s not sexy or anything, but hopefully it’s appropriate all the same. I’ve been sitting on it for like a year and half, so I figured it’s way past time I actually use the damn thing!

Finally, I’ve made a few tweaks to the UI to hopefully make it more discoverable. The story and UI supports using PageUp/PageDown to scroll through text a screenfull at a time, and Home/End to jump to the beginning or end of content. However, a lot of logs I’ve seen show people just using the down arrow key to look at one line at a time. So I’ve added PageUp/Down and Home/End keys to the story and combat screens, so that hopefully people will realize they exist and use them.

I also added some text at the start of combat reminding people that they can look at an enemy’s statistics and powers at any time by selecting them on the base screen (i.e. not when selecting powers, or targeting abilities). Many RPGS don’t give that, and having some understanding of what enemy’s powers do, and what their stats are is kinda critical to beating them. For example, some enemies have powers that they can’t use when afflicted with a particular status. So inflicting that status is a *great* way to shut them down. Furthermore some powers may be *significantly* more or less effective depending on whether a given statistic is greater or less than one of yours. I try to include hints of this in the game itself as well, but disabling specific special abilities based on a specific status for a specific enemy is not particularly common in RPG’s, so that may not occur to people.

I’ve also made my gitlab repository for the game private, because it does include the story text, which *is* rather risgue, and it’s not like Gitlab lets you put an age barrier in front of a repository. I’m still making the source code available of course. It’s just a zip file now that you can download on the Downloads section, just like the executables themselves. It should be completely self-contained, so if people want to download it, tweak a few things, and then create and distribute their own versions of the game, they can totally do that (so long as they follow GPL for the source code and CC-BY-SA for the content of course).

If people actually start tweaking it, I may look into setting up my own git server to make it easier for people to absorb upstream changes, but I’m going to hold off on that until I actually see people using my code. Until then, I just think my time is better spent improving the game and writing new content.

Anyway, enjoy!